Is The ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike A Good Bike? [ecotric electric bike review]

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Nowadays, it can be mentioned that many stylish people must have transport, because of its increased playability, low price, and the coolness of riding in the joint, which can draw more turnovers.

Both can ride, but they can also be electrically driven in two ways, so they are one of the recommended models whether you want to exercise or go to your destination quickly.

The model of this REVIEW is the ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike. When the blogger evaluated it, it had 135 ratings and a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

What are its specific advantages, and is it worth buying or not? Is it suitable for us to ride?

ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike’s comprehensive Review

Compact appearance, stylish and cool style

ECOTRIC Electric Bike
Ecotric Electric Bike 500w

ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike has 3 colors to choose from Black & Blue, White & Black, White & Blue. these 3 colors are the most basic classic colors. It is a folding e-bike that can be ridden by both men and women.

Check out the Ecotric 20-inch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike to assist you. This superb bike provides the ideal balance of design and quality at an affordable price.

Also, if you’re searching for an inexpensive electric bike, see our page on electric bikes under $1000.

Easy to fold, easy to carry

ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike Portable and Folding

The ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike boasts a foldable top tube, handlebar grips, and even pedals for simple travel.

This was also revealed in a slew of folding bike Q&As. Some folding ebikes do not have the means to fold the pedals, but the ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike does. The folding dimensions are 39.3×16.5×27.6 inches.


 ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike Battery

The 36V/12Ah LiPo battery has a range of 19 to 21 miles and is of the mid-range variety. The charging time is from 5-8 hours.

The battery is located at the rear of the seat for easy removal, so if charging is not convenient, you may remove the battery and charge it for ease of use. A battery lock and a power lock are also included.

Of course, there are some fast charging chargers on the market, if you need them, you can tell me in the comments section, I will prepare a review for everyone suitable for fast chargers.


ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike Motor

The 500W brushless motor on the ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike provides a more powerful driving force during the driving operation.

During the driving process, the engine can be very quiet, with no noise and other conditions. It has a top speed of 20 miles per hour (32 kilometers per hour). The commute is substantially shorter and less difficult.

Tip: A top speed of 20 miles per hour is permissible across the United States, and no driver’s license is required.

7-Speed Gear

ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike -SHIMANO 7 Speed Derailleu

This folding e-bike has Sinamo 7-speed gears to handle tougher terrain. A totally electric situation does not necessitate much thought about gear count. The 7-speed gears are useful for conquering greater terrain when biking or riding with the assistance of an electric motor.

Fat Tires

ECOTRIC 20" Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle

The 20″ X 4.0″ fat tires are suitable for all-terrain and have very good anti-slip features. It can be ridden in sand or snow. It also provides a higher grip under the muddy roads.

Front and rear disc brakes

This form of brake is used on almost all folding electric bikes under $1,000, and it is the preferred style of brake for many cyclists due to its short braking stroke and evident braking impact. It may also provide the function of brake cut-off while riding to ensure the safety of emergency braking while riding.


The ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike boasts an aluminum frame for durability and weighs only 51.15 pounds, which appears heavier when compared to a standard folding bike due to the addition of the motor and battery. A well-maintained e-bike is a worthwhile purchase that will last you a long time.

Easy to assemble

When it comes to assembly, this is what most people are concerned with. According to the assembly instruction video provided by the seller, this electric bike is not difficult to assemble and can be completed in 30 minutes.

ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike Specs

MODEL SIZE1780*620*1120mm
MOTORRear Hub 36V 500W
DISPLAYEcotric Smart LED
SENSORSpeed Sensor
BATTERY LIFE400-600 Cycles
FUNCTIONSPedal Assist On-Demand Throttle
FRONT BRAKEMechanical Disc 160mm Rotor
REAR BRAKEMechanical Disc 160mm Rotor
FRAMEAluminum Alloy
TIRES20×4.0′ Fat Tires
FENDERSIncluded, Front And Rear
BRAKE SYSTEMLeft Brake For Rear/Right Brake For Front

List in the package

  • UL Certified-Ecotric Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike(X1)
  • Lithium-Ion Battery(X1)
  • Battery Charger(X1)
  • Kit Box(1 x)X
  • Pedals(2 x)
  • Saddle(1 x)
  • Display(1 x)
  • Keys(2 x)
  • Tool Kit(1 x)
  • Reflectors(2 x)
  • Owner’s User Manual(1 x)

What do we like?

  • Aluminum frame
  • Powerful 500W motor
  • 20×4.0′ Fat Tires
  • Pure electric range 19-21 miles, pedal mode 33-36 miles
  • Easy to assemble
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Easy to fold

User Reports

The ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike is a mid-priced, tough, foldable electric mountain bike appropriate for both men and women.

With three riding modes, many electric bike enthusiasts must evaluate the benefits of a foldable e-bike.

Most people are still accustomed to pure electric riding, but as long-term riders, more can be utilized to aid in riding, taking the type of riding fun can also be faster. The seat is relatively soft and allows for a comfortable ride.

ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike

The overall frame of the ECOTRIC Foldaway Ebike is light. There is also the issue that it is not ideal for tall individuals to ride because it is difficult to stretch out. Overall, it’s a smart investment.

Product Comparison

BicyclesFrame materialWheel sizeMotor & BatteryPrice
Heybike Mars Electric Bike Foldable 20″ x 4.0 Fat Tire Electric BicycleAluminum20” X4”500W
48V 12.5AH
Click View
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 PLUSAluminum16350W
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Electric BikeAluminum14250W
Click View
G-Force Electric Bike T41Aluminum20”350W
48V 10.4A
Click to view
Ancheer 20-inch folding electric bikeAluminum20”350W
48V 10AH
Click to view

Related Comparisons

The ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike is a very good choice when choosing a folding e-bike. We have made some simple comparisons here to help when choosing a folding e-bike.

Heybike Mars VS ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike

The specifications of these two folding electric bikes are fairly similar. Both include a 500W brushless motor and a 7-speed Shimano transmission.

The battery parameters change slightly, with the ECOTRIC Foldaway Ebike being 36V and the Heybike Mars being 48V, but there isn’t much of a difference between the two, other than the speed of a start-up. It will not be obvious when used as a commuter.

Heybike Mars Electric Bike
Heybike Mars Electric Bike

The Heybike Mars has a shock-absorbing fork and a dual shock-absorbing seat, which makes it more pleasant to ride in mountainous or rocky terrain, but it is also heavier overall.

If you live in a location with moderately challenging terrain, the Heybike Mars is an excellent option. However, if you live in the city, the ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike is ideal for you.

ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike VS Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 PLUS

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 PLUS
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 PLUS

Swagtron will rank higher in terms of brand recognition. The motor power of the swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 is 350W, which is inferior to the ECOTRIC 500W, however, this is not the primary focus of fat tires.

But, unlike the ECOTRIC 500W, its key feature is that it is ideal for teens to ride, and its design is more vividly colored, which is more in line with teenagers’ preferences.

The height range is 4’1″-5’1″. The ECOTRIC 500W, on the other hand, can accommodate taller riders.

Learn more: Swagtron Eb7 Plus Review

Ancheer 20 inch folding electric bike VS ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike

Ancheer 20 inch folding electric bike is excellent for mountain riding in rough terrain since it has a shock front fork that can absorb road bumps.

However, it lacks the power of the ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike. The Ancheer 20-inch foldable electric bike has a longer riding distance.

This is why, while deciding on power, the larger the better is not always the best option; instead, consider the terrain around you and make your decision.

ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike’s fat tires can adapt to more terrain, such as sand, snow, mud. And the riding comfort level is also higher. If you are around such terrain more, you can choose ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike.

Learn more: ANCHEER 20 INCH Folding Electric Bike Review

Related Questions

  • Is the ECOTRIC 500W Foldaway Ebike suitable for women to ride? What height range is it suitable for people to ride?

This is a model that both men and women may ride. As a result, it is appropriate for women. I couldn’t find an answer in many places, however other individuals suggested it was ideal for 5’1″ cyclists. However, riders as tall as 6’1″ may find it simple to ride.

  • How long does the battery of ECOTRIC Foldaway Ebike last?

The number of cycles of the battery is 400-600 times, if used regularly is expected to be two years. And the battery is not covered by the warranty, it needs to be replaced when it is used to the point that it needs to be recharged frequently.


This folding e-bike, while taking into account the actual travel needs of commuters, is also very much optimized to adapt to the terrain.

Appearance and stylish enough. With such a small folding size and easier storage, you can also ride it on weekend trips to more places. A folding e-bike that young urbanites who like adventure and excursions need.

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