Top 8 Best Electric Bikes – Suitable For A Variety Of Riding Styles

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We’ve selected the Top 8 Best Electric Bikes from over 112 bikes.

Electric bicycle makes riding easier and pedaling easier with the addition of batteries and motors. Studies have shown that the introduction of ebikes is silently affecting people’s health. Because they give more confidence and stamina to cyclists who get tired easily, extending their riding time and distance.

To help everyone who desires to stop sweating riding and find the most suitable electric bike for their riding style within a reasonable budget, we have prepared various types of ebikes with good quality for under $4000.

For specific information about the best electric bikes, please refer to our recommendation table and purchase advice below.

Recommended Lists

Bicycles Price Gear Motor Battery
BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE USA $3,200 Belt Drive Shimano STEPS E-6100 250 W Shimano STEPS BT-E8010 504Wh
Giant Explore E+ 2 STA$2,900 1×9 SyncDrive Life, 60Nm, powered by Yamaha EnergyPak Smart 500Wh
Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0 $3,250 1×9 Specialized 2.0E, 50Nm torque, 250W nominal Specialized U2-530,530Wh
GT Grade Current $3,375 1 × 10 MAHLE ebike motion X35 250W MAHLE ebike motion X35 250Wh
Trek Domane+ AL 5 $3,499 2× 11 HyDrive hub drive motor, 40Nm, 250W 250Wh
Trek Verve+ 3 $3,299 1 × 9 Bosch Active Plus, 250 watts, 50 Nm, 20mph or 32km/h Bosch PowerTube 500Wh
Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ $3,125 1 × 9 Bosch Active Line Bosch PowerTube 400Wh
Brompton Electric C Line Explore Folding Bike – Mid $3,850 1 × 6 Brompton by Williams Engineering Lithium Ion, 312 watts hours

Best Commuter Electric Bike:

BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE USA ($3,200)

Top 8 Best Electric Bikes -BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE USA
Top 8 Best Electric Bikes – BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE USA
  • Wheels: 700×37c
  • Drivetrain: Belt Drive Internally Geared Hub
  • Motor: Shimano 250W 60Nm mid-drive
  • Battery: Shimano STEPS BT-E8010 504Wh
  • What we like about it: The quiet, durable Belt Drive system gives riders plenty of safety, and the near-erect riding position washes away a worker’s tiredness from the day.
  • What we don’t like about it: The lack of a shifting system may make it uncomfortable for veterans.

Learn More: Is BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE Worth Buying? [BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE Review]

The BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE is on the list of electric commuter bikes because it is not only as comfortable and safe as a regular commuter bike but also quieter and more durable.

Many people choose the Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE because of its near upright geometry posture and super flexible steering. You know that for people who have worked all day, it would be torture to have to bend over and pedal at the end of the day. And in the crowded streets of the city, the agile steering facilitates commuters to stay at the front of the crowd.

However, the reason many veterans complain about the Alpenchallenge AMP AL is surprisingly the same as most people like it – the Belt Drive. Although the lack of gearing means the rider has to deal with the same pedaling speed up and down hills, the Shimano STEPS E-6100 250W motor with 60NM power output still allows you to complete the climbs quickly and easily enough. In addition, the extra-large capacity BT-E8010 504Wh battery, which supports ultra-long life, ensures a long enough commuting distance.

Long Battery Life Hybrid Electric bike:

Giant Explore E+ 2 STA ($2,900)

Top 8 Best Electric Bikes - Giant Explore E+ 2 STA
Top 8 Best Electric Bikes – Giant Explore E+ 2 STA
  • Fork: 63mm
  • Wheels:700x45c
    Drivetrain:1 × 9
  • Motor: Yamaha 250W 60Nm mid-drive
  • Battery: EnergyPak Smart 500Wh
  • What we like about it: All-around design, ultra-long range.
  • What we don’t like about it: The balanced design lacks a sense of professionalism for all types of riding.

The hybrid design makes the Giant Explore E+ 2 STA the best hybrid electric bike to buy.

The Yamaha SyncDrive Life motor with 60Nm output is encouraged by hybrid cycling technology to produce an intelligent, natural, and fun riding experience. We loved the RideControl EVO feature with onboard navigation, which allows smartphone connectivity and settings to support riders in exploring new routes. However, it was the EnergyPak Smart 500Wh battery that wowed us the most, with a superb range of 111 miles on a full charge in the most ideal conditions. Even in extremely harsh conditions, it can support a minimum of 34 miles of travel.

However, the Giant Explore E+ 2 STA also has the common problem of most hybrid bikes – it’s not as professional as it could be for both general riding (e.g. commuting, travel) and trail riding.

While the 45c tires make road riding comfortable, it lacks competitive rolling speed. And the 63mm fork creates an unavoidable deflating effect on flat sections and again indicates a bit of weakness for the harsh mountain terrain.

But there’s no denying that the Giant Explore E+ 2 STA is a success and friendly, at least for riders who desire a versatile ebike. Of course, if you need a bike that specializes in on-road or off-road, the other ebikes below will certainly satisfy you. Read on and you’re sure to find the optimal solution.

Best Hardtail Mountain Electric Bike:

Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0 ($3,250)

Top 8 Best Electric Bikes -Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0
Top 8 Best Electric Bikes – Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0
  • Fork: 110mm
  • Wheels: 29 x 2.35″
  • Drivetrain: 1×9
  • Motor: Specialized 250W 50Nm mid-drive
  • Battery: Specialized U2-530 530Wh
  • What we like about it: Killer mountain roads, easy ride.
  • What we don’t like about it: The drivetrain doesn’t quite match the motor requirements.

Compared to the Giant Explore E+ 2 STA’s short 63mm travel and 45c tires, the Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0’s 110mm locking SR Suntour XCM32 fork with 2.35″ wide tires are more professional when tackling mountain sports. Both the damping effect and the passability are impeccable.

The Turbo Full Power 2.0E motor excels at doubling the rider’s power, always delivering enough wattage to shorten the steepest climbs. And with a 530Wh Specialized U2-530 battery that will support you on longer climbs, you can experience effortless mountain travel. In addition, details such as the exquisite Specialized Trail Handlebar and Specialized Seatpost tell riders that they are well-prepared for mountain riding.

To our disappointment, during the review, we found that when it comes to steep uphill sections, the Shimano Alivio 9-speed’s 36 T cassette is considered to have under-considered gear ratios, as the combination of it and the 50 NM output of the Specialized 250W motor is not perfect and does not achieve the fastest horsepower. If Specialized had considered equipping the Turbo Tero 3.0 with a wider range of gear ratios, I believe its uphill performance would have been faster and more competitive. Of course, if you expect faster-climbing speed, the Specialized Turbo Tero 4.0 with 11-speed gears will never let you down.

Best Flat Bar Gravel Electric Bike:

GT Grade Current ($3,375)

Top 8 Best Electric Bikes - GT Grade Current
Top 8 Best Electric Bikes – GT Grade Current
  • Fork: Carbon
  • Wheels: 700×42c
  • Drivetrain: 1 × 10
  • Motor: MAHLE ebike motion X35 250W 40Nm hub-drive
  • Battery: MAHLE ebike motion X35 250Wh
  • What we like about it: Handling and comfort at the same time, support for gravel racing or general touring.
  • What we don’t like about it: The unattractive external cable layout.

The GT Grade Current will appeal more to riders who want great handling and comfort than it will to those who want to look good. This powerful e-bike is equipped with a highly efficient MAHLE ebike motion X35 motor, a Microshift 10-speed gear shift system with a wide range of gear ratios, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. This excellent combination will deliver consistent pedaling performance, all-day riding comfort, and excellent wet-weather braking reliability, making it possible to overcome technical gravel routes and mixed terrain forest trails.

In addition, premium Shining rims protect the Tubeless Ready WTB Resolute TCS tire, supporting it to roll fast and providing the rider with traction in all riding conditions. And the GT Grade E-Carbon fork not only absorbs ground vibrations effectively but also gives the rider smoother, more agile handling to meet their race-winning ambitions, just like the seemingly ordinary GT Alloy Flat Bar.

The only regret is that the external cable layout makes it look not high-end to impress those who love beautiful looks. Fortunately, the reliable cable tie-downs keep the ride free of complicated tangles and make the ride safe. Of course, if that’s too much for you to handle, consider the Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0 above or the Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ below, which not only look cool but are also gravel-free.

Best Enduro Electric Bike:

Trek Domane+ AL 5 ($3,499)

Top 8 Best Electric Bikes - Trek Domane+ AL 5
Top 8 Best Electric Bikes – Trek Domane+ AL 5
  • Weight: 14.06 kg
  • Fork: Carbon
  • Drivetrain: 2 × 11
  • Motor: HyDrive hub drive motor, 40Nm, 250W
  • Battery: 250Wh
  • What we like about it: Competitive weight at 14.06kg, super comfortable road endurance ride.
  • What we don’t like about it: The 250Wh battery seems out of place for endurance riding.

When it comes to electric bikes, being bulky and heavy is the biggest complaint most riders have about them. However, the Trek Domane+ will turn your perceptions upside down. The lightweight and durable aluminum frame with carbon fiber fork make it lighter than most road bikes. And the lightweight HyDrive hub drive motor and small downtube battery make it even lighter. Its total weight is just 31 pounds, which I believe is good news for any endurance riding enthusiast.

Thanks to the proven Shimano 105 2×11 drivetrain and the 250W 40Nm output HyDrive hub motor, the rider can ride uphill and sprint with unparalleled ease and speed. The 32c Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite vacuum tires and the shock-absorbing Elite IsoZone handlebars give the rider more confidence in endurance riding.

To be honest, at first glance, I also expressed resistance to the 250Wh battery. After all, the main task of endurance riding is a range, and a 55-mile journey in eco mode is not enough. However, Trek also predicted riders’ concerns early on, and when you need to feel the long journey, just change to a plug-and-play Range Extender battery, and you will get the joy of a double range trip. When you think about it, this design can make the body lighter, at least when you want to travel short distances without having to carry the weight of two batteries, it is still very gratifying.

Best Comfort Electric Bike:

Trek Verve+ 3 ($3,299)

Top 8 Best Electric Bikes - Trek Verve+ 3
Top 8 Best Electric Bikes – Trek Verve+ 3
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Wheels: 700×50c
  • Drivetrain: 1×9
  • Motor: Bosch Active Plus, 250 watts, 50 Nm
  • Battery:Bosch PowerTube 500Wh
  • What we like about it: Safe and reliable riding, the most comfortable detailing.
  • What we don’t like about it: The heavier weight is also a common problem with most comfort bikes.

You may also be wondering why, after praising the lightweight Trek Domane+ AL 5 on one foot, I’m recommending a heavyweight Trek Verve+ 3 on the other.

The Trek Verve+ 3 never skimps on comfort for those who crave it – a super high Stack/Reach Ratio of 1.74 speaks for itself. Comfortable and reliable riding is perfectly illustrated by the Bosch Active Line Plus motor with the Bosch PowerTube 500Wh battery fully encapsulated in the frame and the Bosch Purion controller. And the wide, reflective 700×50c Bontrager E6 Hard-Case Lite tires ignore all obstacles that can cause bumps on city roads. In addition, the Suspension seatpost with Bontrager Boulevard Saddle is happy to absorb fatiguing bumps. Last but not least, the hybrid design makes it the perfect partner for most people on their daily rides, commutes, or workouts.

While many people are a little unhappy with the Trek Verve+ 3’s 24.7kg weight, this is an unavoidable problem with comfort bikes. Of course, if this bothers you, you can consider one of the various bikes we mentioned earlier. The Trek Domane+ AL 5, which supports endurance riding, is not a bad choice for travel or exercise, but it’s not quite as comfortable as the Trek Verve+ 3. Perhaps if you’re looking for a bike for commuting, the lighter BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE is also a good choice.

Best Hybrid Fitness Electric Bike:

Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ ($3,125)

Top 8 Best Electric Bikes - Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ
Top 8 Best Electric Bikes – Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ
  • Fork: 63mm
  • Wheels: 27.5 x 2.20″
  • Drivetrain: 1×9
  • Motor: Bosch 250W 40Nm mid-drive
  • Battery: Bosch Power Tube 400Wh
  • What we like about it: Super comfortable ride, good at handling uneven trails.
  • What we didn’t like about it: The 40NM output doesn’t allow for fast travel.

Learn More: Is Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ A Good Bike?[Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ Review]

Cannondale, which focuses on comfort, is not far behind. While the Adventure Neo 3 EQ was intended to encourage more fitness, the hybrid design gives it the ability to commute, explore or travel.

What is obvious is that the 63mm SR Suntour Mobie A32 fork with a locking mechanism does its best to support riding on city streets, village lanes, beautiful backroads, and other roads. Because of the wide 2.20″ Kenda Kwick Seven tires, both the good passability and the obvious shock absorption show that it is fearless on unpaved roads as well.

To my surprise, both the SM size 1.85 Stack/Reach Ratio and the LG 1.74 value are sufficient for a very straight-riding seat. Plus the Bosch Active Line 250W motor makes pedaling easy, saving the rider a lot of effort on every ride.

However, the heavy weight of 56.8 lbs. makes the motor with only 40Nm output seem like a struggle. While this won’t cause dissatisfaction among recreational types, it may cause speed-seeking riders to complain. If you desire a comfortable ride with a faster speed, the Trek Verve+ 3 will look more professional. But I also have to tell you that the Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ will be better at range – after all, an extra 10 miles of range on the same road conditions is pretty impressive.

Most Popular Folding Electric Bike:

Brompton Electric C Line Explore Folding Bike – Mid ($3,850)

Top 8 Best Electric Bikes - Brompton Electric C Line Explore Folding Bike - Mid
Top 8 Best Electric Bikes – Brompton Electric C Line Explore Folding Bike – Mid
  • Weight: 17.4 kg
  • Suspension: Full
  • Wheels: 16 × 1.35 “
  • Motor: Brompton by Williams Engineering
  • Battery: Lithium Ion, 312-watt-hours
  • What we like about it: The lightweight body can be folded and fast charging anytime, anywhere.
  • What we don’t like about it: Not very good at rugged routes.

When it comes to the best folding electric bike, the Brompton Electric C Line Explore Folding Bike – Mid has to be at the top of the list with its amazing folding talent. After all, in just 20 seconds you can turn it into a small piece of luggage that’s only 585mm high × 565mm long × 270mm wide. During rush hour, you can easily take it with you on the train or subway. And more than its small size, more people will be amazed at its weight, plus the battery weight is lighter than the average electric bike – 38.4 pounds.

Plus, the removable Lithium Ion battery will fulfill your desire to charge anywhere, anytime, and you’ll be able to get it back to a full charge in less than four hours with just any regular outlet. And if you’re expecting a faster charging mode, buy a Brompton SuperFast Charger and you’ll cut your charging time in half.

But the Brompton Electric C Line Explore’s 16 x 1.35″ tires were a bit of a strain on the rugged mountain roads, making its full-shock design a bit redundant. Of course, the shock system gives us comfort on generally uneven roads. If you expect the electric folding bike to achieve off-road, you might as well consider general wide-wheel diameter ebikes, because general folding bikes are not good at mountain riding.

Electric bikes for sale FAQ

  • Choice of bike type
  • Maximum speed
  • Battery life
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Battery charging time
  • Continuity

Bike Type

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, during the recommendation process, we are strictly sorting the bikes according to the most popular type they belong to.

Buying an electric bike to ease the stress of commuting is also the biggest wish of most users. Therefore, we have put more than one bike on the list that can be used for commuting. Most of the bikes can be used for other purposes besides commuting, in an attempt to meet more needs of users.

For the type of vehicle you choose, we recommend that you combine your use, the main terrain, and the way you ride.

For example, if you are in the city and ride mostly road routes, whether for daily travel or commuting, or fitness, the BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE, GT Grade Current, and Trek Domane+ AL 5, will not disappoint you.

In addition, they each have their characteristics. the BMC Alpenchallenge AMP is built for quiet and clean riding. the GT Grade Current specializes in a more refined handling feel. And the Trek Domane+ AL 5 extends your line of travel with a lighter weight.

The maximum speed the motor can support

If you want to reach the fastest travel speed with the help of a motor, it may disappoint you. Because in the United States, regulations state that ebikes allow a maximum speed of 20 mph – the ideal riding speed to fully protect you and other pedestrians.

While electric bikes may technically be able to travel at speeds over 20mph, when you exceed that limit, the motor temporarily stops providing electric assistance.

Of course, on sharp downhill sections, the bike can easily exceed 20mph. At this point, the bike will stop pedal assist, but you can still enjoy the excitement of a big wind blowing in your ears.

Battery life

I believe that most people do not put the purchase of an ebike on the agenda, but also because they are worried about the use of the battery. However, whether it is a professional battery made by a major manufacturer or a special battery made by a bike manufacturer for the bike, they are guaranteed to last close to 5 years. Of course, it depends on how often you use it and how you maintain it.

Take the Shimano STEPS BT-E8010 504Wh battery of BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE, even after 1000 x 1000 cycles of charging, it still has more than 60% of its original fully charged storage capacity or 300W, which is very durable and reliable.

Battery Maintenance

As the battery occupies one-third of the price of the e-bike itself and is an indispensable piece of equipment, its maintenance is particularly important. Here we also sincerely hope that you can effectively maintain them so that they are in the best possible condition, to extend the service life.

Proper charging

The key to getting the most out of your e-bike battery is to follow a smart charging approach. The core idea of it is that you should keep it from being extremely low or full. We believe that the ideal charging range is between 30% and 80%.

We do not recommend that you let it run out of power before charging. On the one hand, the battery and the motor will become a burden to you in case of no charge. On the other hand, it is because frequent empty electrodes tend to damage the life of the battery. Likewise, the state of extreme charging will accelerate the decay of battery benefits.

Suitable storage temperature

As with all electronics, batteries can withstand extremely harsh terrain conditions. Even though quality and durable batteries such as the Shimano STEPS BT-E8010 for the BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE and the Bosch PowerTube for the Trek Verve+ 3 can endure extremely hot or cold riding temperatures, they still need your careful care.

When the summer is in full swing, we do not recommend that you leave your bike exposed to the heat. You can remove the batteries or park them in the shade and shade them. And in the cold winter months or during rain or snow, you should also try to avoid extremely cold temperatures or wet conditions.

Avoid water immersion

While the bikes we recommend are extremely sealed and waterproof, like any other electronic product, your practice of leaving it submerged in water will undoubtedly speed up the decay of its life. Therefore, we recommend that you try to avoid letting it have contact with water, whether it is charging or raining.

Battery charging time

For those who are in a hurry, the long waiting process for charging is certainly consuming their patience. However, none of the bikes we have chosen will let you down. Because even with the slowest chargers, they will be able to accomplish a full charge within your minimum 7.5h of sleep a day. Such as the Trek Verve+ 3 and the Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ with their Bosch PowerTube. while using a fast charger, they were able to reduce the full charge time to 3 hours.

If you’re looking for a faster full load, consider the GiantExplore E+ 2 STA, whose EnergyPak Smart 500Wh battery charges to 80 percent in 2 hours and 20 minutes, very quickly.

Of course, if that’s not fast enough for you, you can opt to buy a Brompton SuperFast Charger to match your Brompton Electric C Line Explore Folding Bike – Mid, which will keep your battery fully charged in just two hours.


More than questions about battery charging, some people also worry about their range. After all, the extra weight of the battery and motor in the event of a dead battery is enough for your legs to accumulate lactic acid.

We must also state here that the range of a bike depends a lot on your riding style, where and how you ride, and the battery capacity. Just like the fuel consumption capacity of a bike, a bike in better condition can have a longer-range performance.

Fortunately, our recommended bikes all reach their normal range. As long as you charge or use them normally, they won’t leave you in the predicament of a dead battery.

If you’re expecting your bike to go the distance with you, the Giant Explore E+ 2 STA is unlikely to let you down. That’s because Giant claims it will support an extra-long trip of 111 miles in ideal conditions.

The Trek Domane+ AL 5, which supports a plug-and-play Range Extender battery, allows you to choose whether to carry or not to carry a spare battery, and the design is very user-friendly.


It’s worth stating that our selection of these bikes is in the $3,000 to $4,000 range. They are either the most popular or the best-value e-bikes we’ve reviewed.

We hope that the majority of riders can combine their usage needs and riding style to decide their choice. By the way, if you want to go riding in well-known terrain or special terrain, you can book your accommodation on IHG Hotels & Resorts. It is not only rich in variety but also easy to operate.

For those looking for a bike for their daily commute, the BMC Alpenchallenge AMP AL CITY ONE USA will make your city trips quieter and cleaner, while the GT Grade Current is keen to make your commute more manageable and comfortable. The lightweight Trek Domane+ AL 5 makes every commuter who needs to take a bike home, feel at ease.

For riders who crave fun in the mountains, the ultra-long-lasting and friendly Giant Explore E+ 2 STA will keep you entertained. And with a 110mm fork, the Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0 will make your trip to the mountains effortless.

If you want to take on the mountains in a more upright riding position, the Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ is a great choice.

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