Is Framed Marquette Carbon 29″ A Good Bike? [Framed Marquette Carbon 29″ Review]

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Framed Marquette Carbon

  • Price:$1,799.95
  • Frame: FRAMED High Modulus Carbon Fiber
  • Gears:1×12
  • Tires:29 x 2.35’’

What we like about it:
Lightweight carbon fiber, 1 x 12 shifting for a ride you’ll look forward to every time.

What we don’t like about it:
29 x 2.35” tire size some people think they might not be able to conquer loose ground (but actual riding experience will tell you that’s just a guess)


Framed Marquette Carbon 29" Mountain bike


It’s an underpriced hardtail bike that I honestly wasn’t fully sure about before the review started, but actual riding experience tells me it has the ability to exceed its price.

The Framed Marquette’s excellent FRAMED High Modulus Carbon frame, clean 1× drivetrain, and versatile Maxxis Ikon tires have us excited about its performance in loose sand and climbing on rough and bumpy trails.

After a three-month long review, this bike walked with us on the loose sandy ground of the beach, enjoying the sea breeze, and led us to explore the woodland trails and experience the charm of the forest that changes with the seasons.

On this bike, we not only enjoyed the fun we had for the money, but we also experienced its defiant climbing ability. Which changed my stereotype of a low-cost bike.

Below we break down the Framed Marquette for climbing performance, general riding, key features, components, and specifications. If you’re having trouble choosing a bicycle, keep reading, we may have the answer you need.


Framed Marquette Carbon/red

The truth is that I wouldn’t have expected this Framed Marquette hardtail bike to be carbon at such a low price, but its appearance has forced me to change my mind.

The bike got a big “wow” from me and my partner Eve when it appeared in front of us. The flame red paint color appealed to us, and it was also available in black.

As you might have guessed, we started off with a climbing riding experience where it shocked Eve and I a little with the climbing, and although we were prepared for it to do well, we didn’t expect it to do so well.

Climbing Passage

The spot we chose to do this climbing ride was in a nearby town with a small hill known far and wide to many riders. The forest road we chose to ride up was a rarely visited route, the track was not overly rutted, and the surface was a little slabby with a lot of fallen leaves and weeds, I was a little concerned that this might cause some obstruction to the wheels.

Based on the Framed Marquette lightweight frame, and its Maxxis Ikon tires, which are mainly used on the XC, we were able to crush these difficulties on the climbs with ease, even the weeds that could cause tire slippage were useless.

In addition, it SRAM NX Eagle 1×12 drivetrain, which helped us a lot on the climbs. Our endurance was a bit lacking against this climbing forest road with a distance of about 15 miles, but we were able to make longer rides with smooth shifting to keep our stamina up, which was a great help to me with my lack of endurance.

Yes, as I think you may have noticed, this hardtail bike does have no dropper. Which some people may feel, can be a bit lacking in terms of damping, but on this ride, I didn’t feel any noticeable vibration against this forest road, thanks to its fork, but I will also be honest and say that in extremely bumpy terrain, it really doesn’t damp as well as the kind of full suspension bikes that can leave you with a noticeable vibration, but at this price point, it performed to my satisfaction.

Brief Sum-up

All things considered, the “Framed Marquette Carbon 29” Mountain bike is a very sincere hardtail bike that offers great value for money and I can’t help but fall in love with it.

General Riding

The hardtail ditches the rear shock for a light enough body, so on climbs, the lightness of it will make you better at climbing. But if you think that’s all it can do, you might be underestimating it. The “Framed Marquette gave us all sorts of surprises on our ride through natural roads, shallow watery trails, muddy country lanes, and roughly paved paths through the woods.

Thanks to the SRAM Level T braking on the Framed Marquette, I was able to brake steadily even on slippery surfaces, and its 100mm RockShox Recon RL fork allowed me to ride comfortably on the rocky and bumpy forest roads.


Some people may feel that hardtails are no match for blade-like road bikes on the road. But based on my actual riding experience, I might contradict you. We know that the 29 x 2.35” Maxxis Ikon tire is arguably an XC-specific tire. But there is no denying that it also rolls fast on the road and will provide good cushioning on bumpy sections.

In addition, the light body and steep head tube angle (73.7°) will allow you to pedal with less effort when accelerating. If you are racing a road bike in the same price range, I have a small suggestion. You can dive down to reduce air drag and switch to the most appropriate gear ratio in the various drivetrains. I think the Framed Marquette Carbon has the ability to beat a road bike at the same endurance.

In addition, the features of the Framed Marquette Carbon – Mountain 29″ allow for not only beginner trail riding, but also for commuting through the crowds, and the two water bottle mounting holes are designed to prepare you for longer workouts.

All in all, the Framed Marquette Carbon – Mountain 29″ is, in my opinion, a bike worth owning, whether for professional climbs or for easy general riding.

Main Features


Framed Marquette Carbon Frame

Carbon is known to be light and very good at absorbing vibrations, but the price of good carbon can be prohibitive, so when we saw the price of the Framed Marquette we were skeptical about the Framed Marquette Carbon 29″ frame, but after our lengthy review it put us completely at ease.

As you can see the Framed Marquette frame is FRAMED high modulus carbon fiber, the higher the modulus of this carbon fiber, the stiffer it is. And although some would consider hard carbon to be brittle carbon, the stiffer it is, the more efficient the bike is and the better it handles, so the bike handles very well. I felt very agile when handling the bike.

In addition, the internal cabling of the cables and housing is very neat and clean and at first glance, you will be attracted to its neat and minimalist appearance.

The other two paint colors are both nice and visually striking but, in response, I wonder if adding some color variation would be more in keeping with current trends?

Another point that may have been missed is that given the many roles that the “Framed Marquette Carbon – Mountain 29” has played on my rides, both as a good climber and as a general riding “chameleon (for a variety of situations and terrains)”.

I would also like to mention what I consider to be an important point – the two water bottle mounting holes, which allow me to ride long distances without the embarrassment of not having enough water with me to continue the ride.


Comfortable geometry is very important to the rider. Before I even went for a ride, I looked at the Framed Marquette Carbon – Mountain 29″ in the same flat shape as almost all XC frames and I didn’t think it would be any different. What I didn’t expect was to feel the expert geometry of the bike as soon as I stepped onto it.

For one, its steeper head tube angle (69.5°) gives more responsive steering when I’m steering, while its equally steep seat tube angle (73.7°) not only keeps pedaling efficient but doesn’t leave you with a center of gravity too far forward or back, allowing you to be in the perfect position to stay comfortable on the bike.

Also, for being 5’6” tall, the bike has the perfect amount of reach, allowing me to stretch my arms without fear, ensuring comfort, and even when I get tired on a long ride, I can bend my arms and rest them on the handlebars (which allows me to relax a little).

Components and Specifications

SRAM NX Eagle 1 x 12 Drivetrain

SRAM NX Eagle 1 x 12 Drivetrain

SRAM is known to be one of the best drivetrain manufacturers, and this affordable Framed Marquette Carbon – Mountain 29″ hardtail bike is also made with SRAM.

I must also mention that it uses the NX Eagle 1×12 gearing, the advantages of which are evident on the lightweight Framed Marquette, both in terms of its smooth and silky shifts and its rich and dense gear ratios, which allow me to shift effectively in different riding situations.

In addition, when it comes to variable speed, many people have a problem with losing or breaking the chain, which can make the riding experience unpleasant. However, the SRAM NX Eagle 1×12 uses X-Actuation and Type-3 technology in this aspect, which can effectively reduce this situation.

SRAM Level T Hydraulic Disc Brake

As we’ve seen with the SRAM Level T hydraulic disc brake it doesn’t look too advanced, or even feel a little cheap with its lightweight texture, but if you’ve actually used it you might be surprised by the braking power.

The SRAM Level T hydraulic disc brake is now available for XC riders, it is lighter, has less leverage and its 2-piston caliper design will not let you down even on wet forest roads after rain, gripping the tires steadily for effective braking.


Framed Marquette tires

The 29 x 2.35” Maxxis Ikon tires have earned me a lot of praise from fellow strangers on my rides. The 29 x 2.35” Maxxis Ikon tires have earned me compliments from fellow riders while riding.

This brings me to the point that when I was doing a natural road ride, I didn’t notice that there was some sand on the road at the turn, which almost caused the bike and me to fly off due to the angle when I made a fast turn (dangerous action, don’t imitate it for newbies), but the steering traction of the Maxxis Ikon tires and my skill allowed me to overtake the bike smoothly and quickly.

In addition, the Maxxis Ikon tires have a tread pattern that allows me to face muddy ground without fear of the mud weighing down my wheels and making riding difficult, the raised tread pattern makes it easier to get rid of the mud that sticks to the bike.

Rockshox Recon RL Front Fork

As we all know, forks are essential for riding on bumpy roads and your ride may not be as easy without them.

Although the 100mm RockShox Recon RL fork travel may look a little ‘weak’, if you underestimate it, it may surprise you with its performance.

In my actual riding, it was very responsive on the road, it rebounded very quickly over bumps, and the setting with lockout allows you to lock the fork out on flat surfaces when you are not using the shock, reducing the loss of pedaling efficiency and allowing you to go faster.

What do we like about it?

  • Great value for money hardtail bikes.
  • FRAMED High Modulus Carbon Fiber frame material is lighter and has better handling.
  • XC tires are suitable for a wide range of terrain and offer consistent traction.
  • SRAM Level T hydraulic disc brakes provide stable suspension even on slippery surfaces.
  • The SRAM NX Eagle 1×12 drivetrain has a smooth shift and no worries about chain breakage.

What we don’t like about it?

  • Too little choice of two paint colors.
  • Some people think that the SRAM Level T hydraulic disc brakes with 2-piston calipers are not effective enough (in my riding, the SRAM Level T hydraulic disc brakes are amazing).


  • What is the frame material of the Framed Marquette Carbon – Mountain 29″?

Framed Marquette Carbon 29″ Frame material is Framed High Modulus Carbon Fiber.

  • What is the tire size of the Framed Marquette?

29 x 2.35″.

  • What is the braking system of the Framed Marquette?

Framed Marquette Carbon-Mountain 29″ braking system is SRAM Level T hydraulic disc braking.

Framed Marquette Carbon Specs

FrameFRAMED High Modulus Carbon Fiber Frame 148×12. Integrated headset, replaceable derailleur hanger, 2 water bottle cage brazeons, internal cable, and housing routing.
ForkRockshox Recon RL 100mm travel, lockout, rebound adjust, 110×15 thru axle
HeadsetFSA Orbit C-40 Integrated IS42/IS52
CranksetSRAM NX Eagle DUB 32t, 175mm
Bottom BracketSRAM DUB External Cup, English
CassetteSRAM PG-1230 11-50
ShiftersSRAM NX Eagle
Rear DerailleurSRAM NX Eagle
Chain12 speed
BrakesSRAM Level T
Brake LeversSRAM Level T
RotorsSRAM 160mm
HandlebarFramed Aluminum Alloy
StemFramed 60mm, 4 bolt plate
SaddleSelle Italia
GripsRaceface Half Nelson Lock-on
Seat PostFRAMED Alloy 31.6mm
Alloy WheelsetFramed Hub 110/15mm, 148/12mm, Sun Ringle Duroc 30
TiresMaxxis Ikon 29 x 2.35in
NOTEExact parts on your build may slightly vary from what is pictured. Framed Bikes reserves the right to make necessary parts substitutes of equal or better quality to fulfill your order.

Comparison Table

Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5   $2,7001×1229 x 2.25’’  Shimano MT500 Hydraulic disc brakesClick View
Framed Flagstaff Carbon Mountain Bike 27.5″  $2,6001×11 27.5 x 2.2’’Avid BB5 Mechanical disc brakeClick View
Canyon Exceed CF 5$1,9991×1229 x 2.25’’  Shimano SLX M7100Click View
Liv Pique 29 2$2,6001×1229 x 2.35’’  Shimano MT-401 Hydraulic disc brakeClick View

Framed Marquette vs Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5

Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5

The Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5 is also a carbon (BallisTec carbon) bike with a single paint color option, which is a bit of a gripe for me, and as we’ve seen the Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5 costs about $900 more than the Framed Marquette costs around $900 more, so I wish it had a more thoughtful design in terms of paintwork.

I have to say that this bike has the same SRAM NX Eagle, 12 speed as the Framed Marquette Carbon. I have already described the SRAM NX Eagle, 1×12 drivetrain in detail in the previous article, so I don’t need to write too much about it here.

However, I am a little bit complaining about the fact that the Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5 is the same drivetrain as the Framed Marquette Carbon – Mountain 29″ for such a high price, even though I like the drive both in terms of its gearing and its speed range, but I hope that the Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5 drivetrain will be upgraded.

In addition, the Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5 uses Shimano MT500 hydraulic disc brakes which are similar to the SRAM Level T hydraulic disc brakes which are also 2 piston calipers, and in practice, they both perform creditably.

All in all, there is not much difference in performance between the two bikes for me, but the price difference would make me prefer the Framed Marquette.

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Framed Marquette vs Framed Flagstaff Carbon Mountain Bike 27.5″

 FramedFlagstaff Carbon Mountain Bike 27.5″

As we can see both frames are made of lightweight FRAMED High Modulus Carbon Fiber.

The Framed Flagstaff Carbon Mountain Bike 27.5″ has a 1×11 drivetrain, which is not enough for the Framed Marquette 1×12 drivetrain.

It also has Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes, which are affordable and low maintenance, but if you look at the price, you might wonder why not use hydraulic disc brakes when it costs about $800 more than the Framed Marquette.

That’s exactly the point I’m complaining about, because I want a better riding experience as opposed to spending more money.

So if you need a light and affordable hardtail bike, you can start by trying the Framed Marquette.

Framed Marquette vs Canyon Exceed CF 5

Canyon EXceed CF 5

I have to say that the Canyon Exceed CF 5 impressed me with its fast uphill speed of up to 28 mph, which is due to its light carbon body (25.9 lbs), and its Shimano Deore 1×12 drivetrain, which in my actual riding was almost as good as the Framed Marquette SRAM NX Eagle 1×12 drivetrain is hardly different, although the SRAM NX Eagle 1×12 feels a little more comfortable when I’m changing speeds.

Also, the Shimano SLX M7100 brakes on the Canyon Exceed CF 5 give me a great feeling and the ability to brake smoothly in any situation makes me cheer for it.

But that doesn’t mean that the SRAM Level T hydraulic disc brake on the Framed Marquette admits defeat. The brake may be lighter, but its braking power is strong enough to be stable on my actual rides, even on slippery surfaces.

Both bikes are good in terms of frame material, braking system, and drivetrain they both perform well, but if I had to choose a good value for money, I think the Framed Marquettewhich is about $100 cheaper would get my vote.

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Framed Marquette vs Liv Pique 29 2

Liv Pique 29 2

I was actually a little surprised when I saw the Liv Pique 29 2 as it is a full suspension bike, knowing that a good shock can say “No” to almost any rough and bumpy terrain, plus the bike has a dropper configuration for even better damping.

Also, the frame of the Liv Pique 29 2 is a bit heavier in aluminum as opposed to carbon, and I heard some noise when shifting the Shimano Deore M6100 1×12 drivetrain on the Liv Pique 29 2 on my actual ride, although it shifts just as smoothly and with the same wide range of shifts I like, but I have to say that I was impressed by the noise Not so good. On the contrary, the fast and quiet SRAM NX Eagle 1×12 shifting of the Framed Marquette Carbon gave me more reasons to like it.

In fact for both bikes, they both have their advantages, so if you need a bike and you’re looking for more lightness and speed you could try the Framed Marquette Carbon.


This Framed Marquette Carbon 29″ Mountain bike is a lightweight and versatile hardtail mountain bike that is a great value for money bike that you can buy.

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