Is Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike worth buying?[Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike Review]

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Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are popular with cyclists because they can adapt to more terrain. They can ride at ordinary times, but they also show their driving skills on rugged mountain roads.

There are more extensions on ordinary bicycles and satisfy us in daily life, having a more exciting experience. The mountain bike to be tested today was first launched 19 years and has been recognized by many users.

Let’s explore Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike’s specific advantages, which can impress those of us who love mountain biking.

Here are our team of Schwinn Taff 29 review

Schwinn Taff mountain bike
Schwinn Bike : Schwinn Taff mountain bike

Of course, before the evaluation, we still need to know about the brand Schwinn, which was founded in 1896 and has a history of a hundred years.

At first, they were famous for road cars, but that was for racing purposes, to get better terms and expand their brand awareness. In the follow-up process of bicycle development, the demand is also constantly changing, resulting in mountain bikes’ development.

Of course, these are the process that we understand this brand. For us ordinary consumers, we know that Schwinn is a well-known brand, and mountain bikes’ quality is excellent.

And in the field of cheap mountain bikes, it is famous for its high performance-to-price ratio, good shape, and color matching (it is my personal favorite bicycle brand).

Specifications of Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike

Before we evaluate, let’s start with the specification of Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike.

Manufacturer part numberS5732WMDS
ManufacturerPacific cycle
Dimensions of assembled products (L x W x H)74.28 x 29.08 x 41.66 in

Main features


The Schwinn Taff is equipped with an all-aluminum alloy, 19-inch frame. It attracted my attention with its unique hunchback design. This distinguishes us from ordinary mountain bikes by appearance, and the design of the frame meets the needs of our cycling.

If it is a straight jacking pipe, then the height of the handlebar will be increased correspondingly, or the height of the lower part of the jacking pipe will be changed, then this mountain bike is similar to a women’s mountain bike. Of course, it’s not about men and women. It’s only about preferences.

Without changing the riding posture, hoping to change the ride more comfortably, the design of the hunchback does not change the height of the handlebars to improve the comfort of riding.

Compared with the mountain bike with an aluminum alloy frame, the overall body weight is not different.

Power transmission system

The whole power transmission system includes a 8-speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifter and a Shimano rear chainer to achieve enough gearshift and fast shift functions. The rear flywheel is 8-speed, 13 to 40 teeth.

Mountain biking depends not only on individual gears but also on the entire power transmission system’s combined action. We started with pedals, which abandoned cheap plastic pedals and used more durable alloy pedals, followed by the square crank, Promax170 millimeter crank arm.

The crank is strong enough for a 300lb adult man to stand up and trample, passing through the Theroux wide chain to the eight-speed rear eight-speed flywheel, riding smoothly on the rear wheel without any sense of stagnation.


In addition to efficient and comfortable power transmission, it is still inseparable from easy-to-use brakes.

Taff mechanical discs and double-disc brakes are assigned to the front, and rear wheels of the Schwinn Taff, and the braking effect is accurate.

Compared with expensive mountain bikes with hydraulic brakes, the Schwinn Taff mechanical disk is also worth less than $500. The front brake disc is not fixed in the same way as the rear brake disc.

The front brake disc has a release key, while the rear brake disc is bolted. Quick-release button in the evaluation of the use of mixed, we will not repeat.

Schwinn Taff-brakes

Front fork

The Schwinn’s front fork is still made of aluminum alloy and is a spring front fork, which feels hard when riding, but can provide a sufficient damping effect. The journey is 60 mm and will hit bottom in severe bumps.

Not as good as a professional mountain bike. But as a beginner, or as the first mountain bike, such a front fork is enough to use.


Taff uses double-walled aluminum alloy wheels and tbh starflight multi-section tires with inner tubes, with a size of 720 to 2.25 “.

What is different from the ordinary mountain bike tire is that the bump of the, Schwinn Taff is relatively fine, which also determines the results of our later test. Compared with the big bump mountain tire, this tire has a stronger grip.


The diameter of the handlebar has also been adjusted, and we will make a comparison in the version upgrade section.

Of course, what we are talking about here is the grip at both ends, which has no filler in the middle, so it has a hard texture in the hand, but it feels very grainy.

When using a soft grip, if you ride in the mountains, you may slip over a long period of time.

From a comfortable point of view, the soft grip is more suitable for use, but in terms of durability and safety, the design of the, Schwinn Taff grip is excellent and has a strong grip.

And it is easier to touch the circular gear shifters and brakes.

Schwinn Taff-Handlebar
Schwinn Mountain Bike : Schwinn Taff-Handlebar

Appearance and geometry

The appearance of the large box bicycle, Schwinn Taff, which belongs to the middle regulation, is easy to distinguish, and it focuses more on the comfort of cycling.

We mentioned its hump setting in the frame, and reduced the height of the handlebars in the design of the hump.

The center of gravity of the tapered tube and handlebars is 71 degrees, which is a very reasonable angle. You will also feel this during a long period of cycling. Protect the position of the force, thus protecting the body.

Beginners need comfort more than exciting mountain cross-country. Of course, it also requires a balance between cross-country and long-term rugged cycling.

According to the size table provided by Taff, 29 “mountain bikes are suitable for people with a height of more than 6: 0.”

Of course, it depends on your preference. My height is 5 years 9. I didn’t feel uncomfortable when I was cycling.

Road performance

Mountain area

The Schwinn Taff mountain bike still surprised me. On dry, rugged roads, whether turning, climbing and downhill, there is a great sense of control.

Gravel and branches appear irregularly on the uphill road, which is a great test for taff tires.

But fortunately, it passed the test. This is also due to the tbh multi-section tires, the delicate bumps provide enough grip, the rear flywheel shifts to the middle fourth gear, and it doesn’t take much effort to go uphill.

But the weight of the front fork is slightly insufficient. This undoubtedly made me wonder about the brakes when I was going downhill. On the downhill road, under the combined action of the front and rear brakes, I passed without danger.

Taff’s mechanical disc brakes are still unique. When making a sharp turn, it suddenly appears that a larger stone does not go around, and the front fork touches the bottom in the process, which is also the sufficient use of the front fork as we mentioned earlier, except for extreme mountain sports.

As a mountain enthusiast, such a front fork stroke is still sufficient. Accidents don’t happen all the time.

Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike
Latest version-Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike

When testing in slippery mountains, like many referrals, it is not recommended to ride on muddy roads all the time. The muddy soil stuck to the wheels, which greatly reduced the wheels’ grip effect, which made me a little disappointed with the downhill ride.

Although it is not a perfect mountain bike, the overall mountain performance of this car combined with this price, my personal evaluation is 4 points. Enough to use.

Flat road

Taff mountain rugged road performance can reach the upper-middle level, in the road performance is also praiseworthy.

Riding on the asphalt road is not as light as imagined. Of course, this is not enough to highlight its strong grip and variable speed smooth characteristics, just like ordinary mountain bikes.

But in the lawn road or plastic runway performance, rolling resistance is reduced, and can ride faster. The same is true of gravel roads. The slow riding posture is comfortable, realizing the mount.

Product upgrade

Compared with the old version, the new version of Taff has made some improvements on the front fork. The distance between the front fork crowns of the old version is larger, and the new version of the front fork is more folded, but the weight is increased.

Even so, the front end still feels lighter when going uphill. It increases the firmness of the mountain bike and makes the whole car look smoother.

The car paint is also frosted black, gray, and silver, making it more scientific and technological. The alloy pedal replaces the plastic pedal, and the bumps on it also increase friction, so you don’t have to worry about the soles’ movement.

The handlebar’s change is the diameter of the handlebar, which has increased from 24.8 mm in the old version to 31 mm now.

The grips at both ends have also removed the fillings and become harder and more granular grips. Good grip. These upgrades make it easier for us to ride it.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The hump is designed to make it easier to ride.
  • The 24-speed power transmission is smooth and there is no jump tooth.
  • Multi-tires, strong grip, strong cross-country.
  • Alloy pedals are exquisite and durable.


  • Muddy roads are not suitable.
  • The weight of the front end is slightly insufficient, especially the uphill road.


As an entry-level mountain bike that is cost-effective and meets the requirements of cross-country Heping Road. Schwinn taff mountain bike moves us with its unique appearance and durability. Coupled with strong grip tires and smooth power system, it is not easy for mountain bikes at this price.

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