Is MOD BIKES City+ Splendid? – [MOD BIKES City+ Review]

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MOD BIKES City+ Review

  • Price: $1,990
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: 24″Aluminum
  • Gear: 1 × 7

What we like about it: Selle Royal LookIn wide saddle provides a comfortable ride.

What we don’t like about it: Having only black and white color schemes may be distressing to some.

Rating: (4.8/5)


I’m tired of the crowded public transportation, and for the sake of exercising, I’ve decided to commute to work by bicycle. But honestly, I’m not sure if I have the stamina to make it to the office, especially considering the challenging uphill sections on the route.

Just when I was hesitant, my friend Petter recommended the MOD BIKES City+. This seemingly small electric bike, can it meet my needs? I decided to give it a try.

In the following sections, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, and specifications of the MOD BIKES City+.

In the latter part of this article, we will also compare it with several other top bicycle models. If you want to learn more about bicycle reviews, you can follow us.

Riding Experience

Daily commute

In the early morning, after setting the speed on the display according to the weather conditions, I slowly started the MOD BIKES City+.

Feeling the subtle vibrations of the machine, I gradually picked up speed. I rode through the congested city streets along the spacious roads. This is the route I take for my daily commute.

Compared to the bustling crowd in public transportation, I prefer the feeling of riding alone. It’s like enjoying a journey of freedom through the city.

The 20-inch Kenda K1093 wheels effortlessly roll over uneven road surfaces. Moreover, thanks to the 50mm travel RST Capa front fork, my arms hardly feel any bumps.

When stopping at a red light, I lean on the Faux Leather handlebar. Looking at the pedestrians and vehicles ahead, on these familiar and congested streets, they no longer bother me as much.

Even when encountering some moderately steep inclines, I don’t need any extra electric assistance. The MOD BIKES City+ equipped with a 7-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain allows me to accurately shift to the desired gears.

For steeper gradients, where the weight of the bike makes it challenging to conquer solely with pedals, the 350w 42Nm Rear-Mounted Geared Hub motor has never let me down, making it easy for me to ride through.

Recreational Riding

With my recent busy work schedule and a 5-day business trip to Dallas next week, I felt it was necessary to take some time outdoors and relax. After booking my hotel and flight through Skyscanner, I was ready to go.

Looking up at the blue sky, I grabbed the handlebars and hopped onto my MOD BIKES City+ for a leisurely bike ride.

On the open, deserted roads, the MOD BIKES City+ showcased its speed capabilities. It can reach speeds of 20+ miles per hour, and I could feel my body gradually filling with the thrill of riding.

The scenery along the way was delightful, and the air felt fresh.

Perhaps too lost in the moment, I got startled by a rabbit suddenly darting out by the roadside, causing my hands to shake involuntarily.

I instinctively gripped the handlebars tightly, but luckily, the Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc braking system promptly brought the bike to a halt, avoiding any tragedy.

Sitting on the comfortable Selle Royal LookIn premium gel saddle, my heart rate, which had just spiked, gradually slowed down. I looked into the distance and saw the sun slowly setting. It was time to head back.

On the way back, I became more cautious. Fortunately, the MOD BIKES City+ is equipped with an integrated wide beam LED 300-lumen headlight that was bright enough and had a wide illumination range, allowing me to see the road clearly in the darkness.

In conclusion, the MOD BIKES City+ left a lasting impression on me and fully meets my needs for commuting and leisurely rides. Its foldable design also allows me to take it to more places and experience more of the beauty around.


Firstly, the MOD BIKES City+ has an eye-catching design. Unlike many electric bikes, its foldable design doesn’t feel bulky at all.

The 6061 aluminum alloy frame is clean and sleek, providing durability while reducing the overall weight of the bike. The front and rear lights are also friendly for those who need to ride at night.

What I find thoughtful is the foldable design of the Wellgo F-278DU Plastic Platform pedals, allowing you to fit them into narrow spaces.

In terms of components, the MOD BIKES City+ is equipped with a 170mm Forged Aluminum Alloy HDL crankset and an 11-28 Tooth DNP Nickel Plated freewheel. It not only performs well during rides but also withstands the test of time.

As an electric bike, the battery is a crucial aspect of concern for everyone. The 576 Wh lithium battery provides the MOD BIKES City+ with an impressive range, and its detachable design makes charging extremely convenient.


What do we like about it?

  • The foldable design is friendly for commuters who need to switch between different modes of transportation.
  • The detachable battery is very convenient.
  • The spacious Selle Royal LookIn saddle is extremely comfortable.
  • The 6061 aluminum alloy frame is lightweight and durable.
  • The Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc brake system provides ample safety.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The steel front fork adds weight to the bike.


  • What kind of tires does this bike use and what are the tire sizes?

It uses Kenda K1093 20″ x 2.125″ tires, which are perfect for urban riding.

  • What operations can be performed on this bike?

You can perform operations such as speed limit, adjusting the acceleration of the e-bike, changing the brightness of the display, and setting a password to lock the e-bike.

  • How do I choose the size of this bike?

It comes in one size, but it can be adjusted to fit your height within seconds by adjusting the seat post and handlebars. The MOD BIKES City+ is friendly for anyone with a height ranging from 5’2″ to 6’4″.

Rider heightSIZE
120cm +14″



Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy
ForkRST Capa, 50mm Travel, 25mm Steel Stanchions, 100mm Hub Spacing, 10mm Threaded Axle with 15mm Nuts
HeadsetThreadless, Internal Cups, Sealed Bearings, 1-1/8″ Straight
StemAluminum Alloy, Folding, Telescoping Height (290mm Base, 170mm Upper Slide), Quick Release
HandlebarAluminum Alloy, Low Rise, 600mm Width
SaddleSelle Royal LookIn, Gel Comfort, Oversized with Rubber Bumpers
SeatpostEXA Form 525 Suspension Seatpost, 40mm Travel, Preload Adjust
PedalsWellgo F-278DU Plastic Platform, Folding with Reflectors
GripsPadded, Faux Leather, Stitched, Ergonomic, Locking


RimsCast Aluminum Alloy, 37mm Outer Width
Spokes6 Cast Supports
TiresKenda K1093, 20″ x 2.125″ (57-406)


CrankHDL, Forged Aluminum Alloy, 170mm Length, Square Tapered Spindle, 52 Tooth Steel Chainring with Alloy Guide
ShiftersSun-Race M4 Trigger Shifters on Right (Two-Way High, Three-Shift Low)
Cassette7 Speed 1×7 Shimano Altus Derailleur, 11-28 Tooth DNP Nickel Plated Cassette
BrakesTektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc with 160mm Rotors, Dual-Piston Calipers, Three-Finger Tektro Levers with Motor Inhibitors and Adjustable Reach

Electric Components

MotorWeight: 5.6 lbs (2.54 kg), Brand: Hengtai, Type: Rear-Mounted Geared Hub, Nominal Output: 350 watts, Peak Output: 450 watts, Torque: 42 Newton meters
BatteryWeight: 9.8 lbs (4.44 kg), Brand: Unbranded, Pouches, Voltage: 48 volts, Amp Hours: 12 ah, Watt Hours: 576 wh, Chemistry: Lithium Polymer

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick to viewTiresDrivetrainFrame materialBrake
Rad Power Bikes RadMini Step-Thru 2Click ViewCST Big Boat 20″ x 3″1 × 7AluminumTektro Aries (MD-M300) Mechanical Disc
vBike CITO 20 PlusClick to ViewKenda Krusade, 20″ x 4.0″1 × 7AluminumNUTT Mechanical Disc
TurboAnt Swift S1 Folding Fat Tire Electric BikeClick to ViewKenda Krusade, 20″ x 4.0″1 × 7AluminumTektro Aries Mechanical Disc

MOD BIKES City+ VS Rad Power Bikes RadMini Step-Thru 2

Rad Power Bikes RadMini Step-Thru 2
Rad Power Bikes RadMini Step-Thru 2

If you frequently encounter steep uphill climbs, then the Rad Power Bikes RadMini Step-Thru 2 with 80Nm torque might be a good choice for you. Its high-powered 750W brushless geared hub motor provides substantial assistance. When you select the highest level of pedal assist, riding becomes effortless.

However, I don’t often take full advantage of the speed capabilities of the Rad Power Bikes RadMini Step-Thru 2, and the Tektro Aries (MD-M300) Mechanical Disc brake system gives me some hesitation. In comparison, the Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc brakes on the MOD BIKES City+ are more responsive and require less effort, delivering better braking performance.

If you have requirements for a bike that can handle steep terrains and have a limited budget, the Rad Power Bikes RadMini Step-Thru 2 is still a good option. However, if your main riding is on flat but crowded city roads, the MOD BIKES City+ allows you to maneuver around vehicles and crowds more efficiently.

MOD BIKES City+ vs vBike CITO 20 Plus

vBike CITO 20 Plus
vBike CITO 20 Plus

The vBike CITO 20 Plus, equipped with dual batteries, is perfect for long-distance riders, with a total capacity of 1440Wh which truly amazed me. Additionally, the 80mm travel TXED Spring Suspension front fork effectively reduces the impact from the road, ensuring a comfortable riding experience even on rough terrains and during long journeys.

Furthermore, I was impressed by the thoughtful design of the vBike. They installed a steel guard at the connection between the chainring and seat stay on the CITO 20 Plus, providing effective protection for the derailleur and the power cables connecting to the motor. Even if your vBike CITO 20 Plus accidentally tips over, you don’t have to worry about a direct impact on these vulnerable and fragile components.

However, it is worth noting that the CITO 20 Plus is quite heavy, weighing an astonishing 38 kilograms, which is approximately 11 kilograms heavier than the MOD BIKES City+. If you forget to charge it, relying solely on leg power can be challenging to reach your destination. Therefore, for those who prioritize weight and do not require an ultra-long range, the affordable MOD BIKES City+ ($490) is sufficient for everyday use.

MOD BIKES City+ vs TurboAnt Swift S1 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

TurboAnt Swift S1 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike
TurboAnt Swift S1 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

The appearance of the TurboAnt Swift S1 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike caught my eye. What sets it apart is that it hides the battery inside the top tube instead of placing it in front or behind the seat tube. This design not only gives the bike a cleaner and more streamlined look but also protects the battery from external damage. Of course, you can still remove the battery, so there’s no need to worry about that.

Additionally, the Bafang 750W Brushless Gear motor provides powerful performance. Due to safety considerations, electric bikes have strict speed limits. However, you can still feel the strength of the TurboAnt Swift S1 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike on some rough terrains. Moreover, the 20 x 4″ Kenda fat tires offer ample stability.

However, I do not recommend prolonged rides on bumpy roads. The alloy front fork of the TurboAnt Swift S1 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike does not provide the same level of comfort as the 50mm travel RST Capa front fork of the MOD BIKES City+. Moreover, in unexpected situations, the braking performance of the S1 Mechanical Disc falls short compared to the Hydraulic Disc of the MOD BIKES City+.


Above is our review of MOD BIKES City+. It offers a comfortable riding experience and excellent range, making it suitable for daily use. It not only saves a significant amount of physical effort during rides but also enhances the joy of cycling. In our opinion, the MOD BIKES City+ is a bike worth purchasing. Taking everything into consideration, that’s why we give it a high rating of 4.8. If you’re interested in trying higher-end electric bikes, feel free to check out our related tests.

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