Is Fezzari Shafer AL Worth Buying? [Fezzari Shafer AL Review]

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Fezzari Shafer AL Review

  • Price: $1899
  • Category: Gravel Bicycle
  • Drivetrain: 1×11
  • Tires: 700C

What we like about it: The beautiful exterior design is pleasing to the eye, and the application of a carbon frame greatly reduces the weight of the body. There are also multiple equipment mounting holes set up to make your ride more convenient. And the cheap price is suitable for most riders.

What we didn’t like about it: The need to configure the pedals yourself and the single color available.

Rating (4.7/5)

Fezzari Shafer AL

Have you ever had the idea of going on a ride? On a breezy weekend, get on your beloved bike, bring the necessary luggage and take a trip to say goodbye. This may be the dream of many cycling enthusiasts, and the gravel bike we are going to introduce today can meet your fantasy just right.

You may not have heard of the brand Fezzari, but they have always done an excellent job in building bikes. And this Fezzari Shafer AL that we are going to introduce today is even more so.

As a gravel bike, it will meet all your requirements for gravel riding. Whether it’s a comfortable ride or the convenience of a long ride, it has it all.

So let me introduce you to the Fezzari Shafer AL in detail, I will explain its gravel riding, long-distance riding, main features, and main components.

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Gravel Riding

What do you value most about gravel riding? For me, it would have to be its comfort. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, which makes it very light. And that makes my riding easier, while the sturdy frame makes it cope well with the gravel in the road. By the way, it’s essential to book accommodation in advance. And for this trip, I booked through IHG Hotels & Resorts again because I’m familiar with it and it gives me peace of mind.

It’s been almost a month since I got this bike. During that time, I rode it a few times a day along the surrounding trails. And the relatively loose geometry allows me to enjoy the scenery along the way comfortably while riding.

I could feel the stability of the Maxxis Receptor 40c tires as they drove over gravel roads. It also has a good performance in terms of speed. In addition, there is enough traction to make it more efficient on hills. And the 1×11 drivetrain offers enough gearing options to save me effort on hills.

In addition to good climbing performance, it still performs well on downhill sections. The Fezzari GR alloy handlebars allow me to control the bike more easily when going downhill at high speed with its slim body.

Of course, its braking performance is also something I should praise. The sensitive hydraulic disc brake allows me to control its downhill speed at high speed. There is also a fast response speed that allows me to stop and enjoy the surrounding scenery at any time.

Long-Distance Riding

This Fezzari Shafer AL is not only great on gravel rides, but it’s also great for long-distance rides. As a veteran cyclist, I’ve always wanted to ride long distances, and this allowed me to do so.

So, I put on my backpack and placed several duffel bags on the bike. You might think that too many luggage bags would interfere with the ride, but my actual ride tells me it doesn’t.

I also had a great experience with the Selle Italia model X Superflow saddle on this ride. It was large enough to support my hips during long rides and gave me a comfortable feeling when I sat on it.

There was also a conservative geometric design that allowed me to enjoy many views on this trip. I saw the sunrise rising from the end of the road and took in the lush birch forest.

Main Features

Frame Group

I have to say that Fezzari has always captured the hearts of customers in terms of frame design, and I was attracted by the beautiful appearance of this bike at the first sight.

“Oh! It was so beautiful, it took me deep!” That’s what my partner said when he saw it. The lightweight aluminum frame with Sage Green paint color makes the whole bike full of vibrancy.

Moreover, its frame is only 1160 grams. The extremely light weight makes your ride much easier, while in terms of quality it can withstand the most demanding riding conditions.

In addition, the design of the internal alignment makes it a clean and beautiful line, effectively protecting the cable line protectively.

Of course, the most important thing is that it has mounting holes in the front triangle, so you can carry up to three water bottles. You can also carry other equipment if you need to, which is very convenient for long rides.


In terms of geometric design, the Fezzari Shafer AL, like most gravel bikes, is in a relatively conservative range.

First of all, the 68.9° proper head tube angle makes it a sensitive steering ability and won’t fly over the crossbar during the descent. Secondly, there is its 74° seat tube angle, which allows your body to be in a proper position and makes pedaling more efficient.

In addition, the smaller forward reach allows you to ride more upright and you can enjoy more of the scenery along the way.

Also, the standing height of 760mm is just right for me, and I can stop whenever I’m tired.

I have to say I love the geometric design, it makes my ride much easier.

Components and Specifications

Maxxis Receptor Tires

The Maxxis Receptor is a semi-glossy gravel tire designed for use on dirt or gravel roads in the field. With a low-profile center tread, it makes for fast rolling no matter what the terrain. And, the 40C width provides plenty of traction for a more stable ride.

In addition, the use of EXO technology in the material makes it very resistant to wear and tear in terms of quality. What’s more, the use of vacuum tires allows it to run at the lower air pressure, thus improving traction.

SRAM Apex Groupset

Fezzari Shafer AL

This bike uses the SRAM series for the Groupset selection. The same brand of components makes it more compatible during use.

In the drivetrain, the 1×11 gearing option can handle a wide variety of terrain and has a quicker response when shifting gears.

Meanwhile, the SRAM Apex hydraulic disc brakes are used on the brakes, and the powerful braking ability fully protects your riding safety. And with good heat dissipation ability, it can also brake well on steep downhill sections.

Other versions of Fezzari Shafer

In this review, to give you a more comprehensive knowledge, we have also tested other vehicles in the Fezzari Shafer series, and we hope you will find them helpful.

Fezzari Shafer Comp GRX

Other versions of Fezzari Shafer

As a gravel bike in the same series, this Fezzari Shafer Comp GRX has no changes to the geometry design, which is the same slack geometry.

The difference is the use of carbon in the frame, which further reduces the weight of the body. Changes have also been made to the paint color.

In addition, the 2×10 drivetrain gives it more options for shifting but accordingly makes the operation a little more complicated. The Shimano GRX 400 hydraulic disc brakes are used on the brakes, both of which have their strengths in terms of performance.

But in terms of price, this bike is quite a bit higher. If you don’t have a big budget, maybe the Fezzari Shafer AL is a better choice.

What we like about it

  • Super cost-effective in terms of price.
  • The application of a carbon frame makes the body weight light.
  • Excellent geometric design for a more comfortable ride.
  • Multiple mounting holes are designed to allow you to carry more equipment while riding.
  • Maxxis Receptor tires give you a smoother ride on gravel roads.
  • Shimano GRX 400 hydraulic disc brake, excellent in braking performance.

What we don’t like about it

  • Need to configure your pedals.
  • Single choice of color.


  • What are the brakes for the Fezzari Shafer AL?

The brakes on the Fezzari Shafer AL are SRAM Apex hydraulic disc brakes.

  • What is the fork of the Fezzari Shafer AL?

The fork of the Fezzari Shafer AL is the Fezzari Gravel.

  • What are the tires for the Fezzari Shafer AL?

The tires for the Fezzari Shafer AL are Maxxis Receptor.

  • Size Chart for Fezzari Shafer AL
size Rider height
XS 156 CM – 166 CM
SM 163 CM – 174 CM
MD 171 CM – 182 CM
LG 179 CM – 189 CM
XL 185 CM-195 CM

Fezzari Shafer AL Specs


Frame Fezzari Shafer Gravel Frameset – compact design, double-butted, heat-treated, light-weight aluminum, *Note: Smaller frames do not support second set of bottle cage bosses 10×135 QR rear 12×100 front thru-axles. frame Defense Tech derailleur hanger. max tire clearance 40c. BB Standard: BSA, 68mm, Threaded
Fork Fezzari Gravel Carbon Disc Fork, 12mm thru-axle, carbon design with Road-Damping Technology, Full carbon construction, carbon tapered steerer tube, 40c tire clearance, 1 1/8-1.5 taper, internal routing
Rear Shock N/A
Bottom Bracket SRAM GXP English BSA
Headset FSA Orbit 1.5 ZS NO.57E
Stem Fezzari 3D forged 31.8mm alloy, 7°, 4-bolt bar clamp (customized sizing through 23-Point Custom Setup)
Handlebar Fezzari GR Alloy. 31.8 diameter, 70mm reach, 120mm drop, 18° flare
Saddle Selle Italia Model X Superflow
Seatpost Fezzari Racing Design XrT Carbon, Dual bolt adjust, 27.2mm
Pedals Available Separately


Rear Derailleur SRAM Apex 1×11
Front Derailleur N/A
Crank SRAM Apex 1, GXP, 1×11, Alloy
Shifters SRAM Apex 1×11 Hydraulic
Cassette SRAM PG1130, 11-42T
Chain SRAM PC-1110 11-spd
Brakes SRAM Apex, hydraulic disc, SRAM Centerline 160mm Rotors
Brake Levers SRAM Apex Hydraulic Disc


Rims Alex GD24, Tubeless Ready
Spokes 15G Stainless Steel, J-Pull
Front Hub Bear Pawls Road Disc
Rear Hub Bear Pawls Road Disc
Tires Maxxis Receptor 40c EXO Tubeless Ready


Comparison Table

Bicycles Price Drivetrain Brakes Tires Click view
Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 $2499 2×11 Shimano SM-RT70 Hydraulic Disc 700×40C Click View
BMC URS AL THREE $2099 2×10 SHIMANO GRX 400 SM-RT64Hydraulic Disc  700 x 45C Click View
Marin DSX 2 $1369 1×12 Shimano Hydraulic Disc 700 x 45C  Click View
Salsa Stormchaser Single Speed $1899 Single Speed Shimano RT30 Mechanical Disc  700 x 42C  Click View

Fezzari Shafer AL vs Trek Checkpoint ALR 5

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5

As a gravel bike, the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 is a bit more aggressive in its geometry. Yes, it has a 560mm seat tube length, which means you need to bend down more when riding. At the same time, the aggressive geometry makes it faster in terms of speed.

The geometry of the Fezzari Shafer AL, on the other hand, is relatively conservative. As a result, an upright ride will be more relaxed and allow you to enjoy the scenery along the way.

If you are a casual rider and prefer a more relaxed ride, then this Fezzari Shafer AL is a good choice.

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This BMC URS AL THREE also uses 700C tires for a stable ride that brings a comfortable experience. It also uses a 2×10 drivetrain system for shifting, which gives it more options when facing different terrains. Of course, compared to the 1× drivetrain, it is relatively more complicated in operation.

And although this Fezzari Shafer AL uses a 1×11 drivetrain, the two bikes don’t give me much of a difference in the actual ride.

It’s worth mentioning that it has a little bit of a rose accent on its exterior, while I personally still prefer a solid paint color. If your opinion is the same as mine, then this Fezzari Shafer AL might be a good choice.

Fezzari Shafer AL vs Marin DSX 2

Marin DSX 2

In the choice of materials for the frame, both bikes use carbon, which greatly reduces the overall mass of the body. However, the handlebar choices differ.

The Fezzari Shafer AL uses the Fezzari GR handlebar. This gives it more control and is more ergonomic and comfortable to ride.

The Marin DSX 2, on the other hand, uses the Marin MiniRiser straight handlebars, which will open up your arms when riding. This is very good for pedaling and gives you a faster ride. It may not be as flexible in steering though.

In addition, in terms of geometric design, both are similar. So, the choice for these two bikes still depends on your usual riding habits.

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Fezzari Shafer AL vs Salsa Stormchaser Single Speed

Salsa Stormchaser Single Speed

As its name suggests, this Salsa Stormchaser is a single-speed bike. It has no complicated shifting options and is simple in appearance and to maintain. At the same time, however, it is no match for other bikes in its class in terms of speed.

And, in terms of brake choice, it uses Shimano RT30 mechanical disc brakes. It is relatively easier to maintain, but the mechanical discs will make it relatively heavier in weight.

The Fezzari Shafer AL’s 1×11 drivetrain, on the other hand, gives it more gearing options. It can handle more terrain while being faster in speed.

And, in the brake is the use of hydraulic disc brake, fast and sensitive braking ability to fully protect your riding safety. The only drawback is that the maintenance is relatively troublesome.

If you are looking for faster speed, then this Fezzari Shafer AL may be the right choice for you.

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