How To Choose The Best Bike Rack For Your RV?

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Best Bike Rack For Your RV

Traveling in an RV is a lot of fun. But for cycling enthusiasts, the joy of traveling is greatly diminished if they can’t enjoy the ride while traveling outdoors.

If you are also planning to travel in an RV and want to experience the fun of riding on the road. If you are planning to travel with your RV and want to experience the fun of riding on the road, but you are frustrated with the inconvenience of carrying it, then you should not miss this article. All you need is a bike rack to transport your bike. But how to choose a suitable bike rack? There is a certain amount of learning here.

Why should I bring my bike with me on my trip?

Traveling in an RV is something to enjoy, and what role do bikes play here? When you see a bike path that’s perfect for riding, or you want to get closer to nature, or you just want to exercise on a whim.

At this time do you think, if only I had brought my bike with me?

If you already have an idea for this, then read on. We’ve compiled a good list of ways to load your bike in your RV below.

What factors do you need to consider?

Trying to install a bike rack on an RV is not as simple as installing a rack on other models.

Approved by RV

First, you need to consider whether the bike rack is RV-approved. To be RV-approved you need the rack to be stable enough and designed with standard dimensions and weight. The purpose of these requirements is not only to better protect the bike but also to protect your RV.

Number of bicycles

Secondly, you need to think about the number of bikes you need to carry. This is because the carrying capacity of the bike is also one of the important factors that you need to refer to when buying a rack. Although some bike racks support expansion, that is not convenient or easy. So I still suggest you think about your needs at the beginning.

How much is your budget?

Another important point is how much budget you have.

There is no doubt that the higher the budget the higher the quality will be. Although there are times when a good product can be of high quality at an excellent price, this is not often the case. “You get what you pay for” is the norm.

But that doesn’t mean that a lower-priced bike rack isn’t worth buying. If you don’t use it much or if you are just a novice in cycling, then a bike rack with a good price is a good choice.

Your bike weight

About the weight of the bicycle. If the bike you are going to carry is an electric bike or other heavier bike, then you must make sure when you buy a bike rack that you are buying a bike rack with a load-bearing weight of how much. If you can, it is best to choose a bike rack that has a carrying capacity that far exceeds the weight of the bike. Such a choice will undoubtedly provide great help in terms of safety performance.

Whether it is easy to carry and loading and unload

Light enough and easy to install is a must-have feature of a bike rack. Imagine if your bike rack has a heavy weight and is too large for storage. Then you will inevitably feel annoyed when loading and unloading the bike rack.

Which bike racks can you choose from?

Although many bike racks on the market are not suitable for RVs, this does not mean that RVs are necessarily limited in their choice of bike racks. Quite the contrary, RVs have bike racks available for RVs, and the range of options available to you is not small.

Towable RV Bike Rack

Trailer bike racks are the most popular racks on the market with their unique ease of loading and unloading bikes, and the racks are equally easy to install. Although suspension racks are highly compatible, you still need to check whether it is an RV-specific rack and whether it is RV-approved when selecting one.

Ladder-type RV Bike Rack

This type of bike rack is exclusive to RVs because it is secured by mounting the rack directly to the RV’s ladder. But before you do that you need to consider whether your RV is equipped with a ladder and whether your ladder can withstand the weight of the bike rack plus the bike.

But according to what we know, ladder-style bike racks do not perform well in use. So if you want to choose this kind of rack, you must decide after careful consideration.

Front-mounted RV Bike Rack

Although front-mounted bike racks do not represent a large percentage of the market. But to some extent, front-mounted bike racks are the only option for some consumers.

When you have placed too much stuff at the rear of your car and there is no more place where you can install a bike rack. Then, in this case, the front bike rack becomes your best choice.

Bumper-type RV Bike Rack

This type of bike rack does not require the use of hooks because it is mounted directly to the bumper of your RV. But as with ladder bike racks, you have to make sure your bumper is strong enough and can carry a lot of weight to ensure safe travel.

But this rack has one good advantage. That is, it has a low mounting position, which has minimal impact on the driving view.

Recommended Bike Racks To Buy

After many comparisons, we have summarized the seven most popular racks for RVs.

Recommended Purchase List (in no particular order)

If you want to learn more about the features of each product, then please continue to scroll down. We have detailed feature descriptions for each product.

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1. Swagman TRAVELER XC2 ($200.42)

  • Type: Platform type
  • Whether approved by RV: Yes
  • Number of bicycles that can be carried: 2
  • Rack weight: 36 lbs
  • Single bike load weight: 35 lbs

Swagman’s TRAVELER XC2 rack is marked as RV-approved. This also means that the TRAVELER XC2 has a compliant level of ruggedness and a rack weight that is not overly heavy.

And the Swagman TRAVELER XC2 has an easy enough installation that even a single person can complete the installation without any problems. The padded hooks on the rack arms not only hold the bike firmly in the rack but also protect it from wear and tear during transport.

In addition, the Swagman TRAVELER XC2’s adjustable rack design allows it to accommodate bikes with different wheelbases. This also greatly enhances the compatibility of the Swagman TRAVELER XC2.

But the Swagman TRAVELER XC2 itself does not provide a bike padlock, you need to buy it separately to prevent bike theft.

Commodity Links: Swagman TRAVELER XC2

2. RV compatible bike rack——Fiamma Carry-Bike PRO ($450)

Fiamma Carry-Bike PRO
  • Type: Platform type
  • Whether approved by RV: Yes
  • Number of bicycles that can be carried: 2/4
  • Single bike load weight: 33 lbs

The Fiamma Carry-Bike PRO is flexible yet robust enough to be easy to install and compatible with a wide range of bikes. The two sliding Rail Quick configurations allow it to accommodate almost any bike on the market.

And it is also equally RV compliant. It is highly recommended by industry experts as the strongest bike rack on the market. This is a testament to the superior quality of the Fiamma Carry-Bike PRO.

The superior performance also makes it have a high price. But if you have enough budget, then this rack will be your best choice.

Commodity Links: Fiamma Carry-Bike PRO

3. Quick Products QPRBM2R ($73.09)

Quick Products QPRBM2R
  • Type: Bumper type
  • Whether approved by RV: Yes
  • Number of bicycles that can be carried: 2
  • Single bike load weight: 30 lbs

The Quick Products QPRBM2R offers a great price and easy installation. The slotted tire grooves hold each bike securely, while the stabilizer post helps support and secure the bike to ensure stability during transport. It can be used for a long time even if it is exposed to wind and rain all year round.

However, the Quick Products QPRBM2R does not have a high load capacity, and it has no way to carry heavier-weight bikes such as fat bikes or e-bikes. And you must make sure your bumper is strong enough and has sufficient load capacity before installing it. This is to ensure that no accidents will occur during transportation.

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4. Futura GP ($599.99)

Futura GP
  • Type: rear towing type
  • Whether approved by RV: Yes
  • Number of bicycles that can be carried: 2
  • Rack weight: 44 lbs
  • Single bike load weight: 40 lbs

Futura GP is a rear towable bike rack, which has the characteristics of easy loading and unloading of bikes and stable transportation. But it also has a high price.

In terms of rack material, Futura GP chose an aluminum rack. This helps to reduce the weight of the rack and provide sturdiness while having a beautiful appearance. The soft mechanical arms hold the bike in place so that it does not shake during transport and thus avoid cuts between the bike and the caravan.

And the rack comes with a bike hook lock, you not only do not need to buy a separate hook lock and can also not worry about the risk of bike theft.

Not only that, the Futura GP has a high carrying capacity and can be transported by most vehicles on the market. You can also fold it up for storage when you don’t need to use it.

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5. Thule Range ($449.95)

Thule Range
  • Type: Suspension
  • Whether approved by RV: Yes
  • Number of bicycles that can be carried: 4
  • Rack weight: 36 lbs
  • Single bicycle load weight: 37.5 lbs

Thule, a long-standing brand in the bike rack market, has launched Range with its usual superior quality and high price.

The Thule Range can carry up to four bicycles at the same time, which makes it easy for families or groups to travel, and it has excellent stability and anti-sway devices to keep the bicycles safe during transport.

The rack comes with an integrated cable lock, so you don’t have to go out and buy it separately. And the Thule Range has a great range of compatibility, so you don’t have to worry about your bike not being able to be accommodated.

When you don’t need to use it, you can also easily fold the bike arm to achieve the purpose of saving space.

Commodity Links: Thule Range

6. Best rv bike racks——1UP 2″ SUPER DUTY HITCH ($730)

  • Type: Platform
  • Whether approved by RV: Yes
  • Number of bicycles: 2
  • Rack weight: 47 lbs
  • Single bike load weight: 75 lbs

1UP 2″ SUPER DUTY HITCH has a high price, but at the same time, it has an absolutely wide range of compatibility. Its compatibility range can reach 16″- 29″ and its weight capacity is even stronger, up to 75 lbs. This means that it can accommodate almost any bike on the market.

The 1UP 2″ SUPER DUTY HITCH is also compatible with a wide range of vehicles, not only touring cars but also off-road vehicles. Therefore, it has a built-in anti-sway system, so the 1UP 2″ SUPER DUTY HITCH is very stable. At the same time, its mechanical arm can hold the tire firmly but does not touch the rack. So you don’t have to worry about it causing damage to the rack. When you don’t need to use the rack, you can put it in the toolbox that comes with the bike for easier storage.

The downside is that the 1UP 2″ SUPER DUTY requires separate purchases of standard and overload add-ons.

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7. Surco 501BR ($105.99)

Surco 501BR
  • Type: Ladder
  • Whether approved by RV: Yes
  • Number of bicycles that can be carried: 2
  • Rack weight: 3 lbs
  • Single bike load weight: 35 lbs (approx.)

Surco 501BR, a ladder bike rack, has an ultra-light frame weight and easy installation based on RV approval, and it also has a more excellent price.

There is some controversy regarding the load-bearing capacity of Surco 501BR. This is because the product does not indicate its load-bearing capacity. What is known, however, is that the Surco 501BR has a single bike load capacity of about 35 pounds.

Also, the Surco 501BR is only for 1″ ladders. Make sure your RV ladder is up to spec and make sure your ladder is strong enough.

Commodity Links: Surco 501BR

I believe that everyone who loves riding and life can’t refuse a leisurely outdoor ride. If you don’t know how to choose a bike rack for your RV before this, then I hope you can have some ideas and thoughts after reading this article.

Finally, thank you for reading this. May you be able to enjoy your ride with all your heart and soul.In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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