Is Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph Worth Buying? – [Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph Review]

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Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph Review

  • Price: $4,099
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: 700x45C
  • Gear: 1 x 12
  • Battery: MAHLE 248Wh

What We Like:

  • There are 5 paint color options, and I love the Morandi color palette.
  • Many people might not even realize it’s an electric bike based on its appearance. Even with the electric assist turned off, you can easily ride it around the city.

What We Don’t Like:

  • You can’t remove the battery for charging; you have to bring the whole bike indoors to charge.
  • The torque isn’t high, which may suffice for flat city roads, but steep inclines might pose a challenge.

Rating: (4.78/5)

Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph
Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph

I must say, I love every paint finish option for the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph! Whether it’s black, blue, or green, they all exude a gentle, city-commuter-friendly vibe.

Of course, it’s not just about the colors; the performance of the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph is also outstanding. Equipped with the Shimano XT M8100 1×12 drivetrain and Mahle motor hub X35 Plus Motor, it’s a solid choice for both those seeking speed and those who appreciate motor assistance.

In the following sections, we’ll analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph. In the latter part of this article, we’ll also compare it to several other top bicycle models. If you want to learn more about bicycle reviews, you can follow us.

Riding Experience

New York is where I spend most of my time; I work in the city, and my commute alternates between cycling and driving, depending on my needs.

So when I laid eyes on the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph electric bike, I felt it could offer a unique experience for urban riders. My commuting route involves a web of streets, and heavy foot traffic, as it’s in the heart of the business district. Moreover, everyone has their own commute style, making it a true test for any bicycle.

Commute Cycling

My first thought when I got this bike: this is electric? It doesn’t feel bulky, and the overall frame doesn’t appear as robust as some electric bikes, giving it a relatively sleek look. However, as I began pedaling and activated its Mahle X35 Plus motor, I could feel its power. The appropriate assistance from the Mahle X35 Plus motor allowed me to navigate crowded areas quickly and effortlessly. I appreciated this agility.

As I ventured into the bustling city traffic, the Magura MT5 E-STOP hydraulic disc brakes ensured every brake was smooth and precise. Whether it was hard braking at red lights or quick maneuvers at intersections, this brake system provided confidence and security every time I squeezed the brake lever.

City roads are far from uniform. When transitioning from flat terrain to inclines, I adjusted the gear ratios using the Sun Race CSMZ80 12-speed drivetrain to find the optimal speed for my ride. And thanks to the Shimano XT M8100 SGS front derailleur with Shadow Plus technology, I didn’t have to worry about chain slapping or noise during my ride.

I must say, I’m quite satisfied! Throughout my commute, whether it’s the convenience or the performance, the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph offers enough to entice city commuters to give it a try.

Is that all?

I’ve been using the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph for three weeks now, and I have to admit that I like it. However, the 248Wh battery capacity isn’t very large (because I enjoy riding it around), and I need to charge it every 3 to 4 days. Plus, since the battery is integrated into the frame, every charging session requires bringing the bike indoors, which I find a bit inconvenient.

Although its display screen is relatively simple, it provides the necessary information, and I find it sufficient.

Furthermore, the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph comes with a comfortable Brooks Cambium C15 saddle that provides me with satisfactory comfort during long rides.

In summary, the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph electric bike stands out in this vibrant city. Its lightweight, agility, powerful brakes, and assist system allow me to navigate New York City with greater freedom. However, I’ve also noticed the actual battery range during city rides, and it’s fully capable of meeting my various needs in this city. Whether in the bustling streets of Manhattan or the scenic neighborhoods of Brooklyn, this bike has become my ideal companion for exploring New York.


The Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph features an aluminum frame paired with a carbon fiber fork, making it relatively lightweight. This is particularly helpful for frequent stops and starts in the city. Additionally, its ICR cable routing gives the whole bike a clean look, which is great for minimalists like me.

Not only that, but both the Sun Race CSMZ80 12-speed drivetrain it’s equipped with and the Magura MT5 E-STOP hydraulic disc brakes have performed excellently throughout my entire ride. The Sun Race CSMZ80 12-speed drivetrain offers precise and flexible shifting, easily handling flat roads and some mild inclines. However, I must mention that it faces some challenges on particularly steep climbs, requiring more effort.

Despite its relatively small Mahle battery capacity, I’m satisfied with its performance for city riding. However, for longer rides or users requiring extended range, charging on the go may be necessary.

One aspect I appreciate is the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph’s Orbea Vibe rear rack, which has a maximum load capacity of 15kg. It’s compatible with the Carrier side bag, which means I no longer have to worry about where to put the things I like to carry with me.

Overall, the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph is a competent and even excellent city electric bike with many satisfying advantages in design and performance. While there may be room for improvement in some aspects, it has left me with a positive impression. I believe it’s a city electric bike worth trying out.


What do we like about it?

  • More paint color options, and each one is appealing.
  • Outstanding drivetrain and braking systems.
  • Abundance of accessories, such as a rear rack, CURANA Apollo 55mm fenders, front and rear lights, etc.
  • Clean and tidy ICR cable routing.
  • Relatively lightweight frame.

What don’t we like about it?

  • For users who require extended electric assistance, the battery capacity may be insufficient.
  • Inconvenient charging due to the integrated battery in the frame.


  • How fast is the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph?

It can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

  • What is the weight of this bike?

We didn’t conduct a specific weight measurement, but based on our riding tests, it feels quite lightweight and agile. I’d estimate it’s around 35 lbs.

  • What size options are available for this bike?

Size chart information is provided below.

Rider heightSIZE
4’11” – 5’6″SM
5’4″ – 6’0″MD
5’10” – 6’6″LG
6’4″ – 6’9″XL



FrameOrbea Vibe Top Bar Hydro 6061 Hydroform Aluminum 2021, ICR cable routing, Forged BB, 135×9 QR, Flat Mount disc, 700×45 maximun tire, 1″ 1/2 semi head set. 41×86,5 Pressfit BB, carrier and fenders compatibleBB Standard: BB86/BB92, 86mm, Press FitColors: Metallic Night Black (Gloss); Blue (Gloss); Metallic Dark Red (Gloss); Urban Green (Gloss); Light Green (Gloss)
ForkOrbea Vibe carbon fork, full carbon, 1-1/5, 700×45 maximun tire, flat mount disc mount, Thrue Axle12x100mm, Long mudguards compatible.
Bottom BracketBB86/BB92, 86mm, press-fit
HeadsetAcros Alloy 1-1/2″ Internal Cable Routing
StemOC1 31.8mm interface -6º
HandlebarAlloy 31.8mm 12mm Rise 700mm
SaddleBrooks Cambium C15 283×140
SeatpostAlloy 27.2 Offset 20
PedalsVP-537 Black
GripsBrooks Comfort Cambium 130mm


Rear DerailleurShimano XT M8100 SGS Shadow Plus
CrankOC 42t, w/Chainguard
ShiftersShimano Deore M6100
CassetteSun Race CSMZ80 11-51t 12-Speed Metalic E-bike
ChainKMC X12
BrakesMagura MT5 E-STOP Hydraulic Disc Easy Route Connection


RimsReady GR
TiresKenda K1052 700x45C Reflective type TLR

Electric Components

MotorMahle motor hub X35 Plus 20mph
BatteryMahle 36V/6.9A 248Wh ANT+
RemoteMahle iWoc TRIO
ChargerMahle X35

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick viewTiresDrivetrainFrame MaterialGroupsetBattery
Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 Click View650Bx2.31 × 11AluminumSRAM GX710Wh
Trek Allant+ 6 Stagger Click View650bx57 mm1 x 10AluminumShimano Deore M5130250Wh
Canyon Precede: ON CF 8 Click View650b x 30mm1 × 12CarbonShimano DEORE XT M8100500Wh
Orbea VIBE MID H30Click View700x45C1 × 10AluminumShimano Deore M5120 SGS248Wh

Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 vs. Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph

Specialized Turbo Como 5.0
Specialized Turbo Como 5.0

You can see that these two bikes have different frame designs. The Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 features a step-through frame that makes it easier to get on and off, focusing more on comfort and convenience. On the other hand, the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph has a frame that resembles that of a road bike, providing better riding efficiency. During my commuting time with the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph, I found its comfort to be satisfactory.

Additionally, in terms of speed range, the Specialized bike is slightly smaller. However, it’s perfectly adequate for city roads. It uses 650b tires, which are smaller than the 700c tires on the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph, so the Orbea bike has slightly better rolling efficiency.

However, the choice ultimately depends on individual needs and budget considerations.

Learn More: Is Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 A Good Choice? – [Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 Review]

Trek Allant+ 6 Stagger vs. Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph

Trek Allant+ 6 Stagger
Trek Allant+ 6 Stagger

The Trek Allant+ 6 Stagger weighs in at 50.9 pounds, which is relatively heavier. Despite its 250Wh battery capacity, it’s worth noting that its battery is recyclable, which is a positive environmental and energy-conscious feature.

Additionally, it comes equipped with a suspension fork with a 60mm travel distance. This makes it better suited to handle some of the bumpy city roads and provides a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Of course, the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph 700c has its advantages too, with a broader range of speed options, larger tires, and more color choices.

So, if you have specific preferences for paint colors and want larger tires, you might consider the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph 700c. On the other hand, if you prefer Bosch batteries and higher torque (85Nm), the Trek Allant+ 6 Stagger could be a good choice.

Canyon Precede:ON CF 8 vs. Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph

Canyon Precede:ON CF 8
Canyon Precede:ON CF 8

The Canyon Precede:ON CF 8 boasts a cool design, featuring a carbon fiber frame. This makes it quite lightweight for an electric city bike at 46.4 pounds. Additionally, it offers a 1×12 gear range. However, both bikes share the same groupset. In terms of battery capacity, the Canyon Precede:ON CF 8 comes with a Bosch 500Wh battery, which is twice the capacity of the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ. It’s worth noting that the Canyon Precede:ON CF 8 can reach a top speed of 28mph. This might be due to its 650b wheel size, coupled with its 63Nm torque, providing more powerful assistance.

However, the Canyon Precede:ON CF 8 doesn’t offer as many paint color options as the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ, so if the color choice is crucial to you, the Orbea might be a better fit.

Ultimately, if you prefer higher speeds, the Canyon Precede:ON CF 8 is a suitable choice. If color variety matters more to you, the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ is also worth considering.

Moreover, these two bikes are similarly priced, so your choice should depend on your preferences and needs.

Orbea VIBE MID H30 vs. Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph

Orbea VIBE MID H30
Orbea VIBE MID H30

Both of these bikes are from the Orbea brand. However, the Orbea VIBE MID H30 is $900 cheaper than the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ while having the same battery capacity. Of course, the $900 price difference has its reasons. The Orbea VIBE H10 EQ offers a wider range of speed choices. Furthermore, although both bikes use Shimano for their rear derailleurs, the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ features the Shimano XT, which is a higher-tier product from Shimano. So, if you’re looking for higher performance, you can consider the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ.

If your budget is limited, I think trying out the Orbea VIBE MID H30 is also a viable option. However, if you have better choices available, you can explore those as well.

As always, the choice ultimately depends on your own needs.


This is our review of the Orbea VIBE H10 EQ 20mph. It’s a solid commuter electric bike. Considering everything, we’ve given it a high rating of 4.78. If you’d like more information on bikes, feel free to check out our other reviews.

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