Is GT Force Sport Worth Buying? – [GT Force Sport Review ]

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GT Force Sport Review

  • Price: $2950
  • Frame: Carbon fiber
  • Wheels: 700×33C
  • Gear: 1×11

What we like about it: The comfortable ride quality and simple drivetrain.

What we don’t like about it: It may not get as fast as race models like road bikes.

Rating (4.9/5)

GT Force Sport
GT Force Sport

The GT Force Sport is the latest bicycle developed by Giant, and it is a cross-country bike meticulously designed and developed for both high-end off-road racing and everyday riding. Combining Giant’s years of research and development experience since 1940, it features a flexible suspension system and high-performance handlebars to give you a competitive edge on the track. Its structural design also suits all types of terrain, making you more agile and lightweight off-road.

It’s a drool-worthy object, and the name Exie symbolizes the development team’s commitment to the lightest, strongest, and most capable short-travel bikes. It’s a featherweight off-road bike with a loose geometry that enhances stability and confidence, and it refuses to be a one-trick pony.

Below, we’ll analyze the GT Force Sport in terms of riding experience, main features, components and specifications, and other versions. If you want to learn more about bike reviews, you can follow us.

Riding Experience

Giant’s new mountain bikes are increasingly adopting high-pivot suspension designs, and this bike is no exception. Before setting off, I also booked accommodation through IHG Hotels & Resorts to give myself ample space to rest and prepare. The high-pivot and idler wheel with chain guide make the suspension work better, and I feel the separated pedaling force when riding. This allows me to escape the recoil force from the pedals systematically, preventing unexpected accidents while riding.


Like most full-suspension bikes, it will consume your strength and patience when climbing. The pedal switch on the shock absorber is a necessary feature for active suspension bikes. When I’m climbing steep rock walls or technical climbs, I feel the traction responding to my every move, allowing me to grip almost impossible rock walls. This heavy-duty bike requires the rider to provide sufficient power.

The independently effective idler system also gives me plenty of advantages, although I don’t feel its presence for a while. After about a month of riding, my idler began to make a squeaking noise. It does require maintenance, and I find it tedious, especially with the added gear. But it does allow my chain to have more clearance, and overall, the pros outweigh the cons.


With its endurance race geometry shape and well-performing four-bar linkage suspension combined, I feel confident descending while riding it. The suspension on the trail can absorb vibration well and calmly absorb the heavy bombing. The Horst-Link suspension design is easy and reassuring, and the tested parts make it feel active and tolerant on technical trails and downhill.

I feel that my great effort when climbing is fully rewarded when descending. The extended geometry lets the incredible suspension become a real manipulator, and the rougher the terrain, the more confident I feel. I can get sufficient traction and feel that the road is as smooth as a highway.

It helps Maxxis rubber feel predictable on all terrains. Even when skimming over wet tree roots and rocks, the tires can provide consistent grip, which helps choose lines and understand the bike’s response.

It is essentially a racing bike, but it feels balanced and agile, making it easy to shuttle between mountains. Even in poor landings and jumps, its suspension is quite tolerant, which makes me feel very comfortable.

It must be said that the Force Sport full-suspension bike is a well-rounded bike, combining the traditions and innovations of the GT Elite series bikes, designed for mountain off-road enthusiasts. It features a strong full-suspension frame that provides enough durability and tensile strength to perform at its best in the most challenging conditions. Its components are also made of top-quality engineering materials, ideal for riders who face significant impact.


The Force Sport is a high-performance full-suspension mountain bike designed to provide optimal handling and durability. It features GT’s exclusive Force frame with stable and torsion-resistant dual-axis technology that maximizes drive, comfort, and dynamic control.

It also uses a RockShox 35 160mm front fork, providing more suspension performance, improving grip, and maintaining stability on complex terrain. The Force Sport also comes equipped with a Shimano Deore M5100 speed drive system, providing powerful thrust and flexible shifting. In addition, it comes with a set of WTB STX i29 TCS wheel hubs and SRAM Level TL handle brakes, providing stronger braking performance. Overall, the GT Force Sport is a full-suspension mountain bike with excellent handling and durability that is worth recommending.

Other versions of the GT Force Sport

Other versions of the GT Force Sport  - GT Force Comp
GT Force Comp

In this review, we tested the GT Force Sport, a high-performance full-suspension mountain bike that can enhance a rider’s off-road performance. We believe that using this high-quality full-suspension mountain bike can add many enjoyable memories to your mountain biking experience.

It’s a high-quality full-suspension mountain bike, and for that reason, we found a similar version of it, the GT Force Comp. The main differences between the two bikes are the wheelset materials and the model numbers of the overall kits. The GT Force Sport uses a less frequent 11-speed wheelset, while the GT Force Comp uses a lighter and higher-speed 12-speed wheelset.

Additionally, the upgraded GT Force Comp has a more efficient 170mm front suspension and 150mm rear suspension, providing a safer and faster riding experience. Follow us for more information.

What we like about it?

  • Powerful all-aluminum frame with lightweight and high-strength features to meet the needs of any trail and mountain bike rider.
  • The full suspension design allows for a more comfortable ride and is safer.
  • Super portable, allowing you to easily take your bike anywhere.
  • Equipped with the latest Shimano XT M8100 speed shifting system, it can meet all your needs.
  • The Ibis Exie XT is equipped with 29-inch wheels for more grip, stability, and reliability.
  • Support dual aluminum alloy wheels which can provide better braking performance.
  • The unique design allows you to get the best control performance in any condition.
  • Equipped with Fox 34 SC Fit 4 Remote 120mm fork, you can maintain a comfortable cushioning experience on mountain roads.

What we don’t like about it?

  • Climbing: The climbing performance of this car is not considered outstanding.


  • What terrain is the GT Force Sport suitable for?

The GT Force Sport mountain bike is suitable for all kinds of cross-country mountain terrain, such as mountain roads, mud roads, wet stone roads, gravel roads, sand roads, forest roads, etc.

  • What are the safety features of the GT Force Sport?

The GT Force Sport mountain bike features guaranteed safety features such as a crash-resistant full-suspension frame, adjustable front fork, 29-inch dual-layer wheels, and a durable drivetrain.

  • Which heights are GT Force Sport suitable for?

The size chart for GT Force Sport is as follows.

These sizes are only a general guide, the true fit may vary from person to person, and the easiest way to find your size is the best way to go for a test ride.

Rider heightSIZE
166cm – 174cmS
172cm – 180cmM
178cm – 186cmL
184cm – 192cmXL

GT Force Sport Specs


FrameForce Alloy 29″ Frame, 150mm travel, BSA 73mm, LockR Pivots, Tapered Head Tube, Boost 12×148 Thru-Axle, 185x55mm Trunnion Shock Mount, ISCG05BB Standard: BSA, Threaded
ForkRockShox 35 Silver TK, 160mm, 15x110mm Boost, 44mm Offset
Rear ShockX-Fusion 02 Pro RL, 185x55mm Trunnion, Rebound and Lockout
Bottom BracketShimano BB52
HeadsetFSA No.42
StemGT Alloy
HandlebarGT Alloy Riser Bar, 780mm, 30mm Rise
SaddleWTB Silverado Sport
SeatpostTranzX Dropper, Internal Routing, 31.6mm
PedalsNot included
GripsFabric Funguy


Rear DerailleurShimano Deore M5100
CrankShimano MT510, 32T
ShiftersShimano Deore M5100, 11-speed
CassetteShimano Deore M5100, 11-51T
ChainKMC X11
BrakesTektro M275 Hydro Disc, 180/180mm Rotors


RimsWTB STX i29 TCS, 32h, Tubeless ready
SpokesStainless Steel, 14g
Front HubShimano MT400B, 15x110mm, Centerlock
Rear HubShimano MT400B, 12x148mm, Centerlock
Tires(F) Maxxis Minion DHF, 29 x 2.5″, Tubeless Ready / (R) Maxxis Minion DHR II, 29 x 2.4″, Tubeless Ready


Comparison Table

BicyclesPriceDrivetrainFrame MaterialComponentsClick view
Scott Genius 940 $37991×12Aluminum alloySram EagleClick View
Marin Alpine Trail 7$29991×12Aluminum alloyShimano DeoreClick View
Canyon Spectral 5 $32991×12Aluminum alloySram EagleClick View
Kona Process 153 27.5 $33991×11Aluminum alloyShimano DeoreClick View

GT Force Sport vs Scott Genius 940

Scott Genius 940
Scott Genius 940

The GT Force Sport and the Scott Genius 940 are two great full-suspension bikes for mountain riding. They both offer superior bike performance, but they also have different components and prices. Next, let’s take a look at the differences between the GT Force Sport and the Scott Genius 940.

First off, let’s take a look at their components. The GT Force Sport has a RockShox 35 Silver fork that gives the rider better resistance to suspension and absorbs the impact of the front wheel, giving the rider better control. The Scott Genius 940’s emphasis is on suspension technology with the Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork, which gives the rider better control on hills and better shock absorption. It is also equipped with an SRAM NX SX Eagle 12-speed shifting system for easy speed changes.

Secondly, let’s look at their prices. The Force Sport costs $3025 and the Scott Genius 940 costs $3799. Both bikes are about the same price, but since the Force Sport has more high-end components, it’s a little more expensive.

Finally, let’s take a look at how they feel on the bike. The Force Sport has better suspension technology for easier descents, while the Scott Genius 940 has stronger suspension technology to better withstand the impact of the front wheel and give the rider better control. They also have different gearing systems, with the GT Force Sport using a Shimano Deore 12-speed gearing system and the Scott Genius 940 using an SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed gearing system, allowing the rider to change speeds more easily.

Overall, the GT Force Sport and Scott Genius 940 are both excellent full-suspension mountain bike models that offer superior bike performance.

GT Force Sport vs Marin Alpine Trail 7

Marin Alpine Trail 7
Marin Alpine Trail 7

Both the GT Force Sport and the Marin Alpine Trail 7 are full-suspension mountain bikes, so the riding experience is similar, with both having strong climbing and jumping abilities and handling technical trails very well. But in terms of details, the two bikes perform slightly differently.

The GT Force Sport is a lightweight race bike with an agile ride that can better grasp changes in road conditions and can respond faster to technical maneuvers such as cornering, making it more suitable for technical off-road racing. As for the Marin Alpine Trail 7, it focuses more on durability, has higher stability, can better handle steep gradients, and is suitable for long-distance riding, but is not as good as the Force Sport in handling technical road conditions.

From a component perspective, the GT Force Sport uses Shimano Deore 11-speed components, which have lower weight and achieve more flexible riding performance, while the Marin Alpine Trail 7 uses Sram NX Eagle 12-speed components, which are heavier but have higher durability and can also meet the needs of long-distance travel.

Then, from a price point of view, the Force Sport costs about $3025 and the Marin Alpine Trail 7 costs about $3000, which is not a very big difference, but you can still see that the GT Force Sport uses higher-end components, which is more evidence of where the car’s value for money lies, while the Marin Alpine The Trail 7 is more on the side of the price/performance spectrum.

All in all, the GT Force Sport and Marin Alpine Trail 7 are both excellent full-suspension mountain bikes with different riding feel and components, and different prices to meet different needs. However, the final choice depends on the rider’s needs and habits.

GT Force Sport vs Canyon Spectral 5

Canyon Spectral 5
Canyon Spectral 5

As you can see, the GT Force Sport and the Canyon Spectral 5 are two equally great full-suspension mountain bikes that are very different in price, components, and ride feel.

First, the two mountain bikes differ in price, with the GT Force Sport costing around $3,000 and the Canyon Spectral 5 costing slightly more at around $3,300. The components of the two mountain bikes are also different, the Force Sport is equipped with Shimano Deore technology while the Canyon Spectral 5 is equipped with NX Eagle Truvativ Descendant technology, the former offering superior shifting capabilities while the latter boasts higher shifting performance and faster acceleration.

In addition, the GT Force Sport’s wheels are manufactured by WTB STX i29 TCS for excellent rigidity, while the Canyon Spectral 5’s wheels are manufactured by RaceFace AR30 for even better twist resistance, allowing it to better navigate rugged mountain roads.

Secondly, the two mountain bikes have different riding experiences. The Force Sport has superior damping performance, which effectively reduces road vibration and gives the rider better control of the bike. In addition, its chassis is more stable and can handle any road condition, making it more fun for the rider. The Canyon Spectral 5, on the other hand, has better acceleration and a lighter build, allowing riders to climb faster and get to their destination faster.

Finally, GT Force Sport and Canyon Spectral 5 have different advantages in terms of price, components, and riding experience. Therefore, when choosing a mountain bike, consumers should choose the most suitable mountain bike according to their own needs.

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GT Force Sport vs Kona Process 153 27.5

Kona Process 153 27.5 
Kona Process 153 27.5 

The GT Force Sport and the Kona Process 153 27.5 are both high-end products for mountain bikes, and they are both impressive in design and performance.

When it comes to riding feel, the GT Force Sport offers excellent grip and suspension, which makes it more powerful on climbs and descents and provides a more stable riding experience, while the Kona Process 153 27.5 has more climbing ability and steering agility, making it more agile in sharp turns and jump drops.

In terms of components, the GT Force Sport is equipped with the new Shimano Deore drive system, which is more efficient in terms of shifting to meet different riding scenarios and improve riding performance. the Kona Process 153 27.5 is equipped with the same brand and grade of components, which provides more power and lower weight, making it It can move more quickly.

In conclusion, the GT Force Sport and Kona Process 153 27.5 are both excellent mountain bike products that have their advantages in terms of riding experience, components, and price, making them both popular with a wide range of riders. Ultimately, depending on your riding habits and budget, choosing the right mountain bike for you is most important.


These are our tests of the GT Force Sport, and I love that a quality and affordable full-suspension bike like this allows me to easily take on inter-mountain trails, and those fast mountain descents. This is great news for those cyclists who are focused on the entry shock DH segment.

If you’d like to try a higher-end professional race and bike, feel free to take a look at our test about it.

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