Is Mongoose Kong Worth Buying? – [Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review]

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What are the characteristics and benefits of the mongoose kong boys mountain bike, as well as any recommendations for related products?

These are the questions that parents who wish to acquire kids’ bikes for their children must consider.

This is a thorough evaluation of the Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike, addressing most of the concerns that parents have when purchasing this bike.

Features of mongoose kong boy’s fat tire bike 20

Fat Tire

mongoose kong boys mountain bike
Mongoose Kong Tire

Unlike traditional fat tires, the Mongoose Kong has wider tires at 4.25 inches. The extra-large all-terrain tires make this mountain bike more suitable for complex terrain.

Seven-speed Shimano rear derailleur chainstays

mongoose kong boys mountain bike

Mountain riding necessitates a higher gear count, but for kids, the 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur chainstay is plenty to improve their riding skills on the Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike.

When paired with fat tires, the climbing power is evident, and the twist shifter allows for smooth and easy gear changes while riding.

Adjustable handlebars and seat height

mongoose kong boy's fat tire bike 20
Kids Fat Bike

As children grow, the bike needs to adapt to their height, so the Mongoose Kong has handlebar height and seat height. The handlebars are threadless headsets, which can be freely adjusted in height.

Because it is a professional concept, if you don’t understand, you can check the following link.

Front and rear disc brakes

mongoose kong boy's fat tire bike 20

This is something that I feel is mentioned in many children’s bicycle purchase guides. Disc brakes are simple to maintain and provide a good braking effect.

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike Specs

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H48.75 x 24.25 x 10 inches
Package Weight20.62 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH58 x 24 x 33 inches
Item Weight15 Kilograms
Brand NameMongoose
Warranty Description‎Limited Lifetime Warranty
Model NameKong
Suggested UsersUnisex-teen
Number of Items1
ManufacturerPacific Cycle, Inc.
Part NumberR1760WM
Included ComponentsMongoose Kong Fat Tire Bike
Size20-Inch Wheels
Sport TypeCycling, Outdoor Lifestyle

User Report

Mongoose’s punching bag is fat-tire bikes optimized for snow and sand riding, and the Mongoose Kong takes this advantage even further with a solid steel frame structure that allows many overweight kids to ride it more cheerfully.

Although the price is low, its connected parts, such as Shimano’s 7-speed rear derailleur chainstay, are well-known names, and mountain riding becomes easier.

Mongoose Kon
Mongoose Fat Tire Mountain Bike

More ideal for older children riding, height between 48 and 60 inches, of course, this data is the recommended data, but in the relevant remarks, I also noticed youngsters with a height of only 44 inches riding. However, we do not endorse it.

Such a super fat tire bike can accompany the child for years and is a value-for-money children’s bike.


  • 4.25-inch fat tires
  • Steel model
  • Adjustable height handlebars and seat
  • Seven-speed Shimano rear derailleur chainstay
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Heavy weight

Product Comparison

BicyclesFrame materialWheel sizePowertrainPrice
Mongoose Argus MX Kids Fat Tire Mountain BikeSteel16 InchesSingle-speedClick to view
Hiland Kids Fat Tire BikeSteel20 InchShimano 7-SpeedClick to view
Elecony 20 Inch Fat Tire Bike High-Carbon Steel20 InchShimano 7-SpeedClick to view


Mongoose Kong VS Mongoose Argus MX Kids Fat Tire Mountain Bike

 Mongoose Argus MX Kids Fat Tire Mountain Bike
Mongoose Argus MX Kids Fat Tire Mountain Bike

With 16-inch wheels and a single-speed drivetrain, the Mongoose Argus MX is ideal for smaller children aged 3 to 5 and standing 38 to 48 inches tall.

And it’s designed for youngsters this age, with wheels that have 3-inch wide all-terrain tires.

The Mongoose Kong is also ideal for larger children ranging in height from 48 to 60 inches, and the tires are broader, measuring 4.25 inches.

So, in these two comparisons, the same Mongoose but corresponding to the child’s age is not the same; younger children are fit for Mongoose Argus MX Kids Fat Tire Mountain Bike, while older children can ride Mongoose Kong.

Mongoose Kong VS Hiland 20 Inch Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The Hiland 20 Inch Fat Tire Mountain Bike has more color options than the Mongoose Kong. The basic setup is the same, with a steel frame and a Shimano 7-speed transmission. The width of the tires, however, is slightly less than that of the Mongoose Kong.

Hiland 20 Inch Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The Hiland 20 Inch Fat Tire Mountain Bike has a 4-inch tire width. Overall, the comparison between these two models is comparable.

When it comes to affordability, the Hiland 20 Inch Fat Tire Mountain Bike appears to be a better buy, but when it comes to riding comfort, the Mongoose Kong comes out on top.

Mongoose Kong VS Elecony 20 Inch Fat Tire Bike

Elecony 20 Inch Fat Tire Bike

Elecony 20 Inch Fat Tire Bike is not as well-known as Mongoose in terms of name, but in terms of quality, there are not many references, but given that the producers are concentrated, this is not a major concern.

The difference between the two is the width of the tires, with the Mongoose Kong being somewhat broader.

Elecony 20 Inch Fat Tire Bike is available in three different colors. There is also no brand premium on the pricing, making it an excellent value.

So compared to the complicated after-sales issues, we still recommend buying a bike from a well-known brand.

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User Concerns

  • What is the weight limit of Mongoose Kong?

There isn’t a lot of information available about its weight limit. According to the after-sales personnel, it has not been tested with more than 300 pounds, thus we believe it is safe to ride up to 300 pounds.

However, if you are overweight, you should replace the pedals with stronger ones.

  • Does it have a bracket?

Yes, it has a bracket.

  • What is the measurement from the ground to the lowest seat setting?

The seat in its lowest setting is about 24″ off the ground.

  • Can girls ride the Mongoose Kong?

Yes, both boys and girls can ride it. Some people give it as a gift to their granddaughters.

  • Are fat tire bikes good for kids?

Fat tire bikes have larger tires than regular bicycles and this can help with stability when riding on bumps or gravel.


This mountain bike is ideal for taller children who want to get some exercise while honing their riding skills. Unlike most single-speed kids’ bikes, the Mongoose Kong has more gears and bigger all-terrain knobby tires to effortlessly conquer any off-road routes.

If you’re concerned about your children growing too big to ride, the handlebars and seat height can be correctly adjusted. A high-quality children’s bike that is sturdy and long-lasting enough to ride on the beach or in the snow. Can be presented to a child who wants a mountain bike.


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