Is Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter Worth Buying? [Scoot-E-Bike Review]

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Is the Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter worth buying? What are its features and what is the user riding experience?

What are the pros and cons of Scoot-E-Bike? These questions are certainly the most important for users who want to buy this folding electric bike to know.

This is a comprehensive review of the Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter.

Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Bike
Loop Scoot E Bike

Is the Scoot-E-Bike worth buying?

For young people in the city, public transportation is very convenient, but the very first part of the trip seems to be a bit far away.

Having a foldable electric scooter bike would be a great solution to the problem of bridging the gap between modes of transportation. With a distance of no more than 30 miles, the Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter can reach its goal on a purely electric ride. There are two riding modes, a very good solution to the problem of short-distance travel.

So the Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter is perfect for young people who pursue fashion, or commute conveniently, and is a folding electric bike that is well worth buying.

Features of Scoot-E-Bike folding electric adult scooter

Stylish appearance, powerful function

Without any assembly can be, out of the box that features, but also save a lot of trouble. Folded size is only 4’*18″ height temporarily no data, is expected to be only 12″. Unfold it is also very convenient.

Folding Scooter Bike Video


The practical use of the 350W brushless motor is rarely harmed. Particularly for electric bicycles. The Scoot-E-motor Bike’s can still push it to 20mph despite having somewhat larger pneumatic tires than the scooter, only 610mm.

On pure electric power, the range is 30 miles. For an electric bike, this is a reasonable range.

Fast-charging batteries

Fast-charging technology is evolving at a rapid pace, particularly when applied to new items. The Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Bike charges in about 3 hours.

The battery not only provides power to the motor but also incorporates reverse charging technology.

It has a built-in cell phone charger, so you don’t have to worry about your phone capturing pictures when riding or playing in the countryside.

Not only does it have a built-in Bluetooth speaker, but the sound quality effect is not as excellent as with more professional equipment. It can also enjoy music in the outdoors, which is a much faster thing.

Front LED light

Riding a bicycle at night will bring certain effects, but the Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric bike has a front LED light, high brightness, and because the LED light is more energy-efficient and durable, can be used for a long time lighting.

Scoot-E-Bike folding electric adult scooter
Scoot E Bikes


If you think of it as a device, you can’t do without the LCD display, which shows the current speed, phone charging status, miles, temperature, and battery life. It enables you to keep track of all relevant information about the bike at all times.

Dual Disc Brakes

Although it has small tires, this folding electric bike is equipped with front and rear disc brakes for the safety of riding. The braking effect is good and it is safe to ride on rainy days.

Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Bikes Advantages and Disadvantages

Bike TypeFreeride Bike
Age Range (Description)Adult
Wheel Size610 Millimeters
Specific Uses For ProductRoad
Suspension TypeFixed Wheel
Special FeatureRechargable, Lightweight, Foldable, LCD-Display
Frame MaterialAluminum
Brake StyleDisc
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H51.5 x 22 x 14.5 inches
Package Weight28.58 Kilograms
Part NumberK452B
Suggested UsersUnisex

User Reports

If you want to make your commute to work a short trip, a proper folding electric bike will allow you to do so.

The Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter incorporates items that young people enjoy or frequently use into an electric bike, removing the bother of getting around and making the journey more fun.

The riding pace is moderate, and the soft leather seat allows you to ride for an extended period of time.

Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter
Folding Scooter Bike

Of course, when we looked into it, we discovered that it didn’t have a particularly huge sales history, but the reviews were all extremely positive.

We believe that this is a variety of pleasant riding that will allow you to enjoy riding a smart electric bike.

Perhaps, as a result of this evaluation, a huge number of young people will choose it as well, making it as well-known as the now popular electric bikes.

Is Electric Scooter Worth Buying

Deciding whether an electric scooter is worth having depends on several factors.

Firstly, an electric scooter can be a convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation for short distances, especially in urban areas. Additionally, it’s eco-friendly and produces less pollution than gas-powered vehicles.

However, electric scooters have some drawbacks. For instance, they typically have a limited range and may not be suitable for longer trips. Furthermore, safety concerns arise as they can be less stable and more prone to accidents.

Finally, regulations regarding electric scooters vary from place to place and may limit their use on certain roads or sidewalks. Ultimately, whether an electric scooter is worth having depends on individual needs and circumstances.

Product Comparison

BicycleFrame materialWheel sizeTop speed / pure electric rangeMotor & Batteryprice
Gyroor C3 Electric BikeAluminum14-Inch18.6MPH
28-38 miles
36V 10 AH
Click View
ANCHEER Folding Electric BikeAluminum12-Inch15.5MPH
15 miles
36V 6AH
Click View
DYU Folding Electric BikeHigh-strength Steel12-Inch15.5MPH
25-37 miles
36V 10 AH
Click View
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7Aluminum16-Inch18.6MPH
36V 6.5AH
Click View

Compare and Contrast

The Scoot-E-Bike is already excellent when it comes to choosing a folding e-bike, but what about other options? We have also made some simple comparisons to help you in your choice.

Scoot-E-Bike VS Gyroor C3 Electric Bike

Both of these electric motorcycles are quite technical and elegant in look, and when folding sizes are compared, the Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter is even smaller.

However, the Scoot-E-Bike includes a cell phone charging capability as well as a Bluetooth speaker. You can choose the Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter if you want to have more fun when riding.

Gyroor C3
Gyroor C3

Gyroor C3 Electric Bike is more focused on riding convenience and appears to have some roots in battery life, since it is equipped with a 450W motor, which is somewhat stronger in climbing ability capability than Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter. The Gyroor C3 Electric Bike is a good option for a somewhat longer journey.

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Scoot E Bike VS ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

On full electric, the Scoot-E-Bike is faster and has a greater riding distance. However, the ride is less comfortable while using the assisted riding option.

So, in pursuit of supported riding comfort, you may select ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike and have a little more fun riding, appropriate for lifting the handle, even in crossing the street steps, it will be very easy to pick it up.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike
ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike also comes with a smart APP that allows you to easily keep track of all the information about your ride.

It also weighs significantly less than the Scoot-E-Bike. If your wife or parents believe that the Scoot-E-Bike is too heavy, the ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike is an excellent choice.

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Scoot-E-Bike VS DYU Folding Electric Bike

The DYU Folding Electric Bike offers a higher mileage on pure electric power and a comparable shape and folding size to the Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Bike. However, it has three speeds to choose from.

In addition, an anti-theft mechanism has been introduced, which will sound an alert if someone touches the keypad without having the key. If you frequently visit unsafe areas, the DYU Folding Electric Bike is also an excellent choice.

DYU 26" Folding Electric Bike

User Concerns

  • How tall is the Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter for people?

Suitable for men and women 5’1″ – 6’5″.

  • Can the Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter be ridden in the rain?

Yes, it can be ridden in light rain, it has some waterproof function, but it is not suitable for riding in heavy rain.

  • What is the weight limit for the Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter?

270 lbs, if you exceed this weight you can choose a fat tire bike.

  • How much is a scoot e bike?

It sells for $1,499.99 on average, although the price could be a bit higher or lower, depending on where you purchase it from.

In Summary

The Scoot-E-Bike Folding Electric Adult Scooter distinguishes out not just for its superb design, but also for its easy folding capabilities. And a folding bicycle with small tires may travel up to 20 miles per hour. It is also appropriate for long-distance biking. It’s difficult not to choose since it’s so comfortable. All in all, this is a good value for money, enjoyable to ride electric scooter bike.

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