Is Schwinn 29″ Men’s Boundary Worth Buying?[Schwinn 29″ Men’s Boundary Mountain Bike Review]

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My good friend John has recently been obsessed with outdoor sports, and he has recently set his sights on a 29 “Men’s Schwinn Boundary Mountain Bike, of course, because he has a budget of less than $300 and high comments on the car online.

Because of his inexperience in buying mountain bikes, he came to me, and I decided to help him and friends who want to buy this mountain bike to analyze the 29″ Men’s Schwinn Boundary Mountain Bike.

Before we buy a mountain bike, we all have to ask whether we like it or not, whether it suits us or not, and what its features are worth my spending so much money on it.

So in the following, we will evaluate the main functions, component specifications, various road performance and compare similar products of Schwinn Boundary.

Product specification

Manufacturer Part NumberS5730WMDS
ManufacturerPacific Cycle
Schwinn Boundary Mountain Bike Review
Schwinn Boundary Mountain Bike

Product characteristics


Schwinn Boundary is a classic hard-tailed mountain bike, and the frame shape is also a commonly used geometric shape. The all-aluminum body is lighter, but the strength is not reduced.

Different from our understanding, after technical treatment, the aluminum body can have some characteristics that the steel frame does not have without reducing the hardness.

For example, the frame’s weight is generally more than 30% lighter than the steel frame. This reduces the difficulty caused by unnecessary body weight when john rides. And the quality of Schwinn mountain bikes has always been praised in the industry, especially in cheap mountain bikes.

Of course, they also have high-end models. My friend john can only be prohibitive to the price of their high-end models. When he saves enough money, he should also consider it!

Originally, I thought that the Schwinn boundary did not have a kettle rack, which was disadvantageous to us in mountain sports.

But looking around the whole frame, two protruding installation points of the kettle rack were found at the inclined bar of the frame, and the original kettle rack was not found in the parts delivered with the car.

If necessary, you can only buy one for installation.

Schwinn Boundary
Schwinn Boundary Bike

Front fork

Its front fork is not of other brands and is a spring front fork of Schwinn’s own brand. It has a larger distance than the average mountain bike, reaching an astonishing 80mm, and the diameter of the shock fork is also 32mm.

Many mountain bikes with more than $500 can’t achieve this quality. In non-extreme cases, the shock fork of the Schwinn boundary is difficult to hit bottom.

Driving on rough roads can absorb the impact of more bumpy roads and bring more maneuverability. It meets the needs of john, who love mountain sports and is an entry-level rider.

Schwinn Mountain Bike 29

Power system

Power transmission system, not as high-speed as we think, but Pro Rush 1×7 wide-range transmission system, 7-speed card rear flywheel tooth range: 14-38 teeth. The trigger shift lever is a more effective way to convey the shift orders you give to your bike while riding.

We have also seen this kind of gear configuration in high-end models with more than $5000. When riding in the mountains, the front flywheel is rarely adjusted.

After all, many people can’t change their riding habits. The Schwinn boundary sprocket is 30T, which belongs to the number of intermediate teeth and is also the range of sprockets commonly used by more than 90% of riders.

At this point, it also meets the requirements of entry-level drivers and reduces complexity to simplicity.

Corresponding adjustments have been made on the rear flywheel and the transmission chain, and the chain is wider and stronger, and more durable.

Brake system

The disc brake is used before and after the Schwinn Boundary, and I am surprised at the braking effect.

In the slippery road, the mechanical disc brake can be accurately stopped by single-finger operation, and there is no uncomfortable sound. And it’s easy to fine-tune, and I like tighter brakes (that is, it’s easier to start brakes).

Rugged roads need to be stopped faster to ensure safe riding.

The brake line is also in accordance with the standard installation method, not using a full package, taking a section of the package.

After riding for a period of time, the friction between the brake line and the outer layer of the package increases, and the brake’s sensitivity can be correspondingly improved by applying lubricating oil.

Brake system Schwinn Boundary  Mountain Bike

Appearance and geometry

Frosted black and green metal sheets create an accurate frame appearance. The geometry is similar to that of a standard mountain bike.

But there is still a slight adjustment in the nuances. The new version of the Schwinn boundary is thickened at the shock fork, making the crown closer, stronger, and more beautiful at the same time.

The handlebar widening is more suitable for grasping, and the irregular ellipse is also used at the joint, which makes the handlebar not easy to shake.

The conical head tube and 70mm alloy rod form a 70 °angle suitable for mountain movement. Seats also have seats that can be adjusted at any time, suitable for riders with a height of 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 2 inches.

In terms of the suitable height for riding, it is also based on the ratio of the rider’s torso to legs, so it is recommended that the height is also in general.

Schwinn Boundary  Mountain Bike Review
Schwinn Boundary Mountain Bike Review

Maintenance and warranty

Schwinn has good confidence in the quality of their products. And promise to have a lifetime warranty for solid parts such as frame and shock fork to solve the problem that some users are worried about poor quality.

Maintenance costs are also meager, with some users reporting that riding more than 3000 miles requires only annual maintenance (gear adjustment) and a few new tires.

Advantages and disadvantages of Schwinn Boundary


  • A good price.
  • A sturdy and durable frame.
  • Front and rear disc brake.
  • Multi-section tire with strong grip.
  • The most popular 1 × 7 transmission system nowadays.


  • No self-made kettle rack.
  • Plastic pedal.

What is the weight of the Schwinn Boundary?

Schwinn Boundary weight varies depending on the size and specific model. The weight can range from around 35 pounds to 45 pounds.


This is a high-quality bike for casual riders. Ideal for cross-country roads or just cruising in the city. It has a similar configuration to the well-known Schwinn taff, but the price seems to be advantageous.

The high-travel suspension also brings a different mountain cycling experience from other mountain bikes. Whether it is commuting to and from work or crossing rough roads, it has been highly valued.

Schwinn Boundary products’ quality and beauty also attract many parents to buy them as gifts for their children.

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