Is There A Flat Pedal You Love Here? –Recommended 22 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals Reviewe

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22 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals Reviewed

Each rider has his riding style and different tracks have the most suitable component settings. This time, we will do detailed research on the type of pedals as well as the selection.

In the face of the many pedals on the market, we have classified them: as clipless flat pedals and clipless pedals.

If you want to know how to choose, we offer How to pick bike pedals?

To see a more specific pedal review, here is a detailed explanation of the price, material, and applicable terrain of the 22 recommended flat mountain bike pedals through real-world experience.

Recommended List

1. FOOKER MTB Pedals Mountain Bike Pedals 3 Bearing Non-Slip Lightweight Nylon Fiber Bicycle Platform Pedals for BMX MTB 9/16″

26.99 (as tested)

2. MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals, Ultra Strong Colorful CNC Machined 9/16″ Cycling Sealed 3 Bearing Pedals

21.59 USD (as tested)

3. Crankbrothers Stamp Flat BMX/MTB Bike Pedal – Platform Bicycle Pedal, Minimal Profile, Adjustable Grip

33.9 USD (as tested)

4. RockBros MTB Pedals Mountain Bike Pedals Lightweight Nylon Fiber Bicycle Platform Pedals for BMX MTB 9/16″

24.99 (as tested)

5. OneUp Components Composite Pedal

43.50 (as tested)

6. CXWXC Road/MTB Bike Pedals – Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Pedals – Mountain Bike Pedal with Removable Anti-Skid Nails

21.98 USD (as tested)

7. Race Face Chester Pedal

49.11 USD (as tested)

8. Nukeproof Neutron EVO Flat Pedals

33 USD (as tested)

9. Nukeproof Horizon Pro Downhill Flat Pedals

98 USD (as tested)

10. DMR Vault V2 Exclusive Flat MTB Pedal

76.99 (as tested)

11. Hope F20 Flat Pedals

180 USD (as tested)

12. Spank Oozy Pedals

59.99 (as tested)

13. DMR V12 Flat MTB Pedals

50.99 (as tested)

14. DMR Vault V2 Brendog Signature Flat Pedals

91.99 (as tested)

15. DMR Vault V2 Pedals

93.99 (as tested)

16. Nukeproof Sam Hill Enduro Race Pedals Oil Slick

126.00 USD (as tested)

17. Bontrager Line Elite MTB Pedal Set

99 USD (as tested)

18. Bontrager Line Pro MTB Pedal Set

104.99 (as tested)

19. MZYRH 3 Bearings Mountain Bike Pedals Platform Bicycle Flat Alloy Pedals 9/16″ Pedals Non-Slip Alloy Flat Pedals

24.99 (as tested)

20. PDX D10 Flat Wide Mountain Bike Pedals MTB Pedals BMX Pedal Composite Pedals for Enduro Freeride Downhill Dirt Jumper Sealed Needle and Roller Ball Bearings 9/16 High-Strength 20 Pins/Pedal

21. $95 (as tested)

21. Race Face Atlas Pedals

179.99 (as tested)

22. DMR V12 Magnesium Flat Pedals

65.99 (as tested)

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1. FOOKER MTB Pedals Mountain Bike Pedals 3 Bearing


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