How To Avoid Cycling Lower Back Pain?

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It is common to experience back pain while cycling. What is the cause of this?

Cycling back pain, including lower back pain from cycling, is relatively common in rider circles. There are many reasons for this problem.

As a cycling enthusiast and physical therapist, I hope you will find this article helpful in making your back cope with the stress of cycling more easily.

Causes of lower back pain from cycling-Cycling Lower Back Pain

Muscle groups in the core are too weak

The core muscles are primarily the rectus abdominis, the oblique abdominis, the lower back muscles, and the erector spinae.

The biggest cause of back pain is a weak core muscle group.

When you cycle, your back connects your shoulders and hips, which makes it a support point, thus making it weaker, which is why it tends to hurt.

Cycling Lower Back Pain

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