Is the Trek 3700 Mountain Bike A Good Bike?

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Any rider who enjoys riding has most likely heard of Trek, and they have a great selection of classic models, particularly in the mountain bike segment. This is a comprehensive review of the Trek 3700 mountain bike from Best Bike Select. In the future, I will update my review of the Trek series.

What are the Trek 3700 mountain bike’s features, and what are the Trek 3700 alpha’s advantages and disadvantages?

What are its requirements? It is frequently asked about. Because time is running out, let’s get started.

Trek 3 series 3700
Trek 3700 mountain bike

What are the features of the Trek 3700 mountain bike?

Rugged and reliable AlphaSilver Aluminium frame

Trek 3700 alpha
Trek Mountain Bike : Trek 3700 alpha

The Trek 3700 bicycle is made of Alpha Silver Aluminum and has a semi-integrated headtube. This frame is inexpensive to build, but it is also one of the most classic mountain bike frames.

Although production began in 2013, it is not technologically backward; it incorporates the more advanced, ergonomic mountain bike frame design of the time.

In the case of a beginner who is just learning to ride, the initial investment in a mountain bike will be minimal. As a result, while balancing price and quality, aesthetics were appropriately set aside.

Because every crash or landing on this part becomes extremely stressful when riding in the mountains, the frame’s downtube is made of tubing with a bulging architecture, and using this design makes it more robust and durable.

The shorter body and loose head tube angle also make it less constraining for beginners, which is what makes it the best-selling mountain bike.

24-speed drivetrain

Up to 24 speeds, so the rider, when riding on rough mountain terrain, won’t feel the lack of so many speed adjustments. The simplest thumb shifter, just a flick of a toggle on the bike’s drivetrain, completes a shift.

And it also supports continuous shift function. But as a rider who cherishes mountain bikes, it doesn’t like to do that. The shifting is fast and very slippery.

Professional-grade shock fork

Shock fork SR Suntour XCM with knob. 30mm strut; 100mm travel What exactly does it mean to be a professional? That is, before you ride, you will require a variety of professional equipment to assist you in doing what you are unable to do.

To assist riders in playing better in mountain riding, the shock fork knob can be pre-adjusted to the correct position before riding, according to different terrain. And, with some technical difficulties, the built-in coil springs will perform even better in the woods.

Tough Bontrager LT3, 26×2.0″ Tires

Tough and durable tires will not disappoint riders who enjoy mountain riding. Mountain tires are 26×2.0″, and the most common sizes are 2.125″ or 2.25″. Of course, the Bontrager LT3 is designed specifically for this lightweight cross-country mountain bike. The price is also very reasonable, making the Trek 3 series 3700 a very cost effective option.

It is very difficult to get a flat tire on regular roads, woodlands, rocks or debris filled surfaces.

Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc Brakes

Mechanical disc brakes from Tektro Novela with alloy cable pull control. Short braking stroke, free of mud and water from riding around the rim Braking is also safe for downhill sections of muddy roads. A mechanical disc brake can be used to improve the bike’s control on long downhill sections when upgrading this brake.

Complete Bontrager handlebar set

The Bontrager SSR grips are constructed with a hard material core and a soft outer ring. The handlebars are made of a hard material core with a soft outer ring, allowing for full hand contact while riding and increasing the Trek 3700 mountain bike’s maneuverability.

Every little bit of optimization in off-road mountain riding results in a different riding experience, and the Trek 3700 delivers on that front.

Trek 3700 mountain bike pros and cons


  • Beginner-friendly frame design
  • Affordable price, so mountain lovers won’t be put off
  • Good grip and tough Bontrager LT3 tires
  • Easy to maintain
  • Commendable after-sales service


  • Not a disc brake
  • Somewhat technically feasible in the mountains, the quality of the extreme off-road configuration is not enough
  • Hard seat
  • Wellgo nylon pedals are easily damaged

Trek 3700 mountain bike Specifications

FrameAlpha Silver Aluminum w/semi-integrated head tube, rack & fender mounts, disc compatible dropouts, replaceable derailleur hanger
ForkSR Suntour XCM w/30mm stanchions, coil spring, preload adjustment, 100mm travel
WheelsFormula DC20 alloy front hub; Formula DC22 alloy rear hub w/Bontrager AT-650 32-hole double-walled disc rims
TiresBontrager LT3, 26×2.0″
ShiftersShimano Tourney, 8 speed
Front derailleurShimano Altus
Rear derailleurShimano Altus
CrankShimano M131, 42/34/24
CassetteShimano HG20 12-32, 8 speed
PedalsWellgo nylon platform
SaddleBontrager Evoke 1
SeatpostBontrager SSR, 31.6mm, 12mm offset
HandlebarBontrager Riser, 25.4mm, 30mm rise
GripsBontrager SSR
StemBontrager Approved, 25.4mm, 25 degree
Headset1-1/8″ threadless
BrakesetTektro Novela mechanical disc brakes w/Shimano Tourney levers
ExtrasRack & fender mounts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Trek 3700 value?

Check out the trade-in value for this bike; there have been bids as high as $250, but as a big fan, its current value is expected to be less than $100.

Of course, if you’re ready to trade it in for a new one, the going rate is currently around $35. (It will also decrease over time.) A Trek 3700 in good condition, on the other hand, is best sold by listing on eBay to maximize value.

  • What frame sizes are available for the Trek 3700?

There are 13″, 16″, 18″, 19.5″, 21″, 22.5″ frame sizes to choose from.

  • What is the weight of the Trek 3700 body?

Bike and frame weights are based on pre-production painted frames at the time of release. Weight may vary in final production. 19.5″ body weight is approximately 33 lbs.

  • What is the maximum load weight of the Trek 3700?

300 lbs.

  • What colors are available for the Trek 3700?

Metallic Black/True Blue and Platinum, both colors are available.

  • Where else can I buy the new Trek 3700 mountain bike?

There is no address on the official website where you can buy a brand new Trek 3700 mountain bike. You can consult the official sales phone number, or ask the store staff at their offline stores.

  • Can I install mudguards on Trek 3700 mountain bike?

Trek 3700 has Rack & fender mounts on the bike, you just need to find the right accessories on Amazon or Trek’s website to install them.

There is only one water bottle cage mounting point on the frame, so when you buy a fender, you also need to buy a matching water bottle cage.

  • What is the official price of the Trek 3700 mountain bike?

In 2018 it was about $450.

Bicycle Comparison

BicycleFrame materialWheel sizeSpeed NumberPrice
Trek 820 mountain bikeTrek Custom Steel26-Inch21Click View
Trek Marlin 6 mountain bikeAluminum27.5-29 Inch10Click View
Schwinn Moab 3 Adult Mountain BikeAluminum2924Click View
Hyper Bicycles Men’s 29″ Carbon Fiber Mountain BikeCarbon Fiber299Click View

Compare and Contrast

Every time I compare bikes, it’s a very exciting part for me. Only by comparing can I know how good or bad a bike is and what the difference is compared to similar bikes.

Trek 820 mountain bike VS Trek 3700 mountain bike

Trek 820 mountain bike
Trek 820 mountain bike

The Trek 820 mountain bike and the Trek 3700 mountain bike are both positioned similarly, allowing beginners to experience the thrill of off-road adventures. The cost is also comparable.

However, there are significant differences between the Trek 820 mountain bike and the Trek 3700 mountain bike. For example, the Trek 820 has a steel frame, but the weight remains 33.68 pounds.

Also, the maximum load weight is 300 pounds. The seat and handlebars are also Bontrager components.

The front fork’s 75mm travel has been reduced slightly. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Trek 3700 mountain bike, the Trek 820 mountain bike is a great option.

It is the most affordable mountain bike in Trek’s lineup, and it is ideal for beginners who want to get into mountain biking but want a hybrid bike that can handle light rail and rough city streets.

Trek Marlin 6 mountain bike VS Trek 3700 mountain bike

Trek Marlin 6 mountain bike

The Trek Marlin 6 mountain bike is a slightly improved version of the Trek 3700 mountain bike. This is obviously my opinion, but the Trek Marlin 6 fork has 100mm travel on all frame sizes except the XS frame, which has 80mm travel and an adjustable knob.

An internal alignment is used for the overall aesthetics of the bike so that it is not disturbed by roadside bushes on intense mountain rides.

The Trek 3700 mountain bike has a tire size of 26″, whereas the Trek Marlin 6 has a tire size of 29×2.20″ (XS & S: 27.5×2.4″). Not only is the size larger, but the width of the tire has increased by 10-20%, providing more grip. This is ideal for mountain biking.

Last but not least, the colors available for bodywork have grown in variety. If you are willing to spend more money, the Trek Marlin 6 mountain bike is one of the best options, costing less than $1000, which is more than the Trek 3700 mountain bike that needs to be upgraded.

Schwinn Moab 3 Adult Mountain Bike vs Trek 3700 mountain bike

Schwinn Moab 3 Mountain Bike
Schwinn Moab 3 Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Moab 3 is the best value Mountain Bike, especially when used bike prices are considered. This is yet another example of its excellent accessories. The same 100mm shock fork, complete with knobs and an aluminum body.

However, the Schwinn Moab 3 comes with 29″ * 2.25″ knobby wide knobby tires for better off-road traction, as well as WTB SX19 rims with alloy disc hubs to increase overall durability.

In terms of braking, the Schwinn Moab 3 features an expensive hydraulic disc brake that is more reliable than a mechanical brake. However, it is significantly more expensive than the Trek 3700. As a result, both of these mountain bikes are quite affordable.

Learn more: Schwinn Moab 3 Mountain Bike Review – Buying Tips


According to the survey trek 3700 three series mountain bike was produced in 2013, however, do not worry, in technology it is not behind. So, as a beginner bike, it is perfectly suitable.

The Trek 3700 mountain bike, which foregoes some aesthetics in order to increase the mountain bike’s reliability, is flexible and safe for the novice in all features. At the time, it would have been an expensive upgrade for a newcomer. Looking back and comparing it to newer mountain bikes, it still has more redeeming features. This is a mountain bike that is well worth your money. However, it is difficult to find a brand new Trek 3700, so if you believe the alternative version is a good comparison, click to learn more.

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