Is Trek Domane AL 5 Disc Worth Buying? [Trek Domane AL 5 Disc Enduro Bike Review]

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We have reviewed the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc.

  • Price: $2,099.99
  • Frame: 100 Series Alpha Aluminum
  • Gear: 2×11
  • Tires: 700x32c

What we like about it: The smooth and confidently fast-rolling Domane AL 5 Disc allows you to stay powerfully competitive on long rides.

What don’t we like about it: Some people think its aluminum frame is not as light as carbon.

Rating (4.7/5)


2023 Trek Domane AL 5 Disc

When riding on the road or some natural trails we’ll want a bike that can leave the competition far behind. This Trek Domane AL 5 Disc’s premium 100 Series Alpha Aluminum frame, wide enough range Shimano 105 R7020 2×11 drivetrain, and aggressive Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite road tires have us excited about its performance on gravel sections. Excited.

After two months of review, this Domane AL 5 Disc has taken us to conquer all kinds of roads, helped us win applause, again and again, accompanied us to cross different bridges one after another, and experienced the exciting fun of racing with the wind again and again.

Yes, the Domane AL 5 Disc kind of speed that seems to be one with the wind makes us shout for it. And one of our partners who loves off-road riding is in love with road riding.

Below we break down the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc for road riding, endurance riding, key features, components and specifications, and other versions.

If you want to know more, please keep following me, will bring more riding reviews.

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Road Riding

As we know road bikes may not be able to match the performance of a lightweight hardtail bike when it comes to climbing, but one has to admit that a lightweight hardtail bike is commendable on the road. But the relatively more professional performance of a quality Domane AL 5 Disc bike on the road will make you overlook its performance.

In its price range, the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc will be praised as a “fast runner” whether riding on normal flat roads or variable natural roads.

Based on the Domane AL 5 Disc’s aggressive 700x32c Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite road tire, there’s also a steep head tube angle (71.9°) that keeps it razor sharp even on bumpy natural roads.

In addition, it has a multiple shifting Shimano 105 HG700-11 2×11 shifting system, which allows me to shift gears to ride according to the terrain when facing changing roads (roads with ascent or descent).

When I made a riding bet with my partner Eve, I won a bottle of his long-cherished red wine. Yes, it’s snappy and the wide shifting gives me more speed options for every situation.

You may notice, as I did, that this bike has no dropper design, which may allow the natural road to put some hindrance on it. But notice the Domane AL carbon fork, which makes up for it tremendously.

All things considered, the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc is a dancer on the road. It gives the rider an exciting enough riding experience with excellent components.

Endurance Riding

Trek Domane AL 5 Disc

Although I am not a pure endurance rider, my good friend David is a rider who loves endurance riding. So on this long endurance ride, I invited him to join me for a two-week long ride.

Our cycling trip was in Hawaii. We had heard about the gorgeous riding roads here for a long time, so we took the opportunity to come here. However, from our chosen starting point all the way through, I have to say that the cycling roads in Hawaii are truly gorgeous. Therefore, I saw the rising sun in the early morning, appreciated the setting sun in the evening, a lookup was the clouds rolling in and out, and a turn of the eye was the quiet water flying birds.

Yes, on this long endurance ride with the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc, I didn’t give up because of subsequent stamina loss. the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc’s excellent 2×11 drivetrain gave me great support, allowing me to save more effort and keep enough energy by shifting.


Its lightweight aluminum frame also made pedaling easier for me. The 60tpi tires suffered no noticeable wear during such a long ride. Also, the two water bottle mounting holes are designed to be well prepared. The mounting of the rear bracket also gave me more confidence to face this riding trip.

I’m happy to mention that my friend David’s bike blew out twice during this ride. This made him very interested in the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc, and I was happy to swap with him. He later told me he swapped his bike and now his bike is a Trek Domane AL 5 Disc.

During this endurance ride, I felt the flexible handling of the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc’s lightweight frame, the wear resistance of the tires, and its practicality. If you are an endurance riding enthusiast, maybe you should try Trek Domane AL 5 Disc.

Main Features


2023 Trek Domane AL 5 Disc

I’m very concerned about the weight of the bike. So when I saw that the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc had a 100 Series Alpha Aluminum frame, I was a little dismayed inside. But what I didn’t expect was the incredible lightness when I tried to pick it up. With an overall weight of 22.27 lbs, even a woman could easily pick it up.

I like the two paint colors of the Domane AL 5 Disc, I think they are retro and trendy. In addition, the clean internal alignment and smooth welds will make you smile involuntarily. Yes, it looks like an elegant gentleman.

What’s more, the Domane AL 5 Disc is fully prepared for long endurance rides. Not only does it have two water bottle mounting holes, so I can go on long rides without worrying about not getting enough water. There is also a rear rack that can be installed, so if I want to go camping I can bring enough necessary equipment to enjoy the camping experience.


As I could see with my naked eye, the geometry of the Domane AL 5 Disc is not that different from that of a regular road bike. But as soon as I stepped on the bike and pedaled, I realized that the bike’s geometry was designed with its specialty, endurance riding, in mind.

For starters, the Domane AL 5 Disc’s steep seat tube angle (73.3°) not only allows you to maintain a comfortable upright riding position but also allows you to pedal more easily. The equally steep head tube angle (71.9°) gives the Domane AL 5 Disc more responsive steering. While on the road, I felt the steep head tube angle made my ride more exciting (it could be my illusion).

Secondly, the more compact Chainstay length (42cm) allows me to be more agile when handling the bike. So it allows me to do some simple jumps more easily.

In addition, the geometry of the Domane AL 5 Disc on long rides allows me to stay in a comfortable riding position.

In short, the geometry engineers of Domane AL 5 Disc have a good grasp of the characteristics of long endurance rides. So its geometry is designed to save effort while taking into account ergonomics, so you can be more comfortable while doing endurance riding.

Components and Specifications

Shimano 105 HG700 2×11 Drivetrain

Trek Domane AL 5 Disc

Now I am surrounded by friends and many people I know who prefer the 1× drivetrain. I can’t let go of my love for the 1× drivetrain, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Shimano 105 HG700 2×11 drivetrain.

Thanks to its wide range of shifting options, it helped me save a lot of energy on my Hawaii ride. However, I must be honest and say that the chain started to wobble a bit during speed changes. But after I made a few simple adjustments it didn’t do that. It may not be as smooth and clean as the 1×, but I must admit that at this price the Shimano 105 HG700 2×11 drivetrain is worthy of praise.

Shimano 105 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The importance of brakes is probably a point of consideration for everyone, and I am no exception. And hydraulic disc brakes are one of the brakes that I consider to be great. So the brakes on this Domane AL 5 Disc are Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes, and this brake provides better control. The braking that I can do by just holding the controller on the handlebars when I encounter a need to stop in a hurry.

In addition, thanks to the convenient ONE-WAY BLEEDING and the simple tubing connection system, the installation and adjustment process is made easier for you.

Not only that, but it can also perform effective braking even on slick roads. Some people think that hydraulic disc brakes can be difficult to maintain, but my daily brake maintenance is less tedious because of its easy and simple oiling system. If you are just worried about the maintenance work afterward, I can tell you for sure that Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes are not that troublesome to maintain.

Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite Road Tire

Trek Domane AL 5 Disc

This is a tire created specifically for the road. When it comes in a slim and sharp 700x32c, you may not worry that it will embarrass you in a speed race.

This tire has Hard-Case Lite puncture protection. On endurance rides in Hawaii, it has no significant tire wear from long rides. And with a 60tpi casing and ready-to-run vacuum tires, it not only saves weight but also greatly increases its durability. In addition, the excellent cornering traction gives me a bright performance in road riding.

In my opinion, this is not only a long-lasting road tire but also a versatile tire, but it has to wear resistance and weight to allow you to commute or work out.

Trek Domane AL 5 Disc Bontrager Elite IsoZone VR-SF Handlebars

As we’ve seen, the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc has an attractive curved-moon IsoZone handlebar. So this IsoZone handlebar is made of foam pads integrated directly into the top of the alloy Elite IsoZone bars, providing approximately 20% shock shift.

It also absorbs vibrations from the road when I’m riding on bumpy roads, reducing your riding fatigue. Accordingly, it’s compatible with the Shimano EW-RS910 handlebar-end Junction-A, which allows for a cleaner and neater alignment.

Not only that but with the short extension distance and variable radius shallow flare (VR-SF) design, the brake lever can be used confidently even when descending.

Trek Domane AL 5 Disc IsoSpeed Carbon Fork

Trek Domane AL 5 Disc

I am most familiar with shock-absorbing forks that compress and cushion through travel distances for decompression purposes when hitting bumps. But this Trek Domane AL 5 Disc’s IsoSpeed carbon fork works a little differently. Because of its unique damping, I initially misidentified it.

IsoSpeed carbon fork, I started to notice it because I was facing a sharp descending section where the road was having some small puddles. While I was worried that the bumps would strain my arms, what I didn’t expect was to experience a better ride as the IsoSpeed carbon fork absorbed the vibrations from the road as I dove forward.

Other versions of Trek Domane AL Disc

Trek Domane AL 5 Disc Lithium Grey to Crimson Fade

In this review trip, we did a detailed review of the Trek Domane AL 5’s drivetrain and braking system as well as its tires and geometry. To get a more comprehensive look at the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc, we also found the Trek Domane AL 2 Disc, Trek Domane AL 3 Disc, and Trek Domane AL 4 Disc.

These three models are priced from low to high, and all three are also aluminum frames, and the drivetrain of these three models are 2×8, 2×9 and 2×10 speed ranges respectively. In addition, the Domane AL2 Disc and Domane AL 3 Disc have mechanical disc brakes. So the mechanical disc type is cheaper and light enough. But, I still prefer the smooth feel of hydraulic disc brakes.

If you want to know more, you can keep following us.

What we like about it?

  • Lightweight aluminum frame so you can take it anywhere.
  • Special IsoSpeed carbon fork, can effectively absorb vibration, experience a more comfortable ride.
  • Wide choice of speed, you can get the most suitable speed by variable speed.
  • Sharp and aggressive tires allow you to get the thrill of speed.
  • The design of the rack can be installed, you can enjoy the fun of riding travel.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The choice of two paint colors is not wide enough.
  • Some people will think that the 2×11 gearbox will be a bit bulky.


Is it possible to mount a stand on the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc?

The Trek Domane AL 5 Disc is available with a mount.

Who is the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc for?

The Trek Domane AL 5 Disc is suitable for anyone to ride.

What is the frame material of the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc?

The frame of Trek Domane AL 5 Disc is 100 Series Alpha Aluminum.

Trek Domane AL 5 Disc Specs

Frame100 Series Alpha Aluminum, tapered head tube, internal routing, fender mounts, DuoTrap S compatible, flat mount disc, 142x12mm thru-axle
ForkDomane AL carbon, tapered alloy steerer, internal brake routing, fender mounts, flat mount disc, 12x100mm thru-axle
Hub frontBontrager alloy, sealed bearing, centerlock disc, 100x12mm thru-axle
Skewer frontBontrager Switch thru axle, removable lever
Hub rearBontrager alloy, sealed bearing, centerlock disc, Shimano 11-speed freehub, 142x12mm thru axle
Skewer rearBontrager Switch thru axle, removable lever
*RimSize: 44, 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61, Bontrager Affinity Disc, Tubeless Ready, 28-hole, 21mm width, Presta valve
Size: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61, Bontrager Paradigm SL, Tubeless Ready, 24-hole, 21mm width, Presta valve
Spokes14g stainless steel
TireBontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite, wire bead, 60 tpi, 700x32c
ShifterShimano 105 R7020, 11 speed
Front derailleurShimano 105 R7000, 31.8mm clamp
Rear derailleurShimano 105 R7000, long cage, 34T max cog
*CrankSize: 44, Shimano 105 R7000, 50/34 (compact), 165mm length
Size: 49, 52, /, /, 170mm length
Size: 54, 56, /, /, 172.5mm length
Size: 58, 61, /, /, 175mm length
Bottom bracketShimano RS500, 68mm, threaded external
CassetteShimano 105 HG700-11, 11-34, 11 speed
ChainShimano HG601
*SaddleSize: 44, 49, 52, Bontrager P3 Verse Comp, steel rails, 155mm width
Size: 54, 56, 58, 61, Bontrager P3 Verse Comp, steel rails, 145mm width
*SeatpostSize: 44, 49, Bontrager Comp, 6061 alloy, 27.2mm, 8mm offset, 250mm length
Size: 52, 54, 56, 58, 61, Bontrager Comp, 6061 alloy, 27.2mm, 8mm offset, 330mm length
*HandlebarSize: 44, 49, Bontrager Elite IsoZone VR-SF, alloy, 31.8mm, internal Di2 routing, 75mm reach, 128mm drop, 38cm width
Size: 52, /, /, /, /, 75mm reach, 128mm drop, 40cm width
Size: 54, 56, /, /, /, /, 93mm reach, 123mm drop, 42cm width
Size: 58, 61, /, /, /, /, 93mm reach, 123mm drop, 44cm width
HeadsetFSA Integrated, sealed cartridge bearing, 1-1/8” top, 1.5” bottom
BrakeShimano 105 hydraulic disc, flat mount
Weight56 – 10.10 kg / 22.27 lbs


Comparison Table

Bianchi Via Nirone 7 – GRX 400$18672×10700x35cShimano BR-RX400 Hydraulic DiscClick View
Scott Speedster 20 $1899.92×10700x32cShimano BR-RS305 mechanical disc brakeClick View
Fezzari Empire Sport $18492×10700x28cTektro MD-C550 Mechanical Road Disc BrakesClick View
BMC Roadmachine, SEVEN $29992×10700x28cSHIMANO 105 RT54 hydraulic disc brakeClick View

Trek Domane AL 5 Disc VS Bianchi Via Nirone 7 – GRX 400

Bianchi Via Nirone 7 - GRX 400

As we can see the Bianchi Via Nirone 7 – GRX 400 uses the Via Nirone 7 Allroad alloy and the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc uses the 100 Series Alpha Aluminum frame. I would prefer the aluminum frame of the Domane AL 5 Disc because it is light enough.

Then, in terms of drivetrain, the Bianchi Via Nirone 7 – GRX 400 2×10 has relatively less drivetrain. But if you don’t need that much range of gearing, you can try the Bianchi Via Nirone 7 – GRX 400.

Besides that, if you prefer a 2×11 drive, I can tell you that the Domane AL 5 Disc’s drivetrain shifts consistently and quickly. Moreover, with a wide range of speed options, you can handle more terrain.

Also, the Bianchi Via Nirone 7 – GRX 400 is fitted with 700x35c tires. So it makes me think that having the more aggressive 700x32c Domane AL 5 Disc would have been faster. When it comes to actual riding, the Domane AL 5 Disc is indeed better.

If you prefer a lighter experience and faster tire roll, you can try the Domane AL 5 Disc.

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Trek Domane AL 5 Disc VS Scott Speedster 20

Scott Speedster 20

Comparison with the overall shape of these two bikes, we can see that the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc has a softer frame and the Scott Speedster 20 has a stiffer-looking frame. In terms of looks, I would prefer the softer Domane AL 5 Disc.

An then you see the brakes, the Domane AL 5 Disc uses hydraulic disc brakes and the Scott Speedster 20 uses Shimano BR-RS305 mechanical disc brakes. Then, in terms of personal preference, I would prefer the hydraulic disc brakes, which are very powerful and can brake steadily on slippery surfaces. Although the Shimano BR-RS305 mechanical disc brakes are also desirable, I am not so fond of its dry feel.

Also, the Scott Speedster 20 is driven by a 2×10 gear range, which is less compared to the Domane AL 5 Disc. If we pay attention to its weight we will also find that the Scott Speedster 20 is heavier than the Domane AL 5 Disc by about 0.63Ibs.

So if you need a disc with a wider speed range and hydraulic disc brakes, you might want to check out the Domane AL 5 Disc first.

Trek Domane AL 5 Disc vs Fezzari Empire Sport

2022 Fezzari Empire Sport

Many people may not be aware of the Fezzari Empire Sport-bike, which is a relatively niche brand. The price of this bike is very affordable, but its frame is made of carbon. But the carbon frame alone can attract a lot of interested riders. However, its Shimano Tiagra 2×10 gearing versus the Domane AL 5 Disc’s 2×11 gearing may divert many people’s attention.

In addition, Fezzari Empire Sport’s Tektro MD-C550 mechanical road disc brakes, while I don’t deny their braking ability, I prefer their smooth feel compared to the hydraulic brakes of the Domane AL 5 Disc. Moreover, the Domane AL 5 Disc’s hydraulic brakes are easy to maintain and very easy to install.

If you want a bike with a carbon frame, you might consider the Fezzari Empire Sport, but my recommendation is that the Domane AL 5 Disc from the big brand Trek would be more trustworthy. Besides, it’s just as light, and its brakes and drivetrain are suitable for a wide range of terrain.

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Trek Domane AL 5 Disc VS BMC Roadmachine, SEVEN

2022 BMC Roadmachine, SEVEN

The price is as high as $2999 for BMC Roadmachine, SEVEN. It is a frame with Roadmachine quality carbon. So its weight is only 19.4Ibs, which is its advantage.

Then, the 2×10 speed range is far from enough for a variable rider like me. So for that reason, I would choose the Domane AL 5 Disc.

Also, both of these are hydraulic disc brakes. Either way, they both feel great to me. But based on my limited budget, I would be more willing to pay for the cheaper Trek Domane AL 5 Disc at about $899.01.

However, if the value for money is more important to you, the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc is a great choice.

In summary, the Trek Domane AL 5 Disc is a confident and versatile enduro bike at a good price.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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