Is Tern GSD S10 LX A Perfect Selection? – [Tern GSD S10 LX Review]

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Tern GSD S10 LX Review

  • Price: $5,399
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: 20″ Aluminum
  • Transmission: 1×10

What we like about it: Comfortable riding, strong carrying capacity, and many user-friendly features.

What we didn’t like about it: Relatively high price, not suitable for everyone’s budget.

Rating: (4.8/5)

Tern GSD S10 LX
Tern GSD S10 LX

The Tern GSD S10 LX is a straightforward and efficient electric cargo bike, suitable for transporting children and post-shopping hauls, thanks to its multifunctionality and cargo-carrying options. The bike’s sturdy frame, along with high-quality components, makes it a versatile companion for everyday riding.

Below, we’ll delve into the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Tern GSD S10 LX. In the latter part of this article, we’ve also selected a few bikes for comparison. If you’re interested in more bike reviews, feel free to follow us.

Riding Experience

The Tern GSD S10 LX offers a comfortable riding posture and impressive cargo-carrying capability. Supported by a high-performance motor, it delivers strong and natural power, making it an all-around excellent electric cargo bike.

For this review, I planned to take this long-tail cargo e-bike to a nearby park for a camping trip with friends. I packed food and gear securely onto the bike’s rear rack and set out on my journey. The overall route was relatively flat but included some gentle uphills and downhills. The road conditions were favorable, and I was eagerly anticipating this ride and camping excursion.

On-Road Riding

The Tern GSD S10 LX provides a comfortable upright riding posture that I can maintain for extended periods, resulting in a comfortable experience.

Additionally, the powerful Bosch motor offers robust power output, ensuring a smooth and natural riding experience. The motor operates quietly, enhancing the overall riding enjoyment. My ride felt lively, and I even forgot about the camping gear loaded onto the bike’s rack. On uphill sections, this motor provides up to 400% power support, giving me the confidence to tackle every climb.

The Suntour custom for Tern suspension fork on the Tern GSD S10 LX offers 70mm of suspension travel, providing a comfortable ride during this journey. It efficiently absorbs vibrations, even on unpaved roads, ensuring a stable ride.

Finally, the Magura MT5 e-stop hydraulic disc brakes offer reliable and exceptional braking performance, with a rapid response time. They bring the bike to a quick halt, making them trustworthy in all conditions.

Is That All?

This Tern GSD S10 LX cargo e-bike boasts numerous practical design details, making it more versatile and widely applicable.

The Tern GSD S10 LX allows vertical parking and takes up as much space as a potted plant, reducing its footprint at home.

Furthermore, the parking lock at the front wheel provides added security when I need to leave the bike unattended briefly, minimizing the risk of theft.

The bike is equipped with a 700-lumen front light and a brake-indicator rear light, offering extra visibility through brighter illumination and a wider beam, ensuring safer nighttime rides.

Additionally, the bike can accommodate a child seat on the rear cargo rack, allowing for the transport of up to two children. Therefore, it is an excellent family-oriented long-tail cargo e-bike.

In summary, this is a multifunctional cargo e-bike with a wide range of applications, making it a valuable companion for everyday life.


While the Tern GSD S10 LX comes in a single frame size, it can be adjusted without the need for tools in a matter of seconds to accommodate anyone between 4’11” and 6’5″. This provides versatility, allowing the bike to be shared among family members and catering to a wide range of riders.

The maximum vehicle total weight for the Tern GSD S10 LX is 200 kilograms (440 pounds), providing enhanced load-carrying capacity without sacrificing the bike’s length, which remains the same as a regular bicycle, ensuring ride flexibility.

Equipped with a top-notch Bosch motor, the Tern GSD S10 LX delivers up to 85 Nm of torque, resulting in a smooth and natural riding experience and offering 400% support for tackling steep climbs.

The Magura MT5 e-stop hydraulic disc brakes are capable of swiftly bringing the fully loaded electric bike to a confident stop, making them a reliable braking component.


Other Versions

The Tern GSD S10 LX is a dependable vehicle that can be used day in and day out, offering durability, robustness, and powerful cargo-carrying capabilities. However, this bike comes at a relatively high price point, which may not be budget-friendly for some riders. As a solution, we also offer a version from the same series of long-tail cargo electric bikes, which comes at a lower price, catering to riders with tighter budgets.

Tern GSD S10

Tern GSD S10

Compared to the Tern GSD S10 LX, the Tern GSD S10 shares the same aluminum alloy frame and components, ensuring the bike’s sturdiness and reliability. The outstanding components and robust motor support make the Tern GSD S10 a bike with excellent riding capabilities, comfort, and agility.

The primary difference between the Tern GSD S10 and the Tern GSD S10 LX lies in the battery. The Tern GSD S10 has a slightly smaller battery capacity, resulting in a shorter range compared to the latter.

So, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly long-tail cargo electric bike, the Tern GSD S10 is a great choice, offering similar rich functionality.

What do we like about it?

  • Chain guard helps keep the rider clean and prevents long skirts and loose pants from getting caught in the chain or belt.
  • The GSD remains exceptionally sturdy, with strong rigidity that prevents swaying, even when heavily loaded.
  • The high-quality Atlas lock stand features unique auto-locking and remote unlocking for easy and secure loading and unloading.
  • The dedicated trailer mount is easy to use, very secure, and optimized to prevent trailer tilting. Compatible with Thule, Burley, and Weber trailers without the need for adapters.
  • The robust integrated lower deck provides built-in support for cargo and passengers’ feet.
  • The full-coverage rear wheel guard protects the rider and passengers from splashes and prevents clothing and shoelaces from getting caught in the wheel.

What don’t we like about it?

  • A relatively high price, may not be suitable for everyone.


  • Are Tern bikes good?

Tern bikes are manufactured using high-quality components and sturdy, lightweight materials. These bikes are well-suited for daily riding and long-distance cycling, with many models capable of carrying up to 440 pounds.

  • Does this bike have a throttle?

Tern electric bikes are pedal-assist electric bikes, also known as e-bikes. This means that the bike’s motor system provides power only when the rider is pedaling. Our electric bikes do not have a throttle.

  • How do I choose the right size?

We provide a size chart here. However, it’s not necessary to strictly adhere to this standard. The best way to find the right size is to test ride the bike.

Rider heightSIZE
4’11” – 6’5″Unique size



FrameTern GSD, 6061-AL, patented MultiTruss design, EFBE Tri-Test approved: 200 kg
Colors: Blue Grey; Dragon Fruit; School Bus Yellow
ForkSuntour custom for Tern, 1.5″ tapered Chromoly steerer, 32 mm stanchions, Thru-axle, 70 mm travel, EFBE approved: 200 kg
Bottom BracketMotor integrated
HeadsetTern Flux Pro Taper, 1.5″, angular contact bearings, Physis integrated
StemTern Andros, adjustable, forged construction, patented technology
HandlebarTern Sweep, 6061-AL, Tern Andros adapted
SaddleTern GSD by Velo, with rear handle
SeatpostCane Creek Thudbuster G4, Tern Telescope, 34.9/30.9 mm
PedalsUrban with non-slip surface, sealed bearings


Rear DerailleurShimano Deore Shadow+
CrankTern GSD custom, forged 6061-AL DH crankarm
ShiftersShimano Deore, 1 x 10 spd
CassetteShimano 11-42T, 10 spd
Chain10 spd, DHT for eBike, GST corrosion resistant coating
Chain GuideTern Custom, full chain cover
BrakesHydraulic Disc
Brake LeversMagura MT5 e-stop, hydraulic, with brake sensor


RimsTern Atlas, ultra wide 36 mm, dual reinforced joint
Front HubTern Atlas, Boost Thru-Axle, Cargo-optimized design, sealed cartridge bearing
Rear HubTern Atlas, Boost Thru-Axle, Syntace X-12 standard, Cargo-optimized design
TiresF: Schwalbe Big Ben Plus, 55-406, Green Guard puncture protection, Reflex R: Tern x Schwalbe Super Moto-X, 62-406, Green Guard puncture protection, Reflex

Electric Components

MotorBosch Cargo Line, 400% Assist, 85 Nm Torque, max speed 25 kph (EU); max speed 20 mph (US)
BatteryBosch Dual Battery system, 500 Wh/1000 Wh

Comparison Table

BikesClick viewWheelsetFrame MaterialBatteryMotor
Momentum Pakyak E+Click View24″ AluminumAluminum500WhYamaha 250W 80Nm mid-drive
Moustache Lundi 20.3 NEClick View20″AluminumAluminumBosch 500WhBosch 250W 85Nm mid-drive
Trek Fetch+ 2Click View20″AluminumAluminumBosch 500WhBosch 250W 85Nm mid-drive
Yuba Spicy Curry ATClick View26″ / 20″ AluminumAluminum500WhBosch 250W mid-drive

Tern GSD S10 LX vs. Momentum Pakyak E+

Momentum Pakyak E+
Momentum Pakyak E+

They both feature reliable motors with powerful output. However, while both have the same battery capacity, the former can accommodate additional batteries, providing better range and enabling longer rides.

Furthermore, the former comes equipped with a Suntour 70mm suspension fork, capable of absorbing road vibrations during bumpy rides, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable riding experience.

Therefore, between these two electric cargo bikes, I would highly recommend the Tern GSD S10 LX. It offers more practical design elements, and I particularly like its foldable upright storage feature.

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Tern GSD S10 LX vs. Moustache Lundi 20.3 NE

Moustache Lundi 20.3 NE
Moustache Lundi 20.3 NE

Both of them feature the high-performance Bosch 250W 85Nm mid-drive motor, delivering ample power. However, the former’s ability to add extra batteries gives it a better range for longer rides.

Furthermore, the front suspension fork design in the former model provides a smoother and more comfortable ride. Additionally, its foldable design allows for more compact storage.

The former also boasts a quieter belt drive and eliminates concerns about oil stains. In contrast, the latter offers quick seat adjustments with its dropper post.

In conclusion, between these two bikes, I would still prefer the Tern GSD S10 LX. The option for expandable battery installation adds practicality to it.

Tern GSD S10 LX vs. Trek Fetch+ 2

Trek Fetch+ 2
Trek Fetch+ 2

Both of them feature lightweight aluminum alloy frames, ensuring the durability and sturdiness of the bike. However, the former is equipped with a 70mm travel suspension fork, resulting in fewer vibrations when tackling rough, unpaved roads.

These two electric cargo bikes both use the high-performance and reliable Bosch 250W 85Nm mid-drive motor. The power delivery is smooth and robust.

However, the former’s belt drive is known for being smooth, quiet, clean, durable, and low-maintenance. This means you can spend more time riding and less time cleaning and lubricating the bike chain.

In summary, both of these electric cargo bikes are excellent choices. Nevertheless, the practicality and attention to detail in the Tern GSD S10 LX make it the one I would recommend.

Tern GSD S10 LX vs. Yuba Spicy Curry AT

Yuba Spicy Curry AT
Yuba Spicy Curry AT

Both of these bikes utilize reliable motors and have similar battery capacities, delivering ample power and the ability to handle long-distance rides.

However, the former boasts a more aesthetically pleasing design with integrated wheel and full chain guards, providing protection from mud splatter and preventing clothes and shoelaces from getting caught in the wheel. The latter has a larger cargo rack with enhanced loading capacity.

Furthermore, the belt drive in the former ensures a smooth, quiet, clean, durable, and low-maintenance ride, allowing you to spend more time cycling and less time cleaning and lubricating the bike chain.

In conclusion, when considering the bikes at a similar price point, I would recommend the Tern GSD S10 LX.

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The above is my review of the Tern GSD S10 LX. In our opinion, this is a reliable longtail electric cargo bike with a rich set of features and many user-friendly designs. This is why we gave it a rating of 4.8.

Of course, if you want to explore other longtail electric cargo bikes, we also review a variety of bikes at different price points, and they are equally interesting. Feel free to check out our other reviews.

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