Is Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 Worth Buying? [Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 Review]

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Giant XTC Advanced 29 3

  • Price: $2,350
  • Frame: Advanced-Grade Composite
  • Gears: 1×12
  • Tires: 29×2.25”

What we like about it: With large-diameter 29-inch wheels and a lightweight Advanced-Grade Composite frame, this responsive hardtail can take you over XC terrain.

What we don’t like about it: The single paint color option is too monotonous.

Rating: (4.7/5)

2022 Giant XTC Advanced 29 3

In the unique gravelly environment of this area, we wanted a ‘gravel’ machine. The Giant XTC Advanced 29 3’s lightweight Advanced-Grade Composite frame, wide range Shimano Deore, 1×12, XC Race Maxxis Recon Race tires, Let’s rejoice in its performance on gravel trails.

After a 3-month long review, this bike led us through loose gravel trails and accompanied us on our conquest of unmaintained two-track paths. Not only did I feel the bike’s abrasion resistance, but I also felt its superb steering traction and climbing ability on the ride.

Yes, I was right, the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 seems to dance on the gravel trails and simply has us hooked on its unique charm.

This page breaks down the features, specifications, components, and key features of Giant XTC Advanced 29 3.

If you would like to know more, please stay tuned to us.


Giant XTC Advanced 29 test

Generally speaking, a full-suspension bike will have more cushioning and better shock absorption in undulating and mounded terrain. The Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 excels on steep gravel climbs, whether a complete suspension bike or a regular Gravel bike.

Based on 29″ Maxxis Recon Race tires, with a steep seat tube angle (73.5°) and 100mm of RockShox fork travel, you’ll be able to ride with a smile on your face even on such rough terrain.

In addition, the SHIMANO Deore 1×12’s drivetrain and its dense gear ratio make it possible to face steep and long climbs without worrying about feeling unsustainable in the second half of the ride. On the climbs, you can swap the flywheel for a larger gear, which loses a little speed but allows you to get to the top with ease.

We noticed that the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 doesn’t have a dropper, so we were concerned that it might be a little lacking in shock absorption, but the Advanced-Grade Composite material also has some shock absorption. Still, on that extremely aggressive and high-impact terrain, it can be a little lacking.

All in all, for such a price, the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 shows its character. It can carry me to the top of the mountain to enjoy the sunset and allow me to enjoy more wonderful natural scenery on my riding trips.

General Riding

2022 Giant XTC Advanced 29 3

On the climbs, the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 shows itself off to full effect. Next, I join our reviewers in looking forward to the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3’s performance on gravel roads.

Until then, I always thought the Fat Tire was the best shredder, but the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 shattered my preconceptions. The Giant XTC Advanced 29 3’s large-bore Maxxis Recon Race 29×2.25 tires offer less rolling resistance in the face of flatter gravel trails and are well represented in acceleration. Not only that, but it crushes straight through even the looser gravel trails. Thanks to the fork design of the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3, I hardly felt any noticeable bumps.

2022 Giant XTC Advanced 29

In fact, during this review period, I rode it regularly for short cruises on the trails around the lake near where I live. I found that the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 was also very stable on the wet and muddy trails around the lake. Its braking prevented me from sliding forward uncontrollably due to fast-riding braking. As far as steep climbs and general riding go, the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 impressed me.

Main Features


As you know, the common frame material is aluminum, and then the more expensive one is carbon fiber. This Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 is made from Advanced-Grade Composite. To be honest, I didn’t know much about this advanced composite material before the review.

In this review, we learned that this material is lighter in weight, adds newer aerodynamic properties, and has the right balance of stiffness and compliance. In practice, I experienced the lively ride quality, explosive acceleration, and greater climbing efficiency it brings.

2022 Giant XTC Advanced 29 Frame

I like a clean and tidy frame and this bike fits my preferences perfectly. The clean and crisp internal alignment gives the whole frame a more generous and sharp appearance. I was definitely drawn to it on first impression.

In addition, the two water bottle mounting holes allow me to enjoy longer rides without having to worry about not being adequately hydrated.


The Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 is a professional XC bike, so its geometry is relatively aggressive as far as climbing ability is concerned. In addition, the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 uses a Giant Crest 34 RRL T100 15X110 fork, which is well cushioned and damped. The air spring configuration allows for an effective reduction in weight.

Not only that, but we measured the steep seat tube angle (73.5°) of the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3, which shifts my center of gravity forward. When I want to accelerate, I can bend forward to maintain a more aerodynamic position and maintain my speed. The right head tube angle (70°) gives me very responsive power both on climbs and descents.

In fact, when I measured the bike for comfort, the LG size Reach (45.3cm) was too long for me at 5’6”, which made me bend at the waist. So, readers, if you’re thinking of buying a bike, make sure you measure yourself and refer to the official bike size chart to avoid a dilemma like mine.

Components and Specifications

Shimano Deore, 1×12 Drivetrain

The Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 has a Shimano Deore, 1×12 drivetrain, which we feel is the most approachable Deore shifting system.

On my actual ride, the 1×12 shifting gave me new insight into the Deore kit. When facing continuous uphill climbs, I kept shifting in order to test the chain’s performance, but there were no dropped chains as I expected.

We found out through careful observation that this is due to its positive and negative tooth anti-drop technology, which makes the chain obey your commands even when facing large inclines.

However, you have to take good care of your bike. Even novices can easily master such a smooth and simple speed change.

In addition, the wide range of 1×12 shifting, whether for trail riding or fitness commuting it is sufficient. The Shimano Deore, 1×12 drivetrain of the Giant XTC Advanced 29, has been unanimously approved by us in one of our reviews.

Shimano BR-MT410, Hydraulic Brake

Giant XTC Brake

It is well known that hydraulic disc brakes are nowadays advanced, have more braking power, and do not damage the tires as easily as cable-pull brakes.

The Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 Shimano BR-MT410, with hydraulic braking, impressed us very much. It didn’t get rid of hydraulic braking because of the price. The braking performance of the Shimano BR-MT410 was evaluated over three days on winding, multi-turn terrain, steep drop gravel monorail, and wet, muddy country trails.

We were delighted with the performance of the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3, which has strong brakes in the face of changeable terrain. It can perform its braking task well, whether in a sharp stop or turn, or in a dangerous descent.

So I think at this price, the braking power of the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 is excellent and the simple handling is very easy for anyone.


2022 Giant XTC Advanced 29 Tires

To cut to the chase, among the components of a bicycle, the tire is absolutely vital. The tire touches the ground by the force of pedaling, propelling the tire forward under the action of reverse friction. The wear resistance of the tire is therefore one of the most important conditions for me to observe the performance of the tire.

The Giant XTC Advanced 29 3’s tire, the Maxxis Rekon Race, is a semi-smooth XC race tire with tread lugs that allow it to shake off smears of mud quickly, even when it’s stuck to the dirt. Not only that, but the integrated tubeless wheel system and tire offer greater efficiency, comfort, and control.

One might think that on smooth, flat roads, the 29×2.25 size might not be as fast as on an aggressive road bike, but there’s no denying that it has the grip and traction you’ll love.

Giant Crest Front Fork

Hardtail bikes are mostly used for racing or for adventure riding in rough terrain, where bumps can be very common, so shock forks are very important.

We can see that the 15 x 110 Giant Crest foIn addition to an air spring damping system, the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 of features 15 x 110 Giant Crest forks for a very responsive speed in bumpy conditions.

In addition, the Giant Crest fork has a remote locking setting that allows you to reduce wear and tear. When riding fast, locking the fork reduces pedaling wear and tear, thus increasing speed.

As we tackled the potholed country trails, the Giant Crest fork gave us enough cushioning and damping to keep us happy even when facing such bumpy terrain.

Other Versions Giant XTC Advanced 29 3

Giant XTC SLR 29
Giant XTC SLR 29 1

In this review, we tested the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 with its Advanced-Grade Composite frame, Giant Crest 34 fork, tires from Maxxis Recon Race, and other components. My first impression of this product was its affordability and smooth shifting.

To get a fuller picture of the range, we have found other versions of the Giant XT in the same range, a range of high, medium, and low-grade bikes, but all simply called Giant XTC, keeping the same frame geometry, or different bikes with different components fine-tuned.

This Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 has been given a change in paint color and it has some upgrades to the fork and brakes. If you want to know more about the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3, you can refer to our review.

What do we like about it?

  • Advanced-Grade Composite has a lighter frame material for increased aerodynamics.
  • Maxxis Rekon Race tires are suitable for more terrain and are highly resistant to wear.
  • The Giant Crest fork has plenty of shock absorption.
  • The wide enough and smooth Shimano Deore, 1×12 shifting system.
  • Stable braking in all conditions with the Shimano BR-MT410, hydraulic brake.

What don’t we like about it?

  • Some people think its fork is too low grade (you might not have that opinion if you actually experience it)
  • Single paint color is too monotonous.


  • What is the frame material of the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3?

The frame material of the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 is Advanced-Grade Composite.

  • What is the drivetrain of the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3?

The Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 has a Shimano Deore drivetrain, 1×12.

  • What is the maximum tire size of the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3?

The maximum tire size for the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 is 29×2.25.


SizesS, M, L, XL
ColorsBlack / Sapphire
FrameAdvanced-Grade Composite, 12x148mm thru-axle
ForkGiant Crest 34 RRL T100 15X110, remote lockout
HandlebarGiant Contact SL XC Flat, 780×31.8mm
GripsGiant XC Pro S:32mm, M:32mm, L:34mm, XL:34mm
StemGiant Contact S:60mm, M:70mm, L:80mm, XL:90mm
SeatpostGiant Connect, 30.9x400mm
SaddleGiant Approach
ShiftersShimano Deore, 1×12
Front DerailleurN/A
Rear DerailleurShimano Deore
BrakesShimano BR-MT410, hydraulic, Shimano RT-26 rotors [F]180mm, [R]160mm
Brake LeversShimano MT-401
CassetteShimano Deore, 11×51
ChainKMC X-12
CranksetPraxis Cadet M24, Boost, 32t
Bottom BracketPraxis, press fit
RimsGiant XCT 29” alloy, 25mm inner width
Hubsalloy, sealed bearing
TiresMaxxis Recon Race 29×2.25, foldable, TLR, EXO, tubeless
Extrastubeless prepared, 2.25″ max tire size, 38t max chainring size
WeightThe most accurate way to determine any bike’s weight is to have your local dealer weigh it for you. Many brands strive to list the lowest possible weight, but in reality weight can vary based on size, finish, hardware and accessories. All our bikes are designed for best-in-class weight and ride quality.

Comparison Table

Giant XTC SLR 29 2$1,5001×12Shimano BR-MT200, hydraulic disc29×2.25Click View
Trek Procaliber 9.5$2,449.991×12Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc Brakes29×2.40Click View
Framed Marquette Carbon – Mountain 29″$1,799.951×12SRAM Level T Hydraulic Disc29 x 2.35Click View
Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5$2,7001×12Shimano MT500 Hydraulic Disc Brake29×2.25Click View

Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 vs Giant XTC SLR 29 2

2022 Giant XTC SLR 29 2

We can see that both bikes are versions, but we can clearly see that the Giant XTC SLR 29 2 is made of ALUXX SLR aluminum, which is slightly bulkier than the carbon fiber of the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3. But that’s not to say that aluminum is bad, on the contrary, it’s very affordable. If I had to choose I would go for the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3.

The Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 has a relatively more professional tire set-up for the same size. The Giant XTC SLR 29 2, however, has the Maxxis Recon Race front and rear tires, which are relatively unconventional, although they do offer sufficient traction. Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 has two different tires, both of which offer great grip and traction.

If you need a carbon fiber bike that offers plenty of grip and traction, you can try the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3.

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Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 vs Trek Procaliber 9.5

2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5
Trek Procaliber 9.5

Both bikes are made of carbon fiber and we are looking at the price, the Trek Procaliber 9.5 is $99.99 more expensive than the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3. In all honesty, though, I think the Trek Procaliber 9.5’s OCLV’s carbon fiber will be stronger in terms of strength.

At the same time, both bikes have the same wide range of 1×12 gears. In terms of paint colors, both bikes are less selective. However, I think there is always something in here that you will like.

In terms of braking they both use hydraulic disc brakes and both use Shimano, and if I had to choose which is better I’d say they both have their strengths in different terrains, but there’s no doubt they’re both powerful brakes. If you want a bike you can choose according to your budget and your riding habits.

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Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 vs Framed Marquette Carbon 29″

Framed Marquette Carbon 29“
Framed Marquette Carbon 29″

The Framed Marquette Carbon – Mountain 29″ is also available in two paint colors and costs around $550.05 less than the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3. This Framed Marquette Carbon – Mountain 29″ bike is made from FRAMED carbon fiber with a high modulus.

With the FRAMED high modulus carbon frame, I personally found the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 to be lighter and easier to control in practice. However, this is also my personal experience.

Although both bikes use hydraulic discs, the Framed Marquette Carbon – Mountain 29″ has SRAM Level T discs with 2-piston calipers, which has some limitations compared to the Shimano BR-MT410.

Same 1×12 gearing, but different brands. In practice, however, I prefer the Shimano Deore, 1×12. To say which is better or worse, I can only say that it depends on your actual riding and what you really need.

Framed Marquette Carbon 29″ Review – Good Performer On Loose Sand

Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 vs Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5

Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5

Cannondale’s F-Si Carbon 5 uses BallisTec carbon fiber, making it light and enhancing speed and agility.

In addition, the bent areas and the directional carbon fiber stacks allow the rear triangle and seat tube to absorb shocks, which gives it better traction. Needless to say, the Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5 is a competent and excellent XC.

But it costs $350 more than the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3. The Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 is also carbon fiber and is comparable in terms of lightness and agility. In terms of braking, it can handle all kinds of terrain and maintain consistent braking.

So if your budget is around $2500 and you want a carbon fiber XC, you can try the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3, which will save you another $150.

You can use the $150 to make some changes to your Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 that you like and are suitable for you.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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