Is Felt Verza Speed 50 Worth Buying? – [Felt Verza Speed 50 Review]

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Felt Verza Speed 50 Review

  • Price: $699
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Wheels: 700×35C
  • Gears: 3×8

What we like about it: Cheap but functional fitness bike dedicated to meeting the travel needs of everyone on the road.

What we don’t like about it: Traditional v-brake.

Rating (4.7/5)

Felt Verza Speed 50
Felt Verza Speed 50

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable fitness bike, consider the Felt Verza Speed 50. The latest model of Felt Verza Speed 50 is a hybrid e-bike that prioritizes comfort and functionality.

The new F-Lite aluminum frame, combined with a Hi-Ten steel rigid fork, features a relaxed geometry that ensures rider comfort. Reliable Kenda Khan II 700x35c wheels with Shimano Altus and Tourney components make it a well-equipped and versatile bike.

While it may not have high-end components, this bike is capable of helping budget-conscious riders complete their fitness goals, commute, and run errands.

In this review, we’ll analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Felt Verza Speed 50. If you want to learn more about bike reviews, follow us.

Fitness Riding

Like all my friends who enjoy the fun aerobic exercise of fitness riding, I also ride my Felt Verza Speed 50 from home to the park to enjoy the ride every early morning.

Comfortable Riding Position

I like the endurance road bike-like geometry of the Felt Verza Speed 50, which offers an almost upright riding position that feels very comfortable to me. Because intense exercise is not friendly to someone who has just woken up. But the upright position is gentle and comfortable.

I can keep my back straight, and my arms and legs are stretched out greatly. I can also lift my head while riding, which gives me a wider view and seeing the trees on both sides of the road running behind me in the morning makes me feel even more relaxed. At the same time, my breathing seems smoother.

Of course, the Selle Royal Essenza Gel saddle of this bike is also very soft. It allows me to start a new day more gently. The large rear design takes care of my entire buttocks, making it easier to exert force with my legs.

Road Performance

Although the Felt Verza Speed 50 was not designed with speed in mind, its drivetrain efficiency is not lower than that of more expensive bikes of the same type.

Thanks to the SR Suntour XCC, 48/38/28T crankset, I can maximize my pedaling efficiency to increase speed. Even on flat ground, I can easily cover a considerable distance with each pedal stroke, not to mention the uphill and downhill rides with the Shimano Altus M310 3×8 drivetrain.

The Shimano Acera EF500 EZ Fire Plus shifter is geared more towards leisure and does not have the quick response of higher-quality valves when adjusting gears, but it is easy to operate. The upshift lever is easily accessible, making gear changes even easier.

To be honest, although the multiple-disc drivetrain is often criticized, I like it because as I shift gears, uphill rides become much easier.

I can easily climb most slopes, although the Shimano HG200, 12-32T freewheel cannot completely alleviate the buildup of lactic acid in my legs when faced with steep inclines.

Additionally, when riding downhill, I can feel the Felt Verza Speed 50’s great sprinting ability. Even when I stop pedaling, the Kenda Khan II tires still spin faster. For safety reasons, I occasionally control the Tektro 918AL, V-type brake levers to keep my speed within a controllable range.

Mixed Surface Riding

Based on the tire size of 700x35c, I do not limit my route to cement or asphalt roads. There are many cobblestone roads in the park, and riding on them with a bike is very interesting.

I must say that I am very satisfied with the performance of the Kenda Khan II tires, both in terms of traction and grip. Although I have not forced it to travel on cobblestone roads in rainy weather, its performance on sunny days has earned my five-star rating. It smoothly passes over these surfaces without slipping, making me feel safe.

Of course, the Felt Verza Speed’s Hi-Ten steel fork also plays a role in this happiness, its good toughness reduces a lot of vibration.

Commute Riding

I believe that most Felt Verza Speed 50 users have experienced commuting with this bike, and I am no exception. Because both the geometry and the drivetrain of this bike indicate its versatility.

The upright riding position is crucial for observing road conditions, and I do not need to make a conscious effort. I can easily capture all dynamic or static elements on the road just by riding normally.

Although most of my commuting journeys are on urban roads, the complex road conditions on the road mean that more speed control is needed. Fortunately, the relatively light weight of the Felt Verza Speed 50 is also very helpful for temporary parking or deceleration.

For the convenience of commuting, I have also upgraded the rear wheel to a cable-actuated disc brake. (The double-layer aluminum hub of the Felt Verza Speed 50 supports disc brakes.) Just gently grip the brake lever, and the bike can stop smoothly and quickly, safely, and efficiently. By the way, if you want to go riding in well-known terrain or special terrain, you can book your accommodation on IHG Hotels & Resorts. It is not only rich in variety but also easy to operate.


Designed for outdoor fitness, the Felt Verza Speed 50 features a sturdy aluminum frame and a reliable steel fork to ensure maximum comfort. With a classic relaxed geometry, riders can enjoy every ride in a gentle and comfortable position.

Equipped with a practical triple-chainring crankset and Shimano Altus M310 8-speed shifter, the Verza Speed 50 provides more gear options for uphill or downhill riding, making pedaling more effortless.

The classic Tektro 918AL V-brake system reduces the weight of the bike while ensuring user safety. The 700×35c Kenda Khan II tires also add to the bike’s versatility.

Therefore, the Verza Speed 50, with its comfortable riding experience and reliable drivetrain components, is an affordable and practical option.

Other Versions of the Felt Verza Speed

Other Versions of the Felt Verza Speed

For riders with higher performance demands, Felt has also prepared the higher-end Felt Verza Speed 40 version.

Although the Felt Verza Speed 40 has the same frame design as the Verza Speed 50, a closer look reveals that it is more delicate and comfortable. The SuperLite aluminum frame and Cr-Mo steel fork are more robust, providing stronger protection for the front of the bike. The Felt Verza Speed 40 also upgrades to a double-bolt design on the seat post to ensure stability.

The higher-quality SuperLite aluminum frame and Cr-Mo steel fork are stronger and more resilient to ensure more protection for the user’s front end. On the seatpost, Felt Verza Speed 40 also upgraded the double-bolt design to ensure the stability of the seat.

Of course, the most exciting improvement is the redesigned drivetrain, providing a better-shifting feel and efficiency. Additionally, the Tektro R290 hydraulic disc brake system provides faster braking with consistent performance in rainy or wet weather, ensuring rider safety.

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What do we like about it?

  • The ultra-affordable price is designed to make this multi-functional fitness bike accessible to more users.
  • The lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame ensures user comfort.
  • The relaxed and comfortable geometry provides a nearly upright riding position.
  • The reliable Shimano Altus, Tourney 3×8 speed drivetrain reduces rider pedaling pressure.
  • The 700x35c wheelset supports more road travel and gives the bike more practical space.
  • It is just as fast as more expensive bikes, whether for general riding, climbing or descending.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The non-high-end V-brake controls.
  • The cheap components cannot provide a higher-end operating experience.


  • What kind of components does the Felt Verza Speed 50 have?

This bike is equipped with a combination of Shimano Altus and Tourney components. The Shimano Altus M310 Rear Derailleur and Shimano Tourney TY710 Front Derailleur make the 3×8 speed drivetrain more smooth.

  • How is the geometry of the Felt Verza Speed 50?

As a fitness bike, the Felt Verza Speed 50 emphasizes comfort, with a high Stack/Reach Ratio of up to 1.49 to give riders a more upright riding position.

  • What height range is the Felt Verza Speed 50 suitable for?

These sizes are only general guidelines, and the right size may vary from person to person. The best way to find your size is to try the bike out.

Rider heightSIZE
152cm – 169cmXS
166cm – 174cmSM
171cm – 179cmMD
176cm – 184cmLG
181cm – 189cmXL
186cm – 196cmXXL

Felt Verza Speed 50 Specs


FrameFelt Verza Speed | F-Lite aluminumBB Standard: BSA, 68mm, ThreadedColors: Black (Reflective Red); Purist Blue (Reflective)
ForkFelt Verza Speed | Hi-Ten steel
Bottom BracketThreaded | BSA 68mm
HeadsetZS (NO.10)
Stem3D cold-forged aluminum
HandlebarFlat bar, aluminum, 10° sweep,
SaddleSelle Royal Essenza Gel
SeatpostAluminum, single-bolt, micro-adjust, Ø27.2mm
PedalsComfort design, nylon body


Rear DerailleurShimano Altus M310, long cage
Front DerailleurShimano Tourney TY710
CrankSR Suntour XCC, 48/38/28T
ShiftersShimano Acera EF500 EZ Fire Plus
CassetteShimano HG200, 12-32T
ChainKMC X8
BrakesTektro 918AL, V-type
Brake LeversShimano Acera EF500 EZ Fire Plus


RimsAluminum, double-wall
SpokesJ-Bend, 2.0, stainless steel, black
Front HubAluminum Road Disc, J-Bend, 32h, QR 100, single-sealed
Rear HubAluminum Road Disc, J-Bend, 32h, QR 135, 10-speed, single-sealed
TiresKenda Khan II, 30TPI, reflective stripe, wire bead, 700 x 35c


Comparison Table

BicyclePriceDrivetrainBrakeTireClick View
Specialized Sirrus 1.0$6502×7V-brake, linear pull700×32cClick View
Marin Fairfax 3 $9892×9Tektro Hydraulic700×35cClick View
Bianchi C Sport Step Thru – Altus$9253×8Shimano Tourney BR-TX805700×38cClick View
Canyon Roadlite 5$9991×11Shimano MT200 / UR300​700×30cClick View

Felt Verza Speed 50 VS Specialized Sirrus 1.0

Specialized Sirrus 1.0
Specialized Sirrus 1.0

While the Specialized Sirrus 1.0 shares similarities in price and frame design with the Felt Verza Speed 50, the latter offers a better value for money.

The same relaxed geometry aluminum frame paired with a steel fork satisfies many Specialized fans. However, at the same price point, the microSHIFT RD-M26S 2×7 speed drivetrain on the Specialized Sirrus 1.0 lacks the competitiveness of the Felt Verza Speed 50’s 3×8 speed configuration, meaning Verza Speed 50 users will have more gear ratios for climbing or riding.

Furthermore, in tire design, the Specialized Sirrus 1.0’s RoadSport 700x32c tires do not ride as comfortably as the 700x35c tires on the Verza Speed 50. This is because wider tires mean greater clearance and more versatility.

Therefore, for riders seeking better value for money, choosing the Felt Verza Speed 50 will provide them with a more comfortable and effortless riding experience, given the comparable price and ride feel.

Felt Verza Speed 50 VS Marin Fairfax 3

Marin Fairfax 3
Marin Fairfax 3

If price is not a concern when evaluating the Marin Fairfax 3 and focusing solely on its component design, it is also an excellent fitness bike.

The durable aluminum frame combined with a carbon fiber fork with better shock absorption makes the Marin Fairfax 3 more comfortable for riders on mixed surfaces. The Shimano Sora and MicroSHIFT R9 mix 2×9 speed drivetrain also simplify the climbing process for riders. The bike also has a faster performance in terms of speed. Additionally, the higher-end Tektro Hydraulic brakes provide more precise and quick braking.

However, once considering its price of nearly 1100 euros, the Marin Fairfax 3 is less appealing than the Felt Verza Speed 40, which also has hydraulic disc brakes. On the one hand, the Verza Speed 40 version has a cheaper price. On the other hand, the Felt Verza Speed 40 is just as comfortable geometrically as the Felt Verza Speed 50. In contrast, the geometry of the Marin Fairfax 3 is more “aggressive” and appears less upright.

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Felt Verza Speed 50 VS Bianchi C Sport Step Thru – Altus

Bianchi C Sport Step Thru - Altus
Bianchi C Sport Step Thru – Altus

For riders who prioritize speed, the Bianchi C Sport Step Thru – Altus may not be the most friendly option. Although it features a Shimano Altus 3×8 speed drivetrain, the Bianchi C Sport Step Thru – Altus is still slower than other bikes of the same type.

However, when considering durability and comfort, the Bianchi C Sport Step Thru – Altus is a good option. Its lightweight aluminum frame and aluminum fork are both sturdy and reliable. The wider 700x38c Kenda Kwick Tendril tires also provide excellent clearance, making the bike’s shock absorption more noticeable and allowing riders to explore unpaved roads. Finally, the Shimano Tourney BR-TX805 disc brakes have good braking performance and ensure that riders can go out regardless of the weather.

Therefore, the Felt Verza Speed 50 with V-brakes has become a more popular choice due to its speed and price advantages.

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Felt Verza Speed 50 VS Canyon Roadlite 5

Canyon Roadlite 5
Canyon Roadlite 5

It must be admitted that the Canyon Roadlite 5 has a greater advantage in weight than many other similar fitness bikes. The weight of only 9.9kg has impressed riders who love lightweight designs.

In addition, the Canyon Roadlite 5 relies on the SRAM Apex 11-speed gearbox, which makes it more attractive to many buyers. Not to mention, the reliable Shimano MT200/UR300 hydraulic disc brakes are also a plus.

However, while the performance and price of the Canyon Roadlite 5 are very attractive, it did not make much consideration when choosing the tires. The 700x30c Schwalbe G-One tires may not disappoint on well-maintained roads, but they may make riders uncomfortable on unpredictable roads.

Overall, the Canyon Roadlite 5 is the most worthy fitness bike to choose from for under 900 euros. But if your budget is limited, the Felt Verza Speed 50 with its high-cost performance is also a reliable option.

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Now, the review of the Felt Verza Speed 50 is over. Although it does not have high-end components or top performance, its relaxed and comfortable frame design and practical configuration give low-budget riders a more comfortable riding experience and more versatility.

Therefore, this bike is the most cost-effective fitness bike from Felt.

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