Is Liv Pique 29 2 a Good Choice? -[Liv Pique 29 2 Review]

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Liv Pique 29 2 Review

  • Price: $2600
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: Kenda Booster 27.5 or 29×2.4″
  • Gear: 1×10

What we like about it: The professional Fox Float DPS Performance provides excellent handling for rough terrain and offers great comfort.

What we don’t like about it: It may not meet some users’ requirements for paint colors.

Rating: (4.8/5)

Liv Pique 29 2
Liv Pique 29 2

Is this a great full-suspension trail bike? Does it have the same amazing stability and speed as advertised?

It’s not just men who enjoy the thrill of trail riding, more and more women are also interested in this outdoor sport. So we found this Liv Pique 29 2, and on our ride, it performed to my surprise.

Below, we analyze the riding experience, main features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Liv Pique 29 2.

And in the second half of this article, we will also compare it with several other top bicycle models. If you want to know more about the bike reviews, you can follow us.

Riding Experience

Liv Pique 29 2
Liv Pique 29 2

As a full-suspension mountain bike, its off-road capabilities are a major focus for us. This time, I booked a flight and a hotel through Skyscanner and arrived at Ourimbah MTB Park.

We chose the complete XC loop called Lyrebird Run. This 9.4-kilometer route meanders through rugged terrain with not only loose gravel but also unavoidable potholes. Moreover, the narrow singletrack is surrounded by dense trees and scattered dry branches on the ground.

Off-road Riding

During the uphill section of Lyrebird Run, I smoothly switched to the smallest gear thanks to the powerful Shimano Deore M6100 derailleur. This allowed me to ride with minimal effort and gain more power.

Additionally, with the assistance of Maxxis Recon Race tires, I felt confident on the rocky and wooden sections of the trail. The rich tread pattern of the Maxxis Recon Race tires provides excellent traction on loose surfaces.

It’s worth mentioning that the Liv Supera grips allowed me to have a better hold on the handlebars in such terrain. The softer rubber surface design and the large raised areas of the Liv Supera grips provided good shock absorption.

Even under intense vibrations, my hands didn’t slip, which increased my sense of riding security.

Overall, after multiple rides on this trail, I could feel the bike’s outstanding handling capabilities in complex terrain. Of course, my considerable riding experience also contributed to this.

From my perspective, this bike is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders, making their rides more enjoyable.

Is that all?

To avoid biased test results due to individual differences, our team sent out five riders (including myself) to ride on the most challenging sections of Lyrebird Run, evaluating the bike’s performance.

All five riders expressed that they had a good experience. The Liv-customized Fox Float DPS Performance, paired with the EVOL air spring, not only provided sufficient lightweight but also efficiently reduced vibrations during our ride.

Furthermore, while riding, I could feel the absorption of pedal vibrations by the dual piston damper with a 3-position setting. This greatly relieved pressure on my legs.

Moreover, its Fi’zi:k Vento Argo R5 saddle features an ergonomic cutout. It is designed under the guidance of professional medical experts. Even during longer rides, it effectively relieves pressure on the hips, preventing numbness often experienced with other saddles.

Indeed, based on our riding experience, this bike offers excellent value for money. And now, it’s on sale, so if you have any biking plans shortly, give it a try.


The Liv Pique 29 2 is an excellent full-suspension mountain bike. It features ALUXX SL-grade aluminum, providing strong durability. The 100mm RockShox Recon RL Silver fork effectively reduces front wheel vibrations.

Both the front and rear wheels of the Liv Pique 29 2 are equipped with Maxxis Recon Race tires. They are specially designed to offer a comfortable ride.

The front wheel has a width of 29×2.35, providing high stability, while the rear wheel is 29×2.25, offering faster decompression.

Additionally, the size ranges from XS to LG, with stack sizes ranging from 578mm to 597mm, offering good adjustability. The standover height ranges from 694mm to 755mm.

Paired with the Shimano MT410 hydraulic disc brakes, the bike provides excellent braking performance. In emergencies, riders can safely and stably stop the bike, ensuring their safety.


Other Versions

After numerous tests, we have gained a deeper understanding of this bike. It is a highly capable hardtail mountain bike.

However, many riders have their own performance or component requirements. Therefore, we explored other bikes of the same type for further investigation.

Liv Pique Advanced Pro 29 0

Liv Pique Advanced Pro 29 0

The geometry of this bike is identical, but the Liv Pique Advanced Pro 29 0 is priced approximately $10,000 higher than the Liv Pique 29 2.

The Liv Pique Advanced Pro 29 0 features a carbon frame, which is both stronger and lighter than the aluminum frame of the Liv Pique 29 2.

It also comes equipped with the top-tier FOX Live Valve suspension system, which automatically adjusts the suspension, saving you a lot of energy. In addition, the higher bottom bracket can span most terrain.

If you have a sufficient budget and are willing to make a high investment in your off-road riding, the Liv Pique Advanced Pro 29 0 can provide a perfect riding experience.

If you prefer a top-notch geometry design at an affordable price, the Liv Pique 29 2 will meet your needs well.

What do we like about it?

  • The sturdy and reliable ALUXX SL-grade aluminum frame suits the riding needs of most individuals.
  • The Liv-customized Fox Float DPS Performance provides better comfort.
  • The Maxxis Recon Race tubeless tires offer strong safety, effectively avoiding the risk of punctured tires.
  • The Liv Supera grips provide a better grip, ensuring safety on uneven surfaces.

What don’t we like about it?

  • It may not meet the needs of some users who have more requirements for color.


  • Is this bike suitable for beginners?

Both beginners and experienced riders can handle the Liv Pique 29 2 well.

  • How is the uphill ability of Liv Pique 29 2?

It has excellent climbing ability and is easier to climb compared to other types of bikes.

  • Is there a discount available for the Liv Pique 29 2?

The original price of the Liv Pique 29 2 is $2600, but at the time of writing this review, it is available for only $2400.

  • How to choose the right size?

The size chart is as follows:

These sizes are just general guidelines, and the right size may vary for each individual. The best way to find your suitable size is to try it out.

Rider heightSIZE



FrameALUXX SL-Grade Aluminum, 100mm Maestro Suspension
Tire Clearance: 2.25″
Color: Purple Ash
ForkRockShox Recon RL Silver, 100mm, Boost 15×110, tapered, 44mm offset, custom tuned for Liv
Rear ShockFox Float DPS Performance 165/45, custom tuned for Liv
Bottom BracketPraxis, press fit
StemGiant Contact SL XC, 35mm XS:50mm, S:50mm, M:60mm, L:70mm
HandlebarGiant Contact XC, flat, 760x35mm
SaddleFi’zi:k Vento Argo R5
SeatpostGiant Contact Switch dropper, remote XS: 75mm travel / 30.9 x 295mm S: 100mm travel / 30.9 x 345mm M: 100mm travel / 30.9 x 345mm L: 100mm travel / 30.9 x 345mm
GripsLiv Supera, single lock ring


Rear DerailleurShimano Deore M6100
Front DerailleurN/A
CrankPraxis Cadet Boost, 30t XS:165mm, S:170mm, M:170mm, L:175mm
ShiftersShimano Deore M6100, 1×12
CassetteShimano Deore M6100, 10×51
ChainKMC X-12
BrakesShimano MT410, hydraulic, Shimano RT-56 rotors [F]180mm, [R]160mm
Brake LeversShimano MT-401


RimsGiant XCT 29, tubeless ready, sleeve-joint, 25mm inner width
Front Hub[F] Shimano 15×110, sealed bearing [R] Shimano 12×148, sealed bearing
Rear Hub[F] Shimano 15×110, sealed bearing [R] Shimano 12×148, sealed bearing
Tires[F] Maxxis Recon Race, 29×2.35, foldable, TLR, EXO, tubeless [R] Maxxis Recon Race, 29×2.25, foldable, TLR, EXO, tubeless

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick viewTiresDrivetrainFrame materialGroupset
Canyon Lux World Cup CF 6Click ViewMAXXIS Ikon Exo1×12AluminumShimano SLX
Fezzari Signal Peak TR CompClick ViewMaxxis Dissector1×12AluminumSRAM NX Eagle, X1
Giant Anthem 29 2Click ViewMaxxis Recon Race1×12AluminumShimano Deore, Praxis
KTM SCARP 294Click ViewSchwalbe Rapid Rob1×12AluminumSRAM SX Eagle

Liv Pique 29 2 vs Canyon Lux World Cup CF 6

Canyon Lux World Cup CF 6
Canyon Lux World Cup CF 6

Compared to the aluminum frame of the Liv Pique 29 2, the Canyon Lux World Cup CF 6 utilizes a carbon frame that is both sturdy and lightweight.

Additionally, the stability of the Fox Performance Float 32 Fork is superior to the RockShox Recon Silver RL. However, a drawback of the Canyon Lux World Cup CF 6 is that its air spring cannot be adjusted.

Furthermore, the weight of the Deore components used in the Liv Pique 29 2 is heavier than the Shimano SLX equipped on the Canyon Lux World Cup CF 6.

However, the Shimano MT410 hydraulic disc brakes on the latter have ceramic pistons. Compared to the metal pistons of the Deore, ceramic pistons have excellent heat dissipation properties and are lighter, but they are more fragile.

It must be acknowledged that the Canyon Lux World Cup CF 6 has inner-tube tires, which can result in higher temperatures during rides and lower safety.

On the other hand, the Liv Pique 29 2 has tubeless tires, allowing it to continue riding even with small punctures and maintaining lower temperatures, thus providing higher safety.

In conclusion, if you prefer a lighter carbon frame, the Canyon Lux World Cup CF 6 would be your best choice. If you prioritize safety during your rides, the Liv Pique 29 2 will meet your needs well.

Liv Pique 29 2 vs Fezzari Signal Peak TR Comp

Fezzari Signal Peak TR Comp
Fezzari Signal Peak TR Comp

The Fezzari Signal Peak TR Comp offers a classic yet versatile off-road experience. Compared to previous bikes in the same series, it features a redesigned geometry and refined carbon fiber layup to reduce frame weight.

While the NX Eagle components used on the Fezzari Signal Peak TR Comp perform excellently on the trails and offer high shifting accuracy, they may not provide the same smoothness as the Shimano Deore on the Liv Pique 29 2.

The Liv Pique 29 2’s traditional aluminum frame may not have an advantage in off-road riding, but the Recon Silver RL fork equipped with Motion Control damping and SoloAir air spring provides good shock absorption and noise reduction with its non-linear characteristics, offering good value for money.

Meanwhile, the Fezzari Signal Peak TR Comp features the Recon SID SL with a superior Debonair spring. It enhances sensitivity to small impacts and balances the air chamber better.

During rides, the fork’s travel is relatively higher compared to other bikes, providing a more comfortable experience for riders.

The Fezzari Signal Peak TR Comp has more advantages, but this also comes with a higher price tag. If you have a sufficient budget and desire an excellent riding experience, the Fezzari Signal Peak TR Comp is a welcome choice.

If you prefer an affordable bike, the Liv Pique 29 2 will still offer you a good experience.

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Liv Pique 29 2 vs Giant Anthem 29 2

Giant Anthem 29 2
Giant Anthem 29 2

The Giant Anthem 29 2 has one of the lightest full-suspension frames on the market today. Its excellent geometry provides very good handling. It has a lot of similarities to the Liv Pique 29 2, but the details are not identical.

Firstly, the Giant Anthem 29 2 is equipped with a KMC X-12de chain that is compatible with the majority of current drivetrain systems. It features a unique asymmetrical chamfer to avoid interference and allows for smoother shifting.

On the other hand, the Liv Pique 29 2 uses a Shimano chain, which offers good durability but requires specialized tools for maintenance, making it a bit more cumbersome to repair.

Lastly, the Liv Pique 29 2 has a dropper post, while the Giant Anthem 29 2’s seatpost is rigid.

It’s worth noting that a dropper post is considered a significant technological advancement in the mountain biking world as it allows riders to conveniently adjust the seat height while riding.

In many situations, riders need to stand while biking. On rough terrain, the dropper post prevents collision with the rider and enhances the overall off-road experience.

In conclusion, if you prioritize having a better off-road experience, I would recommend the Liv Pique 29 2.

However, if you value chain compatibility and ease of upgrading bike components in the future, enabling seamless integration with existing parts, then the Giant Anthem 29 2 can meet your needs.

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Liv Pique 29 2 vs KTM SCARP 294


These two bikes have some differences in geometry.

The KTM SCARP 294 has a longer stack and reach, providing better extension for the rider. However, the steeper head tube angle of the KTM SCARP 294, while offering quicker and more agile steering, results in less stability at high speeds compared to the Liv Pique 29 2.

Additionally, the lower standover height of the Liv Pique 29 2, combined with the Shimano MT410 hydraulic disc brakes that offer more durable performance compared to the entry-level Shimano MT200 brakes, provides riders with a greater sense of security.

Furthermore, the Liv Pique 29 2 is equipped with Maxxis Recon Race tubeless tires. These tires outperform the Shimano RT54 tires on the KTM SCARP 294 in terms of grip and heat dissipation.

Additionally, in the event of accidentally puncturing a tubeless tire, the bike can still be ridden for some distance, whereas traditional inner tubes are more prone to immediate puncture.

In terms of safety, the Liv Pique 29 2 has an advantage over the KTM SCARP 294.

It should be noted that the KTM SCARP 294 does not offer sizes suitable for riders below 165cm, which may not be friendly for smaller riders.

Therefore, if you prioritize safety in your riding, the Liv Pique 29 2 would be the better choice. If you prefer more agile riding and have a smaller body size, the KTM SCARP 294 would be more suitable.

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Above is our complete review of the Liv Pique 29 2. It is an excellent hardtail mountain bike designed specifically for women, meeting the off-road needs of female riders exceptionally well.

In my opinion, the Liv Pique 29 2 is a bike worth purchasing, earning a high score of 4.8 based on the factors mentioned above. If you want to access more information about bikes, feel free to check out our other reviews.

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