Is Viathon G.1 Force Splendid – [Viathon G.1 Force Review]

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Viathon G.1 Force Review

  • Price: $3,498
  • Frame: Carbon
  • Tires: 700c Aluminum
  • Gear: 1 × 11

What we like about it: Excellent carbon fiber frame plus carefully selected components make for a powerful performance gravel bike.

What we don’t like about it: The tire clearance only supports up to 700 x 40C.

Rating: (4.8/5)

Viathon G.1 Force
Viathon G.1 Force

The Viathon G.1 Force uses an excellent carbon fiber frame along with equally impressive components. The carbon fiber frame undergoes slight deformation when encountering bumps, providing a fast and smooth riding experience even on rough terrain.

We will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Viathon G.1 Force. In the latter part of this article, we will also compare it to several top bicycle models. If you want to read more bike reviews, you can follow us.

Riding Experience

Viathon G.1 Force

The Viathon G.1 Force allows me to ride fast while also offering strong performance on gravel surfaces. The combination of excellent components and a carbon fiber frame makes it an exceptional gravel bike.

To test it out, I packed the Viathon G.1 Force and went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, booking a hotel through IHG in the surrounding area. The hilly rural routes, gravel roads, and winding trails make it an ideal riding route for this gravel bike.


First and foremost, the high-quality lightweight carbon fiber frame is both light and sturdy, providing direct power transfer and strong feedback during uphill rides.

The excellent geometry gives me a stable center of gravity. With my weight evenly distributed between the front and rear, the front wheel stays well-grounded, resulting in a more efficient pedal.

As the uphill section becomes steeper, I have no concerns. The Viathon G.1 Force is equipped with the SRAM FC FORCE 1 42T crankset and the SRAM XG-1175 FULL PIN 10-42T freewheel.

By using the larger gears at the rear, the heavy pedaling instantly feels easier, helping me conquer steep slopes with minimal effort.

In conclusion, the lightweight carbon fiber frame and high-quality components greatly assist me during uphill rides, preventing excessive energy consumption.


The Viathon G.1 Force performs well on long-distance descents on gravel surfaces. The carbon fiber fork has slight deformation characteristics, effectively absorbing vibrations and ensuring riding comfort.

Additionally, the SRAM RD FORCE 1 LONG CAGE rear derailleur provides strong tension and minimal shaking, preventing chain drops during this bumpy descent.

Equipped with 700 x 40C large-diameter wheels, the Viathon G.1 Force improves downhill speed while enhancing its versatility. It further enhances vibration filtering, increasing riding comfort.

When I need to slow down for narrow trails, the SRAM FORCE HRD CX1 hydraulic brakes, coupled with the SRAM 160MM ROUNDED brake discs, offer quick and responsive braking. The brake levers are also lightweight, requiring just a gentle press to immediately reduce the bike’s speed.

In summary, the excellent lightweight carbon fiber frame ensures easy climbing, while its exceptional components provide stability and safety during descents.


The Viathon G.1 Force features a lightweight carbon fiber frame, reducing the weight. It is also available in sizes suitable for riders ranging from 5’2″ to 6’6″.

Furthermore, the bike’s internal cable routing design provides a cleaner appearance and makes daily cleaning easier and more convenient. The use of noise-dampening tubing helps reduce noise generated during rides on rough surfaces.

Moreover, the frame of the Viathon G.1 Force includes multiple mounting points, increasing the bike’s carrying capacity. In other words, it allows for the installation of full-size water bottles and the ability to carry more gear during long-distance rides.

Finally, this bike utilizes flat-mount disc brakes and through-axle wheel attachment, providing better braking performance and stability during rides.


Other Versions

The Viathon G.1 Force is an exceptional carbon fiber gravel bike with great riding capabilities and faster speeds compared to other types of bikes on flat roads.

However, its price may not be suitable for riders who are new to this type of bike or have a limited budget.

To cater to a wider range of riders, we also offer a gravel bike from the same series that utilizes the same carbon fiber frame but with more cost-effective components, making it a better fit for different purchasing budgets.

Viathon G.1 Rival

Viathon G.1 Rival

The Viathon G.1 Force and Viathon G.1 Rival share the same carbon fiber frame. However, the latter has a slightly lower component grade, resulting in a lower price.

The Viathon G.1 Rival features the SRAM RD RIVAL 1×11-speed groupset with a 42T chainring and a 10-42T freewheel, providing a good balance of cruising speed on flat roads. The wide range of freewheel gear options allows for easy adaptation to different slope challenges.

In terms of the braking system, the bike is equipped with SRAM RIVAL hydraulic brakes and front and rear SRAM 160mm brake discs, offering agile and quick braking response.

Below, we will provide a detailed list of the specific parameters of the Viathon G.1 Force and other gravel bikes from other brands with similar prices for your reference.

What do we like about it?

  • The design of noise-dampening tubing reduces noise generated by cable slapping against the inside of the frame during intense rides.
  • It accommodates riders ranging from 5’2″ to 6’6″, providing options for a wider range of people.
  • The combination of an excellent carbon fiber frame and carefully selected components makes it a powerful gravel bike.
  • The carbon fiber frame with internal cable routing design provides a cleaner appearance and easier daily cleaning.
  • The internal cable routing and noise-dampening tubing design reduce noise during rides.
  • The multiple mounting points allow for a high carrying capacity, supporting long-distance rides.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The tire clearance of the Viathon G.1 Force supports a maximum of only 700 x 40C.


  • What is the maximum tire width supported by this bike?

It supports a maximum tire clearance of 700C x 40 or 650B x 2.1.

  • Is this bike suitable for long-distance rides?

With multiple mounting points, it has a high carrying capacity, making it suitable for long-distance rides.

  • How to choose the right size?

Here we have a size chart for you. Of course, it doesn’t have to be according to this standard, and the best way to find the most suitable size is to try it out.

Rider heightSIZE
5’2″ – 5’7″52
5’6″ – 5’10”54
5’8″ – 6’1″56
6’0″ – 6’3″58
6’2″ – 6’6″60



Bottom BracketSRAM BB GXP, 68MM


CassetteSRAM XG-1175 FULL PIN 10-42
ChainSRAM PC-1170 11-SPEED
BrakesHydraulic Disc



Comparison Table

BicyclesClick viewWheelsetFrame materialBrake TypeDrivetrain
Canyon Grail CF SL 8Click View650b / 700c AluminumCarbonHydraulic Disc2 × 11
Cannondale Topstone Carbon 5Click View700c AluminumCarbonHydraulic Disc2 × 11
Jamis RENEGADE C1Click View700c AluminumCarbonHydraulic Disc2 × 11
Giant Revolt Advanced 1Click View700c AluminumCarbonHydraulic Disc1 × 11

Viathon G.1 Force vs Canyon Grail CF SL 8

Canyon Grail CF SL 8
Canyon Grail CF SL 8

The Viathon G.1 Force and the Canyon Grail CF SL 8 are both gravel road bikes with excellent carbon fiber frames and suitable components.

The former features the SRAM RD FORCE 1×11-speed drivetrain, offering a crisp and responsive shifting experience. The latter, with the Shimano GRX RX810 2×11-speed groupset, provides a wider range of gearing options, resulting in faster cruising speeds on flat roads but with slightly more weight.

In terms of the braking systems, both bikes have reliable hydraulic brakes, with the SRAM FORCE and Shimano GRX RX810 being trustworthy options. However, the former has a firmer feel, while the latter offers a softer feel.

Ultimately, when the prices of these two bikes are relatively similar, I would choose the Viathon G.1 Force. Its simplified shifting allows me to focus more on other aspects of my ride and conserve energy.

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Viathon G.1 Force vs Cannondale Topstone Carbon 5

Cannondale Topstone Carbon 5
Cannondale Topstone Carbon 5

In terms of geometry, the Viathon G.1 Force and the Cannondale Topstone Carbon 5 differ in their frame geometry, with the former having a more aggressive shape that allows for faster riding speeds.

Regarding the drivetrain, the Viathon G.1 Force is equipped with the SRAM FORCE groupset, offering a crisper and quicker shifting experience. On the other hand, the Cannondale Topstone Carbon 5 features a mix of Shimano GRX 800 and Shimano GRX 600 components, providing a smoother and more seamless feel.

However, when it comes to the braking system, the Viathon G.1 Force equipped with SRAM FORCE HRD brakes offers a more powerful braking capability compared to the Cannondale equipped with Shimano GRX 600 brakes.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a balanced and agile riding experience, the Viathon G.1 Force would be the better choice. However, the unique seat stay of Cannondale Topstone Carbon 5 allows for better vibration filtering.

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Viathon G.1 Force vs Jamis RENEGADE C1


The Viathon G.1 Force and the Jamis RENEGADE C1 are two very similar gravel bikes. They both feature excellent carbon fiber frames and have relatively aggressive geometries.

These two bikes are equipped with the SRAM FORCE and GRX FD-RX810 drivetrains respectively, providing reliable shifting performance. However, the latter offers more speeds and a greater range of gear options. On the other hand, the former is slightly heavier, which can help maintain better focus during rides.

In terms of braking components, these two bikes are quite similar, boasting equally excellent braking systems. When riders need to apply the brakes, both bikes offer reliable and trustworthy performance.

Both of these bikes are great choices, and the decision ultimately comes down to personal preferences such as brand, aesthetics, and paint finishes.

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Viathon G.1 Force vs Giant Revolt Advanced 1

Giant Revolt, Advanced 1
Giant Revolt Advanced 1

The Viathon G.1 Force and the Giant Revolt Advanced 1 are two gravel bikes with completely different focuses.

Firstly, both bikes use SRAM 1×11-speed drivetrains. However, the former has a gear combination that allows for higher speeds and faster riding.

The biggest difference between these two bikes lies in their geometry. The G.1 Force has a more aggressive geometry, enabling faster riding. On the other hand, the Giant Revolt Advanced 1 has a geometry similar to that of a mountain bike and features dropper post compatibility, making it more suitable for off-road riding.

In summary, if you’re looking for faster and more lightweight riding, the Viathon G.1 Force is a good choice. If you prefer a bike specifically designed for pure off-road riding, the Giant Revolt Advanced 1 is a better fit.

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Above is my review of the Viathon G.1 Force ride. In our opinion, it is an aggressive gravel bike that makes me want to ride faster. That’s why we gave it a rating of 4.8.

Of course, if you’re interested in other gravel bikes, we also review a variety of bikes at different price points, and they are equally exciting. Feel free to check out our other reviews.

Lastly, if you enjoy our content, please share it with your friends. If our content has been helpful to you, you can click the email subscription button below. Thank you for your support!

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