Best 31.6 Dropper Post

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31.6 Dropper Post

Dropper posts have been widely praised as the most important technological advancement to hit the mountain bike world since suspension technology. Trust us, the 31.6mm dropper is one of the best upgrades you can make to any bike that doesn’t have a dropper.

The lift bar allows the rider to sit in a comfortable position for efficient pedaling uphill. You can lower the seat for a more comfortable and stable descent with the push of a button.

Almost all mid- to high-end mountain bikes will include a dropper, while cheaper bikes may come with a fixed rigid seat post.

Bike with 31.6mm dropper

Trek Marlin Collection Bontrager alloy
Santa Cruz 5010 SeriesSDG Tellis Dropper
Trek Rail 5 SeriesTranzX JD-YSP18

In terms of size, there is a slimmer 27.2mm or a medium 30.9mm, or a more robust 31.6mm.

In this article, we will focus on the 31.6mm dropper for our review.


  • Bontrager Line Elite 31.6 Dropper Seatpost
  • Bontrager Line Dropper Seatpost
  • Fox Transfer Performance Elite
  • 9Point8 Fall Line
  • Bike Yoke Revive
  • Crankbrothers Highline 7
  • FSA Flowtron
  • OneUp V2
  • SDG Tellis
  • TranzX Kitsuma

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Best technology-enhanced 31.6 dropper post: $500 plus

RockShox Reverb AXS

31.6 dropper RockShox Reverb AXS

– Rating Chart

RockShox Reverb AXS Rating Chart

– Specification

No cables required, easy to install, more stable performance than regular versions, excellent remote
Weight768 grams
Suggested Retail Price861 USD, including remote control and batteries (price source:

– Reviews

This RockShox Reverb AXS dripper skips the cable and opts for an electronic drive. And this allows wireless communication between the stylish button in the cockpit and the drip post. Therefore, this results in a hose-free, wired, and energy-wasting setup.

All of this is made possible by SRAM’s AXS technology, which brings a new level of interaction, personalization, and connectivity to your ride.

The column itself moves more smoothly and requires less downward pressure to descend than in previous generations. And it can stop at any position between its bottom and highest range.

It uses a new low-friction IFP for a faster drive on the riser. Prevents slow kickback when you need a saddle on the full mast for a powerful pedal frenzy at the bottom of the drop.

New venting valve technology is used for super simple maintenance. While RockShox builds columns to accommodate rigorous use. But there is no doubt that sometimes things don’t go as planned and the ability to perform quick fixes is a must.

The battery provides 40 hours of battery life and can be recharged in less than an hour The battery is compatible with the SRAM AXS chain paddle and RockShox Reverb AXS dropper.

The most comfortable and durable  31.6 dropper post: $350 – $500 range

9Point8 Fall Line

31.6 dropper 9Point8 Fall Line

Rating Chart

9Point8 Fall Line Rating Chart


Lighter, more reliable, and faster return
WeightFrom 322g
Diameter30.9/31.6 mm
Suggested Retail Price424 USD (price source:


The Fall Line column is slightly different from the standard, with a gas spring attached to a mechanical brake. So the 9Point8 claims this is lighter, more reliable, and has a faster return.

The cable connector is also unique to Fall Line, and 9Point8’s proprietary quick connector screws into the bottom of the receiver bar for tool-free removal. This is useful if you have multiple bikes and want to use the same dropper on all of them. But if not, it adds unnecessary layers of setup.

The cable tension needs to be adjusted and I found the only finger-tight connector had the habit of working slightly loose. The setup was also a pain with the older version of the bar remote. This is because any cable adjustment required unscrewing, adjusting, and reinstalling the quick connector.

The best feeling 31.6 dropper post: $200-$350 range

Bontrager Line Elite 31.6 Dropper Seatpost

31.6 dropper Bontrager-Line-Elite-31.6-Dropper-Seatpost-

Rating Chart

Bontrager-Line-Elite-31.6-Dropper-Seatpost-Rating Chart


Infinitely adjustable gas spring hydraulic locking cylinder with 20% less compression force
WeightFrom 535g
Diameter31.6 mm
Suggested Retail Price339 USD (price source


Performance dropper column with MaxFlow technology for faster, smoother operation. Additionally, line Elite 31.6 Dropper is easy to set up and easier to drop, requiring 20% less saddle force.

Moreover,The compatibility of the Avid Matchmaker and Shimano I-Spec II ensures a simple, integrated setup. So the levers that can be included provide a great feel by pushing easily. Obviously, Length options from 100 mm to 170 mm travel ensure there’s a size to fit your ride. And this designed for bikes with internal frame alignment.

Bontrager Line Dropper Seatpost

31.6 dropper Bontrager Line Dropper Seatpost

Rating Chart

Bontrager Line Dropper Seatpost Rating Chart


Air springtype hydraulic cylinder provides infinite adjustability in the drop range
WeightFrom 535g
Diameter31.6 mm
Suggested Retail Price240 USD (price source


The streamlined design has fewer moving parts and better seals, allowing the dropper post to perform consistently and require less maintenance. Also, the updated Bontrager Line Dropper Post is easy to set up and now even easier to service. The cable-actuated hydraulic locking design provides tried-and-true functionality for bikes with internal alignment.

Fox Transfer Performance Elite

31.6 dropper Fox Transfer Performance Elite

Rating Chart

Fox Transfer Performance Elite Rating Chart


Low leverage force also provides consistent drive pressure
WeightFrom 636g
Diameter30.9/31.6 mm
Suggested Retail Price309 USD (price source Amazon)


Easy to install and provides super smooth, trouble-free operation. The new saddle clamp design allows for easy saddle installation and adjustment and provides more clearance for drops Same internals, diameter options, drop options, and shortened stack height as the Factory Series.There is also a patent-pending head design and proven internals. 

Also, low leverage force and excellent modulation make it easy to adjust return speed and small height adjustments. Low leverage force provides consistent drive pressure even when the saddle is weighted or unweighted. Tool-free quick-disconnect cable drive for easy installation and removal.

Bike Yoke Revive

31.6 dropper Bike Yoke Revive

– Rating Chart

Bike Yoke Revive Rating Chart

– Specification

Perfectly sealed IFP separates oil from air
WeightFrom 455g
Diameter30.9/31.6 mm
Suggested Retail Price350 USD (price source bike yoke)

– Reviews

The perfectly sealed IFP (Internal Floating Piston) separates the oil from the air to prevent the seat rod from sagging or bouncing. Additionally, REVIVE requires only 2 dynamic seals in the hydraulic circuit: the shaft seal for the locking mechanism and the main piston seal. The highly critical IFP has been removed, so perfect concentricity and pipe seal surface finish are required. The lack of an IFP can also lead to the smoothest operation you can imagine.

The most important and groundbreaking feature of Revive is its “REVIVE-VALVE”. So wherever you are, it can be done in seconds by simply turning a 4 mm Allen wrench or the integrated mini reset lever. There’s even no need to remove the lower post from the bike.

Crankbrothers Highline 7

31.6 dropper Crankbrothers Highline 7

Rating Chart


Crankbrothers Highline 7 Rating Chart


Exclusive Igus® LL-glide bearings and keys
WeightFrom 474g
Diameter30.9/31.6 mm
Suggested Retail Price299 USD (price source:


Reliable, lightweight, and easy-to-install columns with low stacking heights and realistic maintenance plans. And excellent remote control (although that’s extra).

Not only was the paddle well proportioned, boasting a consistent, crisp, and punchy action. But the ball and socket clamp meant I could draw it right in close, adjusting the angle to squeeze past controls to exactly where I wanted it.

No fuss and no jamming of the mechanism, which can happen with single-bolt expander designs. So I had no issues throughout the test period or, any reason to tinker at all a great sign that the clamp did its job perfectly.

FSA Flowtron

31.6 dropper FSA Flowtron

Rating Chart

FSA Flowtron Rating Chart


Lightweight alloy sealed cartridge, shifter type remote control lever with cable clamp, internal alignment overall smooth and simple
Diameter30.9/31.6 mm
Suggested Retail Price281 USD (price source: fsa. com)


Find your sweet spot on the track with FSA’s Flowtron Lift Seat post. This “go anywhere, do anything” dropper allows you to easily adjust the seat post without getting out of the car. Because it features a shifter-style remote and industry-first adjustable spring tension, allowing you to customize it to your liking. Therefore, from XC to all-mountain, the Flowtron is the perfect upgrade for your bike.

The FSA Flowtron seat post is compact and lightweight and has good mechanical advantages, so it is easy to handle. FSA has also developed an adjustable actuator spring. This allows the rider to adjust how firm or light they want the lever actuation to feel.

OneUp V2

31.6 dropper OneUp V2

Rating Chart

OneUp V2 Rating Chart


Lightweight, 2-year warranty for proven reliability
WeightFrom 480g
Suggested Retail Price229 USD (price source:


A longer dropper post is one of the best upgrades you can make to your bike. So the award-winning OneUp Dropper Post is the longest travel dropper you can put on your bike. Whether you’re an XS or XXL rider, we have the perfect fit for you.

No other dropper can lower your saddle. That’s because OneUp Droppers have the shortest stack height and shortest overall length of any dropper column and the widest range of stroke options (90-240 mm).

Available in 90mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 210mm, and 240mm strokes. Each post-travel can be reduced by 10 or 20 mm so that you can dial in the perfect length.

SDG Tellis

31.6 dropper DG Tellis

– Rating Chart

DG Tellis Rating Chart


The sealed hydraulic spool is reliable and easy to maintain
WeightFrom 552g
Suggested Retail Price269 USD (price source


The Tellis post was our first foray into the dropper post segment, so we took plenty of time testing and developing it to ensure it delivered the same quality and value that SDG customers are accustomed to. and value that SDG customers are accustomed to.

The Tellis has demonstrated total durability in the three years since it was originally launched, thanks to Trelleborg seals and Jagwire Lex Slick Housing, and Stainless steel cables.

The 1x remote lever has the lightest touch in the industry, requiring minimal force to actuate due to premium German IGUS bushings which minimizes the post The fully sealed cartridge system has been tested down to -20c and through the wettest and muddiest conditions, providing you with the long term confidence you deserve. The long-term confidence you deserve.

The Tellis utilizes an intelligent keyway system that keeps head play to a minimum out of the box and down the road. Look no further, the Tellis dropper post includes everything you need to ride – the left-handed 1x remote lever, housing, cable, and hardware are included in the package. The post includes everything you need to ride – the left-handed 1x remote lever, housing, cable, and hardware are included in the packaging.

Best budget 31.6 dropper post: under $200

TranzX Kitsuma

31.6 dropper TranzX Kitsuma

Rating Chart

TranzX Kitsuma Rating Chart


Sealed hydraulic cartridges and coil springs
WeightFrom 580g
Diameter27.2/30.9/31.6 mm
Suggested Retail Price159 USD (price source:


Kitsuma is our most popular dropper and is a reliable post for all-day trail riding all season long. Kitsuma is available with internal or external cable routing and three diameters designed to fit most modern trail bikes, as well as most less modern bikes. Obviously, everything we’ve learned about dropper design has been applied to Kitsuma. And this makes it as hassle-free and low-maintenance as possible. So you can spend your riding time riding.

Kitsuma Internal features sealed hydraulic cartridges and coil springs with 7075 aluminum construction and hard anodized struts. All are designed to last in the toughest conditions without excessive side-to-side oscillation as mileage increases.

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