Is Schwinn Knowles Men’s a good bike? [Schwinn Knowles Men’s Full-Suspension Bike Review]

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Because of the popularity of mountain biking, some riders ride XC mountain bikes. I began riding more interesting full-suspension soft tail mountain bikes.

Of course, soft tail mountain bikes necessitate a bit more riding skill on the part of the rider. If you’re looking for a good soft tail mountain bike on a tight budget, the Schwinn Knowles men’s mountain bike is worth a look.

Schwinn Knowles mountain bike
Schwinn Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Welcome to the Best Bike Select blog. Helping you choose the better bike for you. This is a comprehensive review of the Schwinn Knowles mountain bike.

which are the main features of the Schwinn Knowles, what are the pros and cons of the Schwinn Knowles men’s mountain bike, and what are the specifications of the Schwinn Knowles 29 inch mountain bike? How does the Schwinn Knowles 29 inch mountain bike compare to other mountain bikes? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Schwinn Knowles men’s mountain bike compared to similar bikes? Let’s get started as time is running out.

Features of Schwinn Knowles mountain bike

Aluminum frame

Schwinn Knowles men's mountain bike
Beginner Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Knowles is a low-cost, low-cost bicycle with a lightweight aluminum frame. This material frame is second only to the carbon fiber frame in terms of strength.

And, in line with the beginner riding, the price is lower than many people’s heart price. And, as a commuter-oriented mountain bike with a relatively loose head tube angle, it’s ideal for riding in the woods.

Dual Suspension

Schwinn Knowles 29

The dual aluminum suspension absorbs the majority of the impact from the bumpy sections. Aluminum shock fork, light weight, 60mm travel, designed for trail riding but not ideal for gravel sections.

The rear spring suspension has unknown travel data, but similar products predict it to be only 50 mm. Its unique suspension fixings ensure that there is no body drift when riding in corners.

21-speed trigger shifter

Schwinn Knowles mountain bike 21 speeds 29 inch wheel

The 21-speed drivetrain is comprised of three front flywheels and seven gear sets. The use of multiple gears allows the rider to move more smoothly down the mountain.

On uphill sections, the use of multiple gears allows you to avoid pedaling too softly or too hardly. When compared to twist shifters, 21-speed trigger shifters are a little more upscale (and more expensive). It also provides a quick and efficient shifting experience.

Front disc brakes and rear linear pull brakes

Perhaps because pull-wire brakes on the front wheel are not particularly durable, the Schwinn Knowles mountain bike employs front disc brakes and rear linear pull brakes. It is a trade-off between price and performance. The braking effect is precise, long-lasting, and reasonably priced.

Soft Seat

Schwinn Knowles mountain bike

It still lacks some when compared to the gel seat, but it appears to be softer when compared to mountain bikes of the same price, so if you are planning a long ride, consider replacing the seat with a softer one. The seat post height can be adjusted at any time without the use of tools.

29er Tires

With 29″ * 2.25″ knobby mountain tires, this accessory is designed to be a good value for the money. But this tire is still superior when riding in woodlands. If you want to go for rough mountain riding with Schwinn Knowles, then this is a bit too much. All in all this is a tire design for woodland and trail or road riding.

Double Wall Alloy Rims

The sturdiness of a mountain bike is determined not only by the core component of the frame, but also by the properties of its rims. Alloy double-wall rims have always been a Schwinn strength, so the double-wall rims on the Schwinn Knowles mountain bike are strong enough to be difficult to damage on normal terrain unless you weigh more than 330 pounds.

Schwinn Knowles mountain bike Specs

Bicycle TypeMountain Bike
Frame materialAluminum
SuspensionDual suspension
Speed Number21-speed trigger shifters
BrakesFront disc brake and rear linear pull brake
Recommended UsersMale
Tire size29-inch
ManufacturerPacific Cycle
Part NumberS8214WMDS
Suitable heightRiders 64 to 74 inches
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)70.74 x 24.37 x 42.05 Inches
Load-bearing300 pounds

Schwinn Knowles mountain bike pros and cons


  • Aluminum frame
  • Full suspension reduces ground impact
  • 21-speed trigger shifters for quick and easy shifting
  • front disc brake and rear linear pull brake
  • 85% pre-assembly, easy to assemble


  • Plastic pedals
  • No assembly tools in the package
  • Commissioning tool takes some time to research

Related Questions

  • Is the Schwinn Knowles mountain bike suitable for commuter riding?

While road bikes are preferable for urban commuting, mountain bikes can also be used for urban commuting. On brick-laying roads, mountain bikes perform much better.

As a result, the Schwinn Knowles mountain bike is appropriate for both commuting and riding mountain bikes in suburban woodlands at will.

  • How tall is the Schwinn Knowles mountain bike for riders?

64-74 inches

  • What are the precautions when installing Schwinn Knowles?

After assembly, inspect the pre-assembled parts for security and adjust the wheelset and brakes. Because the process’s relative complexity causes some users who are not very hands-on to become concerned, if you are unable to do the assembly and tuning independently during the installation, you can take it to your local bike store for assembly.

  • What is the cost of schwinn bike prices?

Prices vary with the market.

  • Where can I find used bikes for sale?

There are several places on the internet where you can find used bikes: Craigslist and eBay are big sites, but there are also enthusiast communities like Pinkbike’s BuySell forum, Bicycle Blue Book, GearTrade, etc.

Other models available

BicycleFrame materialWheel sizeSpeed NumberPrice
Mongoose Ardor mountain bikeAluminum27.5-inch7Click View
Schwinn SidewinderSteel26-Inch21Click View
Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain BikeAluminum24-29-Inch7-21Click View
Mongoose Status 2.2Aluminum26-Inch21Click View


Mongoose Ardor mountain bike VS Schwinn Knowles mountain bike

Mongoose Ardor mountain bike

If you prefer off-road mountain biking, this trail-focused Mongoose Ardor mountain bike is for you. The 27.5″ tires make it easier to pedal on the mountain, but it’s not as fast on the flat as the Schwinn Knowles 29″ mountain bike.

However, it outperforms the Schwinn knowle on the trail. A hardtail mountain bike with a 1X7 speed configuration is easier to master riding skills. The overall body is strong and durable, with disc brakes front and rear for added safety while riding on the mountain.

The budget needed is comparable to that of the Schwinn Knowles. It is one of the most viable options to consider.

Schwinn Sidewinder VS Schwinn Knowles mountain bike

Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike Review
Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike Review

The body material and tire size are the primary differences between these mountain bikes. If you commute 90 percent of the time, the Schwinn Sidewinder and Schwinn Knowles are nearly identical.

However, if you prefer an easy-to-grasp hardtail mountain bike, the Schwinn Sidewinde is a good option. For more technical woodland riding, the Schwinn Knowles has more shock absorption.

So the decision between these two bikes comes down to whether you prefer a hardtail mountain bike or a softtail mountain bike.

Learn more: Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike Review-Is It Worth Buying?

Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike VS Schwinn Knowles mountain bike

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike
Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike, which is suitable for various combinations, overcomes the limitations of fixed configurations such as the Schwinn Knowles, allowing you to choose the configuration you prefer, much like building blocks.

If you have a lady in your family who enjoys riding mountain bikes, the Schwinn High Timber is a lady-framed mountain bike model to consider. If you enjoy the added challenge that comes with mountain biking, the Schwinn Knowles mountain bike is a good option.

Learn more: Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review

Mongoose Status 2.2 VS Schwinn Knowles mountain bike

Mongoose Status 2.2
Mongoose Status 2.2

Both are full-suspension mountain bikes, but the frame construction differs. The Mongoose Status 2.2 is built with a rear shock fork that absorbs bumps from the rear wheel and performs better on gravel sections.

If you don’t like the monotonous black color, consider the Mongoose Status 2.2, which comes in up to three different colors. However, the Schwinn Knowles mountain bike is one of the best soft-tail mountain bikes on the market.

In conclusion

The Schwinn Knowles mountain bike can be ridden in the woodlands or on sparsely populated trails, with good damping and 21 different speeds to release more stress.

Of course you may prefer an easier-to-grasp hardtail mountain bike, and our alternative alternatives are also models to consider. All in all this is a great value for money, affordable soft tail mountain bike that is worth a try.

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