The 7 Best Bike Racks For Cars

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Whether you are a cycling enthusiast or an outdoor adventurer, I believe you will not miss the opportunity to be able to enjoy your outdoor ride. Then you are about to come across a choice that avoids no comparable choice, choosing a suitable bike stand for your bike as well as a sedan. Sedans have numerous options when it comes to bike racks. You can choose not only the popular rear towing type, but also the suspension type with excellent price, or the roof type that saves space in the trunk.

To facilitate your choice, we have come up with the seven best car bike racks that are the most popular among consumers after summarizing the cost-effectiveness of the major brands of bike racks.

1, Rockymounts BackStage ($769.95)

2、Kuat Transfer V2 ($349)

3, Saris Superclamp EX 2 ($579.99)

4, Yakima FullTilt ($249.95)

5, Rockymounts BrassKnuckles ($249.95)

6. Saris Door Country ($1,299.99)

7、Thule Outway ($449.95)

We will introduce more details about the design of the bike mount and the above products in the following. If you are interested you can read on.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of different bike racks?

To choose a suitable bike rack, you need to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of each type of bike rack first. Then you can make a further decision.

Rear Towable Bike Racks


  • Easy loading and unloading of bicycles
  • High compatibility with most bikes on the market
  • High stability to apply the most protection to the bike


  • Higher prices
  • Larger size and heavier weight
  • This may have an impact on the use of the trunk

Suspended Bike Racks


  • Easy to mount bracket
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Excellent price
  • Usually has a large capacity for bicycle transport


  • Will have an impact on the use of the trunk
  • Stability is not very strong, when carrying more than one bike, there is a high risk of collision between bikes
  • Fixed belts require regular maintenance

Roof-Mounted Bike Racks


  • Can have full access to the trunk
  • Can be used to carry not only bicycles but also other daily necessities
  • Better price


  • Difficult to load and unload bicycles
  • Special attention needs to be paid when passing on height-restricted roads

What factors do you need to focus on when buying a frame?

To choose your own best car bike rack, after understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each different rack, you also need to pay attention to the following factors.

  • Number of bicycles to be carried
  • The weight of the bicycle to be carried
  • Frequency of use of bike mounts
  • What is the approximate budget

After understanding your needs, I believe you have a rough idea of what kind of bike rack you need to buy. Then next I will introduce more detailed information about the various functions of each kind of bike rack. If you want to know more about bike rack selection, please continue to browse.

How To Choose A Rear Towable Bike Rack?

The rear trailer rack is a bike rack mounted on a hook at the rear of a car and is also popular with consumers because it has the feature of being easy enough to load and unload bicycles.

The rear towable bike rack has a simple installation method, and same time can be divided into the platform-type hook rack and suspension-type hook rack. Platform racks have the advantage of strong fixation and good stability. But if your bike has thin tires, then it may be more suitable for you.

Although most rear towing racks add a tiltable design for ease of trunk use, there will inevitably be some impact on trunk use. At the same time, the corresponding price for the superior performance of rear towing racks can be more expensive, and rear towing racks tend to have a heavier rack weight. This also makes the rear towing rack not very convenient in terms of carrying.

You also need to note that before choosing a rear towable bike rack, you need to figure out what the compatible size of the hitch on your sedan is to ensure proper fitment.

If you have a high budget and want more stable transportation conditions. Then a rear towable bike rack is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

How To Choose A Suspended Bike Rack?

A suspension rack is a type of bike rack that is fixed to the rear trunk of a car. For this reason, suspension racks are often a nuisance for trunk use. But the suspension rack has the characteristics of excellent price, lightweight, small size, and easy to carry.

Although there are some differences in stability between suspension racks and rear drag racks, they are perfect for people who don’t use bike racks very often. Because suspension racks are so easy to install, you don’t have to worry about loading and unloading the rack.

The suspension rack will affect the visibility of the rearview mirror and the rear window of the vehicle because of the high mounting position of the bike.

The suspension rack’s belt mount design gives it a very wide range of compatibility, but also because it uses belts for securing the bike. So you need to check the belt regularly for wear and tear and consider whether you need to replace it. Also, when you travel with more than one bike, there is a good chance that the bikes will collide with each other and wear out.

Although the suspension rack has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages. So you must go through careful consideration when choosing this rack. However, it must be said that the suspension rack is very suitable for those who do not use the rack very often.

How To Choose A Roof-Mounted Bike Rack?

If you have a roof mount on your car and your roof has enough weight capacity, then a roof-mounted bike rack must be good for you. Once installed, a roof-mounted bike rack can stay on your roof for a long time without the need for frequent disassembly and installation. Because it does not affect your daily driving.

And you can use it not only to transport bicycles, but you can also use it to transport other sports equipment as well as daily necessities.

The biggest advantage of a roof-mounted bike rack is that it does not affect the use of the trunk in any way and does not affect visibility during driving. But nothing is perfect. While roof racks are great space savers, they can be a pain in the ass to load and unload bikes. And because securing your bike to the roof increases the height of your vehicle, it can cause some distress when you pass through roads with height restrictions. In addition, roof-mounted bike racks can carry a limited number of bikes, which is not suitable for family trips or group trips.

But if you need full access to the trunk and don’t want to disassemble the bike mount too often. Then a roof-mounted bike rack will be a good choice for you.

Best Trunk Use

1. Rockymounts BackStage ($769.95)

Rockymounts BackStage

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