Top 10 Best Camping Mattresses [2023]

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We’ve selected the 10 best camping mattresses for your reference.

For those professional backpackers, travel is more than just the scenery on the road and the starry night sky, good sleep is just as important. Unlike a sleeping bag that keeps you warm all night, a soft and thick mattress can provide enough support and mattress, effectively isolate the cold air from the ground, so you can enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Therefore, we have summarized and shared with you the top ten camping mattresses of 2023 and answered some of the most common questions about mattresses. We hope it will give you a better understanding of mattresses. If you are satisfied with our content, please like and collect it. We will continue to update it.

Best Camping Mattresses Listing Table

Exped MegaMat Duo 10$349.95Hybrid Mattress77.6 x 52 x 3.9 inches9 lbs 14.7 oz8.1
Nemo Quasar 3D$179.95Airbed Mattress72 x 20 x 3.5 inches1 lb 9 oz3.3
Therm-a-Rest LuxuryMap$179.95Hybrid Mattress72 x 20 x 3 inches2.4 pounds6
REI Co-op Camp Bed$125Hybrid Mattress72 x 25 x 2.5 inches3 lbs 10 oz7.6
REI Kingdom Insulated Sleep System 40 $299Airbed Mattress79 x 56 x 6 inches15 lbs 9 oz3.6
TETON Sports Camp Pad$109.99Foam Mattress80 x 30 x 2 inches6 lbs 
HEST Sleep System Sleeping Pad $449Airbed Mattress78 x 25 x 7 inches26 pounds11.8
NEMO Roamer$249.95Hybrid Mattress78 x 30 x 4 inches5 lbs 8oz6
Klymit Klymaloft$99.98Hybrid Mattress14 x 8 x 7 inches1 pound2.3
Sea to Summit Camp Self-Inflating Foam Sleeping Mat $79Hybrid Mattress72 x 20 x 1.5 inches2 lbs 7 oz4.2

1. Exped MegaMat Duo 10

Top 10 Best Camping Mattresses [2023] - Exped MegaMat Duo 10

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