Top 9 Best Commuter Electric Bikes – Suitable For Different Budgets

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We’ve selected the Top 9 Best Commuter Electric Bikes from over 145 road bikes.

With the perfect combination of motor and bicycle, electric bicycle is gradually becoming a very popular way to go to work. Whether on busy city streets or simple, low-key country roads, we can always notice the existence of electric bikes. They make riding easier and faster with their efficient motors and batteries that have super range, while also greatly extending people’s routes.

To help every commuter find the best e-bike for him or her, we have carefully prepared a variety of e-bikes for all kinds of roads at all price points. This includes a variety of quality e-bikes over $4,000, and under $3,000.

For more information on the best electric commuter bikes, please refer to our recommendation table and buying advice below.

Best Commuter Electric Bikes Lists

Bicycles Price Gear Motor Battery
Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 $4,250 1×11 Specialized 2.0, 70Nm torque, custom-tuned motor, 250W nominal Specialized U2-710, alloy casing, state of charge display, 710Wh
Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3$3,425 1×9 Bosch Performance Line Sport (28 mph) Bosch PowerTube 500Wh
Maxfoot [750] MF-18 P ELECTEIC Cruiser Bike$13953×7750wRemovable 48V, 13Ah battery
Bianchi T-Tronik T-Type Sunrace – X5 $3,200 1×9 Shimano E6100 250W, torque 60Nm 417Wh Phylion integrated battery
Orbea OPTIMA E50 20mph $2,899 1×8 Mahle motor hub X35 Plus Mahle 36V/6.9A 248Wh ANT+
Trek Dual Sport+ 2 $2,399 1×9 HyDrive hub drive motor, 40Nm, 250W 250Wh
Kona Dew HD $1,999 1×8 SR Suntour HD 20MPH SR Suntour 418Wh
Schwinn Coston CE Electric Bike $1,799 1×7 250-watt brushless geared hub drive motor 288-watt-hour internal downtube battery
Huffy Motoric Adult 20″ Electric Folding Bike $1,599 1×6 Pedal to engage the power of the 36-volt battery and 350-watt rear hub motor Pedal to engage the power of the 36-volt battery and 350-watt rear hub motor

Best commuter bike with extraordinary quality over $4000

For users with a relatively sufficient budget, we also recommend that you choose an electric bike with certain off-road performance to increase the range of application of the bike. Whether it is a superior riding experience or control feeling, the ride experience is impeccable.

The comfortable Specialized electric bike:

Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 ($4,250)

Best Commuter Electric Bikes - Specialized Turbo Como 4.0
Best Commuter Electric Bikes – Specialized Turbo Como 4.0
  • Fork: 80mm
  • Wheels: 650b x 2.3″
  • Drivetrain: 1×11
  • Motor: Specialized 250W 70Nm mid-drive
  • Battery: Specialized 710Wh
  • What we like about it: A comfortable and safe commuter electric vehicle.
  • What we don’t like about it: A price that’s not for everyone.

The Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 is the first commuter bike on today’s list, and it is casual and comfortable. For starters, the ultra-low pedaling design won’t make it difficult for any Como user to get on and off the bike. Combined with the near upright position, it takes the strain off the rider’s hands and upper body, giving them an excellent impression. Secondly, the Turbo Full Power 2.0 motor with a 710Wh battery gives the rider an unparalleled riding experience. The integrated controller responds to the user’s pedal inputs, intuitively amplifying their efforts, and the speed of up to 28mph is amazing enough.

The Mission Control-MasterMind display is designed to keep the rider informed of all riding information. Further, the SR Suntour MobieA32 fork with 80mm of travel and wide 2.3″ reflective tires allows the rider to ride comfortably and safely on both city roads and country roads.

Finally, Turbo System Lock is extremely reliable. It disables the bike’s motor and activates motion sensor alerts whenever the owner needs them, effectively preventing theft or loss.

However, the most criticized thing about SpecializedTurbo Como 4.0 is its high price of $4,250. Although in our opinion it is such a high-end configuration to afford such a high price, but there are still users who say it is difficult to accept. If you’re bothered by this, you might consider its sibling, the Specialized Turbo Como SL 4.0. After all, the $1,000 difference in price is still very intuitive.

Best electric commuter bikes under $4000

The bikes in this price range, although not too high-end groupset and motor, battery, still no lack excellent handling performance and good ride quality. They are the best helpers for people’s commuting trips.

Best Mountain Electric Bike: Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 ($3,425)

Best Commuter Electric Bikes - Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3
Best Commuter Electric Bikes – Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3
  • Fork: 100mm of travel
  • Wheels: 29×2.25”
  • Drivetrain: 1×9
  • Motor: Bosch 250W 63Nm mid-drive
  • Battery: Bosch 500Wh
  • What we like about it: The extra-long range, the commuter ebike for off-roading.
  • What we don’t like about it: The performance is not flexible.

Although it’s a commuter e-bike, it’s clear that the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 has bigger ambitions for the wilderness. Both the SR Suntour XCM ATB fork with 100mm of travel and the Schwalbe G-One Allround Performance vacuum tires feel more like they’re meant for hiking. Such a setup also makes for extremely comfortable city roads. At least, the Tesoro Neo X 3 user is comfortable when encountering broken pavement.

Meanwhile, the Bosch Performance Line Sport, equipped with a 500Wh Power Tube battery capable of supporting up to 85 miles, has 65Nm of torque and offers support for up to 28mph. This gives the rider a natural and smooth motion without the sweaty pedaling experience.

In addition, the microSHIFT Marvo 9-speed drivetrain with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes is a clever way to drive or brake to the end.

Although the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 is suitable for off-road, it is not very agile in the mountains. Its weaving and sensitivity did not meet my internal expectations. The 2.25″ tires are not very passable, making it an off-road competitor, but not a great one. In addition, its fenders will produce a little noise, which may make you a little embarrassed.

Maxfoot [750] MF-18 P ELECTEIC Cruiser Bike ($1395)

Maxfoot [750] MF-18 P ELECTEIC Cruiser Bike
Top 12 Best Electric Bikes Under $1500 – Maxfoot [750] MF-18 P ELECTEIC Cruiser Bike
  • Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy frame
  • Drivetrain: 3×7
  • Motor: 750w brushless geared motor
  • Battery: Removable 48V, 13Ah battery
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • What we like about it: Powerful 750w motor and large fat tires that are suitable for beach and gravel roads.
  • What we don’t like about it: It’s heavy.

This is a powerful electric bike with a 6061 aluminum alloy frame that provides better durability. With a 750w motor and removable 48V, 13Ah battery, you can travel to farther places. With wider tires, you can ride more stably on sandy and gravel roads. Moreover, the front LCD display screen allows you to know the bike’s information more intuitively. Additionally, the taillight configuration can enhance your safety during night rides.

However, there is no avoiding that with the large 750w capacity battery and wide tires, it is heavier than the average e-bike. So if you like lightweight e-bikes, I don’t recommend you to try it.

In short, how to choose depends on whether you prefer a lighter or more runaway battery.

Best Hybrid Electric Bike: Bianchi T-Tronik T-Type Sunrace – X5 ($3,200)

Best Commuter Electric Bikes - Bianchi T-Tronik T-Type Sunrace - X5
Best Commuter Electric Bikes – Bianchi T-Tronik T-Type Sunrace – X5
  • Fork: 63mm of travel
  • Wheels:700×45C
  • Drivetrain: 1×9
  • Motor: Shimano E6100 250W, torque 60Nm
  • Battery:417Wh Phylion integrated battery
  • What we like about it: The natural riding experience, and the hybrid design.
  • What we don’t like about it: V-brakes are frowned upon.

This versatile bike has a unique vision for improving people’s daily lives. With the Shimano STEPS E6100 drive motor that offers fully automatic gear changes, riders will experience a more natural riding experience. The E-TUBE PROJECT is designed to allow speed adjustment, which many riders will love. The hybrid model allows people to go farther with the BianchiT-Tronik T-Type Sunrace – X5.

The Suntour SF15-NEX-E25-DS-700C-63 63mm forks and 45c Chaoyang E-Liner City tires live up to everyone’s expectations. They excel at tackling the unpaved roads of the city, and they are always clever enough to defuse the jolts and bumps caused by the ground.

It is slightly unfortunate that the Shimano STEPS E6100 is better at dealing with cable-pull rim brakes, which makes the rider’s braking journey, slightly rougher. Especially when emergency braking was required, riders expressed dissatisfaction with the need to hold the handlebars tightly to get the tires to stop. Fortunately, Bianchi has gotten around this problem perfectly with its sister product, the BianchiT-Tronik T Type Pro-Deore. the Shimano BR-MT410 Hydraulic Disc leaves the user speechless.

Super stylish commuter electric bike: Orbea OPTIMA E50 20mph ($2,899)

Best Commuter Electric Bikes -Orbea OPTIMA E50 20mph
Best Commuter Electric Bikes – Orbea OPTIMA E50 20mph
  • Wheels: 700×50c
  • Drivetrain: 1×8
  • Motor: Mahle motor hub X35 Plus
  • Battery:Mahle 36V/6.9A 248Wh ANT+
  • What we like about it: Comfortable design, super fast charging speed.
  • What we didn’t like about it: The mechanical brake discs were a disappointment.

The Orbea Optima E50 is a very cute e-bike. The stylish appearance and the step-in design that makes it easy to get on and off the bike make it a great choice for many female riders. Both the near-erect riding position and the ergonomic Orbea City Riser Alu handlebars indicate that it is designed for comfortable city commuting or travel.

The Shimano 8-speed drivetrain with Mahle motor hub X35 Plus motor is simple to operate and control, making it easy to ride. Located inside the frame downtube is the Mahle battery, which has a very friendly charging time and usually takes 3-4 hours to fully charge. To the rider’s surprise, it also comes with all the extras needed for everyday ridings, such as front and rear lights, fenders, and a rear luggage rack. This makes it easy for those with limited athletic ability to commute or run errands.

However, for those who like hydraulic discs, I must also tell you that its Shimano TX805 Mechanical Disc may disappoint you a bit. Although it can also work without picking the weather, the braking effect is not as fast as hydraulic braking. If you mind this, you can also consider its sister product Orbea OPTIMA E40 20mph, Shimano Deore M4100 10-speed power unit with Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc, your drivetrain and braking effect is faster and silky smooth.

The lightest Trek electric bike: Trek Dual Sport+ 2 ($2,399)

Best Commuter Electric Bikes -Trek Dual Sport+ 2
Best Commuter Electric Bikes – Trek Dual Sport+ 2
  • Wheels:650×50c
  • Drivetrain: 1×9
  • Motor: HyDrive hub drive motor, 40Nm, 250W
  • Battery: 250Wh
  • What we like about it: The ultra-lightweight is very competitive, and the plug-and-play Range Extender battery is very practical.
  • What we didn’t like about it: Not good at handling too rough ground.

Learn More: Is Trek Dual Sport+ 2 A Good E-bike?[Trek Dual Sport+ 2 Review]

I believe most people think of electric bikes as bulky when they mention them, but the ultra-lightweight Trek Dual Sport+ 2 will turn that perception on its head. At just 17.4kg, the Trek Dual Sport+ 2 is extremely competitive. I like the HyDrive hub drive motor, which assists with natural, smooth speeds of up to 20mph. While the 250Wh battery, only gets you 35 miles per charge, the 250Wh plug-and-play Range Extender battery, is great at doubling your mileage. This design also has the advantage of not having to carry the weight of two batteries when you go on short journeys. In addition, the reliable 9-speed Shimano drivetrain and Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc braking system both respond quickly to riding commands, supporting the rider to move around as he or she pleases.

If Trek had given it a fork with travel, the Dual Sport+ 2 would have been more in line with the hybrid’s design and able to go to more surfaces. After all, the sturdy 650b wheels and moderate 50c Bontrager GR0 Expert tires have good passing power and provide excellent performance and comfort on mixed terrain. Of course, reality has no ifs, and those who want a bike that is also active on off-road surfaces will be better served by the Bianchi T-Tronik T-Type Sunrace – X5 above.

Best electric bikes under $2000

Although there is no quality motor or super-long battery life, commuter electric bikes at this price point still allow riders to reach their destination without breaking a sweat.

Best ebike under $2000: Kona Dew HD ($1,999)

Best Commuter Electric Bikes -Kona Dew HD
Best Commuter Electric Bikes – Kona Dew HD
  • Wheels: 650×47c
  • Drivetrain: 1×8
  • Motor: SR Suntour HD 20MPH
  • Battery: SR Suntour 418Wh
  • What we like about it: Super high torque output, removable downtube battery.
  • What we don’t like about it: 6-7 hours of charging time.

It’s clear from Dew HD’s performance that Kona has positioned it to serve an urban target group. After all, the rigid design and the 47c WTB Horizon Comp tires deprive the Dew HD of the possibility of going out into the wilderness and fighting. However, the taller Kona Aluminum Riser handlebars and upright seating position suggest that they expect users to be very comfortable in control.

Judging from the Shimano Altus series 8 gear (11-32 freewheel) chainstay paired with Tektro’s hydraulic braking system, the Dew HD is plenty confident in both drivetrain and braking. With the SR Suntour’s electric drive system, it delivers 60 Nm of torque to produce up to 20MPH boost speed, which is very satisfying.

In addition, the ultra-high capacity 418 Wh battery not only supports charging on the bike but also can be removed, which is very convenient.

Unfortunately, the Dew HD is not friendly to those who are in a hurry, as it takes 6-7 hours to fully charge. And for the careless, I have to remind you that you should keep the battery temperature above 5 degrees Celsius when charging for efficiency. Of course, if you have a problem with the charging time, consider the Schwinn Coston CE Electric Bike below.

Best Schwinn electric bike: Schwinn Coston CE Electric Bike ($1,799)

Best Commuter Electric Bikes -Schwinn Coston CE Electric Bike
Best Commuter Electric Bikes – Schwinn Coston CE Electric Bike
  • Wheels: 27.5 x 2.6″
  • Drivetrain: 1×7
  • Motor: 250-watt brushless geared hub drive motor
  • Battery: 288-watt-hour internal downtube battery
  • What we like about it: Friendly, comfortable riding style for commuters on a budget.
  • What we don’t like about it: The battery life is not great.

The Schwinn Coston CE Electric Bike is a great choice if you’re looking forward to a commute at a fraction of the price. The near upright riding position and wide 2.6-inch tires establish the Coston CE’s comfortable riding style, while the 250-watt brushless geared hub drive motor delivers up to 20MPH of assisted speed when the rider pedals, another indication of its focus on speed.

In addition, the integrated LED lights on the battery not only add a sleek, modern look but also increase the visibility of the rider. With detailed head and tail lights, riders don’t have to worry about being overlooked by riders speeding by in the dark.

Although it only takes four hours to fully charge the 288 Wh internal downtube battery, its range, however, is not perfect. After all, under more ideal conditions, a range of only 35 miles does not allow every rider to have fun. And in case of bad luck, all you encounter out there is harsh terrain, and the rider’s trip is undoubtedly going to be compromised again. Therefore, the Schwinn Coston CE Electric Bike is friendly enough for riders who only have short commutes. For riders who want to ride aimlessly after work, perhaps the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 above is more suitable.

The cheapest folding electric bike:

Huffy Motoric Adult 20″ Electric Folding Bike ($1,599)

Best Commuter Electric Bikes - Huffy Motoric Adult 20" Electric Folding Bike
Best Commuter Electric Bikes – Huffy Motoric Adult 20″ Electric Folding Bike
  • Wheels: 20×4″
  • Drivetrain: 1×6
  • Motor: 350-watt rear hub motor
  • Battery: 350Wh Pedal to engage the power of the 36-volt battery
  • What we like about it: wide tires for comfort, easy folding for storage.
  • What we don’t like about it: At 58 pounds it’s not exactly lightweight.

When it comes to commuting, folding bikes are also a popular choice for most riders. The Huffy Motoric Adult 20″ Electric Folding Bike we recommend is the best value for money, with its comfortable riding experience and easy-to-fold frame making the list.

The impressive 4-inch tires give this bike enough guts to take its owner deep into the bush. Pedal to engage the power of the 36-volt battery and 350-watt rear hub motor to the delight of most Huffy Motoric users. Those who were head over heels about the unfavorable pedaling of these tires one second were convinced by the proven wheel assist the next. With speeds of up to 20phm, the rider has no trouble on the road or rocky trails. Surprisingly, Shimano’s 6-speed Twist Shift offers precise shifting to make riding easier. And the LCD panel on the handlebars, which displays speed, pedal assist level, and battery level information, is very convenient and reliable.

Although it only takes a few seconds of simple operation, Huffy Motoric can become convenient to carry and store a “small package”, but the weight of 58 pounds is still a lot of strength for small women or elderly people feel difficult. But we must also admit that Huffy Motoric’s less than $1,600 price is completely sorry for such a weight. Lighter folding electric bikes usually cost more than $2,500.

Commuter Electric bike buying advice

  • Is it worth buying an electric bike?
  • Motor and battery
  • Charging time
  • Continuity
  • Maintenance work
  • The more expensive the bike, the better?

Is it worth buying an electric bike?

If you think your office is a bit far from home, but you don’t want to commit to work after a very hard commute, Commuter eBikes are necessary.

It will not only save you money on bike travel and public transportation during its lifetime but also save you from annoying rush hour traffic jams. Most of all, the fact that you don’t need to take a shower when you arrive at your destination will make you feel incredibly happy.

In addition to commuting, e-bikes have made healthy travel a major option for the lazy. Studies have shown that riding an e-bike allows people who rarely exercise by bike to silently extend the time their legs are in motion, thus allowing them to burn more calories.

In addition, the rear racks that are generally equipped with commuter bikes make running errands a “must” for ebikes. With ebikes like the Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 and Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 and the Bianchi T-Tronik T-Type Sunrace – X5, we recommend their excellent motors and sturdy racks, giving riders more confidence to carry the weight of their cargo. After all, all they need to do is pedal normally and the bike will move steadily forward, so why wouldn’t users be happy about that?

Motor and battery

I believe that the motor and battery are the main concerns of electric bikes. Here we will also briefly discuss this topic with you.


The higher-end electric bikes on the market today are usually equipped with Bosch or Shimano motors, such as the CannondaleTesoro Neo X 3 with a Bosch Performance Line Sport motor. They are more inclined to take on rough or unpaved roads.

The medium-gear electric bikes tend to have Mahle or HyDrive motors, such as the Orbea OPTIMA E50 20mph and Trek Dual Sport+ 2. While their motors struggle to reach Level 3 boost levels (28 mph), they still produce speeds that are smooth and fast enough to comfort the rider on climbs or rides.

In addition, the lower priced electric bikes with matching motors are harder to have visibility. But we can’t deny that they work, or at least can they play a big role in making you feel less sweaty about the ride.


The battery, which matches the motor above, is also an integral part of the e-bike. All of the bikes we recommend above have cleverly hidden the battery inside the downtube, which not only looks good but also increases the rider’s usable area (the rear rack is perfectly empty).

Generally speaking, the smaller the physical size of the battery, the lower the capacity and the less range it has. The larger the capacity, the greater security it always gives the rider, but the weight comes with it.

Fortunately, most businesses take this into account and give the option of a spare battery for people to choose from. Such as Trek Dual Sport+ 2 and Orbea OPTIMA E50 20mph users, although they are limited by the less than 300Wh battery, which limits the forward movement. But when they need to be on the extended map, the extended-range battery can easily solve this problem.

Charging time

The time it takes to fully charge an electric bike is also a concern for most people. Most e-bike batteries take between 2-7 hours to go from fully depleted to 100% charged. However, the charging time will depend on the brand of the system and charger.

Fortunately, most of the electric bikes we prepare can complete the charging process quickly. For example, the Schwinn Coston CE Electric Bike can be fully charged in just 4 hours.

The Orbea OPTIMA E50 20 mph also takes only 3-4 hours to fully charge.

The most pleasant surprise is the PowerTube 500Wh battery of the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3, which reduces charging time to 3 hours with the help of fast charging.


Many users may wonder why the information shows that the bike has maximum range support of 60 miles, while the actual ride is 40 miles and becomes depleted of power. In fact, similar to bikes, all e-bikes indicate the maximum range that can be covered by a single battery charge, which generally refers to the farthest they can travel under ideal conditions. The truth, however, is that this range can be influenced by many factors.

For example, the total weight of the rider and any luggage, the riding route (e.g. type of terrain and gradient), the riding style, the riding temperature, and climate, the wind speed, and direction, and finally the air pressure of the tires. They all make a difference to the rider’s actual range distance, so the rider’s trip should take these objective factors into account to estimate the range.

To their credit, the bikes we recommend are headed for more distant travel goals. For example, the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3, which has a super-long range on a single battery, tops out at 85 miles enough to support the average commuter for a week of short trips. Even the low-range Schwinn Coston CE Electric Bike can support trips of up to 35 miles in excellent condition.

So as long as riders use their batteries properly and remember to charge them on time, short commutes will not be a problem.


As with any bicycle as well as electronics, proper care of your electric bike may extend the life of key components. This allows you to save money on repairs while not having to rush to replace your transportation. In this regard, riders are expected to keep this in mind.

1. Keep the body clean to avoid dirt and mud to speed up the wear and tear of the parts.

2. Keeping the power train clean and running well (proper lubrication) will extend the life of the power train and motor.

3. Check the tire pressure regularly, so that it is at moderate pressure. Too low tire pressure will not only increase the burden on the battery, and will cause safety hazards. And too high tire pressure in off-road riding will affect the comfort and grip.

4. Check regularly for loose bolts, spokes, and damaged parts.

5. When the bike is not used for a long time, keep the battery partially charged and store it in a cool and dry place, avoid storing the bike with a dead battery.

Is the more expensive bike better?

We have to admit that there is no equal sign between expensive and good. As the Chinese proverb says, “The ruler has its own advantages and the inch has its own shortcomings”.

For example, the $4,000+ Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 does not have a folding function, while the less than $1,600 Huffy Motoric Adult 20″ Electric Folding Bike puts itself in an easy-to-carry position after a few simple maneuvers. You can’t say that the former is necessarily bad and the latter is necessarily better for everyone. After all, whether it’s speed, range, comfort, or weight, the Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 is more popular among users.

But as mentioned earlier, higher priced bikes undoubtedly have better quality motors, batteries, and components, so they are more likely to be quality and comfortable. At the same time, better configurations not only combine to produce bikes that perform faster in terms of speed but also keep the bike in a lighter, more reliable condition as much as possible.


We have to admit that there is no one perfect e-bike for all travelers in the world. But please also believe that the ones we recommend are carefully selected, and they must be able to meet the appetite of a particular category of people in one way or another. Therefore, your needs and choices, as well as your budget, are very important. By the way, if you want to go riding in well-known terrain or special terrain, you can book your accommodation on IHG Hotels & Resorts. It is not only rich in variety but also easy to operate.

If you’re on a budget and your trips are mostly short, flat city trips, the Kona Dew HD or Huffy Motoric Adult 20″ Electric Folding Bike is more than enough for you.

Of course, if you have a dirty commute or may even need to do some light trail riding, then perhaps the Schwinn Coston CE Electric Bike, with fork travel, is more than worthy of your attention.

Although it is important to consider a reasonable budget, I still hope that you will consider the Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 or the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3, which have better quality batteries and motors because they are higher quality, are more reliable and have a longer service life. After all, commuting is a long-term process, and better quality gives us more peace of mind and peace of mind. We hope that our selection of the 8 best commuter electric bikes will meet your needs.

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