Is Marin Larkspur 1 A Perfect Selection? – [Marin Larkspur 1 Review]

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Marin Larkspur 1 Review

  • Price: $869
  • Frame: Steel
  • Fork: Steel
  • Wheels: 650b Aluminum
  • Gear: 1×10

What we like about it: The handsome appearance is a joy to behold.

What we don’t like about it: The steel body is not friendly to some people who are looking for light weight.

Rating: (4.5/5)

Marin Larkspur 1
Marin Larkspur 1

Do you want a bike that looks smooth and comfortable? Do you want a bike that performs well for your fitness needs? I think the Marin Larkspur 1 might be the bike for you, with its Gloss Yellow / Red color scheme, smooth, straight geometry for the eyes, and versatile features. All of them make it a hot fitness bike.

Below, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, and specifications as well as other versions of the Marin Larkspur 1. And at the end of the review, we will also compare several best bike models. If you want to know more about bike reviews, don’t hesitate to follow us.

Riding Experience

When I first saw the Marin Larkspur 1 online, I was attracted to its appearance, and the bright yellow body was a big hit with me. So I got it and couldn’t wait to test its performance to see if it was as appealing as it looked. I made a hotel reservation on Skyscanner and headed out to the Charles River Bike Path in Boston, a 23-mile trail with several climbs and descents in addition to the boardwalk on the bridge, perfect for testing my fitness bike.

How does the Marin Larkspur 1 perform? Without further ado, read on with me!

Climbing and descending

The Marin Larkspur 1 is a fitness bike that uses upper mid-range microSHIFT Advent X components. I was attracted to its excellent geometric design even before I set out. Its gentle stack/reach ratio allowed me to maintain an upright position for riding, effectively reducing my fatigue. The longer wheelbase lowered the entire bike’s center of gravity during my ride, improving stability. When I experienced uphill, I found that its microSHIFT Advent X 1×10 drivetrain provided good climbing power, allowing me to finish the climb without much effort. And when I encountered downhill sections, the microSHIFT Advent X mechanical discs and Brake Levers included with Shifters provided me with a good braking experience, which secured my ride and allowed me to reach the finish line without any problems.


I wanted to try the Marin Larkspur 1 for my regular commute and was pleasantly surprised by the 27.5×2.35″ wheelset I found on my ride. The 600b rim diameter provided good grip and shock absorption on the road. The 2.35″ wide outer tire had a larger outer circumference, which increased rolling speed while maintaining stability. Even if gravel and sharp objects were on the road, I was not afraid of punctures. I have to mention that the Marin Larkspur 1 had a simple and clear design with straight handlebars, which was very light and easy for me to handle.

I love this bike both in terms of appearance and performance. If you want to review a bike, too, I recommend Charles River Bike Path because the scenery is beautiful. Of course, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use fitness bike for newbies, the Marin Larkspur 1 might be the right bike for you.


The Marin Larkspur 1 is a fitness bike with upper mid-range microSHIFT Advent X components. The Gloss Yellow / Red paint job gives it a bright and enthusiastic look, and the smooth, straight geometry satisfies the eye. Apart from that, the gentle geometry helps the rider maintain an upright riding position for enhanced riding comfort; the straight handlebar configuration is both simple and easy to maneuver. Of course, its external alignment design gives the bike a more rugged look, while the precise vein of the alignment facilitates maintenance.

The Marin Headlands 2 uses a 600bx2.35-inch wheelset. The 600b wheel diameter provides good grip and shock absorption on the road, and the 2.35-inch wide outer tires have a larger outer circumference, which enhances the rolling speed while ensuring stability. Puncture Protection, Mixed Terrain Ready technology significantly improves the wear resistance of the tires. Regarding the drivetrain, the microSHIFT Advent X 38T cassette, and SunRace 10-Speed, 11-51T flywheel bring a 1×10 speed drivetrain, enabling good climbing power on uphill and gravel roads. In addition, the microSHIFT Advent X’s mechanical disc brakes provide better braking, safeguarding your travel safety.

What do we like about it?

  • Handsome Appearance: Gloss Yellow / Red paint body makes it look very bright and enthusiastic, and the smooth straight line geometry satisfies people’s visual needs.
  • Excellent Geometric Design: The gentle stack/reach ratio meets the requirements of daily riding for comfort and allows the rider to maintain an upright riding position.
  • The Use of Flat Handlebars: The design of flat handlebars reduces the weight of the front end and increases the flexibility and maneuverability of the handlebars.
  • Powerful Drivetrain: microSHIFT Advent X’s 1×10 speed differential achieves good climbing power on both uphill and gravel roads.
  • Good Tire Configuration: 600b rim diameter provides good grip and shock absorption on the road, and the 2.35-inch wide outer tires have a larger outer circumference, which enhances the rolling speed while safeguarding stability.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The steel body is not friendly to some people who seek light weight.


  • Who is Marin Larkspur 1 for?

Daily commuter cyclists; people who like a drivetrain with good climbing power; people who like cycling for fitness; Novices.

  • What sizes does Marin Larkspur 1 come in?

The Marin Larkspur 1 is available in three sizes, so riders can choose according to their actual needs.

Rider heightSIZE
  • What other versions of the Marin Larkspur collection are available?

   Here we provide you with a version of the comparison. You does not necessarily have to follow this standard. To find the most suitable model, the best way is to test ride.

Marin Larkspur 1$869SteelSteelMechanical Disc1 × 10
Marin Larkspur 2$1,149SteelSteelHydraulic Disc1 × 11




 FrameSeries 2 Butted CrMo, 27.5″ Wheels, Mixte Low-Step, Integrated Headset, Disc Brake, Kickstand Mount, Fender and Rack Mounts
Color: Gloss Yellow / Red
ForkCrMo Steel, Curved Blade, Disc Specific, Fender and Rack Eyelets
Bottom BracketSealed Cartridge Bearings, Square Taper
HeadsetFSA Orbit CE No.8B
StemMarin Alloy, 31.8mm Clamp
HandlebarMarin Alloy Sweeper
SaddleMarin Adventure Plush
SeatpostMarin Alloy, 27.2mm
PedalsCommute Platform
GripsMarin County


Rear DerailleurmicroSHIFT Advent X 10-Speed Wide Range
Front Derailleur
CrankForged Alloy Crank, Steel Narrow Wide 38T Chainring
ShiftersmicroSHIFT Advent X 10-Speed
CassetteSunRace 10-Speed, 11-51T
ChainKMC X10
BrakesMechanical Disc
Brake LeversIncluded With Shifters


RimsMarin Aluminum Double Wall, 25mm Internal, Disc Specific
Front HubForged Aluminum Alloy, 32H
Rear HubForged Aluminum Alloy, 32H
TiresVee Tire Co. GPVee, 27.5×2.35″, Wire Bead, Puncture Protection, Mixed Terrain Ready

Comparison table

BicyclesClick to viewTiresDrivelineFrame materialComponents
Specialized Sirrus 1.0Click View700c Aluminum2 × 7AluminumAltus, Tourney, Shimano
Cannondale Quick 6Click View700c Aluminum3 × 7AluminummicroSHIFT
Scott Metrix 20Click View700c Aluminum2× 10AluminumTiagra, FSA, Shimano
CUBE SL ROAD C: 62 SLTClick View700c Aluminum2 × 11CarbonGRX 800, 105, Shimano

Marin Larkspur 1 vs Specialized Sirrus 1.0

2023 Specialized Sirrus 1.0
Specialized Sirrus 1.0

In terms of the braking system, the Specialized Sirrus 1.0 uses Shimano rim brakes with V-brake, linear pull, while the Marin Larkspur 1 uses microSHIFT Advent X mechanical discs. The latter’s braking performance is better than the former’s.

Also, in terms of drivetrain, the 2×7 drivetrain of the Specialized Sirrus 1.0 has a broader range of speeds, and the 2x front discs are fast and advantageous on flat downhill roads. In comparison, the Marin Larkspur 1’s microSHIFT Advent X 1×10 drivetrain has better climbing power. It can improve riding results on roads with large uphill ranges and long grades.

So which bike to buy depends mainly on which surface you usually ride most. If you ride a lot on the flat, the Marin Larkspur 1 drivetrain will give you a better speed advantage; if the road conditions are more complicated, consider the Specialized Sirrus 1.0.

Marin Larkspur 1 vs Cannondale Quick 6

2023 Cannondale Quick 6
Cannondale Quick 6

The Marin Larkspur 1 and the Cannondale Quick 6 are two fitness bikes with much in common. They both use a yellow-based color, with the Cannondale Quick 6’s Laguna Yellow having a more upbeat and bright visual effect, while the Marin Larkspur 1’s Gloss Yellow looks a little more crisp and clean. In addition, both bikes use microSHIFT components, but the Marin Larkspur 1’s microSHIFT Advent X components are comparatively better in quality.

I personally recommend the Marin Larkspur 1. First of all, the Marin Larkspur 1 uses microSHIFT Advent X mechanical discs, which provide better braking than the Cannondale Quick 6’s microSHIFT rim brakes. Secondly, the Marin Larkspur 1 has a hand shift on the brake lever, which helps brake more quickly and efficiently. It is also worth noting that the Marin Larkspur 1 uses Puncture Protection, Mixed Terrain Ready technology on the tires, which will be relatively more wear-resistant.

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Marin Larkspur 1 vs Scott Metrix 20

2023 Scott Metrix 20
Scott Metrix 20

I think these two cars have their own merits.

The Scott Metrix 20 is available in seven different sizes from XXS-XXL to meet the needs of all kinds of people. In addition, the aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork bring lightweight and good propulsion to the whole bike. The Shimano BR-UR300 hydraulic discs bring efficient and silky braking to the Scott Metrix 20. At the same time, the 700x40C large diameter and large perimeter wheelset can provide fast rolling power. It can also go over obstacles or potholes on the road.

Marin Larkspur 1 is equipped with fenders and racks of eyelets at the front fork for easy installation. The longer wheelbase makes the whole bike’s chassis tends to be stable and less prone to roll over during riding, which is very beneficial in complex terrain. In addition, in terms of the wheelset, the 650bx2.35” wheels provide a good grip and stability for riding on complex terrain without sacrificing speed.

Therefore, both cars are good choices.

Marin Larkspur 1 vs CUBE SL ROAD C: 62 SLT


The CUBE SL ROAD C: 62 SLT is a fitness bike with a carbon frame and fork that is light enough and thus provides a good riding experience. And the Shimano hydraulic discs make the braking operation smoother, especially on long descents. In addition, its 2×11 Shimano drivetrain has a wider range of speeds, making it more selective in terms of speed and climbing gears. Overall, the CUBE SL ROAD C: 62 SLT is a good quality bike, but the downside may be that it’s not very price-friendly.

In contrast, the Marin Larkspur 1 offers much better value for money. Suppose you’re looking for a fitness bike for daily commuting and weekend excursions. In that case, the overly complex and costly features may be useless or even redundant. The Marin Larkspur 1 is a very affordable option with mid-range microSHIFT Advent X components and Puncture Protection, Mixed Terrain Ready tires.

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These are our tests of the Marin Larkspur 1. The Marin Larkspur 1 is an attractive-looking exercise bike. The Gloss Yellow / Red color scheme is a real eye-catcher. The smooth linear geometry satisfies the eye, and the versatile configuration makes it a hot fitness bike.

In our opinion, the Marin Larkspur 1 is a bike worth buying. That’s why we give it a score of 4.5.

Of course, if you’re interested in exploring other fitness bikes, we have reviewed a variety of bikes at different price points that you might find interesting. Feel free to check out our other reviews as well.

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