Is Magnum Scout a Good Choice? – [Magnum Scout Review]

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Magnum Scout Review

  • Price: $2,599
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: Kenda, 26″ x 4.0″
  • Gear: 1×7

What we like about it: Magnum choose a current rating of 2.8amps, which is more helpful for getting around with shorter charging times compared to the 2amps of other bikes.

What we don’t like about it: It’s a little bit heavier than average and may cause some trouble when it comes to maintenance and shipping.

Rating: (4.8/5)

Magnum Scout
Magnum Scout

Founded in 2010, Magnum Bikes has been a leader in e-bike innovation and design. They believe that e-bikes can change the concept of mobility in today’s society, and they want to provide a new form of clean, efficient transportation that is affordable for all. This Magnum Scout was carefully built by them and is a very good bike.

I was very excited about this Magnum Scout as it had received great reviews from friends around me. On the day the bike arrived, we couldn’t wait to review it.

Below, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, and specifications as well as other versions of the Magnum Scout. And at the end of the review, we will also compare several best bike models. If you want to know more about bike reviews, don’t hesitate to follow us.

Riding Experience

In the past, when evaluating bikes, I always had to take a break in the middle of the test to continue, but this time it was a different story, as this hardtail e-bike, the Magnum Scout, completed the test both brilliantly and quickly.

Commuter Riding

I rode this Magnum Scout around the city streets of New York. The powerful 750W Bafang hub-drive provided a high speed of 28mph without exerting as much energy as a regular bike, and the relaxed, free feeling captivated me.

I love the e-bike cockpit. At first glance, I felt it was simple and intuitive, so even a first-time e-bike rider can operate it very well. Also, this Magnum Scout gear selector is large and has a readout on it to display the gears, and the display screen is larger than average in size, making it easy for me to view it.

By the time I get off from my work, it’s close to the end of the day and I’ll be more conscious of my safety, especially in poor lighting conditions. This Magnum Scout has great Integrated Lights that allow me to see well ahead. With taillights over the rear wheels and reflective stripes on the tires, the car behind us can spot us very well. Even in the event of an accident, its excellent hydraulic disc brakes stopped in time so I felt very safe.

Is that all?

I must mention that we can upgrade the battery of the Magnum Scout. By separating the controller box from the battery pack, not only can the heat exchange be reduced, but the price of replacing and upgrading the battery be decreased, from the stock 840Wh to a 921.6Wh for only $100, and the weight only increases by 1.2 lbs. I replaced the battery on the first day the bike arrived and the results were excellent, with a significant increase in maximum riding distance without changing the riding speed. And also, the 2.8amps current rating effectively shortens charging time. For a commuter like me, the Magnum Scout’s battery makes me very happy.

Countryside Riding

Magnum Scout
Magnum Scout

I often ride my bike on weekends. Embracing nature is a great experience to me, so I finished this trip on this Magnum Scout.

The Magnum Scout has adjustable shock forks, so I didn’t feel bumpy on the bumpy roads in the countryside. The rear rack is equipped with triple elastic ropes and standard side racks, which can hold a lot of luggage. There is a water bottle holder on the top tube, so everything I need to take on a trip can be easily carried, which I feel is very convenient.

I like Magnum’s SEALED 12 magnet cadence sensor, and the variable speed twist throttle overrides the PAS at the chosen level. I used the throttle for instant acceleration even at PAS level 1. Meanwhile, the car has wide 4.0″ Kenda tires, which are stable enough to be very powerful on dry, loose sand.

All in all,it’s such a perfec bike that I’m into it so much. I enjoy the feeling of flying on different surfaces.


The Magnum Scout is an awesome hardtail bike. At its heart is an integrated 48V/17.5Ah/840Wh battery that provides up to 55 miles (89 km) of riding distance.

In addition, the 750W Bafang Motor has a peak power of 1000W. We can use 6 pedal assist modes. Also, its top speed can reach 28mph high to help us climb faster and faster, and riders of different sizes can adapt to this bike very well.

On poorly lit roads, bright Integrated Lights illuminate the way forward, and tail lights activated by braking allow the car behind us to see us clearly.

Since this bike can cover a very long riding distance, we need to hold the grip for a long time. To avoid hand fatigue, the Magnum Scout’s grip is made of padded faux leather stitching, which is stylish, durable, and comfortable at the same time.


What do we like about it?

  • The height of the shock fork is taller than average, and the compression clicker helps the rider lock it in completely, reducing the wobble of the electric bike on a flat surface.
  • Magnum choose a current rating of 2.8amps, which shortens the charging time compared to the 2amps of other bikes and is much more helpful for travel.
  • The wider fenders make little noise and cover a large area to avoid mud splashing in rainy weather driving.
  • When the headlights are on at night, the display will dim to avoid distracting the rider and help maintain night vision.

What don’t we like about it?

  • It’s a little bit heavier than average and may cause some trouble when it comes to maintenance and shipping.


  • Is Magnum Scout suitable for beginners?

Both beginners and experienced riders can handle the Magnum Scout very well.

  • What is the composition of Magnum Scout’s battery?

The battery is Li-NMC.

  • Does Magnum Scout have any accessories?

Magnum Scout accessories include built-in head tube and top tube attachment brackets, front and rear fenders, rear rack, and charger.

  • How to choose the right size?

Magnum Scout recommends a minimum rider height of 54.



FrameAluminum Alloy
ForkUnbranded Spring Suspension, 100mm Travel, Compression Clicker with Lockout, Preload Adjust, 32mm Black Steel Stanchions, 135mm Hub Spacing, 9mm Axle with Quick Release Skewer
HeadsetThreadless, Internal Cups, Straight 1-1/8″
StemPromax, 100mm Length, 31.8mm Clamp Diameter, One 5mm Spacer, One 10mm Spacer, One 20mm Tapered Base Spacer
HandlebarMid-Rise, Aluminum Alloy, 700mm Length
SaddleUnbranded Comfort Hybrid, Integrated Lift Handle
SeatpostPromax, Aluminum Alloy, Single Bolt Saddle Clamp
PedalsWellgo VB087 Aluminum Alloy Platform, Black, Fixed Pins
GripsPadded, Faux Leather, Stitched


CrankForged Aluminum Alloy, 170mm Length, Square Tapered Bottom Bracket, 52 Tooth Steel Chainring with Alloy Guard
ShiftersShimano SIS Index Thumb Shifter on Right
Cassette7 Speed 1×7 Shimano Altus Derailleur, Shimano MF-TZ500-7 14-28 Tooth Cassette
BrakesLogan Hydraulic Disc with 180mm Rotors, Dual Piston Calipers, Logan Three Finger Levers with Adjustable Reach and Brake Light Activation and Motor Inhibitors


RimsAluminum Alloy, Double Walled, 80mm Outer Width, 36 Hole
SpokesStainless Steel, 13 Gauge Front 12 Gauge Rear, Black with Adjustable Nipples
TiresKenda, 26″ x 4.0″ (98-559)

Electric Components

MotorWeight: 11.5 lbs (5.21 kg), Brand: Bafang, Type: Rear-Mounted Geared Hub, Nominal Output: 750 watts, Peak Output: 1000 watts
BatteryWeight: 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg) (10.7lbs for 19.2Wh Battery), Voltage: 48 volts, Amp Hours: 17.5 ah (Optional 19.2Ah), Watt Hours: 840 wh (Optional 921.6Wh). Chemistry: Lithium-ion

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick to viewTiresDrivelineFrame materialBrakes
Rad Power BikesRadRover 6 Plus High StepClick ViewRad Power Bikes by Kenda Juggernaut 26″ x 4″1×7AluminumRad Power Bikes approved hydraulic brake caliper
Juiced Bikes RipCurrent SClick ViewKenda Krusade, 26″ x 4″1×9AluminumTektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Rotors
Himiway RHINOClick View26″ x 4.5″ Kenda x Himiway fat tires1×9AluminumTektro 180MM hydraulic disc brakes

Magnum Scout VS Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus High Step

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus High Step
Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus High Step

Magnum Scout is a little heavier than Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus High Step. Although it is an electric bike, if you forget to charge it and ride without electricity, you will be a little more tired.

The former has an 840Wh Battery, while the latter is 672Wh. The cruising ability of Magnum Scout is a bit better, allowing you to accept longer commuting distances without charging.

So, if you prefer lighter weight, the ad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus High Step will suit you better; if you want better commuting distance, I would recommend the Magnum Scout.

Magnum Scout VS Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S

Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S
Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S

The Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S is heavy but has plenty of power. Its Panasonic’s 998Wh Battery provides a better range, although this can present a problem with longer charging times.

In addition, the Magnum Scout’s 100mm Front Travel is better, making it ideal for rugged riding, while the Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S’s 80mm Front Travel is shorter and more sensitive, making it more suitable for uphill riding.

In short, if you ride on roads with a lot of uphill, the Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S will make your ride more comfortable. But if you want to ride on twisty roads, the Magnum Scout will suit you better.

Magnum Scout VS Himiway RHINO

2023 Himiway RHINO
Himiway RHINO

Magnum Scout’s Bafang 750W hub-drive provides better traction, can be fitted with a firmer frame, and doesn’t create a weird gyroscopic effect when riding very fast.

However, the Himiway RHINO applying Bafang mid-drive motor will affect its gear ratio, the ability to select low gears to provide better power for steep hills, and the fact that it doesn’t overheat like other contour motors.

In addition, the Bafang mid-drive is lighter and easier to replace than the bike’s tires. However, it also has certain disadvantages. It is easy to hurt the chain and impossible to shift gears unless it is on the move. Before driving at high speed to a red light, the rider has to remember to switch to the offset gear. Otherwise, the starting acceleration will be affected.

So, if you want better traction, the Magnum Scout would be a better choice; but if you ride on roads with a lot of uphill, the Himiway RHINO would be better for you.

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The above is our full review of the Magnum Scout, an excellent hardtail e-bike with a better range that allows me to ride longer distances. In my opinion, the Magnum Scout is a bike worth buying, and overall we give it a high score of 4.8.

Of course, if you’re interested in exploring other hardtail e-bikes, we have reviewed a variety of bikes at different price points that you might find interesting. Feel free to check out our other reviews as well.

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