Is Norco Indie 2 Worth Buying? – [Norco Indie 2 Review]

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Norco Indie 2 Review

  • Price: $799
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tire: 650B
  • Gear: 2×8

What we like about it: A comfortable, efficient, and versatile city bike for cyclists who want to cruise around town or ride on adventures.

What we don’t like about it: The tire size is only available in 650B, which is not friendly enough for taller riders.

Rating: (4.7/5)

Norco Indie 2 
Norco Indie 2 

NORCO is a Canadian bicycle brand that was founded at the inception of the cycling movement in Canada. In 1964, Bert Lewis established the NORCO brand in the outdoor paradise of British Columbia, Canada.

To this day, NORCO offers over 140 different bike models, covering nearly every style, and has achieved numerous industry firsts. Alongside its road bikes with A.R.C. technology and mountain bikes with A.R.T. suspension systems, NORCO excels in the design of freestyle and dirt jump bikes, BMX bikes, and climbing bikes, emphasizing trick performance and aerial maneuvers.

The new Norco Indie 2 is a highly functional and comfortable urban bike, and I give it a rating of 4.7.

Now, let’s analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Norco Indie 2. In the latter part of this article, we will also compare it to several top bike models. If you’re interested in more bike reviews, stay tuned.

Riding Experience

I think the Norco Indie 2 is a great value bike that is particularly suitable for daily commuting and short-distance rides.

To provide a more immersive riding experience of the Indie 2, we ventured into Adirondack Park. The Adirondack Park Loop follows the perimeter of Adirondack Park, starting from Albany, New York, and heading north through Saratoga Springs.

This route represents the best of what Northern New York has to offer, with beautiful scenery and minimal traffic on the roads. The route passes through rolling rural farmland, historic battlefields, and quaint towns before finally climbing to some of the higher elevation points in the state.

With the breathtaking scenery along the way, I couldn’t wait to hop on the Norco Indie 2 and enjoy the views.

Uphill and Downhill

When I got on the Norco Indie 2, the most intuitive feeling was that the overall riding position of the bike was really good. The extremely Ergonomic (25mm Rise, 30° Backsweep) aluminum handlebars allow me to stay agile while also riding more dimensionally and comfortably.

The Shimano FC-TY501 chainring and Shimano CS-HG31 8-Speed freewheel on the Indie 2 gave me many different combinations as I rode up to the top. The Shimano Altus shifting kit is also more responsive and can be adjusted to the gears I want faster.

When descending on the Norco Indie 2, I found that the weight distribution remains well-balanced, and the overall posture of bike doesn’t lean too far forward.

The Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc brakes, which are equipped on the Indie 2, greatly enhance safety during long downhill rides. Although they are entry-level brakes from Tektro, once they are bedded in, the braking power is sufficient for emergency stops. After all, the Norco Indie 2 is primarily a city commuter bike.


Indeed, everyday commuting is where this bike truly shines. Compared to other urban commuter bikes, the Norco Indie 2 is lighter and more robust. Of course, all Norco bikes are known for their durability.

The Schwalbe Big Ben 2.0″ tires on the Norco Indie 2, while potentially causing a slight loss in riding speed, enhance the playfulness with their 2.0-inch width. Whether hopping up curbs or crossing potholes, it’s as easy as pie. Additionally, the Norco Indie 2 features mounting points on both sides of the fork, increasing the bike’s potential for long-distance rides.

It meets the demands of daily riding while offering a level of playfulness that brings great joy to your rides. Overall, I would consider the Norco Indie 2 a standout urban adventure bike.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a highly versatile urban commuter bike, the Norco Indie 2 is worth trying.


The Norco Indie 2 stands out to me primarily due to its unique Aluminum Ergonomic handlebar. This distinctive design effectively combines maneuverability and riding comfort.

The overall frame geometry leans towards XC mountain bikes and has reinforced connections between the top tube and seat tube, greatly increasing the bike’s sturdiness. The handling is agile, and it even gives me a feeling that swapping the fork would turn it into an XC mountain bike.

Additionally, the low-profile design of the Indie 2 makes mounting and dismounting a breeze. It is available in various frame sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL), providing options for riders of different heights.

However, what I love most about the Norco Indie 2 is the abundance of mounting points, which is rare to find on this type of bike. This design makes me eager to embark on a long-distance journey with the this bike.

Lastly, I would appreciate it if the Norco Indie 2 offered an option for 29-inch wheels. This would significantly increase speed and confidence when tackling small obstacles. Of course, the 27.5-inch wheelset offers a more agile riding experience.

Other Versions

Certainly, I find the Norco Indie 2 to be an interesting urban commuter bike. It has provided me with a different riding experience compared to previous urban commuter bikes and offers a higher level of fun.

However, for riders looking for better value for money, there are other options to consider. That’s why we also researched other models.

Norco Indie 3

Norco Indie 3
Norco Indie 3

The Norco Indie 3 is priced $100 lower than the Norco Indie 2. However, both bikes have almost identical frames. The main difference lies in the groupset.

The Norco Indie 3 features the Shimano TY3019 (front) and 7-Speed (rear) drivetrain. While it offers more speed combinations, the Shimano components on the Indie 2 have a higher grade.

This means the Indie 2 has better weight distribution and a smoother shifting experience compared to the Norco Indie 3. Additionally, although both the Indie 3 and Indie 2 have 2.0-inch tire width, the grip, comfort, and durability of the tires on the Indie 2 are superior to those on the Indie 3.

Furthermore, both the Indie 3 and Indie 2 have the same braking system. However, I prefer the paint design of the Norco Indie 2, especially the green-black color scheme.

Of course, the other features included in the Norco Indie 2 are also present in the Norco Indie 3. This includes the 27.5-inch wheel size and the external mounting points on the fork.

In conclusion, if you prefer a simpler and slightly better shifting experience, I recommend considering the Norco Indie 2. If you value a more aesthetically pleasing paint job and a wider range of gearing options, you may want to consider the Norco Indie 3.

What do we like about it?

  • -It has a highly playable aluminum city frame.
  • -The unique handlebar design can improve the handling of the vehicle while enhancing the comfort level when riding.
  • -Has more excellent passability and comfort compared with other bikes in the same class.
  • -Full range of frame sizes to cope with the choice of riders of all different heights.
  • -Unique building philosophy makes this bike lighter and stronger.
  • -Extra mounting holes at the fork allow this bike to ride further.

What don’t we like about it?

  • -Only 27.5-inch wheelsets are available, and taller riders may be hesitant.


  • What kind of brakes does it use?

Front brakes: Tektro HD-M275 Hydraulic Disc. Rear brakes: Tektro HD-M275 Hydraulic Disc.

  • What is the drivetrain of this bike?

Chainring: Shimano FC-TY501, 46/30T. Freewheel: Shimano CS-HG31, 11-34T, 8-Speed.

  • If you want to go riding in well-known terrain or special terrain, where is the most convenient place to stay?

You can book your accommodation on Skyscanner, which is not only rich in variety but also easy to operate.

  • How to choose the right size for Norco Indie 2?

Size chart

Rider heightSIZE

Norco Indie 2 Specs


FrameAluminum, Smooth Welds
BB Standard: BSA, Threaded
Colors: Grey / Silver; Green / Grey
Bottom BracketCartridge Bearing, BSA Threaded
HeadsetZero-Stack Semi-Cartridge
StemAluminum, 70mm Length, 31.8mm Clamp
HandlebarAluminum Ergonomic, 25mm Rise, 30 Degree Backsweep
SaddleNorco Urban
SeatpostAluminum, 27.2mm
GripsDual Density Ergonomic


Rear DerailleurShimano Altus RD-M310
Front DerailleurShimano FD-TY710
CrankShimano FC-TY501, 46/30T, Black, 170mm (XS, S, M), 175mm (L, XL)
ShiftersShimano Altus SL-M315
CassetteShimano CS-HG31, 11-34T, 8 Speed
ChainKMC X10 EPT, Anti-Rust
BrakesTektro HD-M275 Hydraulic Disc, Semi-Metallic Pads
Brake LeversTektro HD-M275 Hydraulic Disc 2-Finger


RimsDouble Wall Aluminum, 27.5″, 32H
Front HubWeather Sealed, 9x100mm, Bolted Skewer, 6 Bolt
Rear HubWeather Sealed, 10x135mm, Bolted Skewer, HG, 6 Bolt
TiresSchwalbe Big Ben 2.0″, K-Guard and Reflex
Disk RotorsTektro 160mm

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick ViewDrivetrainFrame materialBrake
Marin Presidio 2Click ViewInternally Geared HubAluminumHydraulic Disc
Jamis CODA S2 Designed for WomenClick View3× 8SteelRim
2024 KHS X-ROUTE 200Click View2 × 8AluminumHydraulic Disc
Norco Indie 4Click View1 × 7AluminumMechanical Disc

Norco Indie 2 vs Marin Presidio 2

Marin Presidio 2
Marin Presidio 2

First of all, both of these bikes are solid urban commuter options, and the price difference between the two is not significant. However, they have completely different focuses.

The Marin Presidio 2 offers a lighter and more agile riding experience. With its 700Cx32mm tires, it is designed to prioritize speed as an urban commuter bike.

However, its drivetrain options are not as diverse as the Norco Indie 2. This means that tackling uphill sections might require more effort, making the Marin Presidio 2 feel more like a traditional urban commuter bike. I don’t prefer that feeling. I still believe that an interesting bike can captivate my heart.

In conclusion, based on the comparison above, if you need a more efficient and nimble urban commuter bike, the Marin Presidio 2 is a good choice. However, if you’re looking for a bike that is fun and offers various possibilities for riding, the Norco Indie 2 will be your best bet.

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Norco Indie 2 vs Jamis CODA S2 Designed for Women

Jamis CODA S2 Designed for Women
Jamis CODA S2 Designed for Women

If I were to compare the these bikes, I would still firmly choose the Norco Indie 2. While the Jamis CODA S2 Designed for Women may have more appealing colors and a 3×8 drivetrain for added versatility. The Indie 2 offers superior comfort in terms of riding position and overall comfort. The excessively low head tube of the Jamis CODA S2 Designed for Women would contribute to increased fatigue during long rides.

Furthermore, I have always preferred hydraulic brakes. Compared to the rim brakes equipped on the Jamis CODA S2 Designed for Women, the Tektro HD-M275 Hydraulic Disc brakes on the Indie 2 are exactly what I look for. They provide reliable braking performance even during long downhill descents.

Therefore, when comparing the two bikes, I would highly recommend the Norco Indie 2. Considering the similar price range, the Indie 2 truly offers better value for the money.

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Norco Indie 2 vs KHS X-ROUTE 200


They are two very similar bikes, like a pair of contrasting twins. The Norco Indie 2 has an advantage when it comes to handling rough road conditions, while the KHS X-ROUTE 200 is more focused on providing a sense of speed during rides.

Moreover, both bikes offer an upright riding position that ensures comfort during long rides. They also feature hydraulic brakes, which guarantee excellent braking performance.

The main factor that sets these two bikes apart is tire selection. The tires on the Indie 2 are better suited for challenging road surfaces, while the tires on the KHS X-ROUTE 200 have lower rolling resistance, allowing for faster speeds.

Therefore, the choice between these two bikes largely depends on the typical road conditions you encounter during your rides. If you primarily ride on well-maintained city roads, the KHS X-ROUTE 200 would have an advantage. However, if your commutes involve rough and uneven road conditions, and you prefer a more rugged bike, the Norco Indie 2 would be the perfect choice for you.

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Norco Indie 2 vs Norco Indie 4

Norco Indie 4
Norco Indie 4

The Norco Indie 2 and Norco Indie 4 have a price difference of $150, so let’s take a look at what sets them apart. Firstly, I have to admit that I prefer the color scheme of Norco Indie 4. However, Indie 2 offers more speed options (2×8 speed) compared to Indie 4 (1×7 speed), indicating that Norco Indie 2 has better uphill performance.

Secondly, although both them feature disc brakes, the hydraulic disc brakes of Indie 2 are superior to the cable-actuated disc brakes of Indie 4. While there may not be a significant difference in initial braking performance between the two. Over time and distance, the braking of Indie 2 will still maintain its effectiveness, while the brakes of Indie 4 may age and experience decreased stopping power.

Therefore, if you have a limited budget, Norco Indie 4 is still a good choice. However, if you have some additional riding requirements and prefer a worry-free experience, Norco Indie 2 remains your best option.


That’s all we have to say about the Norco Indie 2. Indeed, this bike is very unique and fun. In our opinion, the Norco Indie 2 is a bike worth buying.

Of course, if you want to learn about other urban commuting bikes, we also review a lot of bikes at various price levels that are also very interesting, so feel free to check out our other reviews as well.

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