Best 20 inch Bikes For 6-13 Years Old Kids Bikes (With Gears)

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When your child (or grandchild) reaches the age of six, their range of motion expands and their interest in cycling grows. Different wise parents are eager to expose their children to more things because some little children are obsessed with technologies. It is also prudent to get one of the best 20-inch bikes for your child.

We looked at over 50 20-inch bikes for kids and identified ten of the finest suggested bikes.

To assist you in determining the appropriate bike for your child’s height and riding style. Of course, some of these bikes have larger wheel diameters.

Kids Bike Size Guide

Are you unsure of what size bike you need for your child? Is a 20-inch bike appropriate? In each kid’s bike review, I’ve included an easy comparison table to verify before you buy, as well as information on how tall the bike is for riding.

Size Chart Notes

In contrast to adult bicycles, which are classified based on the size of the frame, children’s bicycles are classified based on the size of the wheels.

Of course, how does this differ from the size of the frame? Because increasing the size of the wheels results in an increase in the size of the frame.

When selecting the appropriate size bike for a child, the youngster’s age must be considered. When selling children’s bicycles, several bicycle manufacturers also include recommended ages for use. Is this always the case? No, not always.

Because of variances in growth and development, some children attain the height of a 7-year-old of the same age by the age of five. Then, selecting the appropriate bike size is a decision based on real height, rather than the bike manufacturer’s recommended age recommendation.

Of course, if you buy a child’s bike online, you should let your youngster test it out first before making a decision.

Children’s bicycle size chart

Rider AgeRider HeightBike Wheel Size
1-428-34 inch12 inch
3-536-40 inch14 inch
3-738-48 inch16 inch
5-942-52 inch18 inch
6-1348-60 inch20 inch
10-1556-66 inch24 inch

Our short list of top kids’ 20-inch bikes

While most 6- or 7-year-olds can ride 20-inch bikes, which bike is ideal for your child? Use the table below to view our top selections for your child’s riding style, then scroll down for additional information on each bike.

This pick is a 20-inch bike review. This size bike is appropriate for most children aged 6 to 13. Of course, because of the extensive classification of children’s bikes, we also devised a simplified classification.

You can select a bike that is appropriate for your child’s (or grandchildren’s) riding style. You can find more extensive information by scrolling down.

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