There’s Always A clipless Pedal You’ll Love – 16 Recommended Clipless Pedals Reviews

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16 Clipless Pedals Reviews

The clipless pedal is very popular. It locks the shoe tightly to the pedal, holding your foot firmly in place whether it’s an intense descent or a demanding climb. In addition, it can also effectively improve pedaling efficiency.

For this reason, we offer the following recommended clipless mountain bike pedals. We hope it will help you with your purchase.

Recommended List

  1. Nukeproof Horizon CL CrMo Downhill Pedals

109 USD (as tested)

2. Crankbrothers Mallet E Pedals

149.99 (as tested)

3. Time ATAC DH 4 Downhill Pedals

79.50 (as tested)

4. DMR V-Twin Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals

110.98 (as tested)

5. Funn Mamba One Side Clip Mountain Bike Pedals

88.99 (as tested)

6. SPD MTB Pedal Shimano XT PD-M8120 Double-Sided Black

128.16 (as tested)

7. Bontrager Comp MTB Pedal Set

114.99 (as tested)


130 USD (as tested)

9. SHIMANO PD-M9100; XTR; SPD Flat Bike Pedal; Cleat Set Included

173.80 (as tested)


179.99 (as tested)


220.00 USD (as tested)


169.00 (as tested)

13. SHIMANO PD-M821 Saint SPD Pedal with SH51 Cleat

160.00 USD (as tested)

14. SHIMANO PD-ME700 Pedals

75.85 (as tested)

15. Venzo Dual Function Platform Multi-Use Compatible withShimano SPD Mountain Bike Bicycle Sealed Clipless Pedals -Dual Platform Multi-Purpose – Great for Touring, Road, Trekking Bikes

49.98 USD (as tested)

16. Time ATAC XC8 MTB Pedals

130.00 USD (as tested)

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1. Nukeproof Horizon CL CrMo Downhill Clipless Pedals

Nukeproof Horizon CL CrMo Downhill Clipless Pedals

With the new anti-slip system, you can experience a more exciting descent with confidence.

  • 109 USD (as tested)
  • New SPD anti-skid system
  • Cold forged T1- 6061 alloy bodies
  • Excellent foot engagement for stable and effective pedaling

The Horizon CL speed mountain bike pedals take their design cues from the best-selling Horizon Pro flat mountain bike pedals and have a wonderful blend of colors.

It is worth mentioning that the SPD anti-slip stud engagement system is double-sided. So you can get more effective pedaling and don’t have to worry about causing hindrances to your dismounting.

The excellent alloy material also has excellent durability. In the actual evaluation, the face of the speedy mountain route also shows a non-negligible impact resistance.

In addition, the pedals are equipped with anti-slip spikes that can be installed as required. The relatively lightweight and excellent foot engagement give you relatively easy pedaling on your climbs.

Click View: Nukeproof Horizon CL CrMo Downhill Clipless Pedals

2. Crankbrothers Mallet E Clipless Pedals

rankbrothers Mallet E Clipless Pedals

The pedal is designed for Enduro racing, so to speak, and features a unique concave platform that provides a more stable and secure foothold.

  • 149.99 (as tested)
  • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy body with relatively high fatigue resistance
  • 12 pins per pedal setting provides more stable placement
  • High-quality Enduro outer cartridge bearings provide some assistance on the small diameter

This pedal is made of a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy body. So it can cope with rough pedaling in the test and won’t cause any harm to it.

Not only does it allow for optimal control during clip-in pedaling, but the unique concave platform also provides a safe and stable landing point when tackling rough singletrack routes without the additional burden of riding.

In addition, the 6° left and right rotational play allow you to have a certain movement position on the bike. This allows you to have more suitable control and get more perfect handling in the face of different terrain.

Click View: Crankbrothers Mallet E Clipless Pedals

3. Time ATAC DH 4 Downhill Clipless Pedals

Time ATAC DH 4 Downhill Clipless Pedals

The rugged downhill slope is its stage.

  • 79.50 (as tested)
  • Steel spindle and aluminum body provide sufficient support
  • ATAC anti-slip nail engagement system for low-friction ground access
  • Unique structure design, have a more effective cleaning

The relatively small platform area will not make you doubt its stability. The sturdy base makes its appearance to provide you with a guarantee to overcome the rugged descent.

Virtually imperceptible sound ATAC anti-slip spike engagement system provides low friction clip-in clip-out. Provides you with reliable support in rough terrain.

In addition, its structure design, in the face of some muddy road, can do some self-cleaning.

If, however, you are focused on rugged downhill riding, this is the right pedal for you.

Click View: Time ATAC DH 4 Downhill Clipless Pedals

4. DMR V-Twin Clipless Mountain Bike Clipless Pedals

DMR V-Twin Clipless Mountain Bike Clipless Pedals

A great clip-on system to stand out on the toughest mountain bike trails.

  • 110.98 (as tested)
  • Large platform area
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Unique nylon cushion and metal spacer to improve your riding experience

With its unique design, this pedal caught our eye. Featuring DMR’s range of pins and a durable aluminum body, it can handle the toughest mountain bike trails. Plus, with Heavy-duty 4140 Chromoly (CrMo) steel axles, there’s plenty of support even against big jumps.

Not only that, but it can not only withstand tough challenges while going through tougher judging conditions but also keep the weight low. Even if you are facing off-road riding will not add to your riding burden because of the extra weight.

Click View: DMR V-Twin Clipless Mountain Bike Clipless Pedals

5. Funn Mamba One Side Clip Mountain Bike Clipless Pedals

Funn Mamba One Side Clip Mountain Bike Clipless Pedals

Single side clip design, one side can experience higher pedaling efficiency, and the other side can have more freedom to place your feet.

  • 88.99 (as tested)
  • Flat and clipless mountain bike shoes compatible with more demanding rides
  • High grip pins prevent your flats from slipping
  • Large platform area of 101mmx102 mm

The single-side clip design surprised us with its One side can be used with Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) anti-slip spike system for mountain bike shoes. Clip out and clip in dryly to get better pedaling efficiency. And you don’t have to worry about taking time to get off.

On the other side, it also features 11 removable high-grip pins. Prevents your feet from being thrown off when riding with flat shoes.

In addition, the large 101×102 mm body allows the feet to be kept in a stable and secure position. Whether it’s a muddy trail ride or a fast downhill trail ride, the single-side clip design can take care of more of your riding needs.

Click View: Funn Mamba One Side Clip Mountain Bike Clipless Pedals

6. SPD MTB Pedal Shimano XT PD-M8120 Double-Sided Black

SPD MTB Pedal Shimano XT PD-M8120 Double-Sided Black

The lighter weight improves pedaling efficiency while not causing a burden when riding.

  • 128.16 (as tested)
  • Lightweight Plastic material
  • Clips in and out with ease
  • Reliable Shimano production

Shimano is an outstanding brand and has the same insight into designing pedals. This pedal is made of light enough material that in a actual riding review, even in the face of steep hills, it won’t cause any hindrance to your ride because of its weight.

A clean clip-in and clip-out are one of its characteristics, knowing that every minute on the field is the difference between winning and losing. So a clean clip-in and clip-out would be the important point to consider when participating in a competition.

If you have no budget concerns, I think you can consider this pedal.

Click View: SPD MTB Pedal Shimano XT PD-M8120 Double-Sided Black

7. Bontrager Comp MTB Pedal Set

Bontrager Comp MTB Pedal Set

The dazzling finish and durable materials ensure long-lasting performance while you ride.

  • 114.99 (as tested)
  • Dual-sided SPD-compatible MTB pedal
  • Durable Chromoly spindles
  • Adjustable release tension

The dual-sided compatible SPD pedal and the cool colors stand out among the pedals we reviewed.

 Chromoly spindles are durable and provide great support while riding. More demanding trail rides are possible with adapted riding shoes.

Sealed cartridge bearings are very smooth and do not have the slightest sense of stagnation when pedaling. And the sealed design in you through the complex forest road also do not have to worry about impurities clogging the bearings.

However, the rapid flaking of the color is a not-so-good experience. But this happens with many pedals.

Click View: Bontrager Comp MTB Pedal Set



The characteristic pedal body design enhances the mud-draining ability in the face of muddy terrain.

  • 130 USD (as tested)
  • Robust and durable chrome-plated spindle
  • Wider contact points provide effective power transfer
  • Excellent working performance

The robust chrome spindle rotation not only withstood the crazy rotation test in our review but also showed its extremely high support in the step jump.

The wider platform has wider contact points. In conjunction with the relatively low platform height, this pedal provides effective power transfer. In addition, this setup also enhances its mud-removal capability.

Although the price is relatively high, it is an expense that cannot be omitted on a professional off-road course.


9. SHIMANO PD-M9100; XTR; SPD Flat Bike Pedal; Cleat Set Included

SHIMANO PD-M9100; XTR; SPD Flat Bike Pedal; Cleat Set Included

On the XC track, it will be a strong choice for your championship.

  • 173.80 (as tested)
  • Slimmer bridge shell and open design for an easier cleanup of mud and debris
  • Chrome-molly spindle and sealed bearings, no more maintenance required
  • Adjustable tension settings for a free ride

This pedal is available in different shoe sizes, S/M 10.0×10.5 cm (469 g) for shoe sizes 36-43 and M/L 11.0 x 11.5 cm (514 g) for shoe sizes 43-48. This allows you to pick the best pedal for you when choosing.

Not only does it have strict standards in sizing. Its Chrome-molly spindle and sealed bearings also provide great support while riding.

The crisp “click” is crisp when you clip in and out of the bike. And a perfect fit with your cycling shoes.

In addition, there is no need to worry about interfering with your clip-out or clip-in when passing through muddy sections. The unique design allows mud to come off quickly, ensuring confidence in stepping out and stepping in.

Click View: SHIMANO PD-M9100; XTR; SPD Flat Bike Pedal; Cleat Set Included



With a more thoughtful and detailed design, it is one of the most mature Enduro pedals on the market. Whether racing or riding with friends, it provides a more stable foothold.

  • 179.99 (as tested)
  • Concave platform with a firm foothold
  • Adjustable 6 pins to enhance grip
  • Chamfered edges reduce rock impacts

This pedal has an almost demanding meticulousness, paying attention to the smallest details.

You can see that it uses 6 adjustable pins (on each side) on the concave platform. Not only can you determine the position of your feet more precisely, but it also gives you a more stable foothold during the ride.

For the narrow trails and boulder sections that often occur in endurance riding. The pedal has a chamfered edge to reduce the impact of similar conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the 4-side entrance is designed not only to clip in easily but also to make the mud come off quickly. This will prevent the extra weight from causing an additional burden on your ride.




Higher price with high-end reliable carbon fiber material.

  • 220.00 USD (as tested)
  • High-end carbon fiber body with lighter mass
  • Excellent mud discharge setting, not affected by the environment
  • Adjustable tension for near-perfect pedal strokes

The outstanding price makes it impossible to ignore its existence. In actual riding, the lightweight body and the lateral support can guide your feet to the right pedal position.

The application of carbon fiber material provides reliable stiffness while having lightweight. Provides firm support in very impactful descents.

In addition, a contact point is provided that is not overly alarming if it is not caught in.

It always works properly in the changing test environment, and the mud-discharge extreme is not affected by external conditions.

If, on the other hand, you have a good budget and want to get better results. I think this is a pedal worth spending.




A seemingly normal design with excellent drainage capacity.

  • 169.00 (as tested)
  • Adjustable non-slip spike system for a more suitable grip
  • Rugged Extruded and CNC’d aluminum body
  • More platform space than most pedals on the market

Spike settings and the spring tension can be fine-tuned to the rider’s habits to give your ride a personal touch.

This pedal provides four degrees of float. Not only is it kinder to your knees, but it also gives your ankles and hips some free range of motion. Thus, you get a more flexible operation.

Also, in the same category, the 85mm x 94mm platform will be a bit larger. This allows you to clip out and then will be easier to position and backpedal. This design also achieves a balance of a large platform and weight.

In addition, the 14mm pedal height also leaves enough space for obstacle clearance.


13. SHIMANO PD-M821 Saint SPD Pedal with SH51 Cleat

SHIMANO PD-M821 Saint SPD Pedal with SH51 Cleat

Strongly fixed claws, in the most exciting fall, can also ensure the stable placement of your legs.

  • 160.00 USD (as tested)
  • Wide contact surface improves the stability of jointing with shoes of the same system
  • Slim body to improve the ability to clear obstacles
  • Four adjustable pins per side for improved grip when not clipped in

This pedal improves the durability of the axle. It always has rock-solid support, even in the face of many big jumps.

Moreover, the relatively wide pedal contact area provides you with excellent control. Effective dodging is possible in the face of rocky dirt blocks on the track.

In addition, four height-adjustable pins are on each side. Even when not pinned in, they can grip your feet and give you enough confidence to ride more.

According to our review, it has been proven that this pedal has excellent performance even in harsh conditions. If you want a clipless pedal, it is a good choice.

Click View: SHIMANO PD-M821 Saint SPD Pedal with SH51 Cleat

14. SHIMANO PD-ME700 Pedals


The first choice for affordable off-road riding.

  • 75.85 (as tested)
  • A Large contact area between pedals and shoes for more stability
  • Chrome Morley spindles and sealed bearing cartridge shafts provide more durable performance
  • Sturdy clamping jaws provide smooth clamping in and out

This pedal features a sturdy chrome Morley spindle and a sealed bearing cartridge shaft for added support. Also, there is a large contact surface between the pedal and the shoe. This gives a stable landing point when making climbs or descending.

It is worth mentioning that the integrated cage on this pedal protects the binding mechanism from rock impacts, so you don’t have to worry about its longevity.

No matter how rough or harsh the surface, the sturdy retention claws ensure a smooth engagement and release of your riding shoe to the pedal.

Click View: SHIMANO PD-ME700 Pedals

15. Venzo Dual Function Platform Multi

Venzo Dual Function Platform Multi-

Dual function, whether you wear clipless shoes or casual shoes, you can meet your needs.

  • 49.98 USD (as tested)
  • High-quality CNC machined 6061 aluminum body
  • Replaceable pins for incredible grip
  • Smooth and fluid bearings for more efficient rotation

The dual platform design allows you to ride in clipless shoes to transfer your ability to the pedals more effectively and to have a stable and firm foot position in casual shoes.

The high-quality CNC machined 6061 aluminum body with smooth bearings not only has reliable stability but also has a smooth rotation.

One side has 8 replaceable steel pins, which showed surprising grip in our review. In addition, it has adjustable tension (, which is adjusted by the force and coupling on the side of the pedal, allowing the rider to achieve an easy clip-out and clip-in.

Friendly price, and a variety of features, whether it is a novice or skilled rider, this is a good cost-effective choice.

Click View: Venzo Dual Function Platform Multi

16. Time ATAC XC8 MTB Pedals

Time ATAC XC8 MTB Pedals

The lightweight body gives you a more relaxed pedaling in cross-country climbing.

  • 130.00 USD (as tested)
  • Full carbon fiber body with titanium alloy axle, strong and sufficient support
  • Incredibly lightweight, weighing only 286 grams
  • Double arch design to remove clogged dirt or grime

Weighing only 286 grams, we couldn’t wait to put it to the test. In the actual ride, the full carbon body with titanium axle had an easier pull-up and pedaling action when we made climbs. It also has strong support when facing big jumps or descending.

And, allows you to make adjustments to the release foot settings. You can choose a 13° release foot for a quick clip out while riding, or adjust 17 degrees to stay locked in. This allows you to handle more routes and get a better ride.

If you notice its double arch design, you won’t have to worry about mud clinging to hinder your progress even when riding into muddy routes. This design has the function of removing clogged mud and dirt.

Click View: Time ATAC XC8 MTB Pedals


Which pedals are suitable for mountain biking?

The main reason most riders will choose clipless pedals is that they improve riding efficiency.

How do clipless pedals improve Riding Efficiency?

Connecting the foot directly to the pedal allows you to pull up and push down with your foot.

Can I use mountain bike pedals on my road bike?

Yes, some people will do this on purpose.


The pedal is the “intermediary” that connects the rider to the crank, the place where the power begins. The right pedal can always bring an unexpected end.

In trail riding, many riders will prefer clipless pedals. This is because there will always be a more efficient ride on clipless pedals.

In my opinion regardless of the type. Whether it’s an expensive pedal or a cheap pedal, the right one is always the best. But in a professional arena, a pedal with superior performance will get you good results.

Above, are the 16 clipless pedals we recommend. Some focus on climbing and those focus on the trail descending. If you need some buying advice, take a look at this review.

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