How To Pay Attention To Riding Sun Protection?

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It’s time to do a better job of sun protection, especially for female riders, so come along today and learn how to stay protected.


When it comes to sun protection for cyclists, I think I have some say in it, because of my long time love for cycling, I prefer to sweat outdoors, so I have some suggestions for Bike riding sun protection.

Sun protection for cyclists

Sunscreen selection

Before cycling, apply sunscreen. To begin with, you need to choose a sunscreen suitable for outdoor sports. A sunscreen with a sun protection index of at least SPF 30 and PA+++ is recommended. Usually, the protection time of sunscreen cream is SPF index multiplied by 15 minutes. At noon, when the sun is strong, you should use a sunscreen cream with SPF 30 or higher.

Cyclists sun screen-Recommended

I recommend 1 of my go-to sunscreens when riding, and it is EltaMD UV Sport Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 50, 3.0 oz.I think this is the best sunscreen for cyclists.

EltaMD UV 运动防晒霜,SPF 50,不油腻,矿物基氧化锌,抗水,3盎司,85克

The EltaMD UV Sport 50 contains 9% high particulate zinc oxide, which provides broad-spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays and prevents tanning. Wet skin can be applied directly to the product because it is sweatproof and waterproof. Suitable for outdoor swimming, running, golfing, skiing, and other outdoor activities. Fragrance-free, PARABEN-free preservative. Suitable for all skin types.

During the ride, you need a sunscreen that “absorbs oil”. By “oil-absorbing” I mean that zinc oxide has astringent, drying, and antibacterial properties. Elta MD is the leading sunscreen brand in the United States, and the Elta MD flagship store is ranked number one in the United States in terms of merchandise transaction growth.

We need to be alert to the skin damage caused by UV rays, 80% of skin aging problems originate from UV rays. Long-term UV damage can cause increasing facial dullness, roughness, and fine lines, sagging skin. Especially during our ride, strong sunlight will make our skin burns. Therefore, enhancing skin resistance is the key, and sun protection is the first step in skin care.


Apply to face and body skin 15-30 minutes before riding. It is recommended to reapply sunscreen lotion during ride rest stops!

After-Sun Repair

Every night before you go to bed, you can repair your face. A whitening, moisturizing, soothing, and calming type of mask is a great choice!

Our recommended mask-KOSE Clear Turn Essence Mask (Vitamin C) 30 times 2 pieces + free gift

KOSE extractable lazy mask, a box of 30 pieces. Rich in vitamin C extract. The mask contains theanine, which helps lock in lost moisture and alleviates dry skin. Glycerin has a moisture-absorbing effect that keeps the skin moisturized and nourished for a long time. Citric acid controls the pH range of the mask and can be used as an exfoliator for people with sensitive skin. Vitamin C has the effect of whitening and oxidation reduction, and promotes collagen production.


SPF – refers to the UV protection index, which represents the value of UV-B wave protection effect.

PA – is the benchmark of UV-A wave protection effect, PA value is divided into 3 stages and expressed by +, the more +, the better the protection effect.

Sun protection cycling equipment

Sun protection for bike riders-Cycling clothes

Cycling clothing or sleeve is best to fabric with anti-UV function, so that it can effectively resist the damage of UV rays on the skin. Secondly, it is also important to be quick drying and breathable.

As the summer is hot, many girls will wear short-sleeved cycling clothes, but the arms are easy to tan, how to do?

It does not matter! You can use sleeves or sunscreen small jacket to help you solve this problem!

Sun protection sleeve with icy ice silk fabric, can be highly efficient heat insulation, and ice-cool cooling. Highly elastic micro-pressure fabric, tightly wrapped arms, muscles, trim lines, shaping thinner. And the thickness of the fabric is only 0 25 mm, thin and soft without burden, more comfortable activities.

Best sun sleeves for cycling-Suggestion

Therefore, I think you need a professional ice silk sun protection sleeve with UV protection, long arm guards for summer riding. I recommend one to everyone: UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves with Thumb Hole for Men Women Youth, Cooling Sleeve to Cover Arm Tattoo, Mid-Compression. I don’t think you can take it off when you put it on.

Product Information:

DepartmentUnisex Adult
Date First Available ‎ September 2, 2020
Sort By ColorBlack/Dark Grey/Orange/Pink/White/ Navy Blue

Product Highlights:

  • Quick-drying fabric, breathable and cool, sweat-absorbing and quick-drying

The tightness of the fabric can absorb the sweat of the skin in time and spread it to the surrounding area in time, quickly evaporating. The micro-ventilating holes in the fabric continuously discharge water vapor to maintain wearing comfort. Moisture is absorbed and diffused to the surface of the fabric, whereupon the diffused moisture evaporates.

  • High elasticity and comfort

Professional functional icy fabric, soft and silky on the hand, and will not pilling after a long time of use. Do not restrain the hand to further modify the arm line. With a unique seamless weave technology, our stretch sleeves are sure to stay on your biceps without itching.

  • UPF 50+

High UV blocking rate technology material can effectively block UVB and UVA in different bands. Effectively resist the damage of different levels of sunlight on the skin. The premium soft fabrics can block out as high as 98% of harmful ultraviolet to avoid the sunburn, even sun spot. No more Sunscreen.

  • Anti-skid

Anti-slip rubber strip, strong grasp arm, outdoor activities to prevent slide.Anti-slip silicone gel is built on the top to increase the friction and stability with the skin and prevent the sleeve from slipping and shifting when moving.

  • More details

Not easy to fade and deform, very wear-resistant. Not easy to hook the ball.


1. Is this product endorsed by skin cancer fundation?

No but it is endorsed by the person making mo ney on them.

2. Do they protect against bruising? I get a lot of black and blue marks on my arms.

Yes, you could select the dark colors to protect against the bruising, including black, navy blue, dark grey and dark green.

3. Will they fit a 15″ bicep?

Yes, no problem.

4. Will it fit a 28″ bicep?

Sorry, this sleeve can only fit the bicep between 9 Inches to 15 Inches. You could also find more details about size guide on the second image, hope this helps you.

Customer reviews

1. From Sonny /Color: 2 Pairs:

Black + Dark Grey I drive all day long so my arms get Lots of sun damage all the time so I got these prevent that from happening and they are working great they are snug tight and definitely not drooping and I really like go on your thumb really nice And I got two pairs so that’s really nice bottom line I definitely recommend it

2. From wyatt /Color: 2 Pairs: Black + White

These have been working as a great alternative to sunscreen. They are actually pretty comfortable and it is easy to forget you are wearing them. Still holding up great after about 2 months of weekly use and washes in the washing machine. I am 5’7″ and this is how it looks on me.

3. From Autoxer /Color: 2 Pairs: White + Beige

The arm covers are comfortable. I had skin cancer treatments done and numerous bandages on my arms. The night of the treatment while asleep some of the bandages came off and that allowed blood to soil my bedding. I wanted something that would prevent the bandages from coming off during my sleep. These arm covers have worked perfectly. The stretch material has enough tension to keep the bandages in place without being uncomfortably tight.

Sun protection while biking


You can wear a mesh breathable glove to minimize the area that is exposed to the sun.


As straight as they are, they can be used with cycling shorts for easy disassembly and sun protection.

Of course you can also choose UV protection riding pants Oh, so your legs can not only comprehensive sun protection, but also save the trouble of choosing leg covers.


Cycling face sun protection, in addition to the use of sun screen, you can also use headband.Put it on your head to cover your face, to keep out dust and to prevent your neck and face from being exposed to the sun.

Cycling glasses

Cycling glasses need to be UV-protective. Strong sunlight is also very damaging to cyclists’ eyes, so wearing cycling glasses can block sunlight and block wind, and dust.

Replenish water

When riding, you must replenish enough water in time. You will sweat a lot during the ride, and your body will lose water in a large amount and fast, so you should replenish it in time. Adding appropriate electrolytes (such as edible salt) to your drinking water can reduce the possibility of heat cramps and avoid heat stroke.

Fruits against heat

The first category is the fruit rich in vitamin C, such as guava, kiwi, strawberries, sage fruit

The second category is rich in carotenoid fruits and vegetables, such as: carrots, papaya, cabbage, tomatoes, etc., which help antioxidants, and enhance skin resistance.

The third major category is soy products, soy products contain isoflavones is a kind of phytoestrogens, that also have the ability to antioxidants.

Overall, prioritizing sun protection while biking is essential for the well-being and long-term health of cyclists.

I hope the above content can help you.

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