Is Giant Roam Disc 3 Worth Buying? – [Giant Roam Disc 3 Review]

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Giant Roam Disc 3 Review

  • Price: $780
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Wheels: 700×42C
  • Gearing: Single-speed

What we like about it: Clean design, no complicated shifting system to worry about, and gets you around town fast.

What we don’t like about it: The narrow width of the tires is not suitable for anti-skid.

Rating (4.9/5)

Giant Roam Disc 3
Giant Roam Disc 3

The Giant Roam Disc 3 is a road bike specifically designed for commuting, with great performance and comfort. Made from ALUXX SL aluminum, the Roam Disc 3 is lightweight, stable, and high-performing. It features a shock-absorbing front fork and Giant-designed dual brakes to improve braking precision and reliability. Overall, the Giant Roam Disc 3 is an excellent road bike for commuting, allowing you to enjoy more comfort and safety in your daily travels.

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Riding Experience


For me, this is a very suitable commuter bike, with comfortable geometry and high-quality road bike ride qualities. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame makes me feel very agile. My commuting route is not flat, but it still handles very well. Compared to traditional road bikes, it has wider tires, which gives me more confidence on bumpy roads. The frame is neither flat nor cylindrical, with a flat top that provides aerodynamic effects and a smooth bottom that adds cushioning and rigidity. This can reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

On those very bumpy roads, I choose to open its front suspension, and the up-and-down handlebars make me feel very comfortable. The 63mm suspension is perfect for urban bumps, making driving smoother and easier to accelerate on flat surfaces. The bike I tested has a full black color on the frame, with red lines as decoration. The mudguard at the bottom of the down tube is very distinctive, integrating the cable and blocking mud and water from splashing onto the front wheel.

The mixed Shimano kit on this bike does not feel out of place. The 3-speed front Tourney and 8-speed rear Acera are perfect for complex urban roads, with smooth gear shifting.

Weekend Exercise

It’s also great for weekend bike rides and even off-road adventures on mountain trails! The Roam 3 Disc’s versatile gearing allows me to easily traverse steep inclines and speed along roads. The braking power of the Tektro TKB172 mechanical disc brakes, with a rotor diameter of 160mm, is provided by a well-balanced system that can efficiently brake even at high speeds, ensuring complete safety.

The low-rise handlebars are very long and slightly angled upward, similar to those on a mountain bike. This means that you can have a comfortable, open-chested riding position, which allows for better control of your bike in traffic. The Giant Crosscut has become a popular tire brand, leaving a deep impression during my test ride.

The 700×38c tires are a good combination of hybrid and mountain bike tires. The stylish and sturdy tread combines with a durable outer casing to ensure that the tires are safe when making quick turns and rolling quickly on rough roads. The puncture-resistant tires provide additional protection against small punctures.

The more upright seating position also makes my ride more comfortable. Similar to those on road bike saddles, the saddle is smooth and wide, with a perfect shape. It also fits my sit bones very well and has enough padding to cushion my pain.

Overall, this hybrid bike has a very comfortable riding position and a sturdy lightweight alloy frame. The front suspension with a lockout can perfectly release its performance when needed, allowing for smoother and faster riding even on bumpy roads. The Tektro mechanical disc brakes are powerful enough to operate well in both dry and wet conditions. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to buy a hybrid bike for fitness, commuting, or occasional travel.


The Giant Roam Disc 3 is an excellent value hybrid bike with high-performance components and a range of excellent features. Its appearance is beautiful, and it performs outstandingly, making us very satisfied.

Firstly, it is equipped with a set of Giant double-wall aluminum rims. These rims use 30mm wide hubs, making the bike ride more comfortable. Its braking performance is also excellent, providing a safer riding experience for riders. In addition, the frame itself is equipped with a Shimano Tourney drivetrain system, allowing users to adjust speeds under different road conditions, making riding more enjoyable. It is also equipped with a set of Tektro TKD-143 disc brakes. These disc brakes have excellent performance and can provide good braking even under harsh road conditions. Its handlebars are also made of high-quality materials, providing a more comfortable riding experience for riders.

In conclusion, the Giant Roam Disc 3 is an excellent value hybrid bike. It is equipped with a range of high-performance components and excellent features, making it popular among similar bikes. Its riding performance is outstanding, and it is also very durable, allowing riders to enjoy a safe and comfortable riding experience under different road conditions.

Other Versions of the Giant Roam Disc 3

Other Versions of the Giant Roam Disc 3

We tested the high-end commuting bike, Giant Roam Disc 3, which features front suspension to tackle uncertain terrain during outdoor rides, and disc brakes to ensure rider safety. The step-through frame and multi-speed system also address the common issues of quick mounting and dismounting and fluctuating terrain.

Indeed, it is a high-end and comfortable hybrid bike. As such, we found a similar version, the Giant Roam Disc 2, which differs mainly in the grade of its components. The upgraded version of the Giant Roam Disc 2 has even higher-end components and additional rear gear to provide a more dense speed sensation and climb steep hills more easily. There is hardly any other difference, except for a $130 price difference.

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What do we like about it?

  • Designed for city commuting with durable tires and a comfortable suspension system.
  • Abundant rear gears to help you climb hills and pass other vehicles.
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame that increases bike stability.
  • Quality mechanical disc brakes that enhance safety.
  • 24-speed system that gives you more flexibility.
  • Reasonable price and high cost-effectiveness to meet various needs.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The price is relatively high, making it more expensive than regular hybrid bikes.


  • Can the seat of the Giant Roam Disc 3 be adjusted?

Yes, the seat of the Giant Roam Disc 3 can be adjusted up and down to accommodate different riding needs.

  • What is the tire size of the Giant Roam Disc 3?

The Giant Roam Disc 3 is equipped with 700C x 42C tires.

  • If you want to go riding in well-known terrain or special terrain, where is the most convenient place to stay?

You can book your accommodation on IHG Hotels & Resorts, which is not only rich in variety but also easy to operate.

  • What height is suitable for the Giant Roam Disc 3?

The size chart for the Giant Roam Disc 3 is as follows: These sizes are just general guidelines, and the most effective way to find your size is to try riding it out.

Rider heightSIZE
160cm – 171cmS
169cm – 181cmM
179cm – 191cmL
189cm – 200cmXL

Giant Roam Disc 3 Specs


FrameALUXX-Grade Aluminum, discBB Standard: BSA, ThreadedColor: Cold Night
ForkSR Suntour NEX HLO 700C, 63mm
Rear ShockN/A
Bottom Bracketthreaded
StemGiant Sport, 8-degree S:60mm, M:70mm, L:80mm, XL:90mm
HandlebarGiant Sport XC, 31.8mm S:64cm, M:68cm, L:68cm, XL:68cm
SaddleGiant Sport
SeatpostGiant D-Fuse, alloy, 350mm


Rear DerailleurShimano Acera
Front DerailleurShimano Tourney
Crankforged alloy, 30/46 S:170mm, M:170mm, L:175mm, XL:175mm
ShiftersShimano Altus, 2×8
CassetteShimano CS-HG31, 11×34
ChainKMC Z8.3
BrakesTektro TKD-143 hydraulic [F]160mm, [R]160mm rotors
Brake LeversTektro TKD-143


RimsGiant double wall aluminum
Spokesstainless, 14g
Front Huballoy, 28h
Rear Huballoy, 28h
TiresGiant CrossCut, anti-puncture, 700x42c


Comparison Table

BicyclesPriceDrivetrainFrame materialComponentsClick view
Marin San Anselmo DS2 $7992×8AluminumAcera, TourneyClick View
Fuji Traverse 1.3 €8992×9AluminumAlivio, AceraClick View
Kona Splice $7993×8AluminumTourney, AltusClick View
CUBE TOURING EXC Trapeze €9493×10AluminumDeoreClick View

Giant Roam Disc 3 vs Marin San Anselmo DS2

Marin San Anselmo DS 2
Marin San Anselmo DS 2

The Giant Roam Disc 3 and the Marin San Anselmo DS 2 are both excellent commuter bikes with different advantages in terms of component level, riding experience, and price.

Firstly, in terms of component level, the Giant Roam Disc 3 features a Shimano 3×8 speed shifting system with a full set of Tektro disc brakes and a reliable Giant SR-2 wheelset, providing users with a comfortable and reliable riding experience. The Marin San Anselmo DS 2, on the other hand, has a Shimano 2×8 speed shifting system, along with a full set of Tektro disc brakes and a Marin Aluminum Double Wall wheelset, which is of higher quality and can provide users with greater stability.

Secondly, in terms of riding experience, the Roam Disc 3 has a wide, shock-absorbing front fork, which can provide a more comfortable commuting experience. The Marin San Anselmo DS 2 has a more flexible frame, which can help users easily navigate through uneven terrain and provide a lighter riding experience.

Finally, the Roam Disc 3 is priced at around $899, while the Marin San Anselmo DS 2 is priced at around $799. From a price perspective, the Giant Roam Disc 3 is more expensive, but it also has higher performance. Overall, consumers can choose the right bike according to their needs and preferences.

Giant Roam Disc 3 VS Fuji Traverse 1.3

Fuji Traverse 1.3
Fuji Traverse 1.3

In comparison, the Giant Roam Disc 3 and the Fuji Traverse 1.3 are both suitable for commuting and have some differences in terms of components, riding experience, and price.

Firstly, there are some differences in the components of the two bikes. The Roam Disc 3 is equipped with a Shimano Altus 3×8 speed shifting system, which provides efficient power and smooth riding. Its shock-absorbing system can effectively reduce bumps and make riding more comfortable. The Fuji Traverse 1.3, on the other hand, uses a Shimano Tourney 7-speed shifting system, which provides more precise power control. It also has a Suntour NEX shock-absorbing system, which can more effectively reduce the impact of road bumps on riding.

Secondly, there are some differences in the riding experience of the two bikes. The Roam Disc 3 has good power performance, with a large and comfortable saddle that can keep riders comfortable during long rides. The Fuji Traverse 1.3 has more precise power control, and its saddle is also more suitable for high-speed riding.

Overall, the Giant Roam Disc 3 and the Fuji Traverse 1.3 can meet the needs of different riders.

Giant Roam Disc 3 vs Kona Splice

Kona Splice
Kona Splice

The Giant Roam Disc 3 and Kona Splice are two popular commuter bikes designed for riders who want a fun and comfortable riding experience. Both bikes offer high-quality components, good performance, and attractive prices.

Giant Roam Disc 3 features a lightweight aluminum frame, a carbon fiber fork, hydraulic disc brakes, and a Shimano Altus 3×8 speed drivetrain. Its wide gear range makes it suitable for different terrains and weather conditions. The frame also has an integrated rack, making it easy to carry cargo. Kona Splice is made of aluminum and has a suspension fork and disc brakes. It has a Shimano Tourney, Altus drivetrain with a wide gear range. Both bikes are equipped with sturdy wheels and tires that can handle various road conditions.

In terms of riding experience, Roam Disc 3 offers a smooth and comfortable ride due to its frame and components. The bike is responsive, and the disc brakes provide reliable stopping power. Kona Splice is an ideal choice for riders seeking more riding fun. The suspension fork and wider tires help to absorb bumps and provide better traction.

In terms of price, Roam Disc 3 is slightly more expensive than Kona Splice, but it offers better components and a smoother ride. Kona Splice is a good choice for budget-conscious riders who want a reliable and comfortable ride.

In comparison, Giant Roam Disc 3 and CUBE TOURING EXC Trapeze are both high-performance commuter bikes with several differences. Firstly, Giant Roam Disc 3 is equipped with a Shimano Altus 3×8 system, an SR Suntour NEX HLO 700C front fork, and a Tektro TKD-143 rear brake. It has high elasticity and shock resistance, making the riding experience more comfortable and improving walking efficiency.

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Giant Roam Disc 3 VS CUBE TOURING EXC Trapeze


Both the Giant Roam Disc 3 and the CUBE TOURING EXC Trapeze are high-performance commuter bikes that differ from each other in the following ways. First, the Giant Roam Disc 3 is equipped with Shimano Altus 3×8 system, SR Suntour NEX HLO 700C fork, and Tektro TKD-143 rear brake. As a result, it is highly flexible and shock resistant, making it a more comfortable riding experience and contributing to more efficient travel.

Moreover, it is equipped with a Giant double-wall aluminum wheelset with good cross-country performance, making it more stable on the road. CUBE TOURING EXC Trapeze, on the other hand, is equipped with a Shimano Deore drivetrain, an SR Suntour NEX HLO front fork, and Tektro HD-MT200 hydraulic rear brakes, providing better braking performance. It also features a CUBE ZX20 wheelset with good cross-country performance, suitable for high-speed highway riding.

Secondly, both bikes offer different riding experiences. Giant Roam Disc 3 performs well in terms of lightweight, stability, and shock resistance, providing a comfortable riding experience. CUBE TOURING EXC Trapeze is more suitable for highway and off-road riding, and its front fork and hydraulic rear brake provide better stability during riding.

Finally, the two bikes differ in price. Giant Roam Disc 3 is priced at around $899, while CUBE TOURING EXC Trapeze is slightly higher at around $949. Overall, users can choose the bike that best suits their needs based on the differences mentioned above.


Above is our test of the Giant Roam Disc 3. If you’re the kind of city commuter who doesn’t have too many racing needs, this bike would be a good choice. The comfortable cushioning and good passability make it capable of handling a wide range of terrain. If you’d like to try a higher-end racing bike, feel free to check out our test on it.

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