Is Marin Alpine Trail XR A Perfect Selection? – [Marin Alpine Trail XR Review]

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Marin Alpine Trail XR Review

  • Price: $3,599
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Front fork: Marzocchi Bomber Z1
  • Wheels: 29Aluminum
  • Drivetrain: 1×12

What we like about it: ST, SLX components are of superior quality and you don’t have to worry about damage.

What we don’t like about it: There are only four sizes, which can’t satisfy everyone.

Rating: (4.9/5)

Marin Alpine Trail XR
Marin Alpine Trail XR

Would you like to own a mountain bike that looks like “Marvel”?

The Marin Alpine Trail XR will satisfy all your emotional needs with its cool shape, perfect travel, unbeatable brakes and drivetrain.

Below, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, and specifications as well as other versions of this bike.

Additionally, at the end of the review, we will also compare several best bike models. If you want to know more about bike reviews, don’t hesitate to follow us.

Riding Experience

The Marin Alpine Trail XR is a full suspension enduro bike designed for enduro racing, ideal for riding in harsh and complex conditions.

Apart from that, I was amazed by its appearance as soon as I opened the box.

The Gloss Blue / Black/red paint job makes it look like a hero from a Marvel movie, so would it perform as well as the heroes and be indestructible?

To test this out, I purchased tickets and a hotel on Skyscanner to the Green Mountains Loop from Burlington, VT to Burlington, VT.

This is the perfect mountain to test out a full-suspension enduro bike, with not only 10 miles of hills, but also well-packed crushed limestone roads.

Even more, you can experience the charm of a sharp lift here.

Just how well did the Marin Alpine Trail XR perform? Let’s keep reading.


The Green Mountains Loop started out with mostly boardwalks and gravel roads, and as the ride progressed I encountered more and more climbing terrain.

Sheltered by the Shimano XT, SLX   quality components, I had the courage to venture into the complex terrain.

On my first gentle uphill, the 29×2.5″ wheelset and dense, chunky grains on the tires gave me good grip and climbing power, while the more aggressive geometry allowed me to pedal up the hills without much effort.

The second time, when I was facing a steeper grade with little cushion and a sharp ascent, the Marin Alpine Trail XR’s adjustable dropper seatpost quickly and efficiently retracted the seat tube length as I climbed, allowing me to shift my center of gravity to a lower, more stable position.

On both climbs, the Shimano 1×12 shifting drivetrain provided me with different speed options for a wide range of grades to maximize handling and safety on every terrain.


The moment I set off on the drop, I felt the Marin Alpine Trail XR’s fearless attitude and gritty drive to move forward.

As I rode over the large drop-offs, the Marin Alpine Trail XR’s 150mm of front fork travel provided me with a strong cushion to land silky smoothly without hitting the ground with a thud, while the 160mm of rear travel prevented me from tailing off on the complex terrain.

I must mention the braking system of the Marin Alpine Trail XR. The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and the Shimano BL-M4100, I-Spec EV Compatible brake levers were especially good for its high braking stability and smooth handling on the mountain roads. 

I was deeply convinced by its performance.

In my opinion, the Marin Alpine Trail XR is a veritable hero, battle-hardened and indestructible.


The Marin Alpine Trail 7 is a mid-to-high end, full suspension enduro bike that is available in four sizes (SM-XL).

From the outside, the blue paint job and red logo are reminiscent of a superhero movie.

The aggressive geometry provides an advantage for acceleration and sprinting; the straight handlebar design effectively shifts the center of gravity back and keeps the bike smooth.

29×2.5″ wide wheelsets provide excellent grip on uneven surfaces, as well as on climbs and descents, reducing accidents and safeguarding people and property.

In terms of performance, the 150mm rear, 160mm front travel provides effective cushioning and shock absorption on complex roads.

In addition, the 1×12 Shimano drivetrain guarantees the most suitable speed for every terrain with its light weight; the adjustable dropper seatpost provides the perfect precondition for violent riding on rough terrain.

Last but not least is the use of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, which can bring a smoother control.


What do we like about it?

  • High-end components: ST, SLX components are of high quality, so you don’t have to worry about damage.
  • Excellent seatpost travel: Size S 125mm Travel, Size M and L 150mm Travel, Size XL 175mm Travel.
  • Radical geometry: facilitates the rider to ride prone, providing good coverage for increased speed and sprinting.
  • Responsive brake discs: Shimano hydraulic disc brakes deliver a timely and efficient braking experience.
  • Excellent drivetrain: 1×12’s drivetrain can handle all kinds of difficult roads with ease in enduro riding.

What don’t we like about it?

  • Only four sizes are available, which cannot satisfy everyone.


  • Who is Marin Alpine Trail XR for?

People who like violent riding; professional riders who participate in competitions; speed-first riders; people who like high-end components; people who often ride on complex roads.

2, What sizes are available for the Marin Alpine Trail XR?

  The Marin Alpine Trail XR is available in four sizes for people of all heights.

Rider heightSIZE
  • What other versions of the Marin Alpine Trail series are available?

   Here we provide you with a comparison of other versions. You do not necessarily have to follow this standard. The best way to find the most suitable model is to test ride.

Marin Alpine Trail 7$2,999Aluminum160mm150mmHydraulic Disc1 x 12
Marin Alpine Trail XR$3,599Aluminum160mm150mmHydraulic Disc1 x 12
Marin Alpine Trail Carbon 1$3,599Carbon160mm150mmHydraulic Disc1 x 12
Marin Alpine Trail Carbon 2$4,499Carbon160mm150mmHydraulic Disc1 x 12



FrameSeries 4 6061 Aluminum, 29″ Wheels, 150mm Travel MultiTrac Suspension Platform, Internal Dropper Post and Rear Derailleur Routing. Chainstay Mounted Post Mount Disc Brake, 148x12mm Boost Thru- Axle, 73mm Threaded BB w/ ISCG05 Tabs 
BB Standard: BSA, 68mm, Threaded
Color: Gloss Blue / Black/red
ForkMarzocchi Z1 Coil, 160mm Travel, Sweep Adjust Damper, Rebound Adjustment, Black Stanchions, 110×15 Kabolt, 44mm Offset, Medium spring rate
Bottom BracketMegaEvo BB, 73mm BSA Threaded
HeadsetFSA No 57, Sealed Cartridge Bearings, 1 1/8″ x 1 1/2″
StemMarin CNC, 35mm Length, 35mm Bar Bore
HandlebarMarin Trail, 35mm Clamp, 7000 Alloy Bar, 800mm Length, 20mm Rise, 5 Degree Up, 8 Degree Back
SaddleMarin Speed Concept
SeatpostX-Fusion Manic, 1x Composite Remote, Size S 125mm Travel, Size M and L 150mm Travel, Size XL 175mm Travel, 30.9mm
GripsMarin Grizzy Lock On


Rear DerailleurShimano XT 12-Speed, SGS
Front Derailleur
CrankFSA Gradient, Modular 1x, 32T Direct Mount Chainring, MegaTooth Technology, Mega Eco Spindle, Boost Spacing
ShiftersShimano SLX 12-Speed, SL-7100
CassetteShimano SLX M7100 Cassette, 12-Speed, 10-51T
ChainKMC X-12 Silver and Black
BrakesHydraulic Disc
Brake LeversShimano BL-M4100, I-Spec EV Compatible


RimsMarin Aluminum Double Wall, 29mm Inner, Sleeved Joint, Disc Specific, Tubeless Compatible
Front HubForged Aluminum, 110x15mm, Disc
Rear HubForged Aluminum, 148x12mm, Disc, Microspline Freehub Body
TiresMaxxis Assegai 29×2.5″, MAXX TERRA, EXO+, Tubeless Compatible

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick viewTiresItineraryFrame materialComponents
Scott Genius 930Click View29” Aluminum150mm rear, 160mm frontAluminumXT, Deore, Shimano
YT Industries Capra CORE 2 29Click View29” Aluminum165mm rear, 170mm frontAluminumGX Eagle, SRAM
Norco Sight C3 SRAM 29Click View29” Aluminum150mm rear, 160mm frontCarbonSX Eagle, SRAM
Canyon Torque 27.5 AL 5Click View27.5” Aluminum175mm rear, 180mm frontAluminumDeore, Shimano

Marin Alpine Trail XR vs Scott Genius 930

Scott Genius 930
Scott Genius 930

The Scott Genius 930 is really a bike that takes care of the rider’s visual sense. The solid color painting and logo-less design, along with the similarly colored tires, is very simple and aesthetically pleasing.

The inner alignment design makes the whole bike look very clean and easy to take care of.

The most remarkable thing is its lightweight design, with a mass of 15.5 kg, which makes it more favorable for climbing.

Marin Alpine Trail XR is the representative of exaggerated appearance.

Whenever I see this bike, I think of the superheroes in Marvel movies.

Not only does it look great, but it also performs very well.

150mm rear, 160mm front travel provides the perfect shock for violent riding, especially descending, and the 29″Aluminum wheelset can go over obstacles at high speeds.

I think both bikes are worth buying. Personally, I like the simple look of the Scott Genius 930, but of course the Marin Alpine Trail XR with its exaggerated and distinctive look is also quite good.

Marin Alpine Trail XR vs YT Industries Capra CORE 2 29

YT Industries Capra CORE 1 29

The YT Industries Capra CORE 1 29 comes in five sizes (SM-XXL), which means it’s more selective to accommodate people of different heights.

170mm of front travel and 165mm of rear travel are perfect for the high shock requirements of violent riding and professional enduro racing.

On top of that, the excellent geometric design wraps around the hole where the water bottle is placed well to prevent items from falling.

The most remarkable thing about the Alpine Trail XR is that the heart of its MultiTrac suspension is a forged one-piece rocker link.

The strength and stiffness of the rocker arm keeps the rear of the bike straight, providing smooth suspension operation in the most demanding conditions.

Secondly, its rear shock setup allows the rear wheel to absorb shock, helping to keep the tires in contact with the ground, enhancing rider control and reducing riders’ fatigue.

For those who prefer more size options and a more solid geometry, try the YT Industries Capra CORE 2 29; for those who prefer the smooth operation of a one-piece swingarm linkage, the Marin Alpine Trail XR is a great choice.

Marin Alpine Trail XR vs Norco Sight C3 SRAM 29

Norco Sight C3 SRAM 29
Norco Sight C3 SRAM 29

In terms of frame, the Norco Sight C3 SRAM 29 uses a carbon fiber frame, very advantageous when encountering large obstacles because of the high stiffness of carbon fiber.

Morever, because of its lighter material, many mid- to high-end bikes use carbon fiber as their frame material.

However, high-end materials often mean making trade-offs in terms of price.

On the contrary, the Marin Alpine Trail XR uses an aluminum frame, not as good as carbon fiber in terms of quality and material, but it is sufficient for daily riding, and its price is often lower and wallet-friendly.

Also, the Norco Sight C3 SRAM 29 uses SX, SRAM’s kit, which I think is not as high quality as the XT used by the Marin Alpine Trail XR.

Especially for those who require a kit, the Marin Alpine Trail XR is superior to the other bike.

Those who focus on the carbon frame are more suitable for the Norco Sight C3 SRAM 29; while those who have high requirements for the kit are more suitable for the Marin Alpine Trail XR.

Learn More: Is Norco Sight A3 Shimano 27.5 Splendid? – [Norco Sight A3 Shimano 27.5 Review]

Marin Alpine Trail XR vs Canyon Torque 27.5 AL 5

Canyon Torque 27.5 AL 5
Canyon Torque 27.5 AL 5

First,in terms of wheelsets, the Canyon Torque 27.5 AL 5 uses 27.5-inch tires, which provide better grip on loose, dusty surfaces or downhill, and good shock absorption on technical terrain.

While the Marin Alpine Trail XR’s large 29-inch diameter wheelset is responsible for providing faster speeds and getting over potholes in the road.

Secondly, the Canyon Torque 27.5 AL 5 uses a RockShox ZEB Select fork, which is a SRAM brand with high quality and wide popularity; the Marzocchi Bomber Z1 used on the Marin Alpine Trail XR bike is also very good quality and quite popular.

The Canyon Torque 27.5 AL 5 175mm rear, 180mm front travel provides more cushioning and shock absorption, which is an indispensable advantage in enduro racing and riding large distances on complex surfaces.

The Marin Alpine Trail XR 150mm rear, 160mm front travel may be slightly inferior to the other bike in endurance racing, but it’s perfectly fine for everyday riding.

There is not much difference between the two bikes, I think those who like big wheelsets are more suitable for the Marin Alpine Trail XR; while those who seek the grip brought by small wheelsets, the Canyon Torque 27.5 AL 5 is a good choice.


Above is our test of the Marin Alpine Trail XR, a mid-to-high end full-suspension enduro bike. With its exaggerated looks and excellent package, I’m sure you will fall in love with it.

In our opinion, the Marin Alpine Trail XR is a bike worth buying. That’s why we give it a high score of 4.9.

Of course, if you’re interested in exploring other full-suspension enduro bikes, we have reviewed a variety of bikes at different price points that you might find interesting. Feel free to check out our other reviews as well.

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