4 Reasons For Bike Riding Hip Pain?

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Why do some people have no pain in their buttocks while riding a bike, and some people can’t stand the pain in their buttocks after riding for a long time? And, do you know the cause of hip pain while riding a bike?

Getting an iron butt is definitely not the main difference. It is whether you have seriously evaluated your cycling habits and chosen a saddle that is suitable for your use.

Expensive cushions, ergonomic cushions, air cushions…These are not the only options.

There Are Currently Two Types of Saddles For Bicycles

1. Narrow and slender hard seat cushion

Bike Seat for BMX, MTB & Road
Bike Seat for BMX, MTB & Road

This narrow, hard seat, commonly found on sport bikes, is designed for high-speed cruising.

When the pedaling speed is fast, the wide seat cushion is easy to rub the inner thigh and cause pain, which also affects the pedaling action, so the design is slender and narrow.

The soft seat cushion cannot support the body firmly and affects the pedaling efficiency, and the buttocks are like stuck on the sofa.

The soft seat cushion has a large contact area with the buttocks, and the fast buttocks keep moving, but it hurts because of too much friction.

Hard saddles are better for quick pedaling movements.

2. Wide and soft comfortable seat cushion

Wide Bike Seat
Wide Bike Seat

Comfort saddles, more commonly found on entry-level or recreational-oriented bikes, are designed for slow cruising.

The wide design allows a large and even support area between the seat cushion and the buttocks, and the soft seat cushion can provide better comfort.

Due to the leisure-oriented pedaling action, there is no need to consider the factor that a wide and soft seat is not suitable for high-speed pedaling.

Weight Distribution Principle

The weight of the riding posture will fall on the three support points of the hands, heels, and buttocks, and the buttocks and feet bear most of the weight.

When you press down hard on the pedals, you are using your body weight to push the pedals down.

Your feet bear more weight at this time, and your buttocks bear less weight.

Imagine the situation of pumping a car, buttocks off the seat cushion, only the foot is stepping on it, and the foot is carrying the full weight.

So there is a saying that “chair cushions are for leaning on, not for sitting”, the harder your feet are, the lighter your buttocks will be.

And the more weight you put on your feet, the more power you can pedal.

It can be seen that in many races, the buttocks often leave the seat cushion or only touch a small area to stabilize the body in order to exert maximum output power.

The Main Cause of Early Butt Pain-Bike Riding Hip Pain

Your feet are paddling the pedals leisurely. This is one of the 4 reasons for bike riding hip pain.

correct! At this point, almost all of your weight is on your butt, and your feet are slacking off and not sharing the weight for you.

However, because the buttocks bear too much weight, the hard cushion support area is too small, but it will cause the buttocks to hurt.

At this time, the soft and wide cushion can support your butt better than the hard and small cushion, so that you do not suffer so much.

Choose The Cushion That Suits You-Bike Riding Hip Pain

According to the riding habits, I like to maintain a certain sports intensity of riding, and a hard seat cushion is a good thing.

If you like to leisurely go shopping and watch the scenery, because the buttocks bear most of the weight, choosing a wider and softer cushion at this time will be better for the buttocks.

The premium seat cushion that came with the original car may not be right for you.

There are sports bikes at a certain price point. The factory believes that you are a sports-oriented rider and will be equipped with a high-speed hard saddle.

No one said that you have to drive at 200 per hour to drive a Ferrari. Of course, a sports bike can also be used as a shopping car to enjoy the scenery gracefully.

I know that narrow, stiff cushions are stylish, premium-looking, professional, and don’t be ashamed to take out the door.

But the butt is his own, and the pain is also his own pain.

Between good-looking and easy-to-use, according to your riding habits, choosing a suitable seat cushion will make your bicycle travel more enjoyable.

Are Wide And Thick Bicycle Saddles Necessarily Comfortable?-Bike Riding Hip Pain

1. Expand the contact area between the buttocks and the seat cushion, disperse the pressure, and reduce the pressure on the buttocks.

2. Thick padding can absorb more shock and vibration from the frame.

In fact, a wide and thick saddle doesn’t necessarily reduce hip pain.

Let’s first look at the reasons for butt pain:

1. Compression: When sitting on the cushion, the body weight presses on the tiny area of the cushion, it will produce a very large pressure, compressing the capillaries and affecting the blood circulation.

2. Shearing Force And Friction: When pedaling, the human body sways slightly from side to side on the seat cushion, rubbing the edge of the seat cushion, resulting in friction.

The friction generates heat, which soon leads to pain and skin damage. The shear force generated by friction with the seat cushion combined with the compression effect further aggravates the blood circulation disorder.

3. Moisture: The moisture brought by sweat aggravates the effect of shearing force.

4. Temperature: When riding, the skin temperature, especially the temperature of the perineum, will rise significantly.

Why the same cushion others with very happy, but he is painful to use, and even firmly believe that a long time can practice into the iron butt and hard support.

At this time, the skin begins to necrosis because it cannot get enough nutrients.

The seat cushion is very comfortable and soft at first, but it may cause you pain after riding for a while.

The filling foam of the seat cushion is divided into good and bad materials, and the same material has different densities.

The good seat cushion will count with good filling material, moderate density, and even in layers of filling, the upper layer of lower density, the following layer using high-density material, so that there will be more comfortable touch, and not too sunken.

Understanding and Alleviating Cycling-Related Hip and Butt Pain

It is important to know that “hip pain cycling” and “butt hurts from biking” are common when riding a bicycle. This may be due to improper posture or your saddle choice is not appropriate.

Although “bike seat hurts butt” is a common problem, in my personal experience, choosing the right saddle is the first step and adjusting your posture is the second step, which may be effective in reducing pain.

If you ask me “is bike riding good for hip pain”, my answer is yes, because a moderate ride can help strengthen the muscles around the hip and reduce pain!


I posted this article because I saw that some beginner riders were thinking about various solutions for the pain in the buttocks.

Why is the same cushion used by others very happy, but he is very painful to use it, and even believes that after a long time, he can become an iron butt and endure hard.

I hope that the riders can understand that different riding habits, choosing the appropriate seat cushion is an effective solution.

And if you want to be rich, comfortable cushions are also very expensive and stylish.

The above is the 4 reasons for bike riding hip pain. If our content is helpful to you, please continue to follow us, thanks for your support!

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