Is Schwinn Suburban Worth Buying?[Schwinn Suburban Comfort Hybrid Bike Review]

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Schwinn Suburban Comfort Hybrid Bike
Schwinn Comfort Bike :Schwinn Suburban Hybrid

Riders who are new to the sport or who ride regularly. With a few tweaks, it fits nicely to the needs of commuting.

For example, the tires are replaced with commuter tires, allowing you to ride for a long time without worrying about your journey’s comfort.

The Schwinn brand is another example of a mid-range bike company with various bike types that we can purchase.

The Schwinn Suburban Comfort is a high-end hybrid bike designed primarily for outings and commuting.

Who is it intended for? What is it that we like about it? What are the things we should look for when shopping? And so forth? So, with these questions in mind, let’s get started on our formal review.

Schwinn Suburban Specs

Available in both men’s and women’s style models, the Schwinn Suburban may be an excellent choice for your lover to buy together.

FrameAluminum, 16″, rigid, comfort
ForkAlloy/steel, suspension
ShiftersShimano, revoshift
RimsDouble-wall, aluminum
PedalsResin platform w/ reflector
StemAdjustable, alloy
HeadsetSteel, threaded
Wheels26 x 1.95 inches
Weight36 lbs
Package Size67″ x 24.5″ x 40″

What are the features of the Schwinn Suburban bike?

In the face of a wide range of bicycle options, it is essential to know its specific features while understanding its specifications.

Beautiful design

If the hybrid bike doesn’t have a beautiful design, it will have no buyability. Since it is available in various colors, I will explain it according to its different colors.

Schwinn men’s suburban bike 26-inch black

Schwinn men's suburban bike 26-inch black

The men’s model is vintage if you choose matte black. And the seat of this bike is soft, Schwinn men’s suburban bike 26 inch black for those who like black bikes.

Schwinn suburban bike 27.5 inch Silver

Schwinn suburban bike 27.5 inch Silver
Best Bikes For Men

Bikes with silver paint are uncommon, and this dark silver hue is one that many ladies enjoy.

Of course, if you look at the design, he is more sporty and has a substantially greater speed than the other styles, which is one of the model’s most customizable features.

Schwinn women’s suburban bike 26-inch black yellow

Schwinn women's suburban bike 26-inch black yellow
Bicycle Comfort Size : 26 inch bike

As evidenced by the reviews of our purchasers, this is one of the most popular styles for ladies. The yellow body is also the most visible.

On a field trip, it’s not simply the dress that stands out; it’s also the bike’s color that draws people’s attention.

Schwinn suburban comfort bike27.5Inch blue

Schwinn suburban comfort bike27.5Inch blue

The flowing ruby blue color gives the blue-obsessed them more possibilities. Outings aren’t just about driving down flat roads.

Perhaps there are some uneven cobblestone roads, in which case this 21-speed Schwinn suburban comfort bike blue is one of the better options.

Schwinn Suburban Stable and sturdy frame

There is more than one design, so can I pick the frame size of the Schwinn suburban bike? Is it the right size for my height?

The Schwinn suburban comfort bike, like many mid-range bikes, is built of a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy.

When compared to motorcycles in the same price range, it performs slightly better.

A robust frame also ensures the safety and comfort of the rider. There are also four different frame shapes to pick from, which I have listed separately at the top. However, you can select a frame size ranging from 16 to 18 inches.

This overcomes the great majority of the problem of being unable to choose your preferred bike style due to height restrictions.

Here is a table to help you determine the proper size bike for you when buying a bike based on your height.

Frame Size and Height Chart

Schwinn Suburban Shock absorbing effect highlighting the front suspension

Our current requirements for cycling comfort are gradually increasing, that a considerable number of bike manufacturers are now also adding suspension systems to many types of bikes.

The advantage of this is that it increases your comfort while riding and is smooth to pass when you encounter bumpy sections.

The downside is that the weight increases, which can add to your budget if you want a lightweight bike with a high level of riding comfort.

The Schwinn suburban sport comfort hybrid bike has front suspension with 70mm of suspension travel, identical to Schwinn’s existing mountain bikes. It’s frequently challenging to get to the bottom.

However, because this suspension lacks changeable buttons, you can add changes based on your budget if you are dissatisfied with its current rest.

Comfortable powertrain

Schwinn men’s suburban bike 26-inch black

Schwinn suburban women’s comfort bike yellow

These two styles belong to the classic models, so they focus on commuting and excursion functions. They have a speed number of 7 speeds, with only one tooth plate in the front and a 7-speed gear in the rear wheel.

Together they make up the power system of a 7-speed bike. The needs of commuting users more dominate the classic style. And the classic cover is also added at the pedals.

To prevent you from getting the chain lubricant on your clothes while riding, and if the lady wears a dress for excursions, then such a small design is also very thoughtful.

Schwinn men's suburban bike 26-inch black 7-speed bike

Schwinn suburban bike 26 inch Silver

Schwinn suburban comfort bike blue

These two models belong to the deluxe version, which has the function of a mountain bike and reaches 21 speeds in the speed number. Shimano accessories are used.

Smooth-shifting if you want to challenge mountain sports in your leisure time. Then the deluxe version of the Schwinn suburban bike can also be competent.

Schwinn suburban comfort bike blue 21 speeds

Safety braking system

The whole series adopts alloy linear tension brakes with a V-type front and rear. The braking effect is good, and you can brake quickly in the rain.

Front and rear alloy linear tension brakes provide safe and reliable stopping and speed control so that you can ride confidently in all conditions.

Lightweight rims and super grip tires

The double-layer alloy rims are also rugged to rust when in use. Tire sizes vary from 26 inches for the classic model to 27.5 inches for the deluxe model.

Adjustable handlebars and seat

In the face of different heights, we should also pay attention to the adjustable parts of the bike when buying.

The handlebars of the Schwinn suburban comfort bike are height-adjustable, but you have to use a unique tool.

There is a quick adjustment component under the seat. The Schwinn suburban comfort bike is a bike that can be ridden sitting up.

This also fits our needs very well, allowing us to navigate the city and appreciate the natural beauty. Of course, we also think it improves the safety of the ride.

Schwinn suburban bike handlebars
Schwinn suburban bike handlebars

Comfortable riding experience

Whether it’s a commute or a jaunt riding, it is an outstanding experience. One of the fundamental reasons is the way the Schwinn suburban comfort bike rides in a sitting position.

After that, it has smooth gear shifting, smooth-riding on roads with different gradients, and some adjustments it makes for comfort, for example, at the handlebars, with easy to grip pattern and soft and robust padding material.

Then there is the classic seat, which is more peaceful. It is conducive to excursions to more distant places.

Schwinn Suburban Hybrid Bike Pros and Cons


  • Stylish appearance
  • Quality components
  • Sit-to-stand riding style
  • Comfortable riding experience


  • Deluxe model seat is relatively hard
  • Installation needs to pay attention to the other installed parts of the firmness

Frequently Asked Questions About The Schwinn Suburban

  • What is the Schwinn suburban tire size?

There are two tire sizes: 26 inches for the classic model and 27.5 inches for the deluxe model.

  • What is the weight of the Schwinn suburban?

The bike is made of aluminum, so it is not heavy. the weight of the Suburban is 36 lbs.

  • What height is it suitable for people to ride?

58 inches – 74 inches height, for height, you mainly want to find the height of the bike you are used to, not necessarily according to the official recommended height.

  • What is the height of the Schwinn suburban frame?

There are three types of sizes to choose from, which are 16-Inch frame, 17.5-Inch frame, 18-Inch frame.

  • What is the size of the Schwinn Suburban tires?

26″ x 1.95″ comfort tires.

  • What is the load range or capacity?

After reviewing its owner’s manual there is no mention of a relevant weight limit. But after checking many reviews, there are users who can ride easily with 290 lbs.


All in all, the Schwinn Suburb hybrid bike has so much to offer that it will appeal to many riders looking to purchase a hybrid bike. Of course, it is also best for outing rides and commuting. Others are for parents to give as gifts to their children.

There are also men’s and women’s models in the same series, so it’s great for couples to choose together.

Of course, it still can not be separated from its most basic function, to provide a comfortable and safe ride. Let you or your family enjoy the process of healthy riding.

If you still like this bike, then you can click to check the price.

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