Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike Review-Is It Worth Buying?

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As usual, browsing in the major shopping platforms, the purpose is to choose a favorite mountain bike, as a mountain bike enthusiast, I not only like to ride.

I will also teach you the experience of my choice and purchase, but as an ordinary consumer, I will always think about whether this car is suitable for me, whether the price is right, what are the advantages of this car, and so on.

The advantages of mountain bikes are self-evident, being able to ride on rugged roads and have a good damping system.

And they have to be sturdy and durable, because they have to go through the baptism of rough roads. After all, they are different from ordinary bicycles. But the price of professional mountain bike is often very high, we need to find a strong and durable mountain bike that suits us within a limited budget.

Today, the 26-inch Schwinn Sidewinder, is a mountain bike popular with beginners because of its full functions and affordable price.

As far as the brand Schwinn is concerned, I personally like it very much. Their fitness equipment is very famous, so their mountain bikes are still slightly ahead in the field of ergonomics, and their comfort will be better.

And the price is cheap, it is also one of the favorite brands for beginners.

When it comes to the 26-inch Schwinn Sidewinder mountain bike, it can be ridden by both men and women.

Of course, it is divided into two models, men’s style and women’s style. When you finish watching the whole review, you can feel the charm of this car.

Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike, 24-inch Wheels
Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike, 24-inch Wheels
Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheels, Mens Frame, Blue
Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheels, Men’s Frame, Blue

26 “Schwinn Sidewinder Functions and Features

Explanation: before the evaluation, we all noticed that there are men’s and women’s models in the 26 “Schwinn Sidewinder, and there are similarities and differences between them.

In the evaluation, we will start with the men’s model and then the women’s model. To avoid confusion, so I marked it in the evaluation, let’s start with a different framework.


26 “Schwinn Sidewinder men’s and women’s Frame Material are steel, this material has the characteristics of hard texture, not easy to rust and long service life.”

When riding on rugged roads, steel frames can cope with more complex terrain and are unbreakable, providing better stability.

The difference: the ejector of the men’s frame will be taller and the geometry is similar to that of a right triangle.

On the other hand, the ejector of the women’s frame tilts downward in a shape similar to an obtuse triangle. The two frames are also considered to facilitate the cycling posture of men and women.

What they have in common: they are also stable and solid.

After comparing the aluminum alloy frame with the carbon fiber frame, we also know that the weight of the steel frame will be heavier.


Both bikes are made of aluminum alloy Schwinn suspension, with a stroke of 60mm. As a hard-tailed mountain bike, it has only one front suspension.

Hard-tailed mountain bikes do not take much effort and are easier for beginners to master than fully suspended mountain bikes.

In the process of cycling, Schwinn suspension can effectively reduce the impact of road bumps, so as to deal with rugged terrain such as mountains, gravel, beaches, and so on.

Schwinn Sidewinder


The suspension’s powertrain consists of a 21-speed Revoshift torsion transmission and a Shimano rear chainer, and both mountain bikes have the same powertrain.

For beginners, the 21-speed gear is enough to learn the gear habits of all kinds of terrain and the appropriate gear of each terrain. And the suspension can change gears smoothly on the rugged uphill without a sense of delay.

This is also due to Shimano transmission gears, which are stable and durable in this field. The Revoshift torsion transmission is in front of the handlebar, making it easy to shift gears.


The Schwinn suspension mountain bike uses mechanical disc brakes before and after, and the men’s and women’s are the same.

Of course, we saw the front and rear cable brake system on Wal-Mart, and the price is also relatively cheap. I think the front and rear disc brakes will be more durable, which is what I call the front and rear disc brakes on Amazon.

The disc brake has the characteristics of solid durability and high braking efficiency. If you ride for a long time, you don’t need to spend much time on maintenance, and the maintenance cost is low.

Wheels and hubs

Excellent mountain bike tires can not only adapt to the whole terrain, but also play a partial damping role. The Sidewinder has 26 “all-terrain tires and lightweight alloy rims designed for rough roads.” Suitable for riders over 5ft 4in.

Whether cycling on trails or mountains, Sidewinder can provide enough traction and comfort.

Saddle seat

Seats can be adjusted at any time, and do not need tools, can adjust the height of cycling seats in different terrain, but also greatly improve cycling efficiency.

Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike,  Mens Frame, Blue
Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheels, Mens Frame, Blue
Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike, 24-inch Wheels, 21 speeds, Black/Green
Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike, 24-inch Wheels, 21 speeds, Black/Green


Simplicity and fashion is one of the reasons why Schwinn suspension is popular.

The color of the men’s Sidewinder is dark blue, the mountain bike color that most male riders like. The printing of the car body also uses a gradual fruit green, which is the feeling of speeding at a glance.

The color of women’s Schwinn suspension is dark black, which is relatively rare in women’s mountain bikes. Of course, girls who like cool style will like it. The dark blue printed body echoes the silver brand badge in front of the car.

Advantages and disadvantages

Schwinn Sidewinder Advantages

  • The steel frame is sturdy and durable, is not easy to corrode, and can last longer.
  • The 21-speed gear is adequate for use and has good maneuverability and stability.
  • Front and rear disc brake, accurate braking and low maintenance cost.
  • 26-inch all-terrain tires can easily cope with rough roads.
  • Cheap.
  • Lifetime warranty of frame and suspension to solve the worries after use.

Schwinn Sidewinder Disadvantages

  • The seat is too hard to ride for a long time. It is recommended to replace a soft and comfortable saddle after purchase.
  • The pedals are made of plastic and are easy to damage.
  • The steel body is heavy.

26 “Schwinn Sidewinder specification

Car frameSteel frame, male and female
Suspension systemSchwinn steel front suspension
Tires26-inch standard wheels and alloy wheels
Transmission systemShimano 21 shift transmission
Brake systemFront and rear disc brake
SeatCan be raised and lowered manually
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)66.81 x 25.94 x 41.27 Inches
26 "Schwinn Sidewinder specification
Schwinn Sidewinder 26 Black And Green

User Reports

Sidewinder is an affordable, sturdy and durable mountain bike suitable for beginners. Its price is the focus of our attention, as a price-oriented user, Schwinn suspension is fully functional, also let me choose it.

Although the body of the car is heavy, I don’t feel it. And every Schwinn suspension has a lifetime warranty (some parts).

To solve the worries of my use process. If you need to change cars in the future, it can also sell for a good price. This is a worthwhile investment.

Other versions of the Schwinn Sidewinder

We tested the Schwinn Sidewinder, which is divided into men’s and women’s versions, and does a good job of taking care of riders of all heights. Its very sturdy and durable frame is perfect for cyclists who are just starting out, and the price is very affordable, making it a great choice for beginners to buy a bike.

For this reason, we also found another version of this bike, the Schwinn Sidewinder 24, which has a smaller wheel diameter, giving the bike a more agile handling feel and a more accurate entry angle in the trails. This makes it very responsive, and the reduced wheel diameter allows for a smaller and lower overall frame. This makes it more suitable for people of lower height and for young children to ride.

But the reduced wheel diameter will undoubtedly reduce the speed significantly on the same gear ratio, which also makes it likely to require more effort in a ride.

Product comparison

BicycleFrame materialWheel sizePower assemblyprice
Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain BikeAluminum/Steel20 inches-29 inchesShimano,21 speedClick View
Schwinn Moab 3 Adult Mountain BikeAluminum29-InchShimano,24 speedClick View
Eurobike Moutain Bike S7 BicycleAluminum27.5 InchesShimano,21 speedClick View
Schwinn Taff Mountain BikeAluminum29-InchShimano EZ-Fire,24speedClick View
Outroad Mountain Bike 26-inch WheelCarbon Steel26-Inch21 speedClick View


When choosing entry-level models, Shiwen Mountain Bike is a good choice. We have made some simple comparisons here, hoping to be helpful in choosing mountain bikes.

Schwinn Taff VS Schwinn Sidewinder

It also uses the power system of Shimano, while the Taff is 24 speed and, Schwinn suspension is 21 speed. Novices tend to think about the number of gears when choosing the power system.

However, in the mid-range mountain bike, there is also 21 speed, indicating that 21 speed is also enough to use, as long as the transmission effect is good, there is no tooth hopping when shifting gears.

The frame is made of different materials, and the Taff uses an aluminum frame, which is lighter than the Schwinn suspension. If you like lightweight mountain bikes, this is also a good choice.

The brakes are the same as the front and rear disc brakes, at this point, Schwinn has enough upgradable accessories, and we will conduct an in-depth evaluation of the various parts in the follow-up evaluation. Please look forward to it.

Overall, both cars are worth investing in. If you are a novice, it is recommended to choose a more affordable Schwinn suspension.

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Schwinn High Timber VS Schwinn Sidewinder

High Timber is popular for its wide range of options and has a wider range of tire accessories. In the case of the same frame and transmission, I think the suspension is lighter. It is also a mountain bike that both boys and girls can ride. In particular, suspension boldly uses dark black in women’s color matching, which caters to some girls who like dark black.

In terms of price, Schwinn suspension is better.

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Moab 3 VS Schwinn Sidewinder

Moab 3 is more advanced in terms of components, and we will like it more if we need to ride more in the mountains after we have been exposed to mountain bikes for a period of time. But the price is almost three times that of suspension.

After all, with hydraulic disc brakes and a stronger suspension, the aluminum frame will be much lighter. More complex mountain terrain can be conquered, even on the stairs.

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Schwinn Bike Issues Of Concern To Users

  1. Schwinn Sidewinder 26 “what is the maximum carrying capacity of the mountain bike?”
    About 300lbs
  2. How much does this bike weigh?
    The Schwinn Sidewinder weighs 42 pounds.
  3. Will the tools needed to assemble the bike be included in the package?
    The tools for assembly aren’t included with the bike. To get your bike up and rolling, you will need Phillip’s screwdriver, a set of Allen wrenches, and an adjustable wrench. You may also want a pair of needle-nose pliers to help with the initial brake adjustments. 
  4. Is there a pink mountain bike for women? Not at the time of writing this review


There are many recommendations for beginners to choose a car, but not only in terms of cost performance, but also in terms of the function of the mountain bike you want right now.

The Schwinn Sidewinder are well in line with the expectations of a new rider. Although the appearance is slightly clumsy, but under the unadorned appearance there is a strong body and a solid braking system, and a smooth gear shift can release wildness in mountain biking.

Lifetime warranty of the frame and front fork, constantly impact the impulse to buy. You don’t need to spend a lot of budget to get an artifact that can both ride and exercise. It’s worth having.

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