Is Schwinn Mesa A Good Bike? [Schwinn Mesa Mountain Bike Review]

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What? You also want to buy Schwinn Mesa? In the amazement of my cyclists, I seemed to see the incredible.

But as a serious mountain bike evaluation blogger, we must know the characteristics of buying the mountain bike, whether the budget is right for us, as well as the comparison of advantages and disadvantages and whether it is suitable for me before buying.

Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike

First of all, the Mesa is a model that Schwinn has been famous for a long time, and the corresponding model came out as early as more than a decade ago.

If the brand of mountain bikes is divided into novice likes, advanced riders like, and professional riders love.

Then Schwinn is more likely to be the brand that novice riders like. It is famous for its sturdiness and cheapness.

The second is the budget consideration, no matter what kind of mountain bike you buy, if it is suitable for your own model, the price is too high will be unacceptable.

What kind of people is Schwinn Mesa suitable for?

Height requirement

The Schwinn Mesa features what most people consider to pass for frame height, divided into: small, medium, large and extra large frames. It can accommodate men and women who are 5’2″-5’6″ tall.

This height requirement covers 80% of the population and gives us more choices when choosing.

Men and women are in common use

In fact, there are three types of Schwinn Mesa: Mesa 1, Mesa 2, Mesa 3 (attached picture below) in which Mesa 3 Step-Thru is suitable for women and the other two are suitable for men.

Of course, you have to decide according to your own preferences, and women don’t necessarily have to choose Mesa 3. What if you like Mesa 2.

Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike
Men and women are in common use,Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike
Schwinn Mesa Sport

A novice or advanced rider.

The point for beginners is not only the budget, but also the choice of accessories.

The prices of some components are on the high side, of course, the price is higher, the more expensive components are more durable, and the feeling of cycling will be better.

On the other hand, the advanced rider is a part of the group of people who want to improve their cycling level from the novice, and this piece is also an accessory, which is equivalent to whether the accessories I want can improve my level when choosing a car.

People who cherish mountain bikes

There are some components that are less reliable than the expensive professional mountain bike, Schwinn Mesa adult mountain bike, which we will mention in the shortcomings below.

After cycling for a period of time, you need to do some simple maintenance, which can increase the service life of the mountain bike.

Of course, no one wants it to leave you soon and be put in the warehouse to eat ash.

Functions and characteristics of Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike

We have also listed many features and features of Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bicycle. If there are any deficiencies, you can add them in the comments section.

As we all know, the most basic function of mountain bike is whether the frame is strong, efficient transmission system, and the reliability of components. (there are also many materials for the frame, and there are no details here, and here are articles on how to choose and buy mountain bikes.).

A rugged frame

For the vast majority of mountain bikes, their frames from their own companies, other parts are more or less buy from companies that specialize in parts, and then assembly and sale in the market.

The same is true of Schwinn Mesa Adult mountain biking. The whole car adopts all-aluminum alloy frame, which is sturdy and durable and light in weight.

It is heavier than carbon fiber frames, but the cost is much lower, and all material frames have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Schwinn Mesa at this price point is also in line with novice riders by using aluminum, which is commonly for use in mountain bikes.

Also worth mentioning is the Schwinn Mesa 3 Step-Thru, which has a downward curved top tube that lowers the standover height, making it easier for female riders. However, one thing I have to say about this women’s version is that it only comes in one black paint color. In my opinion, it would be more popular if some colors were added.

Also, several of the bikes in the Schwinn Mesa line are designed with external cable routing, which some might think would create a tube mess. Although I had this concern at first, in actual riding, the cable routing is firmly anchored to the tube, whether on bumpy hills or uneven country trails.

Except for the women’s version of the Schwinn Mesa 3 Step-Thru, all three other Schwinn Mesa models have two water bottle mounting holes. This allows you to take a functional drink with you at all times to replenish your energy for a better riding challenge.

Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike,A rugged frame

21-speed transmission system to achieve accurate transmission

The Schwinn Mesa equips with a 21-speed Shimano shifter.

Due to its exquisite workmanship and fine gearing, the shifting system is widely available in the middle and high-end models in the market.

In our opinion, a good transmission system can get a better cycling experience under harsh conditions.

Especially on the uphill road in the mountains, the Tourney transmission system allows us to change gears without missing a beat.

The 21-speed transmission system consists of a 3-speed crankshaft and a 7-speed freewheel.

21-speed transmission system-Schwinn Mesa

27.5 “all-terrain tire

27.5 “tires are tire sizes between 26” and 29 “. Users who like to ride bicycles with large tires may not necessarily like this mountain bike.

The Schwinn Mesa uses all-terrain tires to provide traction and stability when off-road and is a guarantee of stable riding on rough roads. And there is an inner tube, if the outer tire is accidentally damages, you can also add an extra layer of protection to make it safer.

And the tire width is also wider, which is very suitable for mountains or rough roads. The air pressure of the tire should not be too sufficient, and the suitable tire pressure also plays a partial role in shock absorption, especially for hard-tailed bicycles such as Schwinn Mesa.

Aluminum alloy front suspension

The Schwinn Mesa gets a Zoom HL565 aluminum shock fork with up to 60mm of travel, making it ideal for dirt and gravel roads. The Schwinn is also often used on hardtail mountain bikes.

Aluminum alloy front suspension

Optional brake

Among the three styles of Schwinn Mesa, Mesa 1 and Mesa 2 all use disc brake, while Mesa 3 is V-type Linear Pull brake. The price of disc brake will be higher, the brake disc is not easy to wear, but the replacement price is expensive.

The principle of V-braking is that the brake pads act directly on the rim, the effect is more accurate, and the braking force is relatively small.

These two braking methods have advantages and disadvantages, of course, we still suggest to choose disc brake, in practical use, disc brake is not easy to damage, can spend less maintenance cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of Schwinn Mesa Mountain Bike


  • Easy to assemble

The large parts are assembled in advance, and only the relatively simple parts need to be installed manually, and it is relatively simple.

  • Affordable and easy to upgrade

You can not only choose the good parts in place at once, but also choose the simplified version when the budget is insufficient, and then upgrade the good parts slowly.

  • All-aluminum body

The body and rims are made of durable aluminum alloy and are light in weight. And can adapt to rough road riding. Aluminum suspension, large travel, not easy to hit the bottom. And can effectively reduce cycling fatigue when riding.

  • Whole terrain

The whole terrain can ride, snow, beach, mountain can ride smoothly.


  • Plastic pedal

It is easy to be damaged when used for a long time. If the weight is heavy, it is recommended to replace it.

  • Hard saddle

Of course, this is also a problem for many riders. After buying a new mountain bike, they will find a way to replace a soft saddle.

 mountain bike saddle

Other versions of Schwinn Mesa

There are four versions of the Schwinn Mesa mountain bike, namely Schwinn Mesa 1, Schwinn Mesa 2, Schwinn Mesa 3, and Schwinn Mesa 3 Step-Thru.

The Schwinn Mesa 3 Step-Thru has a step-through frame, which is more suitable for women. Of course, if you want to get on and off easier, why not go with the Schwinn Mesa 3 Step-Thru?

In addition, the Mesa 1 uses hydraulic disc brakes. It is more sensitive in braking, but with it comes a slightly more expensive price. Of course, if you want more sensitive braking and do not consider the budget, you can try it all.

The Mesa 2, on the other hand, has mechanical disc brakes. Its braking power isn’t weak either and the lower maintenance cost is one of the reasons why it’s a popular bike. If you’re a newbie and do not have that much of a budget, this Mesa 2 would be the first mountain bike to get you started.

To be honest, Mesa 3 may not be as outstanding in this series version, but it stands out with its beautiful red paint and relatively low price.

In addition, on my actual rides, this Mesa 3 mountain-tuned shock fork performed as I expected through muddy trails and gravel roads. If you want to get a better riding experience, you can upgrade it according to your needs.

All in all, the four versions of the Schwinn Mesa are mountain bikes worth trying, both in terms of road performance and price.

Schwinn Mesa Series Specs

Bike Schwinn Mesa 1 Schwinn Mesa 2 Schwinn Mesa 3 
Frame 6061 aluminum, 27.5″ mountain tuned geometry, Epicenter seat stays, 10 mm x 135 mm dropout, replaceable hanger, 1 1/8 in headtube 6061 aluminum, 27.5″ mountain tuned geometry, Epicenter seat stays, 10 mm x 135 mm dropout, replaceable hanger, 1 1/8 in headtube 6061 aluminum, 26″ / 27.5″ mountain tuned geometry, Epicenter seat stays, 10 mm x 135 mm dropout, replaceable hanger, 1 1/8 in headtube 
Fork SR Suntour XCT30 DS, 27.5″, steel steerer, 9 mm x 100 mm QR, 80 mm travel Zoom HL565, 27.5″, steel steerer, 9 mm x 100 mm QR, 80 mm travel Zoom HL565, 26″/27.5″, steel steerer, 9mm x 100mm QR, 80mm travel
Crank Shimano FC-TY701, 42/34/24T Schwinn aluminum mountain, 42/34/24T Schwinn aluminum mountain, 42/34/24T 
Shifters Shimano EF500 EZ-FIRE, 24-speed Shimano EF41 EZ-FIRE, 21-speed Shimano EF41 EZ-FIRE, 21-speed 
Front Derailleur Shimano FD-TY700, 31.8 mm clamp Front Derailleur Shimano Tourney, 31.8 mm clamp 
Rear Derailleur Shimano Acera RD-M360 Shimano FD-TY500, 31.8 mm clamp Shimano Tourney RD-TY300 
Rims Alex DC26, aluminum, double wall, 32H Shimano RD-TY500 Alex DC26, aluminum, double wall, 32H 
Tires Schwinn mountain, 27.5 in x 2.25 in, wire bead 14G, stainless steel Schwinn mountain, 26 in / 27.5 in x 2.1 in, wire bead 
Brakes Shimano BR-MT200, hydraulic disc, aluminum, 160 mm rotor Schwinn mountain, nylon Radius V993, linear pull, aluminum 
Handlebar Schwinn, aluminum, 700 mm width, 25 mm rise, 31.8 mm clamp Radius BR-CX7, mechanical disc, aluminum, 160 mm rotor Schwinn, steel, 20 mm rise, 25.4 mm clamp 
Seat Post Aluminum, 300 mm, 15 mm offset, 27.2 mm Aluminum, 300 mm, 15 mm offset, 27.2 mm Aluminum, 300 mm, 15 mm offset, 27.2 mm 
Saddle Schwinn mountain, steel rails Schwinn mountain, steel rails Schwinn mountain, steel rails 
Grips Schwinn mountain Kraton Schwinn mountain Kraton Schwinn mountain Kraton 
Click View Click View Click View Click View 
  • Has the bike been assembled yet?

Dear, Hello, the bike delivery, the main body of the frame has assemble. Some small parts need to make your own assembly or adjustment.

  • How much weight of a person can this bike handle in pounds? 300 lbs?

Can bear 120KG, about 270 pounds.

  • Is there a difference between the mens small frame and mens medium frame? Both say the same rider heigh for 50002 “to 5606” so is the small/ medium same?

You don’t have to worry about this.
You have a height above 175, you can choose the middle frame.
Both the seat and the handlebar can be adjusted freely.


Schwinn Mesa Mountain Bike is an affordable, easy to upgrade, comfortable hard-tailed mountain bike. With its excellent performance and strong comfort, it has attracted many users like me who need to improve their cycling skills. Buy it for absolute value for money.


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