Top 10 Best Electric Scooters [2023] – Replacing Your Feet

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We’ve selected 10 best electric scooters for your reference.

Electric scooters, these miniature mobility machines with electric motors and simple controls, are becoming increasingly popular as a means of getting around for short distances. It is the perfect solution for the last mile (subway or bus home). Fast, small, and flexible, they can transport you home quickly. And you won’t have to carry and sweat like a bicycle, you can easily go upstairs, under a table, or in a closet.

I also really like this kind of transportation. Going through all the latest scooters, we found 15 of the best electric scooters for you from there. If you’re older or need more stability, you can read this article.

I believe you want to get an awesome electric scooter, and in the second half of the article, we have listed common selection questions for you that may help you answer. If you like our article, welcome to follow our website, we will launch more questions you are interested in subsequently.

2023 Best Electric Scooters List

  1. NIU KQi3 Pro ($799)
  2. TurboAnt M10 ($359.98)
  3. TurboAnt V8 ($649.98)
  4. Segway Ninebot Max ( $899.99)
  5. Segway Ninebot F30 ($498.99)
  6. Unagi Model One ($590)
  7. Razor E100 ($187.99)
  8. GoTrax XR Ultra ($449)
  9. GoTrax GLX V2 ($389.99)
  10. Apollo City ($1399)

1. NIU KQi3 Pro ($799)

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