Is Carrera Hustle 2 Mountain Bike Worth Buying? [Carrera Hustle 2 Review]

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Carrera Hustle 2 Mountain Bike Review

  • Price: $426.36
  • Category: Hardtail Bicycle
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Gear: 3×8
  • Tires: 27.5 x 2.10″

What we like about it: Such a bargain still boasts a sturdy aluminum frame, wide-range drivetrain, and agile hydraulic disc brakes. The superbly priced hardtail trail explores the joys of trail riding with you.

What we don’t like about it: The lack of a full internal alignment setup.

Rating (4.7/5.0)

Carrera Hustle 2 Mountain Bike

The fun of mountain trail riding attracts one group of people after another to go crazy for it. But many people don’t have enough budget to get a trail bike, are you one of them? Price shouldn’t be a deterrent to our hobby. When you love something enough, you will find the right one to start with.

As it happens, we found a very friendly Carrera Hustle 2 Mountain Bike at a very good price, and the phrase “cheap is not good” is not an accurate description of this bike. Not only is this bike great for speed and comfort, but it also has great hydraulic disc brakes. If you don’t have a big budget but are desperate to go off-road, we suggest you consider this bike.

Next, I will break down the main features, components, specifications, and how it compares to the Carrera Hustle 2. If you’re interested, remember to follow us!

Carrera Hustle 2 Mountain Bike Climbing

When we evaluate a hardtail trail bike, we usually focus on its climbing and descending performance. So we took the Hustle 2 to Attitash Mountain Resort to test its performance.

Attitash Mountain Resort is a mountain biking resort. It was a very popular place for me and my friends to review.

During this time of review, Carrera Hustle 2 seems to enjoy the beautiful scenery here as well. Why do you say that? It’s because the Carrera Hustle 2 made me have fun on this adventure.

The gradient of the climbing trails at Attitash Mountain Resort varied at every stage, which tested the performance of the Hustle 2. However, its 3×8-speed drivetrain provided a wide enough range of shifts to allow me to choose the right speed for my ride on different terrain.

In addition, there are branches and rocks everywhere on the trails in Attitash Mountain Resort, which is another obstacle that we will encounter during the ride. The DELI SA-258 tire, a mountain trail tire, showed me that I don’t have to worry about that. The uneven tread pattern of the tire surface increased the friction with the ground, and it firmly pressed through every obstacle without any hesitation.

And, its steep 73° seat tube angle provided an effective riding position that felt right for me on the climbs.

Through our testing, the Hustle 2 can handle some normal difficulty routes well, but on some harder routes, it’s a bit hard for this entry-level hardtail to get off-road.

Carrera Hustle 2 Mountain Bike Descending

In our review of bikes in the same price range as the Carrera Hustle 2, this bike’s drop performance stood out.

Although the Hustle 2 does not have a rear shock, it is also lighter. So I’m also faster when descending.

Moreover, its 100mm travel fork minimized my bumpy feeling with its excellent damping effect when facing some sharp hills.

Not only that, but the descent of Attitash Mountain Resort has a few hard-to-control turns. This is mainly due to the dense grass and trees, whose loose foliage can cause the rider to lose sight of the road. However, the Hustle 2 helped me avoid this hazard with its relatively sensitive braking.

Overall, the Carrera Hustle 2’s performance felt very silky to me throughout the descent.

Main Features

Frame Group

Carrera Hustle 2 Mountain Bike

First of all, the Hustle 2 is a hardtail off-road vehicle with a frame made of aluminum, which is often used in off-road vehicles. This is because the frame is strong, durable, and cheap.

Secondly, the bike as a whole is dominated by white and blue, which looks more modern and minimalist. And it has a fixed cable along the top tube with the rear upper fork. So that we can ride better. However, we may have to pay more attention to the maintenance, after all, it will not play the role of cable protection as the internal alignment setting.

In addition, it is also thoughtfully designed with two water bottle mounting holes for us, which helps us to replenish water when we go off-road in the wilderness.


The geometry of the Carrera Hustle 2 is more conventional and has the same comfortable geometry as many other bikes from well-known brands.

However, the 68.0° head tube angle looks aggressive, which has its pros and cons. You know, the steeper the head angle, the more agile we can be when steering. But at the same time, the stability will be reduced.

On top of that, we need a relatively steep seat tube angle that will improve our efficiency on climbs. The 73° seat tube angle of the Hustle 2 is just right. It ensures our efficiency on the climbs without compromising the comfort of our riding position.

Overall, the geometry angle of the Canyon Stoic 2 is average, and on a bike that costs less than $500, I think it’s appropriate. Because you can’t go wrong with this.

Components and Specifications

Shimano RD-TX800 Shifting System

Carrera Hustle 2 Mountain Bike imano RD-TX800 Shifting System

The Carrera Hustle 2’s gearing is a 3×8-speed Shimano RD-TX800, a setup that is, frankly, out of fashion these days, with slightly more expensive bikes now sporting larger gears with one or two cogs. Such gearing is perfectly adequate.

But in my opinion, at this price point, the three-disc cassette that the Hustle 2 uses simply means it’s not an upgrade, not that it’s not good enough. Such a speed drivetrain system has a rich range of gears for both climbing and riding flat roads. Also, there are very few gaps between gears.

Suntour XCE28 Front Fork

The rolling hills of mountain riding can often be frustrating for us. That’s why the Carrera Hustle 2, a hardtail trail bike, equipped us with a 100mm travel fork. The aluminum Suntour XCE28 fork is sturdy and durable, and it helps reduce vibration while we ride, making our ride more comfortable.

DELI SA-258 Tires

Carrera Hustle 2 Mountain Bike DELI SA-258 Tires

For the tires, the Hustle 2 chose the DELI SA-258 tires, which are entry-level mountain bike tires. The tread pattern is finely interwoven and has a great grip on the ride.

Plus, its slim 27.5 x 2.10″ tires provide fast-rolling power when we’re riding.

Other versions of Carrera Hustle 2

In this test, we have prepared other versions of the Carrera Hustle 2. If you’re interested, read on!

Carrera Hustle 1 Mountain Bike

Carrera Hustle 1 Mountain Bike

The price of this Carrera Hustle 1 is even lower, at $356.36.

They all have a sturdy aluminum frame section.

However, the Carrera Hustle 1 uses mechanical disc brakes on the braking system. In terms of braking, it is naturally not as smooth as the hydraulic disc brakes of the Carrera Hustle 2.

In addition, the Carrera Hustle 1 uses a 3×7-speed shift range in the drivetrain. It has more limited options than the 3×8-speed range of the Carrera Hustle 2.

All in all, I think the Carrera Hustle 2 is a bit better value for the money.

What we like about it

  • Sturdy aluminum frame is very durable.
  • Price Friendly.
  • Suntour XCE28 fork provides shock absorption.
  • 3×8 speed range with a wide selection of speeds.

What we don’t like about it

  • Heavier body.
  • No internal alignment design.


  • What is the frame material of the Carrera Hustle 2?

The frame of the Carrera Hustle 2 is made of aluminum.

  • What is the drivetrain of the Carrera Hustle 2?

The drivetrain of the Carrera Hustle 2 is a 3×8-speed Shimano RD-TX800.

  • What sizes are available for the Carrera Hustle 2?
Size XS XL
Rider height 156cm – 166cm  163cm – 174cm  171cm – 182cm    179cm – 189cm  185cm – 195cm  

Carrera Hustle 2 Mountain Bike Specs


Frame Alloy
Fork Suntour XCE28, 100mm
Bottom Bracket Sealed, 68x119mm
Headset Semi-integrated, 1 1/8″
Stem Alloy, 45mm, 3° rise, 31.8mm clamp
Handlebar Riser bar, 40mm rise, 31.8mm clamp, 680mm
Saddle Mountain bike saddle, foam padding
Seatpost Alloy, 27.2x350mm, 31.8mm clamp


Rear Derailleur Shimano RD-TX800, 8-speed
Front Derailleur Shimano FD-M315, 31.8mm clamp
Crank Prowheel TA-CQ68, 42/34/24T, 170mm
Shifters Shimano Altus SL-M315, 3×8
Cassette Shimano CS-HG200 8-speed, 12-32T
Chain KMC 8-speed


Rims Alloy double wall
Front Hub Black, alloy, Quick release 9x100mm
Rear Hub Black, alloy, Quick release 10x135mm
Tires DELI SA-258 All terrain tires

Comparison Table

Bicycles Price Drivetrain Brakes Tires Click view
Marin Wildcat Trail 2  $599 3×8 Clark’s  Hydraulic Disc 27.5 x 2.25″ Click view
Polygon CASCADE 3 $399 3×7 Shimano MT410 Hydraulic Disc 27.5×2.1″ Click view
Trek 820  $499.99 3×7 Tektro alloy linear-pull 26×2.00″ Click view
CUBE AIM  $623.03 2 × 8 Clarks Clout 1 Hydraulic Disc 27.5/29 x2.25″ (compatible) Click view

Carrera Hustle 2 vs Marin Wildcat Trail 2

Marin Wildcat Trail 2

The Marin Wildcat Trail 2 is a hardtail bike built for women. Therefore, it uses a female ergonomic structure on the frame to provide a suitable frame for girls to ride.

For the drivetrain, the Marin Wildcat Trail 2 is powered by the Shimano Altus. again, it is a 3×8 speed gear range that can be adapted to ride on a wide range of terrain.

Moreover, the fork of this Marin Wildcat Trail 2 is SR Suntour XCM DS, which provides 100mm travel. So it can reduce the rider’s vibration feeling when riding.

In terms of the braking system, the Marin Wildcat Trail 2 also uses hydraulic disc brakes, which are sensitive and precise.

In my opinion, there is no difference in performance between these two bikes and they are both very suitable for beginners. But if you are a female rider and want to feel more comfortable on the bike, I would suggest the 023 Marin Wildcat Trail 2.

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Carrera Hustle 2 vs Polygon CASCADE 3

Polygon CASCADE 3

In our tests, the Polygon CASCADE 3 is comparable to the Carrera Hustle 2 in terms of performance. This is mainly because the Polygon CASCADE 3 also has an aluminum frame and a 100mm travel fork. But in reality, the Hustle 2 is a bit better. You know, the Polygon CASCADE 3 doesn’t have the same wide range of gearing as the Carrera Hustle 2. The Polygon CASCADE 3 has a 3×7 speed drivetrain, while the Hustle 2 has a 3×8 speed.

In addition, Polygon CASCADE 3’s brakes are mechanical discs, which will be weaker in braking power than Carrera Hustle 2.

So, of course, I would choose the cheaper one when I think the two bikes have similar performance. Without a doubt, the Carrera Hustle 2 is the better value for the money.

Carrera Hustle 2 vs Trek 820

Trek 820

The Trek 820 has a little bit of a losing edge when compared to the Carrera Hustle 2. First, it is more expensive than the Hustle 2, but some of its component specifications are lower than the Trek 820. And the ride is not as good as the handling of the Hustle 2.

The second thing that I feel most strongly about is the fork, which is the same brand as the Hustle 2 fork, but has only 75mm of travel, so I don’t think it’s enough when it comes to terrain with drop-offs.

I don’t think I would overlook the more cost-effective Carrera Hustle 2 just because Trek is a big brand.

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Carrera Hustle 2 vs CUBE AIM


The CUBE AIM is a bike that we thought was quite competitive in our comparison. First of all, they are hydraulic disc brakes that are both precise and agile in terms of braking. Secondly, they both have strong and durable aluminum frames. And the forks also both have 100mm of travel, providing us with reliable damping performance.

However, the difference between them is that the CUBE AIM uses a partial internal cable routing design, and the cable wires will be better protected. This is something that Carrera Hustle 2 does not have.

While the Hustle 2 is not as good as the CUBE AIM in this regard, the Hustle 2 will have a little more range of gearing.

If it were me, I would choose the Carrera Hustle 2. because it has the advantage of a speed experience that impresses me more.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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