Is NCM Moscow Plus Splendid? – [NCM Moscow Plus Review]

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NCM Moscow Plus Review

  • Price: $1,899
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: 27.5″ Aluminum
  • Gear: 3 × 8

What we like about it: High-capacity battery brings longer life.

What we don’t like about it: Only black and white paint is hard to meet the needs of some people.

Rating: (4.7/5)

NCM Moscow Plus
NCM Moscow Plus

I’ve always loved off-road riding, but due to work and other reasons I don’t have enough time or energy to further improve my hobby.

I’ve been eager to conquer those tough terrains. Out of this expectation, the NCM Moscow Plus appeared before my eyes by chance.

I believed that with its hardtail trail bike design and powerful electric assistance, it’s sure to satisfy my desire.

Below, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, and specifications as well as other versions of this bike.

Additionally, at the end of the review, we will also compare several best bike models. If you want to know more about bike reviews, don’t hesitate to follow us.

Riding Experience

To test the real performance of the NCM Moscow Plus, I took it to the mountains a few dozen kilometers from home, where there are steep inclines and winding trails.

I decided to stay a little longer, so I booked a hotel in a nearby town on Skyscanner and set off.

Off-road Riding

When I first sat on the NCM Moscow Plus, its loose geometry made me feel comfortable and the more upright riding position was very friendly to riders like me who had been sitting for so long that had some back damage.

Riding up the rough and steep trails, I tried to run over some rocks that were protruding from the dirt, and thanks to the Schwalbe Smart Sam 27.5″ x 2.25″ tires, I was able to do so with ease.

The 80mm travel SR Suntour XCM30 Spring Suspension fork damped and rebounded naturally, and my arms didn’t feel tired at all.

Although the hardtail construction of the NCM Moscow Plus didn’t provide rear shock absorption, the Selle Royal, LookIN saddle was comfortable enough to keep me from standing up over those bumpy sections.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Das-Kit X15R 500W 80Nm hub-drive engine did not disappoint, providing a strong pedal assist that allowed me to easily drive up and down those steep hills that once deterred me.

There was motor running noise on and off, but acceptable to me.

Road Riding

Just because the NCM Moscow Plus is a hardtail mountain bike doesn’t mean it can’t perform well on relatively flat roads.

I’ve been using it as a commuter precisely because I love it.

I really like that the display at the head tube, which is obviously safer than some e-bikes that have the display on the top tube, as I can see the speed and battery information with just a slight dip of my head.

It’s also very user-friendly, with the ability to easily switch between auxiliary modes with the flick of a finger.

In addition, the 3×8 Shimano Altus ,Acera combination drivetrain also brings a good experience through accurate and sensitive gear shifting, and quite rich gears, although it may increase the weight of the bike.

Thanks to the good electric power system, it does not bring too much impact on the ride.


The NCM Moscow Plus is available in three sizes and is friendly to riders between 160-195cm in height.

In addition, the high top tube with 6061 high quality aluminum frame improves the sturdiness and durability of the whole bike.

As an off-road bike, the NCM Moscow Plus also comes with an 80mm travel SR Suntour XCM30 Spring Suspension fork to help you ride more comfortably on those bumpy roads.

Finally, most people choose an e-bike simply because of the boost it provides, and then the NCM Moscow Plus won’t disappoint.

Its Das-Kit X15R hub-drive engine is a good performer, with 80Nm of torque to get you up and down those steep hills with ease.

It may not be as small and light as the mid-drive engine, but considering the price of this bike, I think it’s perfectly acceptable.


Other versions

The NCM Moscow Plus is a good hardtail trail e-bike, but if you’re new to cycling and want to buy one of its kind on a lower budget, we’ve made other recommendations.

NCM Moscow

NCM Moscow
NCM Moscow

First of all, although both cars are almost identical in appearance, with a blue and black paint job, the NCM Moscow is $400 cheaper than the NCM Moscow Plus.

Secondly, the forks are slightly different, with the NCM Moscow using an 80mm travel SR Suntour XCT Spring Suspension fork, while the NCM Moscow Plus uses an SR Suntour XCM30 Spring Suspension fork with the same travel length.

Also, the battery capacity of NCM Moscow is a bit smaller, but its 624Wh capacity have already exceeded many of its counterparts.

So for riders on a budget, it’s a good choice. If you’re also looking for higher range and better braking, then go for the NCM Moscow Plus.

What do we like about it?

  • Dehawk H12 768Wh battery provides long life.
  • Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc brakes with 180mm Rotors provide good braking effect.
  • Das-Kit X15R 500W 80Nm hub-drive engine provides powerful pedal assist.
  • The 80mm travel SR Suntour XCM30 Spring Suspension fork is effective in easing the bumps from the road.
  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy frame is robust and durable.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The color scheme is relatively monotonous.


  • What about the engine of this bike?

The Das-Kit X15R 500W 80Nm hub-drive engine has a good boost performance, but it is heavier than the mid-drive engine.

  • Can this bike handle long-distance ride?

Yes, it is equipped with a large capacity Dehawk H12 768Wh battery.

  • How do I choose the size of this bike?

It is friendly to riders of all heights, with 3 sizes to choose from. Here we provide you with a size chart, but of course you do not have to follow this standard. The best way to find the most suitable size is to test ride.

Rider heightSIZE



Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy
ForkSR Suntour XCM30 Spring Suspension, 80mm Travel, Compression Adjust with Lockout, Preload Adjust, 30mm Stanchion Diameter, 100mm Hub Spacing, 9mm Axle with Quick Release Skewer
HeadsetNeco, Integrated, Threadless Internal Cups, Tapered 1-1/8″ to 1-1/2″
StemPromax, Alloy, 90mm Length, 31.8mm Clamp Diameter, One 15mm Spacer, Two 10mm Spacers, One 5mm Spacer
HandlebarFlat, Aluminum Alloy, 680mm Length
SaddleSelle Royal, LookIN
SeatpostPromax, Aluminum Alloy, Forged Head
PedalsWellgo B087 Aluminum Alloy Platform with Fixed Pins, Black
GripsVelo, Ergonomic Rubber, Locking


RimsAluminum Alloy, Double Walled, 25mm Outer Width, 36 Hole, Black
SpokesStainless Steel, 13 Gauge, Silver with Nipples
TiresSchwalbe Smart Sam, 27.5″ x 2.25″ (57-584)


CrankShimano FC-M311, Forged Aluminum Alloy Arms, 170mm Length, Square Taper Bottom Bracket Spindle, 48-38-28 Tooth Steel Chainrings
ShiftersShimano Triggers on Left and Right (One-Way High Lever, Three-Shift Low Lever)
Cassette24 Speed 3×8 Shimano Altus Front and Acera Rear Derailleur, Shimano Cassette 11-32 Tooth
BrakesTektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc with 180mm Rotors, Three-Finger Levers with Motor Inhibitors

Electric Components

MotorWeight: 10 lbs (4.53 kg), Brand: Das-Kit X15R, Type: Rear-Mounted Geared Hub, Nominal Output: 500 watts, Torque: 80 Newton meters
BatteryWeight: 9.2 lbs (4.17 kg), Brand: Dehawk H12 (Made by DLG), Voltage: 48 volts, Amp Hours: 16 ah (Optional 13ah Battery), Watt Hours: 768 wh (Optional 624wh Battery), Chemistry: Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese (Li-NCM)

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick ViewFrame materialKitsBatteryTires
Giant Talon E+ 3Click ViewAluminumShimano Alivio, AltusEnergyPak 400WhMaxxis Rekon 29×2.4″ Wire Bead 60TPI
Orbea KERAM 30 20mphClick ViewAluminumShimano DeoreBOSCH Performance 400WhKenda K1153 2.35″ 22TPI
Schwinn Ridgewood 27.5in Electric BikeClick ViewAluminummicroSHIFT280W Lithium Ion integrated downtubeKenda Kadre, 27.5 in x 2.20 in, wire bead
ROCKRIDER 27.5 Inch WOMEN’S ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE E-ST 100Click ViewAluminummicroSHIFT MezzoSamsung SDI or LG Capacity 380WhROCKRIDER ALL TERRAIN LIGHT (30 TPI) wide 2.2″ tyres

NCM Moscow Plus vs Giant Talon E+ 3

Giant Talon E+ 3
Giant Talon E+ 3

The Giant Talon E+ 3 is available in four sizes and is friendly to riders from 162cm-193cm in height.

In addition, the Giant Talon E+ 3 is paired with Maxxis Rekon 29×2.4″ Wire Bead 60TPI tires, which have good puncture protection and a large size tire that provides good passability and grip.

However, the 27.5″ tires on the NCM Moscow Plus are lighter and have faster acceleration, making them more friendly for riders who need to start frequently during the ride.

If you’ve ridden both of these bikes on uphill sections, you should be able to feel that the Giant Talon E+ 3 performs better.

While some newbies may think that the NCM Moscow Plus 3×8-speed Shimano Altus, Acera drivetrain has more gear changes, and the Giant Talon E+ 3’s Shimano CS-HG200, 11-36T, 1×9 drivetrain is more than enough to handle all kinds of terrain and is also lighter.

However, considering that the NCM Moscow Plus is $1,000 cheaper, it is a very cost-effective option for riders on a budget.

Learn More: Is Giant Talon E+ 3 Worth Buying?-[Giant Talon E+ 3 Review]

NCM Moscow Plus vs Orbea KERAM 30 20mph

Orbea KERAM 30 20mph
Orbea KERAM 30 20mph

First, the Orbea KERAM 30 20mph SR Suntour X1 Coil LO fork with 100mm travel is better damped than the NCM Moscow Plus SR Suntour XCM30 Spring Suspension fork with 80mm travel, providing a more comfortable ride for the arms on bumpier terrain.

Also, a significant difference between the NCM Moscow Plus and the Orbea KERAM 30 20mph, in my opinion, is their engines.

The former’s Das-Kit X15R 500W 80Nm hub-drive engine requires little maintenance, but as a separate drive system it adds weight to the bike.

The latter’s Bosch 250W 40Nm mid-drive engine is not only lighter, but also quieter, and can adjust the motor power according to your pedaling effort at the crank, more sensitive and energy-saving.

Of course, this also brings an increase in price, so you can choose according to your financial situation and riding needs.

NCM Moscow Plus VS Schwinn Ridgewood 27.5in Electric Bike

Schwinn Ridgewood 27.5in
Schwinn Ridgewood 27.5in

The Schwinn Ridgewood 27.5in Electric Bike looks very appealing to me, with a rather bright green paint job, an aspect that may be more popular with some people than the NCM Moscow Plus, which only has a black and white paint job.

In addition, the battery integrated into the downtube combines itself with the frame and does not feel out of place in any way.

Although the Schwinn Ridgewood 27.5in Electric Bike’s 100mm travel Schwinn fork provides good damping, the Hi-Ten steel definitely adds some weight.

Finally, if your off-road terrain isn’t too complicated, the Schwinn Ridgewood 27.5in Electric Bike is perfectly capable of handling it.

But if you’re an adventurous challenger, the NCM Moscow Plus, with its more powerful and torquey engine, is more suitable.



For riders who know about off-road e-bikes under $1300, this ROCKRIDER 27.5 Inch WOMEN’S ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE E-ST 100 must have come into view.

It has some similarities in appearance to the NCM Moscow Plus, with the battery located above the downtube and the bent top tube.

In addition, the ROCKRIDER 27.5 Inch WOMEN’S ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE E-ST 100 is about 3kg lighter than the NCM Moscow Plus and has longer damping travel, which makes it better able to handle terrain that requires frequent uphill and downhill.

However, the Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc brakes with 180mm Rotors are clearly more responsive and effortless than the Tektro TKD68 Mechanical disc brakes, which gives the NCM Moscow Plus better braking performance.

The larger battery capacity also makes the NCM Moscow Plus more suitable for riders who need to travel longer distances.


Above is our test of the NCM Moscow Plus, which has an electric assist system that makes it easier to tackle complex off-road terrain.

In our opinion, the NCM Moscow Plus is a bike worth buying. All together we gave it a high score of 4.7.

Of course, if you’re interested in exploring other similar bikes, we have reviewed a variety of bikes at different price points that you might find interesting. Feel free to check out our other reviews as well.

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