Is Nakto Camel Splendid? – [Nakto Camel Review]

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Nakto Camel Review

  • Price: $649
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Wheels: 26″ Aluminum
  • Drivetrain: 1 x 6

What we like about it: The relaxed geometry provides a comfortable riding position.

What we don’t like about it: The steel frame adds weight to the body.

Rating: (4.7/5)

2023 Nakto Camel
Nakto Camel

Recently a few of my new colleagues have been complaining that public transportation is too crowded and biking takes too much effort, so I recommended the Nakto Camel. An e-bike is a good solution to the problems they encounter, and the low price doesn’t put an enormous burden on these newcomers. Of course, some people may wonder if an e-bike at this price point can perform well. Let’s put it to the test.

Below, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, and specifications as well as other versions of the Nakto Camel. And at the end of the review, we will also compare several best bike models. If you want to know more about bike reviews, don’t hesitate to follow us.

Commuter Riding

First, the Nakto Camel’s geometry allows me to maintain a more upright riding position, which is vital for commuters who spend much time in front of a computer. The broad view also helps me to see the road, so I can notice when there is congestion or an unexpected situation and slow down or go around it early.

In addition, the range performance of the Nakto Camel dispelled any doubts I had about its 374Wh Tianneng battery, and the bike was ideally suited to my commuting needs. Plus, I like the feel of the ride and usually only use a relatively low pedal assist, so I don’t charge too often each week.

I’m happy to use the Nakto Camel as a commuting tool because of its adaptability. Even in rain and snow, the Nakto Camel with chain guard reduces my worries during the ride, and the Kenda 26″ x 1.75″ tires provide a good grip with little slippage.

Finally, since I often work late into the night, the Nakto Camel’s front lights have kept me safe by lighting my way home continuously.

Recreational Riding

I often took the Nakto Camel on vacation to a mountain resort a dozen miles away, booking a one- or two-night hotel on Skyscanner each time and then setting off on the journey.

The Nakto Came proved to have impressive uphill capability. Even on some of the steeper inclines, the Shimano Tourney 1×6 drivetrain with the 250w Rear-Mounted Geared Hub engine didn’t make me feel the slightest bit of effort. Also, even though I had a lot of supplies in the basket and rear-mounted rack, I never had a situation where I couldn’t move on a ramp.

And thanks to the 50mm travel Generic Spring Suspension fork, which provides good damping, my arms rarely feel fatigued when riding on gravel-covered roads.

However, the Nakto Came is equipped with Generic Rim brakes and Drum brakes, which are average in performance. When I adjust the pedal assist in high gear, I often have some trouble braking, and it would be better if it could be replaced by a more sensitive and energy-saving Hydraulic Disc braking system.


The Nakto Camel looks small and light but performs well. The firm 250w Rear-Mounted Geared Hub engine provides a maximum speed of 20 mph. And the 374Wh Tianneng battery provides a good range.

In addition, Nakto Camel is equipped with a front basket and rear rack, which can carry a lot of items and is very convenient for daily riding. And the design of the front lights also ensures your safety in the dark.

Another point is that the Nakto Camel is very comfortable to ride, with a loose geometry that provides a more upright riding position and a swept-back handlebar that provides a more relaxed grip.

Finally, the design of the chain guard is also very friendly to riders who go out in the rain and thus do not get their pants dirty.

What do we like about it?

  • The design of the chain guard can effectively reduce the pollution of clothes by the splashing dirt when the chain is rotating.
  • The low top tube design is friendly to smaller riders.
  • Relaxed geometry provides a comfortable riding position.
  • The 50mm travel Generic Spring Suspension fork can mitigate bumps from the road.
  • Great value for money.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The steel body adds weight to the entire vehicle.


  • What about the Nakto Camel’s drivetrain?

The 6-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain offers a good gear range to cope with complex hills.

  • What is the maximum speed that the Nakto Camel can reach?

With a 250w Rear-Mounted Geared Hub engine, it can reach up to 20 mph.

  • How do I choose the size of this car?

The Nakto Camel is available in only one size, but it can be readily sized to adjust the seat post and handlebars to fit your height in a very short time.

Rider heightSIZE
120cm +17.5″





ForkGeneric Spring Suspension, 55mm Travel, 30mm Steel Stanchion Diameter, Steel Lowers, 100mm Hub Spacing, 9mm Axle with 15mm Bolts
HeadsetThreaded, Caged Bearings, Straight 1″
StemSteel, 40mm Length, 22.2mm Clamp Diameter
HandlebarAluminum, 70mmMid Rise, 600mm Width, Silver with 40º Backsweep
Saddle8″ Wide Plush Saddle with Rear Springs
SeatpostSteel, Quick Release Collar, and Folding Latch
PedalsYonghua Plastic Platform
GripsFlat Black, Friction Mounted Stiff Rubber


RimsAluminum Alloy, Single Walled, 31.8mm Outer Width, 36 Hole, Black
SpokesStainless Steel, 13 Gauge Front 12 Gauge Rear, Silver with Nipples
TiresKenda, 26″ x 1.75″ (47-599)


CrankSteel, 152mm Length, Square Taper Bottom Bracket Spindle, 44 Tooth Steel Chainrings with Steel Guard
ShiftersShimano Thumb Shifters on Right
Cassette6 Speed 1×6 Shimano SiS Tourney Rear Derailleur, 14-28 Tooth Cassette
BrakesGeneric Rim Brake in Front, Drum Brake in Rear, Four-Finger Levers with Motor Inhibitors

Electric Components

MotorBrand: Aoma, Type: Rear-Mounted Geared Hub, Nominal Output: 250 watts
BatteryWeight: 7.25 lbs (3.28 kg), Brand: Tianneng, Voltage: 36 volts, Amp Hours: 10.4 ah, Watt Hours: 374.4 wh, Chemistry: Lithium-ion

Comparison table

BicyclesClick to viewFrame materialEngineBrakesTires
Rad Power Bikes RadMission Mid-StepClick ViewAluminum500W Geared Hub MotorTektro Aries caliper Mechanical DiscKenda Kontact, 27.5 x 1.95″
Ride1UP Prodigy XRClick ViewAluminumBrose TF Sprinter German made mid-drive motor with 90nm torqueTektro HD-M275 180mm Hydraulic DiscMaxxis Refuse 27.5 “x2.0”
Aventon Level Step-Through CommuterClick ViewAluminum750W (Peak) 500W (Sustained), 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor180mm Rotors Hydraulic Disc27.5″ Ebike Rated, Reflective Sidewalls
Ride1UP Roadster v2 SMALLClick ViewAluminum500w (peak) 350w (nominal) Geared Hub ShengyiTektro R315 Dual Pivot Rim BrakesKenda Kwest 700Cx28

Nakto Camel VS Rad Power Bikes RadMission Mid-Step

Rad Power Bikes RadMission Mid-Step
Rad Power Bikes RadMission Mid-Step

What surprised me most about the Rad Power Bikes RadMission Mid-Step is that it is relatively quiet and provides a more comfortable ride. The Durable rubber grip gives you a good holding experience.

For riders with long range needs, the Power Bikes RadMission Mid-Step is more suitable than the Nakto Camel, which has a larger capacity 504Wh battery.

In addition, the Rad Power Bikes RadMission Mid-Step is friendly for those who need to ride at night, with Spanninga integrated lights and reflective tires for added safety.

However, if your commute is steeper, I recommend the Nakto Camel with a 6-speed drivetrain, which allows you to adjust the right gear in time for the terrain and is more comfortable and effortless than the single-speed Power Bikes RadMission Mid-Step.

So, you can choose according to your needs.

Nakto Camel VS Ride1UP Prodigy XR

Ride1UP Prodigy XR
Ride1UP Prodigy XR

The Ride1UP Prodigy XR’s robust exterior design caught my eye. The way the interior is aligned makes it look crisp and neat, proving to be a reliable e-bike.

Both bikes are equipped with front-mounted lights that provide ample lighting for riders riding at night, and the rear-mounted frame design makes it easy to carry some of your stuff. Riders with more extensive transport needs may choose the Nakto Camel, which can be fitted with a front-mounted basket.

In addition, the 90nm-torque Brose TF Sprinter German made mid-drive engine with 4-stage pedal assist can reach up to 28 mph. So for riders who are looking for more speed, the Ride1UP Prodigy XR is a better fit than the Nakto Camel with a top 20 mph.

But for petite people, the Nakto Camel’s low top tube design makes it easy for riders to get on and off the bike, and the loose geometry provides a more upright riding position, making it exceptionally friendly to commuters seeking comfort.

Nakto Camel VS Aventon Level Step-Through Commuter

Aventon Level Step-Through Commuter
Aventon Level Step-Through Commuter

First of all, in terms of damping, the Level Step-Through Commuter is equipped with a 75mm travel Coil spring suspension fork, which relieves road bumps a bit better than the Nakto Camel 55mm travel Generic Spring Suspension fork. The wide Ebike Rated, Reflective Sidewalls tires also provide good comfort.

Secondly, the 672Wh LG battery allows the Aventon Level Step-Through Commuter to ride further, but unfortunately, there are no mounting points on the frame to install water bottles and other necessities for long rides.

In the end, the Aventon Level Step-Through Commuter is an excellent e-bike that is ideally suited to your everyday needs. But the 28.1kg weight may make some people hesitate, so consider the Nakto Camel, which is a bit lighter.

Learn More: Is Aventon Pace 350 Step A Good Bike? [Aventon Pace 350 Step Review]

Nakto Camel VS Ride1UP Roadster v2 SMALL

Ride1UP Roadster v2 SMALL

The belt drive makes the Ride1UP Roadster v2 SMALL a sight to behold, and the design allows you to pedal with little to no rattle. And you don’t have to lube the belt, so this device doesn’t attract all kinds of dirt and other filth, making it almost maintenance-free.

Also, I like the simple and smooth body of Ride1UP Roadster v2 SMALL. I even wonder if it is really an electric bike. The hidden 36V 7.0ah Samsung 35e battery and 350W nominal geared Shengyi rear hub engine provide a nice boost.

But I still prefer the Nakto Camel’s performance on hills, and the six-speed drivetrain is more effortless than the Ride1UP Roadster v2 SMALL’s 64×20 single-speed gear ratio. If you’re on a budget, the Nakto Camel is a more cost-effective option.


These are our tests of the Nakto Camel. Its pedal assist makes it easier to ride, and its low price makes it a superb value for money. In my opinion, the Nakto Camel is a bike worth buying. That’s why we give it a high score of 4.7.

Of course, if you’re interested in exploring other commuter e-bikes, we have reviewed a variety of bikes at different price points that you might find interesting. Feel free to check out our other reviews as well.

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