Is Schwinn Solara Road Bike A Good Bike? [Review]

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Road bikes are an excellent choice for fitness riders. A fast-riding road bike allows you to lose weight, exercise body coordination, and have enough wind during the ride to remove sweat from your body or face.

However, there are road bikes that are both inexpensive and comfortable to ride for exercise. The Schwinn Solara, for example, had been discontinued at the time I wrote this blog, but that didn’t stop us from taking a close look at this road bike.

For our fitness needs, we’re looking for the best alternative to the road bike.

Schwinn Solara 700c 14 speed

2 thoughts on “Is Schwinn Solara Road Bike A Good Bike? [Review]”

  1. James W Johnson

    I have a Schwinn Solara I’ve had about 6/7 years rolling up on 2k miles still looks new routine maintenance only. At 155 lb.s 5’7 this bike was a perfect fit for me.

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