Is Norco Yorkville Splendid? – [Norco Yorkville Review]

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Norco Yorkville Review

  • Price: $499
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: 700c
  • Gears: 3 x 7

What we like about it: The head tube design that can be adjusted for riding angle will make the riding position more comfortable.

What we don’t like about it: The design of rim brakes is not conducive to rainy day riding.

Rating: (4.7/5)

Norco Yorkville
Norco Yorkville

The Norco Yorkville is a sturdy and reliable hybrid bike. It combines ergonomics to ensure a comfortable riding experience. Moreover, this bike encourages a leisurely pace, making it more like a hybrid bike designed for recreational rides.

In the following sections, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Norco Yorkville.

Additionally, we will compare it to several top bike models in the latter part of this article. If you want to learn more about bike reviews, feel free to follow us.

Riding Experience

The Norco Yorkville is a hybrid bike that is perfect for slowing down, savoring the initial joy of riding, and appreciating the scenery along the way.

To do so, I booked a ticket through Skyscanner to Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, a heavenly place. The smooth and flat roads with gentle slopes in this area are well-suited for leisurely rides on Norco Yorkville.

Climbing and Descending

When I maneuvered the Norco Yorkville on uphill climbs, I was thankful for its lightweight aluminum frame. With its smooth 700x35c tires that resemble those on road bikes, I didn’t feel much resistance while pedaling. Overall, the bike felt light and agile.

As I rode to steeper inclines, the Norco Yorkville’s Shimano 48/38/28T chainring and 11-34T, 7-speed freewheel provided ample gearing options.

Although it’s an entry-level Shimano system, it still offers reliable quality. This allowed me to climb with more support and reduced physical exertion.

After conquering the uphill sections of the town, I encountered a slow descent. The road had a few small bumps and potholes. Fortunately, the Norco Yorkville’s unique curved chainring and suspension seatpost helped absorb the impacts, providing a smooth ride.

I hardly felt any vibrations. Additionally, the Selle Royal Loire Saddle offered excellent support and a soft touch on the contact surface. It was truly a comfortable saddle.

Finally, the Norco Yorkville’s Tektro 837AL linear-pull brakes provided reliable braking performance on the gradual descent.

However, this type of brake can experience reduced braking power in rainy conditions due to water interference. It can also overheat with frequent braking on descents, leading to decreased effectiveness. This is why I prefer hydraulic brakes.

Riding Around Town

Cruising through the streets of a small town on Norco Yorkville is my favorite way to ride. The leisurely and relaxed pace is truly comforting.

As I admire the scenery along the road, I gradually let my mind wander, feeling the gentle breeze brushing against my cheeks.

In moments like this, I feel like I truly understand the purpose of the Norco Yorkville—it allows me to completely let go and unwind. Thanks to its adjustable handlebar angle and comfortable saddle, I can maintain an upright riding position.

Even during long rides, I don’t experience any discomfort or back pain. Moreover, the ergonomic grips provide a soft and non-slip feel, even when my palms start to sweat.

All in all, I love the feeling of riding it—serene yet comfortable.


The Norco Yorkville comes in four aluminum frame sizes, ranging from S to XL. It is equipped with 700x35c aluminum wheels, which contribute to a lightweight overall riding experience.

Furthermore, as a hybrid bike, the Norco Yorkville features an adjustable head tube angle, allowing riders to adopt their preferred riding position for comfort.

But the most favored design is the adjustable suspension seatpost, which is rare for a hybrid bike. It effectively filters out minor vibrations during daily commuting.

Additionally, the curved rear seat stays on the frame not only enhance maneuverability but also provides subtle suspension effects.

Finally, the Selle Royal Loire Saddle has soft padding, excellent support, and reduces pressure on the perineal area. The comfortable handlebars with their unique patterns offer a good grip, minimizing slippage caused by sweating.

I believe the Norco Yorkville is a bike designed to provide a more comfortable riding experience for cyclists.

Other Versions

The Norco Yorkville is a comfortable and agile hybrid bike. However, its straight top tube design may not be convenient for women wearing skirts and getting on and off the bike. Therefore, we also offer a hybrid bike that is more suitable for women’s daily commuting.

Norco Yorkville Step-Thru

Norco Yorkville Step-Thru

The Norco Yorkville and Norco Yorkville Step-Thru share the same frame material and have identical 3×7 Shimano drivetrains. Both versions feature a 48/38/28T chainring and an 11-34T freewheel.

With a versatile range of gear ratios, these bikes perform excellently on both uphill climbs and flat cruising, making them well-suited for hybrid bikes.

Additionally, the Norco Yorkville Step-Thru also incorporates the adjustable suspension seatpost and adjustable head tube angle found in the Norco Yorkville. This enables physically weaker individuals, particularly women, to maintain a comfortable riding posture.

Lastly, the blue and silver color combination of the Norco Yorkville Step-Thru gives a clean and refreshing impression.

Therefore, these two bikes can be seen as the male and female versions of the same model. You can refer to the size chart to choose the frame size that suits you best.

Next, we will provide detailed specifications of the Norco Yorkville and list some full-suspension mountain bikes from other brands with similar prices for your reference.

What do we like about it?

  • The Norco Yorkville combines an upright, comfortable riding position with a decent speed.
  • It features an adjustable head tube angle, allowing for various riding postures.
  • With 700x35C tires, it has low rolling resistance, making for easier and faster cruising.
  • The curved rear stays and plush saddle provide a smooth ride, enhancing comfort during cycling.
  • The design of the suspension seatpost effectively absorbs small vibrations on the road.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The rim brake design may not offer optimal braking performance in rainy conditions.


  • Is this bike suitable for long-distance riding?

It is designed to provide an upright and comfortable riding experience, so it will prevent you from feeling backaches during long rides.

  • Is this bike suitable for women?

Certainly, it is suitable for women. However, there is also a women-specific version available, the Norco Yorkville Step-Thru, which features the same components.

  • How do I choose the right size for Norco Yorkville?

Here we have a size chart for you. Of course, it doesn’t have to be according to this standard, and the best way to find the most suitable size is to try it on.

Rider heightSIZE
5’3″- 5’8″M
5’6″- 5’11”L
5’9″- 6’3″XL

Norco Yorkville Specs


Frame7000 Series Aluminum
BB Standard: BSA, Threaded
Color: Charcoal / Black
ForkSteel, 45mm Offset
Bottom BracketCartridge BB, BSA Threaded
HeadsetAlloy Threaded Sealed Bearing, Black
StemForged Alloy Adjustable Stem, Black
HandlebarSteel Comfort High Riser, Black
SaddleSelle Royal Loire Saddle, Black
SeatpostAlloy Suspension, Black


Rear DerailleurShimano Acera RD-M360
Front DerailleurShimano Tourney FD-TY510
CrankShimano FC-TY301, 48/38/28T, 170mm
ShiftersShimano Tourney RD-TY500
CassetteSunRace MFM2A, 11-34T, 7 Speed
ChainKMC Z51, 7 Speed
BrakeTektro 837AL, linear pull
Brake LeversShimano EZ-Fire, 4 Finger


RimsDouble Wall Aluminum, CNC Brake Track
Front HubAlloy Sealed, 9x100mm, Black, QR
Rear HubAlloy Sealed, 10x135mm, Black, HG, QR
TiresCity Slicks, 700x35c

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick to viewDrivetrainFrame materialBrakeWheels
Trek FX 1 Stagger Deore D2Click view3 × 7AluminumRim700c Aluminum
 Co-op CTY 1.1Click view3 × 8AluminumMechanical Disc700c Aluminum
Specialized Crossroads 1.0Click view1 × 7AluminumRim700c Aluminum
Jamis TRAIL XRClick view3 × 7SteelRim26″ Aluminum

Norco Yorkville vs Trek FX 1 Stagger Deore D2

Trek FX 1 Stagger Deore D2
Trek FX 1 Stagger Deore D2

Both of these bikes use a similar Shimano drivetrain and Tektro brakes. However, there is still a price difference between them because the latter includes some brand premiums.

Furthermore, the Trek FX 1 Stagger Deore D2 lacks adjustable handlebars and a suspension seatpost like the former. This makes the riding position of the latter more fixed, and it may not provide the same level of comfort as the Norco Yorkville during long rides.

However, the Trek FX 1 Stagger Deore D2 has mounting points on the fork, allowing for the installation of additional accessories. This gives it a stronger load-carrying capacity compared to Norco Yorkville.

Personally, when comparing these two bikes, I would prefer Norco Yorkville. I value the comfort of riding when it comes to hybrid bikes. However, if you like the Trek FX 1 Stagger Deore D2, it is also a good choice.

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Norco Yorkville vs Co-op CTY 1.1

Co-op CTY 1.1
Co-op CTY 1.1

From the geometry of the Norco Yorkville and Co-op CTY 1.1, it is evident that both bikes, being hybrid models, have their advantages.

The former leans more towards a relaxed and comfortable riding style, while the latter has a slightly more aggressive geometry, resulting in higher pedaling efficiency.

The Co-op CTY 1.1 features a Shimano 3×8 drivetrain, offering a wider range of gears compared to the Norco Yorkville, which provides a more nuanced pedaling experience.

Additionally, the Co-op CTY 1.1 is equipped with Tektro M300 mechanical disc brakes, providing better braking performance in rainy and downhill conditions, albeit slightly heavier than the Norco Yorkville’s Tektro 837AL rim brakes.

One notable similarity is that both bikes lack specific suspension designs, which is common among hybrid models.

Choosing between these two bikes is easy—it depends on your preferred riding style. If comfort is your priority, go for Norco Yorkville. On the other hand, if you want a faster ride, the Co-op CTY 1.1 is the better choice.

Norco Yorkville vs Specialized Crossroads 1.0

Specialized Crossroads 1.0
Specialized Crossroads 1.0

Norco Yorkville and Specialized Crossroads 1.0 are both excellent hybrid bikes. The latter is equipped with a 42T chainring and an 11-34T 7-speed freewheel, which significantly limits its climbing performance.

However, the absence of two chainrings also makes it lighter in weight. On the other hand, the former has a wider range of gear ratios, making it more suitable for tackling steeper inclines.

Additionally, the Specialized Crossroads 1.0 features numerous frame mounting points, giving it a higher load-carrying capacity and making it suitable for longer rides.

However, its 700x45c tires are not as lightweight as the 700x35c tires on the Norco Yorkville, particularly on flat terrain.

Lastly, both bikes are equipped with the same rim brakes design, but the Norco Yorkville’s Tektro 837AL rim brakes provide better braking performance. It’s worth noting that the Specialized Crossroads 1.0 lacks any suspension design.

Therefore, both bikes have their advantages. Choosing between them depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Norco Yorkville vs Jamis TRAIL XR


Among these two bikes, if the prices are the same, I would recommend Norco Yorkville without hesitation.

Firstly, the 26-inch wheel size of the latter is significantly smaller compared to the 700c wheels of Norco Yorkville.

While it may offer more maneuverability, there will be a noticeable difference in cruising speed and overall performance.

Additionally, when comparing the frames, the steel frame of the Jamis TRAIL XR will be considerably heavier than the aluminum frame of Norco Yorkville.

The external cable routing design of the Jamis TRAIL XR is also something I dislike. It doesn’t look as clean, and it can be more challenging to clean.

Lastly, the Jamis TRAIL XR uses a twist-style shifter, whereas I prefer the trigger-style shifter of Norco Yorkville. It doesn’t take up as much space on the handlebar grips, and it provides a more comfortable riding position.

So, between these two bikes, I highly recommend Norco Yorkville unless you have a strong preference for Jamis TRAIL XR.

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Above is our review of the Norco Yorkville ride. In our opinion, it is a comfortable hybrid bike that allows riders to enjoy the scenery while cycling. It is currently on sale for only $419, which is why we gave it a rating of 4.7.

Of course, if you’re interested in other hybrid bikes, we also review a wide range of bikes at various price points, making it an interesting read. Feel free to check out our other reviews as well.

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