Is Giant Talon 3 Worth Buying? [Giant Talon 3 Review]

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Giant Talon 3 Review

  • Price: $799
  • Category: Hardtail Bike
  • Tires: 27.5″/ 29″
  • Drivetrain: 2×8

What we like about it: Excellent performance in an entry-level trail bike and the 2×8 drivetrain allows it to handle more varied terrain, giving you an enjoyable trail experience.

What we don’t like about it: The color of the paint is not very pretty.

Rating (4.6/5)

Giant Talon 3

As a well-known bike brand, Giant’s bikes have always been recognized by the majority of riders. And the Giant Talon 3 launched this time is one of the best entry-level hardtail trail bikes.

The outstanding geometry design coupled with the beautiful amber paint makes it get a lot of praise in appearance. Meanwhile, the use of an SR Suntour XCE fork with 80mm travel allows you to move forward steadily over bumps. Together with the 2×8 drivetrain, it is enough to face all kinds of complicated terrain. As Giant says, “It’s going to be a confident ride, perfect for riders who want to take their off-road skills to the next level.”

Next, let me introduce you to this hardtail trail bike in detail. I will start with its climbing, descending, main features, main components, and comparison with other versions.

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Giant Talon 3 Climbing

When I first got this bike, I was slightly concerned about its climbing performance. But after this field ride, it greatly dispelled my worries.

For this review, we chose a steeper trail. Some gravel was scattered on the ground, which made the climb more difficult for me, but the Giant Talon 3 gave me a good response.

As soon as I got on it, I could feel how light it was. Since the ALUXX grade aluminum frame gives it enough strength and is light enough in weight, it saved me a lot of energy when climbing.

The trip up the mountain is always tough, especially for our older crowd. This is where we have to say a word about the 2×8 drivetrain it comes with, with excellent responsiveness that allows it to adjust gears quickly. And it has enough shifting options when facing different gentle climbs, which greatly facilitates our climbing.

It’s worth mentioning that the saddle and grips are custom-made by Giant. The soft saddle makes me feel very comfortable while riding, and the grips have a good anti-slip effect, so I can control the front end securely.

We drove through lush woods, over gravel, and through dozens of curves before finally reaching the end. As I stopped to look out over the landscape, I was mesmerized by the natural beauty of the landscape. This is the unique enjoyment of riding, and it’s the same enjoyment that this Giant Talon 3 gives me.

Giant Talon 3 Descending

In this descent test, we were returning the same way we had been before. So the previous ramp became the pedal for my fast descent at this point, allowing me to leap through the woods at a rapid pace.

I was able to ride so recklessly thanks to the SR Suntour XCE fork that it comes with and the 100mm of travel that effectively absorbs vibrations from the ride. The excellent damping allowed me to ride smoothly when passing exposed tree roots on the ground and to stabilize the bike better during descents. Also, the proper 1137cm wheelbase makes this Giant Talon 3 more stable to ride.

It’s worth mentioning that this bike doesn’t have a dropper design. But you can upgrade it to suit your needs, which is certainly good news for some riders.

Since the second half of the road is very narrow, this makes the ride not only very test the rider’s skills but also has certain requirements for the braking performance of the bike.

Thankfully, we have Tektro HDC M275 brakes. This hydraulic disc brake setup gave me a great sense of security. I had several near-falls on descents and relied on the powerful braking to hold me steady. And the responsiveness allowed me to get through some sharp corners with peace of mind.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable ride, and the Giant Talon 3 may not be as good on the descent as those professional full-suspension bikes, but the experience I had with it was worthy of praise.

Main Features

Frame Group

Giant Talon 3

In addition to the Giant Talon 3’s excellent performance, what attracted me most was its design. It uses an ALUXX-grade aluminum frame with a beautiful amber paint job, giving it a full metallic look.

Of course, in addition to this color, you can also choose from gray and black celluloid. In this regard, it learns from the Giant Talon 4 and has more color options.

At the same time, its seat tube and down tube are set up with water bottle mounting holes, for frequent outdoor riding riders, to be able to carry an extra bottle of pure water is still very necessary.

It is worth mentioning its internal alignment design, which looks cleaner in appearance and can effectively protect the cable line.


Everyone has their own opinion on geometric design, I can only say that there is no absolute standard geometry, only what suits you is the best. The geometric design of this Giant Talon 3 is satisfying to me.

The first thing that caught my eye was its 1137cm wheelbase, the right length to give me more stability when riding. And to solve the problem of turning to steer, Giant Talon 3 takes a 67.5° head tube angle. The second, steep enough head tube angle gives it a fast and responsive steering response and keeps you from flying over the bars during the descent.

Not only that, but the 74° seat tube angle puts your body in a proper aerodynamic position, which makes pedaling easier for me.

Components and Specifications

Tektro HDC M275 Brake

Giant Talon 3 Tektro HDC M275 Brake

For this brake option, the Giant Talon 3 uses Tektro HDC M275 hydraulic disc brakes. The open system and the addition of dual pistons give it further braking power. Also, this brake uses low-noise resin pads, which allow you to use it without making too much noise.

And it has good heat dissipation performance and still has excellent braking ability after high-intensity testing.

MicroSHIFT 2×8-speed Drivetrain System

Giant Talon 3 MicroSHIFT 2×8-speed Drivetrain System

With microSHIFT as the world’s fourth-ranked shifting brand, you can trust the configuration of its components. First and foremost is its quick response, with external shift cable wiring for low friction response, which allows you to shift smoothly. And a separate dedicated lift lever allows you to make precise shifts.

Also, the 2×8 shifting option allows you to face more different terrains and enhance your riding experience.

Suntour XCE28 Front Fork

The Giant Talon 3 uses the Suntour XCE28 fork as its fork of choice. This fork is available in 80mm and 100mm travel options, depending on the size you choose.

The fork made of aluminum alloy material has enough guarantee in quality and is light enough in weight compared with other forks of the same level.

At the same time in the shock absorption effect, it has excellent performance and can have full absorption of vibration so that your ride is more comfortable.

Other versions of Giant Talon

In the course of this test, to give you a more intuitive feeling, we have also reviewed other versions of Giant Talon, which we hope will be helpful to you.

Giant Talon 4

Other versions of Giant Talon

The Giant Talon 3 is a step up from the Giant Talon 4, which is the same series of Giant Talon bikes. Besides, the Giant Talon 3 has more gearing options, which allows you to tackle more terrain.

The Giant Talon has also made adjustments to its brakes, with the Giant Talon 4 using mechanical discs and the Giant Talon 3 using hydraulic discs. I still prefer the responsiveness of the hydraulic discs.

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What we like about it

  • Extremely cost-effective price.
  • ALUXX grade aluminum frame with excellent sturdiness.
  • Suntour XCE28 fork, effectively absorbing the vibration generated during the ride.
  • Tektro HDC M275 hydraulic disc brake with powerful braking capacity.

What we don’t like about it

  • The color of the bike paint is not very beautiful.


  • What are the tires on the Giant Talon 3?

The tires on the Giant Talon 3 are Kenda Booster tires.

  • What is the fork of the Giant Talon 3?

The fork of the Giant Talon 3 is the Suntour XCE28 fork.

  • What are the brakes on the Giant Talon 3?

The brakes on the Giant Talon 3 are Tektro HDC M275 hydraulic disc brakes.

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  • Giant Talon 3 size chart
Size  Rider height
XS 5’1″ – 5’6″
SM 5’4″ – 5’8″
MD 5’6″ – 5’11”
LG 5’9″ – 6’2″
XL 6’0″ – 6’4″

Giant Talon 3 Specs


Frame ALUXX-Grade Aluminum, disc Colors: Good Gray; Amber Glow; Black Chrome
Fork SR Suntour XCE, QR, steel steerer XS: 80mm travel (27.5) S: 80mm travel (27.5) / 100mm travel (29)
Rear Shock N/A
Bottom Bracket cartridge
Stem Giant Sport, 7-degree XS: 40mm (27.5) S: 50mm (27.5) / 50mm (29) M: 60mm (27.5) / 60mm travel (29) L: 70mm (27.5) / 70mm (29) XL: 80mm (29) XXL: 90mm (29)
Handlebar Giant Connect Trail, 31.8mm XS: 640mm (27.5) S: 640mm (27.5) / 780mm (29) M: 670mm (27.5) / 780mm travel (29) L: 780mm (27.5) / 780mm (29) XL: 780mm (29) XXL: 780mm (29)
Saddle Giant custom
Seatpost Giant Sport, 30.9 XS: 300mm (27.5) S: 300mm (27.5) / 375mm (29) M: 375mm (27.5) / 375mm travel (29) L: 375mm (27.5) / 375mm (29) XL: 375mm (29) XXL: 375mm (29)
Pedals MTB caged
Grips Giant Sole-O


Rear Derailleur Shimano Altus M310
Front Derailleur microSHIFT FD-M282
Crank Shimano FC-M315, 22/36 XS: 170mm (27.5) S: 170mm (27.5) / 170mm (29) M: 170mm (27.5) / 175mm travel (29) L: 175mm (27.5) / 175mm (29) XL: 175mm (29) XXL: 175mm (29)
Shifters microSHIFT, 2×8
Cassette Shimano Deore HG200, 12×32
Chain KMC 8.3
Brakes Tektro HDC M275, hydraulic, Tektro rotors [F]180mm, [R]160mm
Brake Levers Tektro HDC M275


Rims Giant GX03V 29 or 27.5, alloy, double wall, 21mm inner width
Spokes stainless, 14g
Front Hub alloy, sealed bearing
Rear Hub alloy, sealed bearing
Tires Kenda Booster 27.5 or 29×2.2″, wire bead


Comparison Table

Bicycles Price Drivetrain Brakes Tires Click view
Giant Talon 2 750 USD 1×9 Tektro HDC M275 hydraulic disc 27.5″ / 29″×2.2 Click View
Marin Bolinas Ridge 1 499 USD 3×7 Clark’s CMD-23 mechanical Disc  27.5″ / 29″×2.25 Click View
Scott Aspect 970 649 USD 3×7 Tektro SCM-02 mechanical disc 29″×2.4 Click View
Fuji Nevada 27.5 1.9 699 USD 3×7 Tektro M280 mechanical disc 27.5″ x 2.25 Click View

Giant Talon 3 vs Giant Talon 2

Giant Talon 2

As a hardtail bike in the same series as the Giant Talon 3, the Giant Talon 2 makes an upgrade in the fork, which uses a relatively better Suntour XCM fork. But I found that both felt similar to me on the actual ride, and both were equally good in terms of shock absorption.

It is worth mentioning that this time Giant Talon 2 has chosen a 1×9 system in the drivetrain. If you like to challenge more different terrain, then I think Giant Talon 3 may be more suitable for you.

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Giant Talon 3 vs Marin Bolinas Ridge 1

Marin Bolinas Ridge 1

To be honest, the Marin Bolinas Ridge 1 didn’t appeal to me, perhaps because its choice of paint doesn’t match my aesthetic. And I have to say that the cable is exposed, which makes it vulnerable to damage during daily riding.

Although it is only $499 in price, I would prefer to spend a little more to choose the better Giant Talon 3. Because if those cable wires are damaged, then it is still more trouble to repair, and then the repair price may be more than that.

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Giant Talon 3 vs Scott Aspect 970

Scott Aspect 970

Needless to say, during testing we found the Scott Aspect 970 to have a faster ride, perhaps due to its more aggressive geometry.

It has a lower Stack/Reach Ratio than the Giant Talon 3, which makes you bend more when riding, but again, it’s more aerodynamic. It also has a steeper head tube angle than the Giant Talon 3, and although it has more responsive steering, we still felt unstable when riding at speed.

If you’re a more aggressive rider, you might consider this Scott Aspect 970, but for the most entry-level rider, I think this Giant Talon 3 might be a better choice.

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Giant Talon 3 vs. Fuji Nevada 27.5 1.9

Fuji Nevada 27.5 1.9

Although both are hardtail trail bikes, the Giant Talon 3 has a 29″ more tire size than the Fuji Nevada 27.5 1.9, which can meet the needs of more people.

In terms of brake choice, the Giant Talon 3 uses Tektro HDC M275 hydraulic disc brakes, while the Fuji Nevada 27.5 1.9 uses Tektro M280 mechanical disc brakes. Although both are equally good in braking performance, they are lighter and have a better feel than mechanical discs.

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