Is the Scott Scale 940 A Great Value Hardtail Bike? [Scott Scale 940 Review]

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Scott Scale 940

  • Price: $2,299.99
  • Frame: scale 3 carbon
  • Gear: 112
  • Tire: 292.25”

What we like about it: Lightweight 29-inch carbon-fiber frame hardtail dirt bikes with high-end components that let us jump and run like a free fawn on a trail track.

What we don’t like about it: Some would argue that the lack of an eyedropper design would compromise its shock absorption.


Scott Scale 940 Red


What is the first thing you would consider about a dirt bike? Is it shock absorption, transmission, or braking? I can honestly say that the first thing I would look at is the price. I think it would be a bit of a scoundrel for you to discuss all aspects of its performance without the price. So at $2,299.99 for the Scott Scale 940, I wasn’t excited about the eye-opening performance of the Scott Scale 940 on unmaintained dual tracks and tracks and paths with lots of inevitable ruts and mud holes.

After a three-month review, my partner Mira and I took the Scott Scale 940 to the prestigious NorthStar Park in California.

Here we rode Scott Scale 940 up steep, unknown trails and enjoyed the thrill of NorthStar Park’s cycling trails. Not only did I experience the advantages of the lightweight body of the Scott Scale 940, but i also experienced the high performance of the Scott Scale 940 in the face of gravel and landslides, as well as the thrill of Northstar Park’s mountain trails. My partner Mira and I were absolutely hooked on this exciting riding experience.

Below we rode Scott Scale 940’s climbing performance, slide drop, key features, components and specs, and other versions.

Climbing Performance

Scott Scale 940 Sram NX - Granite Black 2022

I’m a variable rider, and my friend Mira is an avid trail rider, and we were surprisingly in agreement on this trip to California. We brought our star Scott Scale 940 to a North Star that is a favorite of many cyclists.
It’s no surprise that a bike with a full suspension may provide better shock absorption than a hard-tail bike on bumpy roads. But I have to admit that the Scott Scale 940 has the edge when it comes to climbing for the same price as a hardtail.

Double-track Roadway

At this time of the climbing trip, we found a slope in California that is not very big climbing double-track roadway, although the route of the slope is not too big around 45°(visual), it is up to 15 miles distance let me also have been some leg soft, not at the beginning of something bad not to mention its winding, and under its riding conditions, we had to take some basic precautions against it.

The special Schwalbe Rapid Rob 29*2.25” tires, based on the Scott Scale 940, and the steep seat tube Angle(73.6°)also allowed me to maintain a steady and comfortable speed in this terrain.

In addition, the SRAM NX Eagle 1*12 speed of the Scott Scale 940 doesn’t have to worry about pulling out on such long and winding terrain. Instead, I can adjust the speed to a labor-saving speed according to my condition.

The lack of dropper and rear shock absorbers made Mira a bit worried at first, but after the ride, Mira told me that it was a good thing we didn’t have these components, because otherwise, the shock absorbers would have made our climb more difficult. Yes, as you can see now, Mira and I made it to the finish without any problems, and thanks to the outstanding performance of the Scott Scale 940, we enjoyed another aspect of North Star Park.


The descent challenge we chose made it a little more difficult than climbing because the trail was heavily rutted, and not only did the loose and cause skidding, not to mention the potholes and curving corners. So we gave ourselves plenty of protection before we started.

Sure enough, the Scott Scale 940 did not disappoint. The off-roading headtube Angle(69.5°)allowed me to not only be more flexible in facing steering but also maintain some stability.

The addition, it must be mentioned that the Scale 3 Carbon frame of Scott Scale 940, with its lightweight frame, ensures the stable performance of braking and makes my control more sensitive. Moreover, in the face of a dirt pile, the lightweight body allows us to jump easily. The shock absorption effect of the front fork combined with Carbon fiber achieves the effect of 1+1 greater than 2. So that I can effectively reduce the vibration caused by jumping the jump. As Mira and I were talking about, this is a bike that climbs and descends.

But I also have to be honest, although the Scott Scale 940 is excellent, it’s a bit slim at only 2.25” wide, which I think is a bit of a handicap for beginners.

Main Features


Scott Scale 940 Frame

The Scott Scale 940 attracted me at first sight because of its flame-bike paint color. I liked its flame-like paint color. I liked the special paint process, and I also liked the design of the orange logo on the front of the head tube. Although the color is attractive, I still have some small suggestions that I wish we could have some colors.

What also caught my eye was the frame of Scale 3 Carbon, which is a little different from ordinary hardtail bikes. Scott’s engineers optimized the precise arrangement of different shapes of Carbon fibers in the whole frame during the frame design. This upgrade improved the rider’s comfort. Ensuring that the rider can absorb shock not only from the saddle but even standing on the pedals.

Does the upgrade just ensure that it’s comfortable? Not so. The Scott Scale 940’s excellent frame not only improves comfort, but its strength is unquestionable, and I ensured accurate and stable handling when ridding steep sections.

In addition, the Scott Scale 940 also made us feel very convenient because it would inevitably be stained with all kinds of dirt during the cycling process, which would make us have to clean it. The setting of internal wiring made our cleaning work more convenient.

In short, the frame design of the Scott Scale 940 is comfortable and scientific.


Comfortable and intimate geometry will make you love riding. The geometric design of the Scott Scale 940 may not appeal to you if you don’t ride it yourself.

First of all, we can see that the steep seat tube Angle of the Scott Scale 940(73.5°)makes me neither too far forward nor too far back in easier, but also allows me to maintain a comfortable riding position in the right position. Then the headtube Angle(69.5°)makes the steering response of the Scott Scale 940 faster, which makes the descent easier. Some people think that this headtube Angle may affect the stability, but my actual riding tells me that there is no such problem. The stability of the Scott Scale 940 is visible to the naked eye. The short front fork offset (84mm)also improved my stability.

In addition, the appropriate Reach(LG 443mm)of Scott Scale 940 allows me to lean forward and bend my arms slightly to alleviate fatigue when I’m feeling a bit tired. It also allows me to stretch my arms to keep my balance and ride freely.

Components and Specifications


The drivetrain has always been our focus, so it was a bit of a surprise to see the SRAM NX Eagle 1*12 drivetrain from the Scott Scale 940.

First of all, SRAM has always been a popular drivetrain on dirt bikes, and I’ve ridden most hardtail bikes with it, so the fact that the Scott Scale 940 has an SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain at this price point is a sign of Scott’s sincerity in hardtail bikes.

In addition, the 112 transmission range played a big role in our ride. When we climb into large teeth, although may not have thought so fast in speed, but save enough energy to us, let’s climb in the next half can try to sprint, 112 enough and wide speed range, let us fully realize wide speed range and the benefits of polybasic gear ratio.

In addition, I didn’t have to worry too much about losing the chain when changing gears,as the NX series uses signature SRAM technology, X-Actuation, and Type-3, which allows us to provide fast, seamless shifts while changing gears, quietly and stably enough.

With a smooth, buttery transmission and a wide range of speed options for a comfortable riding experience, the SRAM NX Eagle 1*12 transmission was one of my choices.

Shimano MT200 Disc Brake

As we all know, hydraulic disc brakes are excellent braking devices, not to mention the Shimano brand, which is one of the excellent manufacturers.

To cut the chase, the Shimano MT200 disc brake is a low-cost braking system. I was a bit of a skeptic, but with its versatile design, the MT200 is a versatile bike for MTB and even for tourists and urban areas. If you doubt the performance of its 2-piston calipers, I must tell you about my riding experience.

Review to ride on the trip, is rapidly downhill, I did not expect to the extent the ground wet after the rain, so there is some mistake, I have to start to brake, yes, you have no wrong, in the ground environment Shimano MT200 disc brake firmly let my wheel stops rotating, and when braking, I felt it was so soft and smooth.

Of course, there is a gap with the more advanced hydraulic disc brake, but at this more than adequate. And even for beginners, it is also a reliable and quiet brake.

Schwalbe Rapid Rob Tires

Schwalbe Rapid Rob Tires

Many know that tires are important to the experience of riding, so I take the choice of tires very seriously. This time the main character, Scott Scale 940 uses 29*2.25” Schwalbe Rapid Rob tires. My first impression of its slimmer width was that it might work better on asphalt, but when riding on bump gradients I found the grip to be commendable, while the tread pattern added a bit of fiction for a more stable climb. And the Schwalbe Rapid Rob provides a great deal of steering traction during sharp turns.

In addition, the special XC tread ensures low rolling resistance by keeping the weight low, which makes it easier to tread during the ride.

Other Versions Scott Scale

Scott Scale 925
Scott Scale 925

In this review, we gave a detailed review of the Scott Scale 940’s stripped-down SRAM NX Eagle1*12, lightweight sturdy carbon fiber frame, Shimano MT200 disc brake, and other components, I was impressed by the quality components of the Scott Scale 940 in this review.

To get a more complete picture of the Scott Scale 940, we searched for three other versions of the Scott Scale: Scott Scale 925, Scott Scale 965, and the Scott Scale 970.

In terms of price, these three models are different: the Scott Scale 925 is $2,799, the Scott Scale 965 is $1,799, and the Scott Scale 970 is $1,499.

The frame material 925 is made of carbon fiber, and Scott Scale 965 and Scott Scale 970 are made of aluminum, but it is understandable that the price of these two models is relatively low.

The Scott Scale 970 and Scott Scale 940 are almost the same in the transmission system, but the weight of the Scott Scale 970 is nearly 1.8ibs heavier than that of the Scott Scale 940. In the actual riding experience, the transmission of the Scott Scale 925 and Scott Scale 940 is not much different, but the weight of the Scott Scale 925 will be lighter and the experience will be better.

In terms of The Shock-absorbing front forks, we found no difference between the three models except for the Scott Scale 925. However, they all have a good shock-absorb ability when faced with bumps in actual riding.
In general, each of these Scott Scales has its advantages, but in terms of value for money and ride experience, I think the Scott Scale 940 appeals to me more.

What do we like about it?

  • SRAM NX Eagle 1*12 drivetrain allows for simple and smooth speed changes.
  • The affordable carbon fiber frame enables lighter and more advantageous jumps.
  • The flame-like color of the car paint is eye-catching.
  • Shimano MT200 disc brake works with MTB and is reliable even on rainy days.
  • The front fork can be locked for acceleration without loss of stampede efficiency.

What don’t we like about it?

  • Although flashy car paint colors are attractive, the options are too limited.
  • The lack of an eyedropper will lead some to conclude that it’s not shock-absorbing (which you probably wouldn’t have thought if you hadn’t ignored the carbon-fiber frame).

Scott Scale Specs

 Scott Scale 940 Scott Scale 980 Scott Scale 970 Scott Scale 965 Scott Scale 930
FrameScale 3 Carbon Scale Alloy 6061 Custom Butted Tubing Boost QR 5x141mm Scale Alloy 6061 Custom Butted Tubing Boost QR 5x141mm Scale Alloy 6061 Custom Butted Tubing Boost 12x148mm Scale 3 Carbon
ForkRockShox Judy Silver TK Solo Air 15x110mm QR axle Suntour X1 32 RL-R RockShox Judy Silver TK Solo Air 46mm offset RockShox Judy Silver TK Solo Air 15x110mm QR axleFOX 32 Float Rhythm Grip 3 3-Modes
StemSyncros FL2.0 6° Syncros Alloy 6061 oversized 31.8mm Syncros Alloy 6061 oversized 31.8mm Syncros Alloy 6061 oversized 31.8mm Syncros FL2.0 6°
HandlebarSyncros Alloy 6061 T shape Flat Syncros Alloy 6061 T shape Flat Syncros Alloy 6061 T shape FlatSyncros Alloy 6061 T shape Flat Syncros Fraser 2.0 / Alloy 6061 T shape Flat
ShiftersSRAM SX Eagle TriggerShimano Deore SL-M6100-R / Rapidfire PlusSRAM SX Eagle TriggerShimano Deore SL-M6100-R / Rapidfire PlusShimano Deore SL-M6100-R / Rapidfire Plus
BrakesShimano MT200 DiscShimano MT200 DiscShimano MT200 DiscShimano MT201 DiscShimano MT401 Disc
Front HubFormula CL-811 / 15x110mmFormula CL-51Formula CL-51Shimano HB-MT410-B CL / 15x110mmFormula CL-811 / 15x110mm
Rear HubFormula CL-3248 / 12x148mmShimano FH-MT401-B CL / QR 5x141mm / Micro SplineFormula CL-2241 / QR 5x141mmShimano FH-MT410-B CL / 12x148mm / Micro SplineShimano FH-MT410-B CL / 12x148mm / Micro Spline
TiresSchwalbe Rapid Rob 29×2.25″ / Active lineMaxxis Rekon Race / 2.25″ / 60TPIMaxxis Rekon Race / 2.25″ / 60TPIMaxxis Rekon Race / 2.25″ / 60TPISchwalbe Racing Ray 29×2.25″ / Preformance Folding / TLE Tubeless ready / Addix


  • Scott Scale 940 How much does it weigh?

Scott Scale 940 27.34Ibs.

  • What is the frame of the Scott Scale made of?

The frame of the Scott Scale940 is Scale 3 Carbon.

  • What size options are available for the Scott Scale 940?

The Scott Scale 940 comes in sizes S/M/L and XL.

  • What is the maximum tire size for the Scott Scale 940?

The maximum tire size for the Scott Scale 940 is 29*2.25”.

Comparison Table

Vitus Rapide 29 CRS Mountain$2,2731×1229 x 2.25’’ Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakesClick View
Ridley Ignite SLX – Shimano SLX 1x12sp$2,4781×1229x
Shimano SLX M7100 DB hydraulic disc brakeClick View
Giant XTC Advanced 29 3$2,3501×1229x
Shimano BR-MT410, hydraulic disc brakeClick View
Cannondale Scalpel HT Carbon 4$2,2251×1229x
Shimano MT500 hydraulic disc brakeClick View

Scott Scale 940 vs Vitus Rapide 29 CRS Montain Bike

2022 Vitus Rapide 29 CRS Mountain
Vitus Rapide 29 CRS Mountain

Although both bikes are made of carbon fiber frame, the Vitus Rapide 29 is 6.6Ibs lighter in weight.
It is 6.6Ibs lighter because it is made of Rapide ultra-light carbon fiber.

While lightweight is what I’m looking for, the Scott Scale 940’s smooth gearshift allows me to change speeds whenever I’m climbing or descending without having to worry about breaking chains.

But the front of the Vitus Rapide 29 can be locked instantly with OneLoc remote, which allows you to accelerate. Of course, the Scott Scale 940 also has locking features, so I think they’re on par when it comes to locking the front fork and reducing stampede efficiency losses.

In addition, in terms of geometry, I like the intimate geometric design of Scott Scale 940. Both its seat tube Angle and the proper setting of the head tube Angle make me feel more comfortable so that I can stretch my torso.

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Scott Scale 940 vs Ridley SLX

2022 Ridley Ignite SLX

The first time I stepped on the pedals of the Scott Scale 940 I felt the carbon fiber frame play a key role in the ride. We can see that the Ridley Ignite SLX 112sp also has a carbon fiber frame, and it has a very clever carbon fiber layup, and if you look closely at the frame shape of these two bikes. You may find that the frame range of Ridley Ignite SLX-Shimano SLX 112sp is relatively large, such a geometric design, in my opinion, will be more suitable for taller riders. But I have to say that the frame range design of the Scott Scale 940 is very good for me, so I would choose the Scott Scale 940 when it comes to close-fitting.

And while both have a 112 drivetrain, the Ridley Ignite SLX-Shimano SLX 112sp had a bit of worried about the risk of losing the chain when I changed speeds in rough terrain. Ridley Ignite SLX-Shimano SLX 1*12sp costs $178 more than the Scott Scale.

If you are a rider with a need for variable speed stability and are on a budget, my advice is to try the Scott Scale 940 first.

Scott Scale 940 vs Giant XTC Advanced29 3

2022 Giant XTC Advanced 29 3

Actually, my impression of the Giant Advanced 29 3 was decent, but the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 was decent, but have to say that I had a few complaints about the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 after my experience with the Scott Scale 940.

First of all, the Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 costs about $50 more than the Scott scale 940, but it uses a Shimano Deore 112, which is not to say that the experience is bad. But I would prefer the SRAM NX Eagle 112 drivetrain from the Scott Scale 940.

Also, both bikes have Shimano braking, and I was satisfied with their braking power. However, in terms of details, the Shimano MT200 disc brake will be relatively simple to install.

No matter which one you prefer, the one that is most suitable is the best, and you can choose according to your actual situation.

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Giant XTC Advanced 29 3 Review – Is This The XC You Want

Scott Scale 940 vs Cannondale Scalpel HT Carbon 4

2022 Cannondale Scalpel HT Carbon 4

It was the Cannondale Scalpel HT Carbon 4’s two car paint colors that attracted me at first, followed by its shock-absorbing front fork, the RockShox SID. The fact that the front fork is an ultra-light integrated design, which makes it very attractive to riders looking for lightweight racing, and that the vacuum tires are ready to go,I can’t complain about it at all.

That doesn’t mean the Scott Scale 940 is throwing in the towel, though. The Scott Scale 940 is the best at its price in terms of both its drivetrain and frame material, and it has brakes that can handle almost any surface in actual riding, and a special trend pattern that gives you a more stable ride. And in terms of shock absorption, the front fork of the Scott Scale 940 is not bad either, which kept me from being knocked out by bumps during my ride.
In addition, the remote control system of the Scott Scale 940 will make you enjoy great convenience.

Either the Scott Scale 940 or Cannondale Scalpel HT Carbon 4 is a good choice. My advice is to think clearly about what you value more and what you need.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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