Is Trek Madone 2.1 Worth Buying? [Trek Madone 2.1 Review]

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Trek Madone 2.1 H2 Compact

  • Price: $1430
  • Category: Road Bikes
  • Frame: Ultralight 200 Series Alpha Aluminum
  • Gear: 2×11
  • Tires: 700x23c

What we like about it: The advanced alloy frame has a sleek look and handling comparable to carbon fiber bikes.

What we don’t like about it: Overpriced relative to the component.


2013 Trek Madone 2.1


Have you heard of the Bugatti Veyron of the bicycle world? Like a fierce beast, swift, fast, hissing on the road, roaring against the wind to the far side of victory, this is our road killer 2015 Trek Madone 2.1 today.

Trek’s top-of-the-line Alpha 200 series aluminum with trek’s proprietary hydraulic technology allows it to maintain a carbon-fiber-like body structure with long-established ergonomic geometry that puts you in a comfortable seating position.

At the same time, the Bontrager R1Hard-Case Lite puncture prevention system creates a sturdy surface with bulge aramid beads that maintain a tight grip even in the face of gravel-spreading flow trails for the ultimate stability.

We have two months of experience measuring the Trek Madone 2.1, and in order to make the results more informative for you, here we will elaborate on the performance, key features, components, and specifications of the Trek Madone 2.1 while riding. 

As well as other versions of the series. If you want to know more about the versions, please refer to our review.

 Trek Madone 2.1 H2 Compact General Riding

Of course, the most attractive thing to me is still the Trek Madone 2.1 ‘s fascinating and coolest appearance. The 200 Series Alpha aluminum is hydraulically pressed into a specific size tube, achieving the perfect balance between stiffness and weight.

We chose the 7km long country road from Tom’s house, which has eleven sharp turns that test the driver’s driving experience. Of course, the Trek Madone 2.1 didn’t disappoint. The one-piece handlebar and stem, aero seat mast, integrated brakes, and fully internal cable routing made for a clean, tidy ride, and the low stack allowed me to maintain a relatively comfortable seating position even at a standstill.

The alloy Bontrager Race VR-C is also a highlight, with nylon rubber for the comfort of the grip is also a great improvement, I was like holding the horns of a goat, and steadily moving forward.

I was fast, taking only two hours for the entire trip, perhaps because of the Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite tires’ 700x23c surface configuration, which were light but tough enough to keep me moving at a fast pace, even in the face of roadblocks where I couldn’t move forward, and where an older person like me could lift the Trek Madone 2.1.

 Trek Madone 2.1 Gravel Road Ride

 Trek Madone 2.1 Gravel Road Ride

As an aero bike, the goal isn’t just endless flat roads, for some cyclists want their ride to be more versatile, and it’s clear that the Trek Madone 2.1 has the capital to do just that.

Our second test was a gravelly park trail with the Trek Madone 2.1 drivetrain The Shimano 105, 11-28, 11 speed was a big help in this, as it was silky smooth to shift from one gear to another.

Of course, there is no denying that bumps on gravel roads can pose a big problem for bikes, and the Trek Madone 2.1 has its own solution.

The Madone KVF carbon version has a higher fork travel, which I thought would have the same soreness as before, but in fact, the fork moved up and down to counteract most of the vibration. The Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite also plays a vital role, as its heavy tire surface clings to the gravel trail to maintain a relatively stable body.

Overall, the Trek Madone 2.1 is certainly qualified as a road bike, and while it may seem outdated now, it was the top road bike seven years ago.

Main Features


2013 Trek Madone 2.1 Frame

Of course, if I need to make a comment on the Trek Madone 2.1 H2 Compact, it must be its sparse color selection Crystal White Matte Trek Black/Trek White is the choice currently on sale, but if it can add color options its sales will definitely increase.

At the same time, the aluminum body has a lot of options for the previously popular rigid material, after all, it is durable has a relatively strong service life, internal cables are neat and smooth will not cause visual obstruction to you in your travels.

Finally, the Trek Madone 2.1 H2 Compact has a more comfortable experience term of comfort. This also comes mainly from its exaggerated front-end construction, the two side handles look like the horns of a goat, which can maximize the balance of the body and keep the rider in a comfortable stretch position.

Component and Specifications

Shimano 105 1×11 Speed Drivetrain

Shimano 105 1x11 Speed Transmission

Personally, I’ve always had high expectations for Shimano, and I was pleasantly surprised by the Shimano 105. It has a relatively light body shape, Mano’s ultra-low friction surface treatment “SIL-TEC” (inner plate) treatment makes it able to dissipate heat faster and will not cause greater obstruction to the road, ultra-narrow HG-X11 directional chain is treated with SHIMANO’s SIL-TEC on the inner plate surface, which can It provides precise gear shifting and higher durability.

But for me personally, I still prefer the 1x system, because it will have a more accurate and easier operation on the speed, after all, I went from the smooth road to the rough grass, and the gear change did take a lot of time.

Alloy Dual-pivot Brake

Trek Madone 2.1 has Alloy Dual-pivot Brake

The alloy dual pivot bicycle brake has excellent braking power, which adds confidence when telling the ride, whether it is a flat road or a muddy country road to maintain a safer and more sensitive braking, excellent braking power, coupled with a soft composite pad.

The forged aluminum arm is held in place by a simple bolt on the hexagonal washer to keep the car body stable. Consists of two brakes, one front, and one rear. This improved braking quality allows you to move more confidently as a rider on those thorny descending paths.

Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite Tires

The Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite is designed to be the cruiser of the road, it is your most loyal companion on the commute, not only does it have high-quality performance, but it even has a relatively low price, you know the maintenance cost of the body is also included in the bike, the Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite is equipped with an anti-puncture system to maintain a long life.

The Bontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite features a 60TPI shell and hard shell Lite puncture protection to reduce weight and increase durability, and low rolling resistance to keep you on the gravel trails of the countryside.

Other Versions of Trek Madone 2.1

In order to give you more possibilities to choose from, we tested other models of Trek Madone 2.1 for a certain period of time, including the 2014 Trek Madone 3.1 WSD Compact, in order to be objective and fair.

Compared to the Trek Madone 2.1, the latter is made of a more advanced carbon fiber material, which means it can maintain a lighter body and higher toughness, not only does the Trek Madone 3.1 WSD Compact have multiple versions of the body construction, not only taking care of the male physiology version, but also the female. The Trek Madone 3.1 WSD Compact may also be an option for you if you have the cash to spare.

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  • What is the price of Trek Madone 2.1 H2 Compact?

The 2015 Trek Madone 2.1 H2 Compact is priced at $1430.

  • What is the body material of Trek Madone 2.1?

Trek Madone 2.1 body material is 200 series Alfa aluminum.

  • What is the tire size of the Trek Madone 2.1?

The Trek Madone 2.1 has a tire size of 700x23c.

Trek Madone 2.1 H2 Compact specs

Frame200 Series Alpha Aluminum, E2, KVF (Kammtail Virtual Foil) tube shape
ForkMadone KVF carbon, E2, SpeedTrap compatible
HeadsetIntegrated, cartridge bearings, sealed, 1-1/8″ top, 1.5″ bottom
StemBontrager Race Lite, 31.8mm, 7 degree
HandlebarBontrager Race VR-C, 31.8 mm
SaddleBontrager Paradigm 1
SeatpostBontrager Alloy, 2-bolt head, 27.2mm, 8mm offset
Rear DerailleurShimano 105
Front DerailleurShimano 105
CrankShimano RS500, 50/34 (compact)
ShiftersShimano 105, 11 speed
CassetteShimano 105, 11-28, 11 speed
BrakesAlloy dual-pivot
TiresBontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite, 700x23c


What do we like about it?

1. High-quality Alfa aluminum frame keeps the body light and smooth.

2. Shimano drivetrain provides greater traction.

3. Bontrager R1 Series tires provide stable travel while maintaining a responsive body.

4. Alloy twin pivot brakes provide excellent braking power.

What we don’t like about it?

1. Relative to the more expensive price of components.

2. Sparse color selection.

Comparison Table

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4$2800700x38cShimano 105 R700011 speedClick view
Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc 7.0$2599650c / 700c x23cShimano 105 R7000, 2×11-speed,Click view
Specialized Roubaix Sport$2700700x28mmShimano 105, 11-speedClick view
Specialized Women’s Diverge Sport$2800 700x38mm  Shimano 105 R7000, long cage, 11 speedClick view

Trek Madone 2.1 vs Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4

2022 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4

Compared to the Trek Madone 2.1, the Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4 has a lot of upgrades, first of all in its body frame, which is made of carbon fiber, which means that it can keep the body full of more vitality, and the body is light and can also maintain a relatively good shock absorption.

This means that it can keep the body more dynamic and light while maintaining a relatively good damping effect. Not only that, but the Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4 is also up to date with the use of hydraulic discs for the brakes. This means that you can get stronger braking power in the official races.

We also found in real-world testing that both will have the same driving speed (63km/h for both) and you can use them to get a good ranking in an official small road race. If you’re a big fan of carbon fiber, then the Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4 might be your next vehicle of choice.

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Trek Madone 2.1 vs Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc 7.0

2022 Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc 7

I have to admit that the Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc 7.0 has a definite weight advantage and you can easily lift it up and over obstacles, if you encounter one that is impossible to pass. Not only that, but unlike other endurance vehicles, the Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc 7.0

It has more freedom in the choice of tires, which also means you can make a choice between 650c or 700c size. If you don’t like big and wide tires that hinder your steering, then small tires may be your choice.

Comfort is also the main selling point of the Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc 7.0. The 538mm stack maintains a comfortable static stance without the uncomfortable soreness of the previous one.

The 73.5° seat tube angle also allows you to have a good mass distribution on steep uphill sections. If you are looking for the ultimate comfort in endurance racing, perhaps you should try our Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc 7.0.

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Trek Madone 2.1 vs Specialized Roubaix Sport

2019 Specialized Roubaix Sport

A strong competitor in endurance racing, the Specialized Roubaix Sport

In the body structure and fork composition structure of the choice of FACT 9r carbon fiber material structure, of course, it is not only in the road riding will have a brighter performance, but also in the thorny gravel road is also able to carry out stable riding.

In practice, you’ll find that the Specialized Roubaix Sport has more responsive bodywork than the Trek Madone 2.1 2019, thanks to its slim 700x28c tires and relatively short wheelbase setup, allowing you to take on corners to your heart’s content. If you’re up for the challenge of winding, fast corners, then the 2019 Specialized Roubaix Sport is the right choice for you.

Trek Madone 2.1 vs Specialized Women’s Diverge Sport

2019 Specialized Women's Diverge Sport

As a hardtail, the Specialized Women’s Diverge Sport is an absolute crushing weapon on gravel roads. The FACT 9r carbon fiber body maintains the ultimate stability, keeping the body light while also maintaining a more agile and quicker body.

It is equipped with the ultimate in comfort and aesthetics, giving it an extremely refined appearance. The adapted geometry is in line with women’s physiology, giving them a more comfortable feeling during the ride.

At the same time, it is equipped with 20mm fork travel that can provide you with smooth travel on bumpy roads. The 2x system is still a bit complicated for me, 11 flywheels plus two cranksets will increase the body weight, but perhaps the body will still be a little hindered in its operation, but as an entry-level hardtail model, it may be a good choice.

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