Is Schwinn S29 Worth Buying?[Schwinn S29 Mens Mountain Bike Reviews]

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The Schwinn brand has always been my preference; the price is medium, and it is more cost-effective when compared to other comparable-priced mountain bikes.

Today, we mainly propose the Schwinn S29 Men’s Mountain Bike, a classic soft tail mountain bike. It is more suited for uneven road cycling.

Schwinn S29 Mens Mountain Bike

If you enjoy this car, you may click through the link to examine the specific product parameters on Amazon, for which I will receive a modest commission, which will also motivate me to produce more.

Soft tail mountain bikes are often more expensive than XC (hardtail) mountain bikes, although this is due to the fact that they have more attachments and are more comfortable to ride than XC mountain bikes.

The soft tail to conduct the motion will be more important in enhancing the talent of this piece. The product is a full-suspension mountain bike that can handle rocky terrain and gravel roads.

Price comparison is also a significant aspect of our review, which can be found in a similar analysis later in our study.

As average consumers, we seek a mountain bike that meets our requirements. My purpose in writing the review is to inform more ordinary consumers about the features and characteristics of the Schwinn S29 and the benefits and drawbacks of picking a mountain bike.

What should you check for while buying a bike? What is the composition of the components, as well as their quality? I’ll go over each one in detail below.

So I’ll give you some pointers when you’re shopping so that when you decide to buy, you can get the ideal mountain bike for you.

Schwinn S29 Functions and Features

Before we go over the Schwinn S29’s features and functionalities, let’s go over the most often asked email questions. Is there a gender gap in mountain biking?

Of course, the brand determines the majority of this. Is it worth buying a mountain bike if a cool girl truly wants one, but the label reads “men’s mountain bike”?

You may DIY some of your favorite mountain bike patterns to make them uniquely yours. More females may enjoy the design and decoration as well.


Schwinn S29 Frame Size

The 29″ Schwinn S29 is a terrific mountain bike for both men and women, with a lightweight aluminum frame that keeps the entire body weight low.

If this bike had a steel frame, the total body would be too large and unsuitable for riding. Because of the specific treatment used in the manufacturing process, the aluminum frame is resistant to rust.

The lightweight frame makes it easier to conquer the rugged mountain terrain, and its unique structure emphasizes the supremacy of complete shock mountain bikes even more.


Schwinn S29 Suspension

The Schwinn S29 mountain bike has a dual front and rear suspension system, which, when paired with the aforementioned all-aluminum frame, adds even more points to the riding experience.

The dual front and rear suspension is able to absorb the vast majority of the impact from bumpy roads, so this bike is more than suitable for holiday time and gravel-filled mountain roads.

The Fork has plenty of travel and protects my wrists and arms well on the trails, and I didn’t feel much discomfort after 5 miles of riding.

If you compare this bike’s suspension up to $1000 or more, it would be relatively poor. There are also suspension upgrades that can be made if you own it.


 Schwinn S29 mountain bike-Drivetrain

While Schwinn’s mountain bikes in this price range usually use Shimano components, the Schwinn S29 29″ mountain bike uses 21-speed trigger shifters with front and rear derailleurs for a wide gear range and smooth shifts.

Most of today’s mountain bikes have a 3-speed front and 7-speed rear mountain bike drivetrain and are made of stronger alloys. the SRAM 3.0 21-speed trigger and SRAM 3.0 rear derailleur make shifting easy.



The Schwinn S29 full-suspension mountain bike has mechanical disc brakes on both the front and back, yet the braking performance is still excellent. The front and rear caliper disc brakes are easier to use and less expensive to maintain.

When descending, front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide a clean stop and consistent speed control.

Wheels and hubs

The wheels determine how the bike rides, and the Schwinn S29 has good grip tires, with 2.1-inch wide knobby mountain tires that provide some of the shock absorption while riding. The S29 has extra-wide, double-walled alloy rims for durability and strength.

Tire height is 29 inches, recommended for use with height dimension 5′ 9″ to 6′ 2″, of course I also found only 5’11” tall girls riding, you can pick according to your habits when choosing body height.

Saddle Seat

Quick height adjustment at the seat, and no tools are needed to adjust the height of the riding seat in different terrain, which also greatly improves riding efficiency.

External appearance

Matte black body, has a mysterious feeling, the body of the print is relatively simple, but this also gives riders who need individuality more room to play, can be affixed to more favorite prints. And the whole body is also full of sporty feeling.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Front and rear dual shock forks are enough to use the damping effect
  • 21-speed gears are enough for good handling and stability
  • Front and rear disc brakes for accurate braking and low maintenance
  • 29-inch all-terrain tires can easily handle rough road
  • Cost-effective
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and suspension to solve the worries after use


  • The rear suspension can not be locked
  • The original saddle is not soft enough, it is recommended that you can choose a suitable saddle to replace (Product link)
  • Plastic pedals are easily damaged
  • No water bottle holder

29‘ S29 Mens Mountain Bike specification

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H57.5 x 29.5 x 8.5 inches
Package Weight20.87 Kilograms
Item Weight17.96 Kilograms
Brand NameSchwinn
Warranty DescriptionLimited Lifetime Warranty
Model NameSchwinn S29 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike
ColorMatte Black/Blue
Suggested UsersUnisex-adult
Number of Items1
Manufacturer‎Pacific Cycle, Inc.
Part Number‎S2520BAZ
Model Year2018
Included ComponentsSchwinn S29 Mountain Bike
Size18-Inch Frame

Schwinn S29 User Experience

The Schwinn S29 is a unisex mountain bike with a great price/performance ratio, a good choice for beginners or intermediate riders, medium weight and dual suspension with good shock absorption.

Of course I chose it because the Schwinn suspension comes with a lifetime warranty (on certain parts).

Schwinn S29 User Experience
Schwinn s29 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike Contrast

Shiwen Mountain Bike is a fantastic alternative for entry-level models. We’ve developed some easy comparisons in the hopes that they’ll be useful while shopping for mountain bikes.

Schwinn S29 VS Schwinn Bonafide

The Schwinn Bonafide also uses Shimano powertrain components, but the Schwinn Bonafide has a 24-speed configuration and is a traditional hardtail mountain bike with a single suspension and slightly less damping than the Schwinn S29.

The frame is also aluminum, and the weight is similar, so it’s just a matter of whether we prefer a hardtail or a softtail mountain bike when we shop again.

U`King 27-Speed VS schwinn S29

The price is more expensive than the Schwinn S29, and the powertrain is 27-speed, which is ideal for intermediate riders, but there is a difference in tire size, as the U`King 27-speed mountain bike is only 26 inches, the shape is more simple, and the overall color is a classic blue and white.

If you have a limited budget, you can choose the Schwinn S29, but with a relatively generous budget, the U`King 27-Speed is also an option.

Frequently asked questions by users

  • What size is the seat post diameter ?
  • 1 1/4 “
  • What is the make and model of this bike? How does it differ from the s7956az model?
  • The model number of this bike is S2520BAZ. In terms of similarities, the S29 has a larger frame but only 21 speeds, whilst the Traxion has a smaller frame but 24 speeds.
  • Does this bike come assembled, and if not, what do you need to do to put it together?
  • The bike will need to be assembled. Simple things like Petals, handlebars, tires, and a seat. No more than an hour and a half. I rode the bike with a small toolkit that allowed me to alter the gears and seat position. But once the tweaks are complete, it’s a joy to ride. I also installed a bike computer, front and rear read lights, and a bike trunk.


The Schwinn S29 mountain bike is more suitable for those who like soft-tail mountain bikes and focus more on the mountain bike riding experience. The appearance is simple and the features are perfect for beginners, or beginners advanced.

The main thing is that after purchase, the assembly is simple, the frame and fork lifetime warranty, after-sales service or have a better sense of experience. You can click the link below to shop for it in amazon.

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