Is Marin Kentfield 1 A Good Bike?[Marin Kentfield 1 Review]

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Marin Kentfield 1

  • Price: $599
  • Category: Fitness bikes
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Gear: 1×7
  • Tire: 700x40C

What we like about it: It has a retro-modern model to meet the ultimate aesthetic design.

What we don’t like about it: Smaller speed adjustment range.

Rating (4.6/5 )


2023 Marin Kentfield 1

If you need a sophisticated and comfortable commuter bike that is lightweight and durable, then you can’t go wrong with the Marin Kentfield 1, our featured bike today.

As a retro-style exercise bike can maintain great stability and extremely high speed not only on daily commuting roads but even on certain rugged single-track trails.

“Comfort” is the keyword for the Marin Kentfield 1. Not only that, it has a very good price/performance ratio. Because it is made of reliable quality parts, it can bring a good riding experience to novice cyclists.

To make the results more informative for you, here we elaborate on the performance of the Marin Kentfield 1 while riding, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the series.

If you would like to know more about other versions of the Marin Kentfield 1 series, please refer to our review.

General Riding

2023 Marin Kentfield 1

I am strict in my selection of bikes. First, appearance is an important point. After all, it’s meant to be worn on the crowded streets of Baker, and of course, I wanted it to cause superb turnovers. Fortunately, the Marin Kentfield 1 meets my aesthetic. In addition, the tough exterior still offers a great ride.

I chose a vintage copper color that glowed extremely brightly under the decorative lights. I couldn’t wait to take it to the highway where I often commute to experience this new sensation.

The second thing is the cushion it comes with, which is very comfortable. I adjusted the seat tube length to a suitable size so that I can be in a comfortable sitting position. The soft cushion doesn’t bother my butt, and even in a bent position, it’s not as painful and sore as it was before.

Not only that but the angle at which the head tube is set up is surprisingly great. Since the 70° setting is the standard for city roads, riding on it is a very fun experience. It can maintain a comfortable angle even with one foot supporting the ground.

I can get in and out of the bike very easily on commuter roads. And whether it is the flexible steering or the close reach, all show the engineer’s attention to detail is very good.

Fitness Cycling

Perhaps one of the primary reasons you bought the Marin Kentfield 1 was for your daily commute as well as to satisfy your own aesthetic needs. Because it’s fun enough to complete a road trip from work to home.

But don’t forget, the Marin Kentfield 1 is also a real exercise bike. If you’re not happy with your body fat, try the Marin Kentfield 1 for superior performance.

High-quality aluminum frame, smooth and tight welded joints, compatible internal alignment, and race-like external performance. These advantages give the rider a great riding experience even on light and rough roads.

The immersive experience during my two-day experiment at Silver Star Bike Park also gave me further insight into the superior performance that the Marin Kentfield 1 delivers.


We chose a park hill that was not too steep, full of weeds and the usually scattered gravel. I thought it was a great way to measure Marin Kentfield 1.

During the rest of the ride, I went over hill after hill, and the rapid ascent and descent gave me a thrill like a roller coaster.

Of course, I have to admit that the 700c tires played an extremely important role in the ride. Its wide, knobby tires allowed me to cross one obstacle after another, and the semi-smooth tread pattern had great grip to keep the Marin Kentfield 1 moving at a steady, fast pace.

Meanwhile, the hybrid geometry configured in the Marin Kentfield 1 combines the upright position of a mountain bike with the efficient riding that the bike inside is known for. Even on the uphill sections, I didn’t feel like it took too much effort.

Not only that, but the 1×7 drivetrain provides stable and powerful traction for the Marin Kentfield 1. But the downside is that it has too few freewheels, which means not so wide a speed adjustment. Perhaps it would be better to add more freewheel teeth in the next version. Imagine if there were more adjustment gears, I would have more novelty in riding with more speed changes.

Of course, just for general path riding, such a configuration can fully meet my daily needs.

Main Features


2023 Marin Kentfield 1

In terms of colors, Marin Kentfield 1 is made in vintage colors, blue, black, and red. Perhaps try mixing colors as well, which may appeal to young people.

Moreover, in terms of frame, Marin Kentfield 1 is made of 1 series 6061 aluminum frame. It is not as bulky as you might think, as it has a better structure under high-quality aluminum material.

As for the fork, the Marin Kentfield 1 uses a stylish CrMo BMX-style fork. Unlike traditional forks, it has straight blades for a more aggressive look. In addition, the disc mount and the BMX dropouts are their special features.

The brakes with discs and racks can maintain a sensitive and fast braking ability during the ride. It will give you a satisfying riding experience even on rainy nights and snowy weather. At the same time, the 700c tires have great adhesion to the ground.


In terms of geometry, the Marin Kentfield 1 doesn’t seem to me to be as aggressive as a mountain bike, like a fierce lion. Instead, it is more like a docile sheep that can sing on flat roads.

Progressive geometry is the theme of Marin Kentfield 1. As a generation of modern vehicles, the retro-style paint and progressive geometry give it an unmistakable charm to move through the streets.

Besides, in terms of seat tube angle, 73.5° is probably the best angle for me. When traversing steep peaks, I can tilt my weight as far forward as possible, which will make my ascent much easier. It would keep me from falling backward halfway up the climb due to lack of power.

In the choice of BB center of gravity, Marin Kentfield 1 chose to remain a medium design with a size of 1130 mm that fits most people. Neither too short to lead to instability nor too long to lead to too slow acceleration.

Components and Specifications

Shimano Tourney 7-Speed Drivetrain

I have always had absolute confidence in Shimano products. This is the result of the security and efficient riding experience that Shimano has always given me in the past.

Some people may be worried that the 7-speed accessory specs may not seem to meet the expectations in mind for the riding experience they desire. But I would say that it certainly qualifies as a fitness bike.

Shimano gives it a smooth and unobstructed commute. Not only that, but even on gravel trails, it doesn’t have a great deal of shimmy. Maybe 7-speed is less, but it’s more than enough for your daily ride.

The most important point is that Shimano is extremely cost-effective. Before I met it, I would have spent a lot of money on brakes. But then I met Shimano Tourney, which gave me a lot of good riding atmosphere and also saved me a lot of money.

Gotta admit the tried and true Shimano checks out the right options for budget builds.

Steel Moto Blade Fork

The fork of the Marin Kentfield 1 is made of steel, which means it has absolute strength. You don’t have to worry about any damage due to bumps in the road during the ride.

The disc brakes are also designed at the beginning of the design to take into account the rugged roads encountered in fitness riding. Therefore, it will not cause physical fatigue due to the huge shake that the bumpy road will produce for the riders. Not only that, the disc brakes will rarely have mud problems due to the better environment, and the wear and tear can be lighter. Of course, this depends on the road conditions.

In addition, the shock structure balances traction and comfort, providing great shock absorption and giving the required pedaling efficiency. Even under rainy weather, it can save more energy to bring a more comfortable riding feeling.

Mechanical Disc Brake

2023 Marin Kentfield 1 Mechanical Disc Brake

The brake is also one of the essential components of every bike, it is a symbol of safety. Again, the Marin Kentfield 1 still doesn’t disappoint me.

The powerful mechanical disc brakes can perform quick emergencies in urgent and dangerous situations. It is extremely important to know such performance when driving on crowded Baker Street.

Also, mechanical disc brakes will have a much better price, and maintenance is very easy and convenient. If you are a price party, I believe Marin Kentfield 1’s powerful disc brakes will meet your daily needs.

Vee 700x40c Tires

The Vee tire seems to have been tailor-made for the Marin Kentfield 1, with a tread-filled surface that provides unparalleled friction. It is also extremely grippy, even on muddy roads. So you don’t have to worry about slippage.

Also, the 700x40c tires were our choice. Because I like this tire size, it gives me a great sense of security. On the way to the office, I will pedal with maximum efficiency, and leaving the people behind me is also the effect I expect. Luckily, the Vee tires meet my expectations.

If you are looking forward to a fast ride on the road, I believe the Marin Kentfield 1 will give you a different experience.

Other Versions Of Marin Kentfield 1

2023 Marin Kentfield 1 other version

To meet the diverse riding experience of cyclists, we have also measured other versions of the Marin Kentfield series, including the Marin Kentfield 2, to meet the multifaceted expectations of riders.

In terms of this, the Marin Kentfield 2 has a relatively large upgrade. 1×10 drivetrain adjustment has a wider range of speed adjustments than its predecessor. This is a boon for speedsters. This is a boon for speedsters, as there are better options for more rough and tumble roads.

The choice of tires, brakes, and forks is the same as the previous generation. So you can ride on the same roads as the Marin Kentfield 1 – comfortably. Even on long trips, you don’t feel tired, and you still have good fighting power on climbs and descents.

But compared to the Marin Kentfield 1, the Marin Kentfield 2 has a more expensive price tag. If you don’t mind the $769 price tag, maybe it can be your entry-level exercise bike.

What we like about it

  1. Beautiful vintage-looking style.
  2. The Shimano 1×7 speed configuration gives you a smooth shifting experience.
  3. A rigid fork gives the courage to conquer light gravel roads.
  4. The V-tyre is capable of going all the way on all mixed terrain.
  5. The upright seat mixes geometry enough to handle the upright position of a mountain bike with the path of a sidewalk bike.

What we don’t like about it

  1. Rarer color options.
  2. Heavier body.
  3. The range is too small for the speed adjustment range.


  1. What is the body mount of Marin Kentfield 1?

The Marin Kentfield 1’s body mounts are made of aluminum.

  • What is the price of Marin Kentfield 1?

The price of Marin Kentfield 1 is $599.

  • How many sizes of Marin Kentfield 1 are available?

Size Chart for Marin Kentfield 1

Rider height152cm – 164cm161cm – 174cm171cm – 182cm179cm – 188cm

Marin Kentfield 1 Specs


BikeMarin Kentfield 1
FrameSeries 1 City + Sport, 6061 Aluminum, 700C Wheels, Step Through Design, Fender and Rack Mounts
Colors: Gloss Black / Chrome; Gloss Copper / Mint
ForkSteel, Moto Blade, Disc Specific, Fender and Rack Eyelets
Bottom BracketSealed Cartridge Bearings, Square Taper
HeadsetFSA 888 Threadless
StemMarin Aluminum, 31.8mm Clamp
HandlebarMarin Alloy, 30mm Rise, 12˚ Backsweep
SaddleMarin Adventure Plush
SeatpostMarin Alloy, 27.2mm
PedalsCommute Platform
GripsMarin County
Rear DerailleurShimano Tourney 7-Speed
Front Derailleur
CrankForged Alloy Crank, Steel 38T Chainring, Ring Guard
ShiftersShimano Altus 7-Speed RapidFire
CassetteSunRace 7-Speed, 11-34T
ChainKMC Z8
BrakesMechanical Disc
Brake LeversAluminum Lever
RimsMarin Aluminum Double Wall, Disc Specific
Front HubForged Aluminum Alloy, 32H
Rear HubForged Aluminum Alloy, 32H
TiresVee Tire, GPVee, 700×40, Wire Bead, Flat Protection, Mixed Terrain Ready
Marin Kentfield 1

Comparison Table

BicyclesPrice DrivetrainTiresClick view
Schwinn Sierra$649Shimano EF41 EZ-FIRE, 21-speed27.5 x 1.95 “Click view
Marin Larkspur 1$949 MicroSHIFT Advent X 10-speed27.5×2.35″Click view
Marin Fairfax ST 1$599 Shimano Tourney, 7-Speed700Cx35cClick view
Cannondale Adventure 2$810 microSHIFT MS25, 7-speed650b Click view

Marin Kentfield 1 vs Schwinn Sierra

Schwinn Sierra

As a hardtail bike, the Schwinn Sierra has a relatively good price advantage of $649. As a hybrid bike with modest components and rim brakes, it is one of two models in the Sierra model line.

The Schwinn Sierra is not very bulky under the same aluminum body. In addition, the 10mm×135mm hook and claw base with interchangeable hangers make for a more comfortable ride.

Not only that, the 80mm fork can better absorb vibrations and eliminate the strain of your journey. Even in daily life, I could feel the Schwinn Sierra’s impressive damping ability. I didn’t feel the same soreness and pain as on other bikes. In terms of price, perhaps the difference between the Schwinn Sierra and the Marin Kentfield 1 isn’t that great. You can choose the one that suits you.

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Marin Kentfield 1 vs Marin Larkspur 1

Marin Larkspur 1

As a steel-frame fitness bike, the Marin Larkspur 1 comes with mid to high-end accessories at the lower end of the Larkspur model range. But the Marin Kentfield 1, still has a relatively high price gap.

Unlike the Marin Kentfield 1, the Marin Larkspur 1 is made of a rigid material. This means it has a heavier body weight and a more robust exterior construction. So you don’t have to worry about the body being damaged due to its fragility in mountainous areas.

Not only that but the Marin Larkspur 1 also has a smaller tire (650b). This means that you have extremely responsive steering on steep roads. If you are the kind of racer who prefers to overtake in corners, then I think the Marin Larkspur 1 will be able to meet your expectations.

Marin Kentfield 1 vs Marin Fairfax ST 1

2023 Marin Fairfax ST 1

The Marin Fairfax ST is a 700c aluminum-frame exercise bike with modest components and mechanical disc brakes at the low end of the Fairfax model range. It has the same price advantage as the Marin Kentfield 1 and is synonymous with “value for money”.

Like the Marin Larkspur 1, the Marin Fairfax ST 1 is made of steel for the frame. Not only is it strong, but it’s also easy to maintain. If you don’t want to spend too much effort on this, perhaps a rigid frame will meet your expectations.

Not only that, but the 3×7 gives it a clean sweep in terms of speed options. Its wider range of speeds also suggests that it can adapt to a more diverse range of surfaces. I prefer this configuration, because more speed adjustment can also meet my demanding needs for speed.

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Marin Kentfield 1 vs Cannondale Adventure 2

2022 Cannondale Adventure 2

The Cannondale Adventure 2 is priced at the lower end of the Adventure model line as a fitness bike. But even so, it still costs more than $200 more than the Marin Kentfield 1. In terms of frame, the Cannondale Adventure 2 is still of traditional aluminum construction. And the drivetrain is also a 1×7 configuration. This may not be good news for people who are looking for speed.

The choice of tires for the Cannondale Adventure 2 is still a small size (650b), which is perhaps the choice of many fitness bikes. This is because the overall weight of the bike can be reduced by reducing the size of the tires, thus achieving a balance. Also, compared to the Marin Kentfield 1, the Cannondale Adventure 2 opts for a lower BB center of gravity. This also means that you can maintain a stable driving speed during the ride, which greatly ensures safety during the ride.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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