Top 8 Best Enduro Bikes Under $4000 [2023]

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We’ve selected the Top 8 Best Enduro Bikes Under $4000 from over 156 road bikes.

With prices under $4000, there are many quality bikes on the market for you to choose from. Have you ever dreamed of riding on an enduro track? But you can’t find the right enduro bike for you? Don’t worry, we’ve tested exciting enduro bikes under $4000 for you.

Here, we list the following 8 best enduro bikes under $4000 that performed outstandingly well. We will tell you which ones are good and which ones should be avoided. If you want to know more, welcome to follow us and we will keep updating.

Enduro Bike Comparison Table

2022 Trek Slash 7 $3829170mm(front) 160mm(rear)29″1×12Aluminum
2023 Canyon Torque 27.5 AL 5 $3299180mm(front) 175mm(rear)27.5″1×12Aluminum
2023 Giant Reign 2 $3600170mm(front) 160mm(rear)27.5″1×12Aluminum
2023 Marin Alpine Trail Carbon 1 $3599160mm(front) 150mm(rear)29″1×12Carbon
2023 Canyon Spectral 27.5 AL 6 $3299160mm(front) 150mm(rear)27.5″1×12Aluminum
2022 Specialized Status 160 $3000160mm(front) 160mm(rear)27.5″ / 29″1×12Aluminum
2022 YT Industries Capra CORE 2 29 $3399170mm(front) 165mm(rear)29″1×12Aluminum
2022 GT Force Sport$3025160mm(front) 150mm(rear)29″1×11Aluminum

1. 2022 Trek Slash 7

Top 8 Best Enduro Bikes Under $4000 - Trek Slash 7

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